A Boy, a Daddy and two Tuxedos

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“That suit makes u a horny little lad, doesn’t it?”

It was another text from Mr Matthews. Thomas was out at a bar with his co-workers, and he’d just sent Mr Matthews a picture of what he was wearing: a fine navy pinstripe three piece suit with a bright pink and blue striped tie and a lavish pocket square spilling out of his breast pocket.

So Thomas texted back. “Yes sir, it does.”

The reply was swift. Mr Matthews sent Thomas a picture of his weathered hand groping his throbbing hard-on in his luxurious suit trousers. Just as Thomas was about to respond, Mr Matthews shot back, “I want to grab you by that prissy little tie of yours and pull you down to suck my cock in my car again.”

Thomas loved it when Mr Matthews said sleazy things to him. Mr Matthews was an always immaculately dressed older man in his late-50s-distinguished, even, by most standards-but when the mood hit him, he was a horny old beast. “Oh yes sir. I love sucking your cock in the car.”

“You’ve been a good little prissy fuckboy,” Mr Matthews texted back. “So I got you a present.”

Thomas sent back a surprised face emoji. And then came the picture. Hanging from an oaken coat hanger was a beautiful new midnight-black tuxedo.

“A tuxedo???” Thomas said.

“That’s right. My dandy little sissy boy needs to step up his game for sir. Next time, I want see you in this.”

“Oh sir, thank you sir! I’ll do my best to please you sir!”

And then another picture, this one of Mr Matthews wearing a tux of his own.

Thomas gasped and hid the face of his phone so his colleagues wouldn’t see. Mr Matthews looked like a dapper god in his tuxedo. It was black with luxurious satin lapels and it perfectly contoured to his larger frame. The black satin cummerbund eventuated the mid-sized belly of the older gent and gave him an air of lordliness. The black pants hugged his thick thighs tightly and Thomas thrilled at the sight of the black patent opera pump shoes he was wearing. He thought he could make out the tell-tale sheen of silk sheer socks too.

“Are you wearing that now, sir?” Thomas discreetly messaged back.

“I am, boy. I could pick you up from wherever you are and we can play in these tuxedos.”

Thomas was torn, on one hand he didn’t want to cut the night short with his colleagues. His sudden disappearances from these events to go and serve his master were beginning to be the source of ridicule. His colleagues didn’t know exactly where he was going of course, and Thomas who was deeply in the closet wanted to keep it that way. On the other hand, it was one of his all-time greatest fantasies to have sleazy tuxedo sex with a dominant older man…

“Can you give me 2 hours, sir? I promise I’ll make it worth the wait!”

“That will make it midnight when I pick you up, boy. You’ll have to make it extremely worth my while. I’m sitting here rock hard in this tuxedo and I need my boys’ sissy mouth and sissy boy hole.”

“I promise sir! I’ll message when I’m ready!”

Thomas put his phone away and returned to his colleagues but first he had to adjust the obvious tenting in his suit pants. The next two hours passed slowly and Thomas fidgeted endlessly. He was awash with guilt and apprehension, here he was pretending he wasn’t a dirty little cum slut with his work friends while knowing full well that soon he’d be worshipping and older man’s cock. The inordinate amount of vodka he’d consumed made him equal parts uninhibited and horny and it was all he could do to hide his obvious arousal.

At midnight, he sneakily pulled out his phone and shot Mr Matthews a text.

“Ready when you are, sir. Hope you’re still awake!”

The response was almost instantaneous. “Meet me in front of Town Hall in 15 minutes.”

Thomas quickly finished his drink and bid his colleagues goodnight. Standing up quickly and straightening his suit, he realised he was quite drunk, but pleasantly so… he knew he’d never be able to resist his master’s every raunchy desire tonight and he was excited at the thought of what was to come.

Leaving the bar briskly, Thomas made a beeline for the arranged meeting spot. Looking down he could almost see his own reflection in the perfect mirror shine of his black double monk strap shoes. They clicked with an urgent and hurried step on the cobblestones of the sidewalk as he walked.

Arriving a few minutes later, Thomas pulled out his phone and messaged Mr Matthews. “I’m here sir.”

Thomas felt self-conscious and awkward standing in front of the grandiose Town Hall building while waiting for his older lover to arrive. He prayed desperately that none of his colleagues would see him get into the car. He’d have difficulty explaining that away!

Soon enough, a familiar black Lexus pulled around the corner and slowly approached the curb. The driver took his time parking, as if to savour and extend the moment of meeting and tease Thomas further. Thomas was desperate to get into the car and hide from any chance encounters canlı bahis şirketleri with his colleagues, but the dark tinted window remained down and the doors closed. Thomas approached the Lexus and reached for the passenger door handle. He went to open it but found it locked. Suddenly his phone beeped and Thomas jumped with fright.

“Fix your tie and waist-coat first boy. I want you perfect before you see me.”

Gripped with the anxiety of being caught, Thomas pinched his tie knot, screwing the silk snug against his cutaway shirt collar, then tried the door again. Still locked. His heart started pounding in his ears-he glanced around, making sure none of his colleagues were about to cross the corner-then nervously squinted in his reflection in the dark glass of the tinted window. He pinched the bottom of the knot more carefully this time, adjusting the dimple, letting the silk puff out slightly on either side, ensuring that the silk arched out of his waistcoat before smoothing his lapels. Just like his master liked it. Then, finally, mercifully, the door unlocked.

With a sigh of relief, Thomas climbed in and shut the door behind him.

“Now you look perfect, son” said Mr Matthews softly. The deep tenor of his master’s voice made Thomas lightheaded. His nostrils filled with his master’s scent: a fine cologne hinting at tobacco or fragrant wood, but tinged with that horny animal smell of a man in heat, pent up beneath layers of wool and silk. Thomas looked, and sure enough Mr Matthews was there in the driver’s seat, his ample belly filling out that stiffly starched tuxedo shirt, broad shoulders accentuated by that perfect midnight black jacket, beefy thighs swelling in his tuxedo trousers. From the neck up he was clean shaven-though with a shadow of irrepressible stubble from having waited so long on Thomas. Soft and gleaming the elegant opera pumps barely covered the arches of Mr Matthews’ wide, hefty feet, and the hair all over his ankles and the tops of his feet showed through his sheer silk socks.

Mr Matthews had one hand resting on the steering wheel, and the other seductively rubbing his crotch. He narrowed his eyes, as he slid down the zipper. Stiff and swollen, his cock spilled right out into his hand, the dark mushroom head brushing up against his crisp French cuff and formal cufflinks.

“I’ve been waiting. You know what to do, dandy boy.”

Before Thomas could utter a “Yes, sir” Mr Matthews grabbed him by the tie arching out of his waistcoat and dragged pulled the boy down willingly. Eagerly Thomas wrapped his lips around that throbbing shaft, sliding up and down, his own cock pushing up desperately in his suit trousers as he sucked hungrily. Through the haze of the alcohol, Thomas was delighted. He’d been waiting to do this all night, this was where he belonged.

Mr Matthews purred with satisfaction. “Well, that’s a start for making me wait.” Thomas wanted to apologize, but he knew better than to speak. All he had to do was worship the gentleman’s cock.

Mr Matthews took the car out of park and started driving. As Thomas pleasured his master, he fantasised about everything that was yet to come. Mr Matthews would take him to his apartment, pour him a scotch and take him out to the balcony of his penthouse suite. They’d toast, drink, and then Mr Matthews would invite Thomas to his knees and have him suck the big man’s cock in front of the whole city skyline, moaning and grunting and growling, loud enough for the neighbours to hear. Mr Matthews didn’t care. And Thomas-well, Thomas would’ve wanted to do it privately indoors, but he knew that none of his colleagues lived near Mr Matthews, so he figured it was safe. He also had to admit that the thrill of potentially being seen added to the experience. But, even so, Thomas always checked carefully when he left Mr Matthews apartment, making sure he wouldn’t be seen.

His mind shifting back to the task at hand, Thomas focused on licking up the salty precum, his nostrils filling with the aroma of that velvety tuxedo wool. Sooner than expected, Thomas felt the car grinding over what sounded like gravel. The pavement seemed bumpier somehow, less even, as the car lurched to a halt. Thomas looked up.

“Wait. Sir, this isn’t your apartment, sir.” Turning off the engine, Mr Matthews smiled seductively. “I know.”

The headlights of the Lexus illuminated what looked like a construction site. A huge concrete structure sat in the middle of it, several stories high. It looked deserted but eerie and ominous this late at night.

“You know I love taking my boy on outdoor sex adventures, well it’s time we stepped it up. This building is one my company is working on so I know we’ll be alone tonight.”

Thomas was equal parts nervous and aroused at the thought of fucking in his immaculate 3 piece suit in this dirty and rough location. Hopefully there were no security guards!

“First things first, my boy. I want you to put the tux on that I bought for you. It’s in the canlı kaçak iddaa back seat of the car. Take it out and get changed in the headlights where I can see you.”

Obediently, Thomas exited the vehicle and collected the garment bag from the back seat. Walking around to the front of the car he lay the bag down and unzipped it slowly. With a slow and deliberate motion, he drew his new tuxedo out and marvelled at it. It was a three piece tuxedo, midnight black like sir’s, with large peak satin lapels. There was a crisp white wingtip shirt with onyx studs in the bag as well as a luxuriously thick black satin self-tie bow tie. The waist-coat was low cut and lined with dark blue satin. Stroking the lapels lovingly, Thomas’ cock strained against his pants as he imagined what would happen to him in this incredible outfit in a few moments.

He’d always longed to be used like a dandy little slut in a tuxedo. He felt that it was a garment that was both incredibly masculine and effete at the same time and it brought out the inner sex toy in him. Suddenly it struck Thomas just how quiet it was. Here he was in the middle of god knows where, illuminated brightly in the headlights of a car about to get undressed.

Only the very distant sound of the odd car passing on the freeway broke the stillness as Thomas stripped off his three-piece business suit. The shirt came last and he almost reluctantly pulled his tie loose. Touching the big silk tie knot always made his cock twitch, and it did again as he pulled it away from his shirt and laid it lovingly across the front of the car. Naked now except for his underwear, Thomas picked up the tuxedo pants.

“Come here boy, I want you to wear these under the tux.”

Walking around to the window, Thomas saw Mr Matthews was holding a pair of soft pink lace panties!

“Yes sir!” Thomas chirped happily!

“Good sissy boy.”

Moving back into the light, Thomas fingered the lace panties for a moment, looking around nervously. He was sure there were no security guards and Mr Matthews had said the company owned the building, so maybe he paid them off for the night? Mr Matthews was discreet, and this wasn’t Thomas’ first time pleasuring him, so he had to trust him.

Thomas felt goose bumps all over as he pulled down his underwear and then slowly stepped into the prissy little garment his sir had just given him. Pulling it up and over his rock hard cock—the lacy satin garment barely made it over his throbbing erection, his cock pinned awkwardly to his thigh and threatening to pop right back out at any moment. Thomas loved how slutty it made him feel.

From there on, Thomas grew only harder with each exquisite part of that tuxedo. The crisp, starched pique cotton of the shirt riding over his shoulders. The cool metal studs that he fixed up his chest. The velvety wool riding up his calves and thighs, the grosgrain braces and satin waistcoat feeling cool and smooth against his body. His hosiery-clad feet sliding into the velvet lining of those gleaming opera pumps—his cock really plumped up at those, the way that the soft velvet just barely hugged the ball and heel of his foot, and didn’t quite cover his arches, as dainty as a pair of high heels. As he knotted the satin bow and shrugged on the luxurious jacket, Thomas felt his cock drooling precum into the panties.

Fingers trembling with anticipation, Thomas affixed the cufflinks his master had provided and carefully draped a white silk pocket square into the tuxedo’s breast pocket. The smooth soles of the brand new opera pumps clicked across the gritty floor as he approached the driver side door. “Does this meet your approval, sir?”

Thomas’ heart pounded against his chest as Mr Matthews rolled down the window, inspecting his boy. The horny old man cracked a smile. “That’s not half bad. Not half bad at all. How do you feel?”

“I feel very elegant and horny, sir.”

“Even with your prissy little panties underneath, boy?”

“Yes, sir. Sir knows I like wearing kinky underwear, sir.”

“That’s my pervy little dandy boy.”

With an approving chuckle, Mr Matthews rolled up the car window, turned off the headlights, and got out of the car. Even in the dim lighting, Thomas could see the mirror gleam of the big man’s opera pumps, the sheen of his sheer silk hosiery peeking out from beneath his velvety black trouser cuffs. Thomas found it even more arousing to see such a large, imposing man with his wide, hairy feet just barely covered by such dainty shoes. Buttoning up his immaculately tailored jacket, Mr Matthews towered over Thomas, his broad shoulders swelling in his tailored finery, and his swollen cock not quite tucked into his still half-unzipped fly. A tantalizing glimpse for his boy.

“Shall we, boy?” Mr Matthews gestured at a gate in the fence surround the building.

“Yes, sir”

Thomas followed obediently behind as Mr Matthews led him through the gate and into the dark confines of the foundations. Twisting through canlı kaçak bahis the enormous building, Thomas was glad Mr Matthews was here or he’d definitely have gotten lost in the foggy darkness.

At one point, the horny old brute was unable to contain himself a moment longer. Mr Matthews abruptly turned and grabbed Thomas, pushing him against the wall, kissing him deeply. Thomas felt the older man’s tongue slide against his as he melted into the kiss. Thomas ran his hands all over his lover’s tuxedo and he caressed the satin lapels and cummerbund. His hands eventually found their way to the rock hard daddy cock pressed against his own and he heard Mr Matthews groan in appreciation.

Thomas dropped to his knees without being asked. He absolutely had to get that cock in his mouth and fully become the dandy little slut he truly was. He couldn’t believe he was dressed in an immaculate tuxedo, about to suck the cock of a much older man in a dark and probably dangerous construction site!

Fishing out the enormous cock, Thomas hungrily lowered his mouth onto his prize. He licked every inch lovingly and was rewarded with more and more warm pre cum. He played incessantly with the satin bow tie at his throat while he bobbed up and down on his master’s cock. This was truly a sleazy dream come true!

After a few minutes of hungry cock sucking, Mr Matthews pulled the boy to his feet and kissed him again. “I can taste my precum on your tongue, boy.” He said huskily.

Thomas was taken by the hand and once again Mr Matthews began leading him deeper into the building and up a set of concrete stairs, flicking a light switch as he went. The room they found themselves in was brightly lit with fluorescent work lights and Thomas saw that it was littered with tools and work stations.

Thomas was led to the centre of the room where Mr Matthews retrieved some items from inside his tuxedo jacket and sat them down on a bench. A bottle of lubricant, a new bottle of poppers, a pair of handcuffs and a black satin ribbon ball gag.

Pushing Thomas back into the desk, Mr Matthews pressed himself against the boy, kissing him deeply again and slipping his tongue against the smaller boy’s own.

As the older man withdrew from the kiss, Thomas was left hungry and desperate for more. Leaning in, Mr Matthews whispered in his ear “do you want daddy’s cock in your pussy boy?”

Thomas heart beat increased dramatically as he heard Mr Matthews’ question. This was always his favourite part of their encounters.

“Please sir, fuck me. I want your cock in my little boy pussy so bad!”

As if to demonstrate his want, Thomas turned around and arched his back gracefully, presenting his young and perfect little ass to the much larger man. It struck Thomas just how dwarfed he was by his older lover. His ass felt tiny as he backed it into the older man’s groin.

Grabbing a hold of Thomas by the cheeks, Mr Matthews squeezed and rubbed the boy through his tuxedo pants.


The older man spanked the boy lightly.


Harder now, but not painful. “You want this big daddy cock in your dandy little fuck hole, don’t you, boy?”

“Oh please take me sir!”

Mr Thomas slapped his thick cock against the boy’s ass and rubbed it back and forth, simulating the ultimate act of copulation that was about to happen. His cock left a trail of pre cum on the otherwise pristine tuxedo pants.

Unceremoniously, Mr Matthews pulled Thomas’s pants down, exposing the panties he’d made him put on earlier. In a fit of frustrated lust, the older man ripped a hole in them giving him full access to the boy’s winking pussy.

Dropping to his knees, Mr Matthews thrust his strong and wet tongue into his boy’s ass and Thomas felt it hungrily probing his sphincter. Thomas placed two hands on the work bench and allowed Mr Matthews to eat him out like a sissy little girl, moaning with appreciation as the tongue opened him up wide and wet. Wiggling as the tongue transfixed him, Thomas was transported to new levels of arousal.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, Thomas almost yelled “Sir I can’t stand another moment without your cock inside me, fuck me, please! I’m begging you!”

Standing up, Mr Matthews reached forward and gathered his supplies. “First things first, boy.”

His cock sticking out from his tuxedo pants like a steel rod, Mr Matthews walked around in front of Thomas and placed the handcuffs around his left wrist, attaching the other cuff to a metal vice on the work desk.

The ball gag, was next. He slipped the ball into Thomas’ mouth and swiftly tied the satin ribbons around the boy’s head. Thomas noticed that the black satin bow tie at his throat was the same material as the ball gag ribbon.

When it was firmly attached and Thomas could only mumble with a mouthful, he heard the clip of the tube of lube open and heard Mr Matthews applying a liberal amount to the mushroom head of his cock. Placing the tube back on the desk, he lined up his huge cock head with Thomas’ hole and held it there, cold and wet. Thomas’ jaw dropped and let out a moan of desperate lust now, he wanted that cock in him and filling him full of cum. He wanted to be this man’s dandy little tuxedo fuck toy.

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