A Favorite Memory

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I was in a nostalgic mood the other day, when I got to thinking about my most recent trip around New Zealand.

I will always have fond memories of this one particular day. It was when I had just arrived from USA.

Patrick (who lives in New Zealand) and I were laying in bed just hugging and kissing each other. happy to be together once again, and with my daughter being in the other room it didn’t leave much room for choice. As we were laying there, the kisses became more and more intense. We were getting more frustrated as every second passed. I never felt so horny for anyone in all my whole life, I just wanted to rip his cloths off so we could fuck like wild animals.

The kisses kept coming, harder and increasingly more passionate. He started playing with my tits that were straining to burst free of my tight fitting tee-shirt. I was braless.

My hands wandered down to his very hard cock, very apparent through his pants. He lifted my tee-shirt to expose my hard nipples and suck on them. That almost sent me through the roof. His hands then went down inside my jeans, fingering my cunt.

As if I needed more encouragement! I was already dripping wet.

We were like two teenagers trying desperately to go as far as we could without getting caught in the back seat of a car. Every time we kissed it sent little shock waves from my throat straight down through my belly and into my cunt. I was on the esenyurt escort very edge of an orgasm!

Fully clothed, I lay on top of him and pressed my cunt up to his cock and proceeded to fuck as though we were alone and undressed. This was me at my wild, frenzied best and it was absolutely great.

I didn’t much care if he came in his pants or not.(I’m sure it would not have been the first time.)

Eventually all self-control was lost and I rolled off of him. While he lay very still from exhaustion (Like most men, he’s not as fit as he thinks he is), I undid his belt buckle, releasing that pulsating cock. Without hesitation I took him into my mouth, feverishly desiring the taste of his cum. I barely had him in my mouth when he grabbed my head and shoved me onto his lovely circumcised, throbbing, weapon til it could go in no further. Within seconds, he started to cum, nearly choking me in the process. Like all good girls, that aspire to emulate, Linda Lovelace, I managed to swallow it all without wasting a drop.

WOW!!! We hadn’t noticed the time. Melinda my daughter needed lunch and site seeing. And we had to figure out what we were doing for the rest of the day.

We straightened ourselves up a bit and headed out to the shops to fill the fridge with supplies for the next few days. We couldn’t wait for nightfall when we would again be by ourselves. Which of course leads avrupa yakası escort up to yet another story still not written but I do have another memory from our to few hot meetings.

Another vivid memory was was from 2 years ago when we were traveling with my 18 year old daughter, most of the motel units we stayed at had adjoining rooms, we did it like that mostly for her comfort, and so Patrick and I could have some privacy of course.

But on this one particular occasion a separate room for her was not available, so she of course took the single bed and we took the double. After some time of watching television in bed and thinking that Marcia was asleep and growing tired ourselves we both rolled over for a good nights sleep, we were laying there for a few minutes just cuddling, and me about to drift off, when Patrick’s hand began to play with my tits which of course made me wiggle and squirm next to him under the blankets, pressing my rear end into him, I could feel how excited he was growing, but having no privacy there was not much I could do about that, his hand slowly moved downward towards my shaved cunt and he found it to be quite wet.

He whispered in my ear “Play with yourself.” being unable to resist him my hand went down to meet his, his fingers were fucking me and I was getting really worked up, my juices started flowing anadolu yakası escort and I needed to fuck him but with Marcia in the other bed it really was impossible.

Laying on my side I reached over with my other hand and grabbed Patrick’s by this time very hard cock and started to stroke it and play with him, with my other hand still working away at my cunt, I could feel the beginnings of a very good orgasm coming!

Patrick brought his hand up to my mouth and let me lick my juices off of him and then he started playing with my tits again, giving them each a real good squeeze, I always pinch my nipples real hard when masturbating, so it was really all I needed, when I felt myself start to tighten up and the first few jolts of lightning went through me, I had let go of his cock I didn’t want him to cum all over the sheets and besides I was purely concentrating on myself now.

Patrick brought his hand down and could feel me still masturbating and breathing hard trying not to make any noise as to disturb my sleeping daughter, Patrick kissed me on the neck and whispered “Cum for me baby, cum!” as he said that he pushed his fingers deep inside my ass hole, the shock of that was so intense, I was over come there was nothing left, there was wave after wave of pure ecstasy.

As I came tried real hard to keep quiet, my daughter was stirring and I’m not so sure she didn’t hear us. But I did not care at that point. I brought my much used fingers up to Patrick’s mouth so he could clean me off, and I drifted off into a very deep and very satisfied slumber, and as I did so I made a mental note to be sure and take care of Patrick in the morning when Marcia was in the shower and we were alone for a few minutes. That is still another story to tell.

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