3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 07

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© 2017 Scott Free

All Characters 18+


I awoke the next morning after a night of tossing and turning. Much to my delight, Katie had once again taken the opportunity to spend the night in my room. I thought that she might have abandoned me during my restless night, but she had just moved a little bit over on the bed, so that my nocturnal stirrings wouldn’t keep her awake all night. I turned over from my side onto my back, and Katie immediately started rubbing my chest, and murmuring sweet nothings to me. I turned my head, and smiled at her. Could I love anyone else more than I loved her?

“Hey, cutie.” She smiled back at me. For someone who must have had a bad night’s sleep, she looked remarkably beautiful. My sister is a very low maintenance kind of girl. She can look absolutely stunning without applying any make up at all. She also spends less time fixing her hair in the morning than some guys that I know. All she has to do is run a brush through her curly red hair, and it looks perfect. If she could bottle what she has, she would be wealthier than Bill Gates.

“Hey yourself.” She continued to rub her fingers soothingly over my smooth, hairless chest. “You didn’t sleep very well last night, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. I had bad dreams all night, and every time I woke up, I was in a different position. I even thought that I was about to fall out of bed once.” She giggled a little, but worry furrowed her brow.

“It’s about what we talked about last night, about the unprotected sex, huh?” I just nodded. I could never lie to my sister. She had a bullshit detector that was probably more accurate than the ones that police officers possess. “It’s alright, Jack. I didn’t sleep much last night, either. I had a lot of time to think about it.”

“So what did you conclude?” Her pained grimace transformed into a half smile, like she was trying to put on a brave face for me.

“I don’t know, but I can’t see us doing anything different than what you said last night. We just have to wait and see what happens. I should get my period sometime in the next two weeks; so if I miss it, we’ll go to the doctor then.”

I really felt like shit. If I had only brought some condoms with me, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. A guy should never be without rubbers, because you never know when you might need one. I had never had sex with my ex-girlfriend without wrapping it up, but as soon as my sister said that I didn’t need to wear one, I immediately went along with the idea; like a dumbass. Now my sister might have to miss out on college, and raise a child, all because of my lack of self-control. I made up my mind to go into town and get some rubbers today, just as soon as I could convince my mom to loan me the truck. It might be like locking the barn door after the horse had already escaped, but what else could we do? I didn’t want to be careless. If she wasn’t already pregnant, then we needed to take precautions. My sister and I are usually on the same wavelength, so it wasn’t that difficult for her to pick up on what I was thinking.

“It’s not your fault, Jack. There is no way that you could have known that Julia had only one dose of the morning after pill. If anyone is to blame, it’s me.” I pulled her to me, and held her close to my chest. Our tightly molded bodies didn’t make the fear and uncertainty go away, but at least it made it more tolerable.

“It isn’t anyone’s fault, Kay. Sometimes shit just happens.” We didn’t make love that morning, as had become our habit lately. I just held her close until it was almost time for our parents to get up, she then reluctantly returned to her own room.

I would be glad when it was time to go to college. Perhaps then we could have better sleeping arrangements.


Although we had a lot on our minds, that day started out to be pretty good. My sister and Julia made up soon after Katie left my room. I listened through the wall as they talked, and then cried. I could just picture them hugging and making up; hell, maybe even kissing and making up. I didn’t even have to convince my mom to lend me her car. She was making lasagna, when she discovered that she was lacking some of the essential spices. She asked me to go into town to buy them for her. I had thought that the girls could accompany me, so that we would be out of parental oversight. My parents weren’t overly attentive, but they seemed to have planned to spend the entire day doing things with us. My dad nixed the idea of them accompanying me, because he needed them to help him plant flowers. I gave them both a shit eating grin as I pulled away, leaving them both wrist deep in dirt.

It was only a ten minute ride into town, and I occupied myself with listening to the one local radio station. They mostly played classic rock, which wasn’t exactly my thing, but anything that would get my mind off my situation was worth it. I cruised into the drug store, and picked up a jumbo pack of Trojan Magnums; canlı bahis having sex with two women would take some getting used to. I went to the grocery store, and picked up the ingredients that my mom needed: fresh basil, fennel seed, and some Italian parsley. It was only as I neared our vacation house that I realized I had no place to hide that big box of prophylactics. How could I get them from the car and into the house without my parents seeing them? I had no logical explanation as to why I would need a jumbo pack of condoms when there was no obvious recipient of my sexual attraction. It was then that the devious nature of my mind surprised me. I popped the condoms out of the box and stuffed them into my pockets. I stashed the empty box under the seat. I would have to dispose of it later when my parents weren’t paying attention. I dropped the lasagna ingredients off to my mom, and practically ran into my room, where I shut the door.

I had just slipped the condoms into my dresser drawer, when my door opened. It was Julia, who was looking oddly attractive in her soiled gardening clothes. She had worked up a sheen of perspiration, but the sweat and dirt did nothing to subtract from her natural beauty. Her light brown hair flowed out from her usual ponytail, and her tight body was proudly displayed in a pair of cut off shorts, and a small green t-shirt. She pointedly locked the door behind her, and crossed the room to me in an instant. Before I could even spit out a greeting, her lips locked onto mine. She kissed me greedily, and I felt her small hands undoing my belt. I was a little alarmed, so I broke the kiss.

“What are you doing, Jules? My mother is right in the next room.” She had my belt loosened, and my pants unbuttoned by this time. One thing about Julia, when she wanted something, she moved fast; and didn’t take no for an answer.

“Well, I guess that you’d better be quiet when you cum, stud.” She laughed quietly, and flipped her ponytail over her shoulder. “I think that I’d better suck you off, because I’m so horny that I doubt that I could keep the noise down if you stick that monster in me.” I gave her a dubious look.

“The other day, you said that my cock wasn’t anything special, that it wasn’t all that big.” She smiled toothily at me.

“Baby, both your cock, and the rest of you are magnificent. I just said that to fuck with your sister. I wanted to hear Katie say that both of her two boyfriends had small dicks. It was nothing against you.” To emphasize her point, she slid my pants and boxers down past my knees, exposing my nearly flaccid prick. “Mmm. We can’t have you all soft, now. What? Little Jack doesn’t want me all of a sudden?” She grinned crookedly at me, as she stroked my rapidly inflating shaft with one hand, and rubbed my balls with the other. This young woman knew how to get a man going quickly. “Maybe I need red hair, and a big ass, like your sister?”

She slid my cock into the warm moistness of her mouth. She closed her lips around my shaft, and sucked me gently. My dick went from al dente noodle to steel hard shaft in about one second.

“Is this for me, or should I stop sucking and go get your sister?” I didn’t bother to reply to her teasing line of bullshit, I just grabbed the back of her head, and re-inserted my shaft between her lips. I thought that she might let out a muffled indignity, but she didn’t. She just sucked it happily, and even hummed a little. I rocked my hips forward a little bit, humping her mouth. She took the amount of dick that I gave her, with no problem. I was curious about how far that I could take this. I tightened my grip on the back of her head, and began to gently fuck her mouth. She moaned a little as I touched the back of her throat, but she didn’t choke at all.

The only times that I have ever heard Julia to go for thirty seconds without a sarcastic comment, was when I had my dick inside one of her orifices. Instead of talking shit, she greedily opened her mouth wider, and took more of me inside. She re-positioned her head a bit, and I actually felt my cock slide past her tongue, and into her throat. It was incredibly tight. I pulled back, and slid it back home.

“Lay back on the bed, so I can do this right.” She wasn’t exactly ordering me, but I obeyed anyway. She lay down on the bed next to me, getting soil and sweat all over my sheets, but I couldn’t really give a fuck about that at the moment. She straddled me 69 style, adjusted the position of her neck, and I felt myself slide even further into her windpipe. Instead of pulling away from me, she actually pushed her face forward until her lips touched my pubic hair. I was being fully deep throated for the first time ever.

It had been pure pleasure, ever since her saliva touched the head of my dick, but the feeling of her throat made me audibly exclaim, “Oh, god!” Her hand smacked my thigh, as if to tell me to be quiet, but she didn’t stop blowing me. She would back off just far bahis siteleri enough for the sweet spot to slide out of the confines of her throat, and then she would push me back inside. I went from being “just excited” to being “really super fucking excited.” This went on for the better part of a minute, before she needed to come up for a breath.

She slid her legs to one side of me. She looked so goddamn sexy, with her saliva dripping down her chin, onto my stomach. She took some deep breaths, like she was getting ready for a really deep dive, and slid me back in. She worked me in and out of her throat another dozen times before she came up for air. Instead of just inhaling me again, she stood up, and began to try and lower her ridiculously tight jean shorts.

“I need your cock in me,” she whispered, and she labored to remove her painted on cutoffs.

“But didn’t you just say that you’d get too noisy?”

“Listen, help me get these shorts off, and fuck me before somebody gets curious as to where I’m at. God, I’m so fucking wet.”

I knelt down in front of her, and gripped her shorts at the bottom, and began to tug along with her. She wasn’t lying, she was really excited. There was a big wet spot on the front of her shorts, right in the middle of her camel toe. Her stomach muscles tensed and relaxed in a very sexy way, and this made me want to get her unwrapped as quickly as possible. After a few seconds of frantic struggling, her shorts slid down her thighs, revealing the fact that she had no panties on. This seemed to be par for the course for Julia. I wondered briefly if she actually owned a pair of panties, no matter what she claimed. When I held her shorts still so that she could step out of them easily, I was face to face with her hot muff. I leaned forward, and kissed her just above her tiny patch of light brown pubic hair.

“Baby, I would really like for you to lick me off, but some other time. I am hot and sweaty, and I need that big cock of yours inside of me… right now.” She pushed my shoulders, indicating that she wanted me to lie down on the floor. My prick throbbed with the need for release, so I wasted no time in complying with her wishes. She straddled me, and began to rub my cock back and forth in her cleft to lubricate me sufficiently. Then it dawned on me… condom!

“Wait, Julia. Shouldn’t we use a condom? I mean, I don’t want to get you pregnant or anything.” She giggled softly.

“You have a lot to learn about women, Jack. You can’t get me pregnant until I ovulate again in a couple of weeks. I took that pill, remember? We are completely fine until the end of our vacation. Besides, I’m kind of jealous that your sister has been hogging all of your sperm. I think it’s time that you shot a big load in my belly, for a change.”

She gripped my pole firmly, and positioned it at the entrance to her slick tunnel. She shifted her weight, and I felt my shaft slowly start to sink into her pretty little cunt. She seemed even tighter than I remembered, but I had no trouble entering her because of her extreme wetness. I wondered what made her so excited, all of a sudden. She continued slowly until no more of me would fit inside comfortably. Her pussy wasn’t quite as shallow as Katie’s, but my ability to fill her up like that did wonders for my self-esteem.

“Just relax, and cum whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to hold back to please me, Jack. I’ll probably cum in about a dozen strokes, anyway. But remember, we have to be quiet. We can’t have any of the noise that you make at night when you are with Katie. Remember, Aunt Lucy is right next door.” To be honest, it made it about a million times hotter to know that my mom was in the next room while Julia and I were fucking.

She began to work me slowly. She didn’t exactly use the up and down motion that is so popular in the porn that I watch. She kind of worked me backward and forward, while rolling her hips at the end. I think that the extra hip motion allowed my shaft to have prolonged contact with her clit.

It felt really good to me, but I guess it was exactly what she needed. She was already a little sweaty when she walked in my room, but now her thin t-shirt clung invitingly to all her curves. Her eyes were closed in concentration, and her face had turned red with her exertions. She did know her body well, because after about forty-five seconds of hot cowgirl action, her entire body became unnaturally rigid, and small shudders shivered through her. It was very sexy to see, but it was definitely a joy to feel. Whatever exercises that cheerleaders did to keep in shape seemed to have strengthened her cunt muscles too. Her pussy tightened, and spasmed around my invading cock. After a bit, she finally relaxed, and opened her eyes, and smiled at me.

“Well, that takes care of me, now it’s your turn. Your sister told me what to do to drive you absolutely crazy, and make you cum really fast.” On her next stroke forward, bahis şirketleri she tightened her pussy almost uncomfortably around my girth. I think that she might have been able to crack walnuts just by squeezing them with her cunt. She obviously noticed my facial expression.

“I’m sorry, baby. Was that a little too much?” I nodded, and the next time that I was exiting her, she tightened up a little bit less, and it felt heavenly. I grunted softly at her milking strokes, and she knew that she had me at her mercy. “That’s it, cum for me, Jack. Let me have a dose of your baby batter. Give it to me, baby.” She whispered this as she balanced herself by placing her hands on my chest, so that she could concentrate more on her milking action; than on her rocking motion. This intensified the feeling even more. She even seemed to squeeze slightly when pushing my cock inside her, giving me the feeling of uninterrupted tightness.

My lovemaking session with Katie last night had been lackluster due to our anxiety, but there was no reason to be anxious now. This beautiful, nubile young woman wanted me to cum inside her. Why did it seem like such a hard thing to do? Just a few days ago, I had accidentally dumped almost my entire load inside her belly because I couldn’t pull out in time. Now, she was totally safe, unable to get pregnant, but I still felt hesitant to do it. My inability to hide my emotions is a curse, and it is definitely something that a savvy, sophisticated girl like Julia would pick up on.

“What’s wrong, baby? Doesn’t it feel good?” There was a look of concern on her face that I usually didn’t associate with Julia. Why did my pleasure matter so much to her? She always seemed to be more interested in conquest, so I had never figured her to be such an exceptionally attentive lover. In our past sexual trysts, she usually did care that I had an orgasm, but not until she had gotten herself off multiple times. Why was this time so different? What was her reason for coming into my room to begin with? Just to blow me? That seemed kind of far-fetched. Unless it was another one of those competitive things between her and my sister or maybe Katie put her up to it. She paused in her grinding, and looked at me questioningly.

“What’s the matter, Jack? Please tell me. What did I do wrong?” The look of pure innocence on her face left me unable to accuse her of just wanting to fuck me because of Katie.

“I don’t know whether I should cum inside you, or not. Given the present circumstances, I’m a little nervous about doing that, Jules.” Her bottom lip immediately jutted out in a classic pouting face. It was really cute because I know that she didn’t mean to do it.

“Please, Jack. Cum inside me just this one time. I’ll do anything for you, if you do it.” Her eyes were glued to mine as she spoke, and she renewed her fucking motions in an effort to rob me of my load.

“Anything?” I said dubiously.

“Yeah, anything. Think of the possibilities; besides, you are the first and only guy to ever cum inside me, and it was an accident. The first time I was too busy thinking ‘oh, shit’ to even enjoy the sensation. The second time you seemed to be all about Katie. It is just you and me here now, and I want to feel you cum inside me again.” She moaned softly to herself as she rose and fell on my cock. I wondered to myself if it was me who was making her excited again, or if it was the unknown prospects that the promise opened up between us. I quickly made up my mind to fulfill her desire.

“OK, Jules. But remember what you promised me when it’s time for you to pay up.” She nodded briefly, and bit her lower lip. I could tell by her lack of coordination in her motions, and by the frequency of involuntary spasms in her cunt muscles, that she was pretty close to cumming again herself. I wasn’t sure how close I was to orgasm, but I knew that I would probably be much closer after her impending climax.

I gripped her by the hips, and instead of being an motionless participant, like I had been doing, I started to stroke up into her. I heard a couple of muffled obscenities escape her pouty little lips, before she closed her eyes again. I thought about the strange differences between the women in my life. Katie loved to lock eyes with me when she came, Julia closed hers, in what I hoped to be an effort to concentrate on the sensations that she was experiencing. One thing was for sure; my sister would never have been able to remain as silent as Julia did during her orgasms.

Julia stiffened all at once, like an electrical current had been run through her body. She froze in mid-movement as an orgasm tore through her. It wasn’t the feeble trembling that went through her limbs when she came earlier, but full on thrashing motions. It felt like she had snapped my cock in two inside her. How she could tighten up that much without cramping up was beyond me. I continued my attempts at stroking in and out of her, but I made very little headway. She expelled air, and sucked back it in rapidly, and in almost total silence. Not one cry or moan escaped her rosebud of a mouth. After a good forty-five seconds of non-stop thrashing, she slumped against me, spent.

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