A Beginning

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Authors Note: This is my first foray into writing erotic literature which I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to pen a review as I will base my next piece on them. I have deliberately left out ages as I feel that should be left to the imagination of the reader. Please enjoy!

Where do I begin?

Well it all started early one morning just after Mandy (my wife) had left for work. Julie (my daughter) had jumped on the bed and wiggled under the covers. I was half asleep and snuggled up to Julie thinking she was my wife.

“mmmm this is nice daddy” Julie said as she snuggled right up to me, spooning.

My arm had gone around her waist and pulled her in tight. Thankfully I was wearing my boxers as we lay there because I was getting hard as I normally do when I’m spooning with Mandy.

We lay there for quite some time cuddling with my hard cock nestled in between her bum cheeks.

At this point I must point out that I thought it was my wife in bed with me and not my daughter!

Julie started to wiggle her bum which I naturally was enjoying, but had the added effect of releasing my thick 7″ cock out through the front slit in my boxers. It was now resting there in between her bum cheeks against the soft material of her night gown.

“Your thing always gets hard when we cuddle recently daddy, why’s that?” Julie said.

“mmmm” I said, still only half awake.

“Your thing daddy, it’s always hard when we cuddle” she giggled.

“what….Julie…oh Julie!” Oh my god! I suddenly realized I was spooning with my daughter!

She giggled again “Yes is me Julie your daughter silly”.

I opened my eyes to see my beautiful daughter laying in my arms smiling up at me.

“I was saying…. your thing always gets hard now when we cuddle in the morning” she said beaming her smile at me and wiggling her bum sending waves of pleasure crashing over me.

I closed my eyes and tried to get some control over myself.

“I..err..” I spluttered, trying to get my brain into gear.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, trying canlı bahis in vain to get the upper hand.

“Well mom had left for work and I was still sleepy and wanted a cuddle to help me sleep!”……”Daddy, why does your thing get hard when we cuddle?” said asked. One of the questions a father doesn’t really want to answer and certainly not while his cock is out and being rubbed in between your daughters bum cheeks!

I did’t really have any choice but to be honest with her!

“Well there are lots of reasons why a man’s penis gets hard. Because he’s close to someone he loves, because he see’s something that makes him feel good, or sometimes when a man sleeps his penis will get hard for no reason” I explained.

“Did your penis get hard because you were cuddling with me daddy?” she giggled.

I thought that she had given me the perfect get out as I said,

“I think that it was because I was asleep honey” I lied.

Her face suddenly changed from a big beaming smile to a sad and forlorn look. It almost broke my heart to see the change.

“Aww hunny… I’m sorry.” I lifted her chin up and gave her a little kiss on the tip of her nose.

Julie brightened up with the little kiss I gave her.

“Would you like to know a little secret” I said quietly.

Julie’s whole face shone as I smiled at her.”What secret daddy?” she beamed at me.

“Well as long as it’s between you and me. You won’t tell mom will you?”

“No daddy, just between us” she giggled.

“Ok then….to be honest it was cuddling with you that made my penis hard”

At that she threw her arms around my neck and started to give me butterfly kisses all over my face. As she kissed me I put my arms around her and fell backwards pulling her on top of me.

She giggled as she kept giving me her little kisses as she lay on top of me with my hard cock sandwiched between us.

“I love you daddy” she finally said.

“I love you too baby!” I replied as I ran my fingers up and down her back. As my hands went down over Julies bum I noticed bahis siteleri for the first time that she was only wearing her nighty…no panties! My hard cock gave a huge twitch pushing against her stomach and Julies eyes lit up!

“Daddy! It’s moving about quite a bit isn’t it” she giggled.

“I think it’s got a mind of it’s own” I replied, ” Why haven’t you got panties on honey?” I asked as I gave her smooth peachy bum a squeeze with both hands.

“I don’t like wearing them when I sleep daddy” at which my cock twitched violently underneath her.

Her mouth opened into a little “o” and sat up on my legs pulling the covers back exposing us to each other.

She looked down and stared at my hard cock standing to attention before her.

“Wow….did I do that?” she said still staring intently at my cock swaying before her.

“Yes honey” I smiled “Do you like the look of it?”

I pulled myself up onto my elbows to get a better look at her face and saw more than I bargained for.

Julie my daughter was sitting on my legs just above my knees. Being petite she doesn’t weigh much and therefore doesn’t cause me any pain while she sits there.

I looked at her her shoulder length hair, slightly curly framing her angelic face. Bright blue eyes, a lille cute button nose and a smile that would cause anyone’s heart to skip a beat. As my eyes wondered down past her angelic face I saw her slim frame covered by her soft textured nighty.

Below that I saw my hard cock swaying side to side almost hypnotizing Julie as she looked at it in awe, but then I notice something. Julie was sitting across my legs one bare leg each side of mine leading up to her bare hips and an uncovered smooth pussy. At the sight of my daughters pussy I let out a stifled groan as my swaying cock stiffened rock hard and totally erect in front of her.

Julie leaned forward slightly and what seemed to be in slow motion brought her hand up and softly stroked my hard cock from the tip to the base with her fingertips. She looked up at me as I closed my eyes and bahis şirketleri let out a long moan of pleasure from her soft caress.

“Daddy I’m sorry, It looked so nice I just wanted to touch it” Julie said looking as though she had done something really bad.

I knew that she shouldn’t really be touching me like that but I was so turned on by her at this moment that she could do anything she wanted.

I had to admit that I wanted her to touch me and I was about to tell her so!

“It’s alright baby I don’t mind you touching it as long as we keep it our secret ok?”

She looked at me all serious for a second,

“Ok daddy.. our secret” and smiled at me.

I new I loved Julie since she was born as every father will agree, but at this moment I knew that I loved my daughter with all my heart.

“Did you like it a lot when I touched your penis like that daddy?” she asked tilting her head slightly.

“Oh yes baby” I replied “But there is a better way. Hold it in your hand like this and move your hand up and down like this”.

As I showed her she looked and then placed her own small hand around my cock her fingers not quite going all the way around, and slowly started to stroke up and down my hard cock causing my foreskin to almost cover the tip of my cock.

“Am I doing it right daddy?” she asked as I collapsed back down on the bed.

“Oh that is so good honey” I groaned as she picked up speed.

“Don’t go too fast honey” I gasped as I was being taken to heaven by my daughter.

It didn’t take that much longer for the inevitable to happen. After about 30 seconds or so of my daughter stroking my cock alternating fom slow to fast my balls started to contract as I started to cum.

“Oh Julie Oh Julie” was all I could get out as my blood flooded to my cock causing it to harden like never before.

Then I had an earth shattering orgasm spewing more cum than I had seen in a long time up into the air landing back on me and Julie’s hand and forearm.

“Oh daddy what’s that?” Julie asked staring at the cum on her hand.

“That makes babies hunny” I was breathing hard and didn’t want to confuse matters with trying to explain too much…”when I do that inside mommy it can make a baby. That’s how we got you!”

To be continued….

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