A Dinner Dance with Our Mothers Ch. 03

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Geoff had set out the wine and the glasses on the coffee table and gone back into the kitchen to make the coffee. The lounge was set out with 3 seat and a 2 seat sofas. Claire took over from me and guided Mum to the 3 seat one while I sat on the 2 seat one opposite. Claire hugged her and they were whispering, but I couldn’t hear what was being said. When Geoff returned he had a tumbler, full of a clear liquid which he put down in front of me. Claire gave Mum another hug and got up and sat down next to me so that Geoff could sit beside Marie. I tasted the drink in the tumbler, which was quite full; it was a very large Vodka with Lime and lemonade (which was my drink of choice when I could afford it). He had been very generous indeed with the Vodka, it was quite a bit stronger than usual.

We talked for a while and everyone had another glass of wine. Claire took Marie into the kitchen for a few minutes. Geoff looked at me with an apprehensive look on his face.

I glanced at the kitchen to make sure we were alone, then I said “No worries mate, She is happy with how the evening has gone, but remember what I said. Don’t mess her around.”

He grinned “My word on it, I will never do anything to hurt her if I can avoid it” he said.

When the ladies came back, everything was all smiles and the separation into couples just seemed the natural way for us to be. Geoff told a slightly risqué joke, which made us all laugh. Marie slapped his leg for telling it, but instead of taking her hand away, she just left it there. Geoff immediately put his arm around her and she cuddled up to him, gently stroking his thigh. I looked at Claire who just smiled and leaned forward so that I could put my arm around her and she leaned into me, kissed me and then rested her head on my shoulder too. Geoff slowly bent his arm which was over Marie’s shoulders so that he drew her closer to him. Her eyes were closed but she didn’t stop him as his hand dropped down to cup her breast. He looked at me and raised one eyebrows in an unspoken question.

I realised that he was asking my permission to continue. What else could I do? Mum was obviously not objecting to his touch. I looked at Claire but the smile on her face told me nothing. She too was waiting to see my reaction.

I looked back to Geoff and nodded.

Geoff smiled, undid the top two buttons on Mum’s blouse and slipped his hand inside. He pushed her bra strap off her shoulder, easing her bra cup down and taking her bare breast into his hand.

Claire put her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Good boy, but this really is deep into ‘Vegas territory’ now. Just remember, nobody is being forced to do anything they don’t want to do.”

Mum opened her eyes and looked at me, then she drew Geoff into a long passionate kiss. When the kiss ended, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, before putting her head back on his chest.

Geoff undid three more buttons and pushed her blouse open. Taking his hand from her breast, which exposed it to us (O.M.G, my mum does have a beautiful pair of breasts) he leaned down and began to kiss them, taking first one nipple into his mouth then moving to the other one. His hand now moved onto her knee and began to move up her inner thigh, pushing her skirt higher as it went. She made no attempt to stop him, even opening her legs to allow him access; even though I knew she had no panties on.

As her skirt once again revealed her stocking tops and suspenders, I caught a glimpse of her pussy and Claire spoke for the first time. “I think you should show Marie what a nice view there is from the guest room window Geoff” she said. I think she just wanted to save mum’s blushes in the morning.

Geoff looked across at us and nodded. He sat back and Marie stood up, shook her skirt down again, and then, holding her hand out to Geoff she drew him to his feet. She made no attempt to close her blouse leaving her breasts exposed as she picked up her glass of wine and took another drink. She looked at me and said, “Then I’ll say Goodnight. Don’t stay up too late you two and we’ll see you both in the morning.” She refilled her wine glass and led Geoff out of the room and up the stairs.

Claire could see that although I knew that Geoff and Marie had made love in the car at ‘Shepherds View’ I was still quite shocked by how far mum had been prepared to let Geoff go, right in front of me. Her ‘We’ll see you both in the morning’ made it plain that she wanted more and had every intention of spending tonight in bed with him and she fully expected me to sleep with Claire tonight.

Claire put her arms around me and I just held her while my mind processed what had just happened. I was actually shaking a little. She kissed me and stroked my hair until I relaxed. Then she began to speak.

“Marie has known for a long time that Geoff had ‘a thing’ about her” she said. “We have both known Geoff has been harbouring what he thought was a ‘secret’ desire for her for over two years. What he didn’t know was, if at any time in the last year or so, whenever your father was away if he had asked he would have been made very welcome indeed in Marie’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri bed. She actually asked me six months ago what she could do to get him to make a move. I told her that I didn’t think he would, not unless he knew you wouldn’t mind him being with her. She has been dropping hints to you to ‘give him a push’ ever since then, but you seemed to miss them all. The idea for this foursome as a way of breaking the ice, was a bit ‘last minute’ and I must admit I didn’t expect it to be quite such a spectacular success as it has been. I actually thought Geoff might back out of tonight.”

I grinned at her. “He almost did” I said, “Last night as we walked home he said he was having second thoughts about tonight, but he couldn’t think of a way to cancel without hurting both you and mu . . . . Sorry, Marie’s feelings. We sat on that park bench over the road to talk and he told me how much he liked my mum. I had to use similar arguments to the ones you used up at ‘Shepherds View’ to get him not to back out.”

“I see” she said, “What did you say to him?”

“Things like ‘You were the ones who had asked us to take you out and having said yes we couldn’t back out now’. He asked if I thought mum would dance with him and I said, ‘Why wouldn’t she? As he was her date for a dinner dance, there was no way she would refuse to dance with him.’ He then said quite a few things which made me realise just how much he really liked mum, so I asked him if the evening took an unexpected turn and we ‘paired off’, who would he choose to be with? I think you know what he answered to that, so I said ‘She is an adult and she is quite capable of making up her own mind about what she wants to do and who with, so unless he intended to drag her into the bushes to forcibly have his wicked way with her, what was the problem?’. I did have to admit to him though; that my feelings for you were at least as strong as his were for Marie.”

That little smile touched the corners of Claire’s mouth again. “May I ask how you managed to convince him of that?”

“I asked him what he would give me if I could arrange a real date for him with my mum. Obviously it was a hypothetical question which had no answer. Then I told him that whatever he would give me, I would give him at least double if he could arrange a date for me with you.”

“My goodness” Claire chuckled, “As much as that? Because I think he would have given almost anything for the chance be with Marie as he has been tonight, so what would you have given him?”

I looked down at my feet, suddenly feeling very embarrassed. “Everything I own” I whispered, “Just to be allowed to put my arms around you and dance with you, never mind what happened up at ‘Shepherds View’.”

For the first time Claire looked at me as if she didn’t believe what she was hearing. For what seemed like a lifetime but was probably only a minute she said nothing, then she said, “You feel like that about me and for ages I have been teasing you and winding you up? Oh Mark I am so sorry. I knew you adored me, at first I did it to try to cool your obvious feelings for me, but I suppose I rather took your love for granted and after a while it just became a habit. The more I teased, the more you seemed to like me. I liked the feeling that you cared that much for me and when you looked at me like you did it made me feel loved and wanted. I never meant to hurt you.”

I smiled at her, “You didn’t hurt me” I said, “I wanted you to notice me and when you were teasing me, I knew I was foremost in your thoughts and I wanted that so much. Geoff told me last night that he had feelings for my mum, but whatever feelings he had for her I knew were nothing compared to what I feel for you.”

“I think you need to accept he does have real feelings for Marie” she said, “I know that she has feelings for him too.”

“If you hadn’t spoken just now , how far do you think she would have let Geoff go?”

“About as far as she let him go at ‘Shepherds View’. They watched us make love on that bench and she didn’t deny it when you countered with a comment about the car rocking on its springs. Leaving her panties on the floor of the car just confirmed that Geoff had fucked her in the car at Shepherds View and anyway, she was quite vocal when he fingered her to another orgasm on the way back here. What was the point of trying to pretend it hadn’t happened?”

“There is a lot going on at the moment that you do need to know about” she said. “I wouldn’t normally say anything because this is Marie’s business, but as she is ‘otherwise engaged’ for the moment, I will tell you what I know. Your Father has been having an affair with his secretary for some time, which is why he is spending so much time away these days travelling, ‘on business’ of course.”

“Are you sure” I asked?

“Yes we are sure” she said. “Look at the facts Mark. He has been away all week and won’t be home until Tuesday. Now ask yourself how much business can he do in Berlin between Friday night and Monday morning? I would suggest not a great deal. Remembering that Berlin is only a short flight, about two to two and a half güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hours away, why didn’t he come home to be with his wife and son for the weekend?”

“I’ll tell you why. It’s because this weekend he is not in Berlin. At this moment he is in a Hotel in Malaga with his secretary. They will fly back to Berlin on Monday morning to complete his business and then they will fly home as planned on Tuesday, All tax deductible as ‘business travel’ of course.”

“Haven’t you never wondered why he takes his secretary with him on these trips? A secretary stays in the office, making appointments, typing, filing documents and answering the phone. In these days of instant worldwide communication, if there is anything he needs, she can provide it over an internet link.. There is only one service she can’t provide over an internet link Mark and that is the service she has been providing all week in Berlin and is currently providing in a bedroom in Malaga.”

“How do you know all this?” I asked.

“Marie had been suspicious for some time so she spoke to a solicitor to find out what she needed to start divorce proceedings. She checked his briefcase while he was in the shower and dressing last Monday morning before he flew out” Claire said. “The whole itinerary was there, complete with the tickets and hotel reservations. Marie ran off photo copies of the itinerary, flight tickets and hotel reservations on your printer and then put the originals back in his briefcase. She handed those copies to her solicitor on her way home after dropping him off at the airport.”

I looked at her in amazement. “She told you all that” I asked?

“I was with her Mark” Claire said, “We met up in town and went to the solicitors office together. He engaged private detectives in both Berlin and Malaga and the one in Berlin has already reported back that they were definitely sleeping together there. We were shown definite photographic proof of this while we were in town yesterday and I’m telling you there is no way his smooth tongue is going to talk him out of it this time.”

“I don’t know what deal that detective has with that hotel, but he has access to things I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to get. CCTV footage of them checking into a double room as Mr and Mrs Peters, with a copy of the relevant page of the hotel register. There are even photos of the two of them in bed together that must have been taken with a camera that was inside the room. In one of them they were actually having sex. There are pictures of them eating together in the hotel dining room and statements from members of staff. We haven’t seen the Malaga evidence yet, but it will be in the solicitors hands long before your father lands back in the UK on Tuesday.”

“The plan is that when walks out of ‘Arrivals’ expecting to see Marie waiting for him to drive him home, what he will find is someone holding up a card with his name on just like any taxi driver looking for his pre-booked fare. Instead of a taxi home he will be handed an envelope with the divorce papers and a note telling him that a hotel booking has been made in his name for Tuesday night at the Travel Inn near to his office.”

“They know him there, he uses it quite a bit, when he is supposedly ‘working late’, with his secretary of course. Most of his things are in the two suitcases which will be waiting for him behind reception at the hotel. The room hasn’t been paid for of course, he will have to do that himself when he checks in. He will have to use his personal account for that, because most of the contents of the joint account have been moved into your mothers account and what is left in the joint account, other than for the existing direct debits, has been frozen. The bank is transferring the house direct debits to her account and a locksmith has been booked to change all of the locks at your house on Monday morning, there will be a set of new keys for you to use as from Monday, but his keys will be useless.”

“Bloody Hell!” I said, “She isn’t messing around then, she really means it.”

“Mark, This affair has been going on for about 7 or 8 months and it isn’t the first time he has done something like this. Your mum warned him last time that if he strayed again; their marriage would be over. She has decided that she’s had enough of his cheating. She was going to tell you when she found those tickets, but I asked her not to say anything yet. That was when I suggested we set up this date and asked her to wait until after tonight. She agreed to wait but said if it worked out and she and Geoff got together, if things worked out with Geoff as she hoped, she was going to . . and I quote, ‘Fuck his brains out’. “

“The idea of the dinner dance was to get them together and as it seems to have worked, that’s probably what she is doing upstairs at this very minute.”

I took a long drink of my Vodka and Lime and then put the glass down and said, “During the course of this evening I have tried desperately to hide the fact that I was sporting an erection every time I danced with you. You, who are, as you must have figured out, the woman of my dreams, güvenilir bahis şirketleri almost completely blew my mind when you kissed me up at ‘Shepherds View’. I have watched my mother and my best friend, bouncing the car’s suspension as they made love on the back seat. Geoff then ‘finger fucked’ her all the way home from there and I picked up her discarded knickers from the floor of the car when we got here. I’ve just watched as my own mother ‘snogged’ with him, while he fondled her breasts, and he almost had her skirt around her waist in front of us. Now she has taken him upstairs and is obviously intending to spend the night with him. You tell me that my father is cheating on her and she is going to divorce him. That’s quite a lot to take in all at once, not to mention all of my dreams coming true up at ‘Shepherds View’.”

“Incidentally, why did you tell Geoff to show her the view from the guest bedroom?”

Claire chuckled, “Because that room has a double bed while Geoff’s room only has a single” she said. “This afternoon I made it up for them and when I popped up to use the bathroom when we got in, I turned down the bed and switched on the electric blanket to air it, so it would be warm and ready for them to use. I left a note on the pillow before we went out and it said ‘If you get to read this, turn off the blanket, I think you will be warm enough without it.’ Their first time might have been in the back of the car, but that’s no reason for them to be uncomfortable if they don’t have to be, is there?”

“So you knew they were going to end up in bed together” I said.

“No! I didn’t know anything of the sort” Claire replied, “I did know how he she felt about him and there wasn’t much doubt in my mind about how he felt about her. With the way she was feeling about your father’s behaviour there was more than a possibility she would give Geoff a strong enough hint she wanted him to make a move on her. The way they were all over each other at the dance I didn’t think it would be long before they ‘did the dirty deed’ and as it was Marie who suggested the stop to ‘admire the view’ on the way home, I was pretty certain then that she intended to seduce him there. Now, if you are going to sit here and talk all night, perhaps I should give Bob a call?”

I looked at her in disbelief. “Bob!” I said, “Who the hell is Bob?”

There was that little smile again, just lifting the corners of that lovely mouth. “Bob” she said, “Is my ‘Battery Operated Boyfriend’ who has been all that has been keeping me sane for the last 3 years. I rather hoped that from tonight he might become redundant, but with my son upstairs screwing the arse off your mother in the next room, if I have to lay in my bed; all alone, listening to them through the wall , I’m going to fit a new set of batteries and lock my door or else I am going to go mad . . . . . “

She burst out laughing, “Oh My God, you should see your face Mark. Haven’t you worked it out yet? I have waited a long time for you to hold me and do what we did tonight. When I had to take the initiative and kiss you up at ‘Shepherds View’ you could say that at last things began to fall into place. Then you took me in your arms and ‘the earth moved for me’, and that was just from your kiss. So what if Geoff and Marie were playing ‘hide the sausage’ in the back seat of the car? I didn’t care because if he was doing that, it was because she wanted him to. I don’t think they cared that we knew what they were doing; any more than I cared when I knew they were watching us. I don’t think Marie would have cared that you were watching just now either, which is why I suggested it was time for them to go upstairs.”

She stood up and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Before me stood a vision that surpassed all of my dreams and fantasies. She was wearing a black bra with a matching suspender belt and those dark stockings, the matching panties to the set were still in my pocket. She was even more beautiful than she had been in my dreams.

“I think Geoff and I have been ‘Set-Up’ by two very naughty ladies tonight” I said, “But why did Marie leave her knickers on the floor of the car?”

“Your mother is a respectable married woman and she isn’t interested in ‘a one night stand’ Mark, so if she is going to continue to be fucked by your best friend, you were bound to find out. I expect she reasoned it made sense for you to know for sure from the start. That way you would be over the embarrassment when Geoff took her up to his room, or when he calls round to your place, they kiss and cuddle and he stays the night.”

“So leaving her knickers on the car floor was deliberate” I said.

“Mark” she said, “I have watched Marie and Geoff heading towards that bed upstairs since their first dance tonight. She told me in ‘The Ladies’ that on their first dance together he had a hard-on and she whispered in his ear that he wasn’t to waste that because she had plans for it later. ‘Shepherds View’ was her idea because if you knew she and Geoff had made love there, her going to bed with him later wouldn’t come as too much of a shock. Leaving her panties in full view on the car floor when you helped her out of the car was just so that you could confirm that they really had already made love. I don’t think she had bargained for finding us on that bench like they did or that orgasm in the car on the way home. She said she thought you might still be too shy to make a move on me.”

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