A Bet’s a Bet

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(Note: this is just fiction, a pure fantasy given to me by a female friend. So I wrote it for her. There is some guy on guy stuff at the end, if you’re not into that, that’s ok, don’t read on. If that’s ok, then I hope you enjoy it. That being said, story on)

Marsha’s body awoke to the familiar feeling of her lover’s hand slowly running his fingertips over her. Not sure if she was dreaming or the feeling was real, she kept her eyes closed, if it was a dream she was going to enjoy every last minute of it. His fingertips gliding slowly over her stomach, up to her breasts, around each nipple, teasing her like he knows she likes. He ran his hand down, slowly approaching her now stiff clit, her back arches trying to get him to rub her clit, his hand stopping, then sliding down the inside of her thigh. A gentle sigh escapes her lips as his hand starts to back up, again arching her back daring him to run his fingers over her, his fingers barely grazing over her wet pussy lips, her nipples now hard with excitement as his hand moves towards them. Needing to know if this was real or a very vivid dream, she opens her eyes to see her lover Jim, watching every move of her body as he continued to tease her into a sexual frenzy.

“Morning baby” he says as her eyes finally focus on him.

“Mmmm, morning honey, I love your wake up calls” she says with a giggle. His lips press against hers in more passionate than usual good morning kiss, her tongue sliding deep into his mouth as she pulls him closer.

Jim’s right hand continuing to tease her now fully excited body, Marsha’s tongue now working faster and deeper in rhythm to his teasing hand. His hand slowly approaching her now dripping pussy, her mind wishing he would slide those fingers deep into her. Again, he stops, “awwww” slips from her mouth, knowing he’s in full tease mode now. Without hesitation or warning, his hand slides over her clit and his middle finger is buried deep into her waiting pussy. Her mouth moves off of his, all her breath comes out at once, head back, back arches to draw him deeper. Jim takes this time to take her right nipple into his mouth, sliding a second finger deep into her; he can sense she is right on the edge of Cumming. Taking as much of breast into her mouth and flicking her nipple back and forth, he works his two fingers up and down, rubbing her G-spot, knowing she will cum, and cum hard.

“Honey, honey…..” was all she could get out of her lips as she came, squirting all over his hand. Marsha pulls his face to hers and kisses him, sucking his tongue deep into her mouth. Knowing once she starts squirting it’s easy to keep it going; Jim continues to work his fingers inside her.

“I’m going to squirt again” Marsha says as she begins to fill his hand again. “Now it’s my turn to make you squirt” she says, pushing him back down onto the bed, slowly she starts sliding her soaked pussy down onto his thick hard cock. As wet as she is, she knows she has to go slow to take it all in. He reaches up and starts playing with her breasts, leans forward to suck one nipple then the other. He can feel her pussy dripping down his cock, over his balls and onto the sheets. She starts to raise and lower herself on and off his cock, slowly increasing her rhythm, now riding him all she can. She sits up straight, arches her back slightly, reaches behind her and begins rubbing his balls.

Knowing how much this drives Jim crazy, she wants him to cum and cum hard. Sensing he is getting close, she takes her right hand, rubs her clit back and forth, and slowly slides her finger into her pussy along with his cock. Removing it from there, still dripping she takes it and slides into Jim’s ass, sending him over the edge “Yes yes yes….” As he fills her pussy, Cumming deep inside her. She lays her body down on top of his, kissing and cuddling in the afterglow of another good morning.

“What brought this on?” Marsha asks.

“Well, you know I love to make love to you in the morning”.

“Yeah, but this was different somehow” she added.

“Well maybe I want to start this day off right, and if you want to be really naughty later, we can finish it off even better” Jim says with an evil grin.

“We haven’t been naughty in awhile, but I seriously doubt you can finish it off better than it started”

“Is that a bet baby?” Marsha thinks for a second, knowing how naughty Jim can get, and wondering if it could get better.

“Yes, yes it is, if you can make today end better than it started, I will give you any fantasy you want, BUT, when it doesn’t, I get any one of mine I want”

“Ok, it’s a bet, but you better pay up when you lose”. Marsha’s eyes got wide, her mind now thinking, can it get better, and what will he want IF he wins, what will I want when I win, slight smile and giggle escaped her as she thought.

“What was that smile for baby?”

“Just thinking ahead to collecting on my win” said Marsha.

“Dream on baby, I will be thinking long and hard of what I want for my victory”. Little did she know that Jim had been planning canlı bahis something for the past couple weeks. A couple of text messages later and the plan was all set for tonight. “Ok, I have my plans set for tonight, hope you’re not going to back out of our bet”

“Never, I can’t wait to collect on my winnings, and I know just what I want”

“Do you now?” Jim asked. “Yes I do” Marsha says.

“Can I ask what would be in store for me IF you should win?”

“Only if you tell me what you want if you should win”.

Jim didn’t have an idea yet, “I don’t have my mind set on anything just yet, can I still know what you want, but won’t win tonight”

“Well, that’s not fair, but I will tell you what I WILL win”.

“When I figure out what it is I want I will tell you, ok?”

“Ok, here’s what I will want after tonight” “We have always talked about and fantasized about a 3 way with another guy” Jim interrupts for a second by saying “we’ve already done that baby” “Hush for a second let me finish, yes we have and thank you, I love you for doing that, but the difference this time being. I want to see you and him playing with each other. He sucks your cock, you suck his, one or both of you taking it up the ass, and I’m getting so wet just thinking about it”

“Well, that would be an interesting fantasy of yours to fulfill, and the bet was any fantasy we wanted, hmmm, makes me start to think differently about what I want when I win”

“So, you’ll do it WHEN I win?” asks Marsha.

“IF you should win, a bet is a bet, yes, I will fulfill that fantasy for you baby”.

“Now what did you have in store for tonight so you can lose this bet and I can watch you suck another cock?”

“You’re a funny girl baby, all I will say about tonight is, take a nap this afternoon, you’ll need the extra rest, shower and shave everything, black dress, no bra or panties. We will get very naughty, and oh, yes I will win tonight”. Marsha jumped up out of bed, kissed Jim hard then said, “Oh goodie a play night, let’s get some breakfast”. After a nice breakfast and an impossibly long afternoon, including a nap where all Marsha could think about was winning the bet and collecting, her mind racing and her pussy dripping thinking of her reward for a bet well made, so she thought. Jim smiled widely watching Marsha getting ready for their date night, knowing what was in store for the love of his life. Shower? Check, shaved? Smooth, Black dress? Check, No bra or panties? Of course not.

After a wonderful dinner at their favorite restaurant, it was surprise time. “Where we going tonight honey?”

“Some place we have discussed in the past, and now are finally going to explore”

“Thanks for clearing that up honey” Marsha said with an overage of sarcasm.

“Do you trust me baby?”

“You know I do Jim”

“Ok, then trust me, I wouldn’t let anything happen to you”

“No, no you wouldn’t” They pulled up into the driveway of what looked a modest two story house, kind of in the middle of nowhere. “Whose house is this honey?”

With a knowing laugh Jim says “I don’t know whose it is, but it is a swingers club on Friday and Saturday nights”

“Really??? You are full of surprises today honey” Marsha said as she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh wait for the real surprise I promised earlier” Marsha’s mind went into overdrive wondering what it could be; she thought this was the surprise. “This is just the beginning”, they park the car and head towards the “house”. Inside they were welcomed by the hostess for the evening

“Welcome to Club Sin, there is a $25 per couple cover charge tonight, if you brought anything to drink I will need to check it in here, you will be able to mix your own drinks behind me in the kitchen area”

“Ok, here we just brought this one bottle” Handing over the bottle, the hostess marked with their own membership number and placed it on the kitchen counter. Jim paid the cover charge as the hostess asked if they would like a tour. “Yes she would, I need to make a quick call, and I’ll be right back baby”

“Uh, ok, hurry back” Was all she could say as her tour of the club began. The club had just about everything any other club would have, a dance floor with a real DJ, stripper pole, a hot tub out on the patio, but it was small more like a house party, with several rooms upstairs for play. Several other guests were already there, chatting and drinking, getting to know each other, several of them obviously had been there before, greeting each other with hugs and kisses. “Oh this looks like it will be so much fun” Marsha says sneaking up behind Jim and whispering in his ear.

“I thought you would like it, and you still haven’t gotten to the best part yet” Turing to kiss her hard on the lips, his hand running down her ass. “Let go have some fun, your surprise should begin in a couple hours” Her eyes got big, her mind raced thinking what more could he have planned. Back inside, they fixed a drink for each of them, Jim kissed Marsha’s check and said “you ready baby? bahis siteleri Let’s go have some fun”

“I am more than ready honey, and I am getting so wet right now”. On the bottom floor of the club the DJ was pushing out the dance music in one room, the other room had a buffet set out with all sorts of food for the guests. “Oh, you have to go upstairs with me Jim, come on” Upstairs, there was 3 bedrooms, 1 was a private room if you preferred, the other 2 were group rooms with 3 king sized beds in each. They looked into the first two rooms, no one was using either of them, but in the biggest room there was 2 couples lying on one end of the huge play area, both were in a 69.

“Oh can we watch honey?” “Just watch?” “For now” she said with a sly grin. They sat at the other end of bed, drinking and watching the 2 couples, the girls sucking cocks as the guys licked their pussies. “Mmm very nice tongue action on the guy on the left honey, it’s making wet watching him eat her pussy”

“He must be pretty good, she has stopped sucking his cock to enjoy the tongue action he is giving her, bet you would like that tongue in your pussy baby”

“Yes I would, oh honey, he’s licking her ass now, look”

“Oh I know how you enjoy that, go, see if they have room for more”

“What are you going to do?” Marsha asked.

“Watch your sexy ass cum, and then maybe join in with you”. Marsha walked to the other end of the bed, “Have room for one more?” “Yes, but you are over dressed” not missing a beat, off came her black dress leaving her naked in front of the 4 some. All 4 stopped briefly watching their newly naked friend climb onto the bed, she crawled up to the guy with the tongue she wanted and slowly slid her wet pussy over his face, and he didn’t need to be told twice, his tongue finding every sweet inch of her pussy.

Marsha’s eyes closed, head back, she was loving every lick of his very talented tongue. The woman he was eating moved around and started sucking his cock some more. Watching all the action, Jim was getting excited watching Marsha cum all over his face, he moved in behind the girl sucking Mr. Tongue, she looked back and smiled as he dropped to his knees, licking and sucking her clit from behind.

Marsha heard the woman’s moans and sounds of excitement, looking down she saw Jim, smiled knowing the feeling that she was getting from his tongue. She wiggled her ass as Jim licked and sucked harder on her pussy, she pulled the cock from her mouth to say “oh yeah, right there, now I want your cock inside me” Not having to be told twice, Jim dropped his pants, slide a condom onto his hard cock and started to slowly work his cock into her.

“Oh god, he’s so thick, oh my, it feels so good, go slow” Hearing that, Marsha turned around, smiling again, knowing that feeling as well, she slide off Mr. Tongues face, down his chest, rolled a condom onto his cock, and proceeded to slide her pussy onto him, reverse cowgirl. She could control how much of his cock she would take and watch as Jim fucks the woman from behind. Jim was finally full inside her pussy, she had him pause for a couple seconds, getting used to the full feeling. “Oh my, that is a full wonderful feeling, go ahead, but be gentle on me”.

Marsha was in full on fuck mode, bouncing up and down on her new cock, watching Jim’s cock go in and out of her, she came quickly and very hard, and this sent Mr. Tongue over the edge, his cock contracting inside her, filling the condom. “Thank you” Marsha said, kissing him gently, and then laying on the bed to watch Jim finish.

“Oh god, oh my god, I’m Cumming” She screamed, Marsha saw Jim’s body tense up, she knew he was Cumming himself, she wished it was inside her so she could feel him squirt. She kissed him deeply as his orgasm ended, “Thank you baby, you want to relax in the hot tub before your surprise gets here?”

“Sure, let me get dressed then we can go relax”

“Dressed??? Why, just grab your dress and lets head downstairs, we’re only going to take the clothes off before we get into the hot tub”

“Yeah I guess so” they grabbed their clothes, headed downstairs, made new drinks and headed towards the hot tub.

“I see you’re getting the idea” the hostess said as they passed by. Several couples were on the dance floor, one woman was working the stripper pole as if she had done it before. Jim took her clothes, found a place to hang them up as Marsha climbed into the hot tub. He climbed in behind her, his favorite view, slide into the hot water. Cuddling up next to her, she turned, kissed him long and deep “what a great idea honey, the evening has been great so far, this is so relaxing right now”

“Glad you’re enjoying everything; the best is yet to come”

“So you say, you gave me very good this morning, still not convinced you can beat that and I’ll win the bet, you’ll look so sexy sucking cock for me”

“Thanks for the compliments, just relax a little and the real fun will begin” Marsha put her head back, closed her eyes to enjoy the hot water; she didn’t see the guy bahis şirketleri walk in, Jim nodding a hello as he came in. The fun has arrived Jim thought to himself as John walked in. I love it when a plan comes together he thought.

John walked back out onto the patio area, drink in hand, he said hello to almost everyone there. “He must be a regular” said Marsha, opening her eyes to see what the hellos were all about. Closing her eyes again she tilted her head back and enjoyed the water and Jim’s handing rubbing her leg gently like he did in the morning. Jim motioned John over without saying a word.

John stripped down and said “May I join you?” Marsha opened her eyes to see a tall, fairly well built naked man in front of her.

“Baby, he asked if he could join us” Still staring at his flaccid yet still above average sized cock she managed so say “Yes”. “Very subtle baby” Jim whispered in her ear with a laugh. She smacked Jim in the arm and said “Hi, I’m Marsha, this Jim”

“I’m John, pleased to meet you” Jim and John shook hands as he sat down in the hot tub next to Marsha. “Is this ok, or do you two want some more room?”

“No, you’re ok” said Marsha. Jim closed his eyes, with a sly grin on his face he knew Marsha would get to know him and want to take him upstairs. Jim was barely paying attention to their conversation, but knew based on how Marsha was rubbing his cock, she was doing the same to John. Marsha turned to Jim and whispered in his ear “He has a very big cock honey, can I play with him?”

“Of course you can, as long as I can help too”

“Never without you honey, let’s go upstairs”

“Lead on baby”. Marsha stood up from the water, took Jim’s hand, put her hand out to John and said “we are going to play upstairs; we would love it if you came with us”

“Thought you would never ask” replied John, grabbing 3 towels Jim handed two to Marsha, and Jim dried himself with the third as he watched Marsha dry John off, especially his cock. John grabbed the towel, and dried Marsha off, only her pussy didn’t get any drier. Grabbing the clothes off the hooks they headed upstairs, Marsha in between them.

Thankfully when they got upstairs, the private room was open, Jim suggesting they use it so it can be just the three of them. Locking the door behind, Jim turned to see Marsha already on her knees sucking John’s cock. “Dam girl, couldn’t wait huh?” Jim said with a laugh, moving in behind her he started to rub and play with her nipples from behind.

Whispering in her ear “Suck that big hard cock baby, I know he likes that, I love it when you do that to me” Her hands rubbing his balls, slowly licking up and down the shaft of his cock, running her tongue over its head. John’s hands grabbed her head, running his fingers through her hair as she sucked his cock. In her ear Jim says, “Let’s move to the bed, so I can lick your pussy and ass as you suck that big boy”.

Helping her up off the floor and over to the bed, she has John lay on his back and slowly climbs up him to continue her tongue work. Her ass in the air just right so Jim could slide in behind her, sliding his tongue deep into her pussy, licking and sucking her clit. Marsha moans as her tongue traces every inch of John’s cock, soon she feels the familiar feeling of Jim’s talented tongue slowly sliding into her ass.

She pushes her ass back, trying to get more of his tongue into her ass, her mouth never leaving John’s cock. Jim slides up next to Marsha, whispers in her ear “Ride his cock baby, I know you want to, I want to watch you cum on him, then we can play some more” Not needing a second invitation, Marsha slide up John’s body rolled a condom onto him and started to lower her wet pussy onto his big thick cock.

Jim sat at the end of the bed watching her work his cock deeper. Slowly stroking his thick cock watching Marsha finally take all of John inside her.

“Honey, his cock feels so good inside me”

“I see that baby; you look so sexy riding him”

“I see you like it, stroking your hard cock for me, so thick and hard, oh god, he feels so thick inside me”

“Make him cum baby, squeeze his cock with your pussy” Slowly she begins to grind her pussy on his cock, his balls start to tighten, Jim can see John is about to cum.

“Yes yes, deeper John, make me cum too” His back arches and he empties himself into the condom, Marsha Cumming with him. She crawls off his cock, kisses John gently “Thank you”.

Kisses Jim hard, “Thank you honey” “I have to clean up, be right back and I’ll take care of you honey”

“Can’t wait baby” Marsha exits the room, thinking to herself, that was good, but I’m going to win the bet still. Coming out of the bathroom, Marsha is all smiles thinking she was going to get her fantasy, just when will she ask for it now. Walking back into the room, Marsha stops dead in the doorway, in front of her was Jim on his back, in a 69 with John, both of them sucking each others cocks.

“Close the door baby, unless you want to share your surprise with everyone else”. Without taking her eyes off the action in front of her, Marsha closed and locked the door. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Marsha watched intently as Jim licked and sucked John’s cock, John licking and sucking Jim’s balls, then his cock.

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