A Friend In Need

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A Friend In Need
This one goes back a handful of years ago, a good friend had lost his wife to cancer. First understand two things, one we had friends like everyone and lifestyle friends. They were the first type and the other thing I should say was in their relationship she was the driving force. Now without her he become withdrawn and Hermit like. The story is about our attempt to get him out of that shell.

The hatching of the idea to do something was my husband and it came close to his birthday so giving us reason. The final plan was totally my idea, with my husband’s approval. I was going to take him on a date and let’s say he was going to get lucky. This was actually bigger then it sounds, yes we were in the lifestyle but we always played together. This marks something totally different and if it wasn’t for our love of this friend I would of never mention it nor would my husband approve of the idea. Whores we are not.

I would say if I didn’t know him so well I might of felt bad for myself as he agreed but kicking and screaming all the way, who’s doing whom the favor here. But off we went to dinner and dancing. Dinner was what it is but on the dance floor I did my best to treat him as God’s gift to women, I didn’t slut myself up that much for even my husband. He seemed better there but as we went back to our place he fell back in his hole it seemed. Going to his place sounds like the better idea but after his casino şirketleri wife’s death he took in a room mate to help with the bills.

My husband knew so he was in the back room giving us space, even after getting back he stayed away. I got us both a drink and we sat in the living room across from each other. My dress was so short that it was a job just to keep myself covered up but as that was counter productive I didn’t fight it knowing my shaved pussy was in full view. I’ll say for myself I did catch him peeking a few times.

I hoped he’d take some advances on his own but after fifteen minutes I found myself going over and sitting on his lap. I rubbed my rear on his stiffening cock and to his credit he did place his hand on my thigh and work it near the promise land. So plan B. I said I need to get out of this dress and after his go ahead I stood up took one step toward the bedroom and stopped. I turned and there in front of him I unzipped my dress leaving it there in a pile on the floor. I raised my foot between his legs asking for help with my six inch fuck me heels and black nylons. One after the other and I can account for him but my kitty was dripping wet.

I passed my hand over it using my middle finger to split my outer lips apart. Then taking it to my mouth I announced “it’s sweet tonight” Another dip which I offered up to him, thankfully he accepted it. I then went down on my knees, un casino firmalari zipped his pants and put his half hard cock in my mouth. A few minutes in it wasn’t getting much harder, I first tried taking his pants off. Far more comfortable and I can pay attention to his balls better. That proved little to know help so now it became personal, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but in our group there seems to be a rush to get to me when blow jobs are being handed out, just saying.

Although unseen I could hear the TV from the back going. I looked up at Tony and asked if it would be better if my husband left or was in here with us? He said he thinks with us might help as he feels bad with him in another room. With that I called out to him, he came in a took a seat in his chair. I went back to work on Tony and within seconds he had a blissing hardon. So much for that I thought and I stood up taking his hand leading him to my bedroom, I stood and told my husband he better come too.

The short walk and he was soft again which if there was a problem I’m sure I would of known through his wife as we were close. He laid on the bed and I was moving between his legs once again. To this day I’m still not sure why I asked but before taking his cock in my mouth again I looked him in the eyes and asked if he wanted my husband to help. He didn’t answer but he didn’t need to, his cock did the talking shooting straight up. Now güvenilir casino I’m full on bisexual but hubby was bi situational, I looked over to him for guidance and he moved closer taking Tony’s cock in his mouth. As he sucked his cock I gave his smooth balls a good work over.

I was now to the point where I needed some cock and if it wasn’t going to be Tony’s then my husbands would do nicely. But Tony stood up and was doing a pretty good job of it I must say. Being a little selfish I asked my husband to come and suck my breast, no need to ask twice. All three were having a good time and I just learned reason for some as my husband mouthed that he was fingering his ass. Not his first rodeo for that, infact on those limited occasions he preferred to bottom.

I reached over to the nightstand grabbing the anal lube and after taking the top off I handed it to Tony saying there’s no reason to hurt anyone. He took it and must of understood as soon after my husband was moaning the loudest of the three. That was all I needed to get my cookie, a big fan of male on male contact. I then pretty much offered up my husbands ass, happy birthday!

Tony didn’t hesitate and only stopping to bag up he had his meat in hubby in record time. I watched from the side getting myself off again then I worked my head underneath sucking hubby off as he was being pounded from behind. It was a pile of mouths, legs and plugged holes for the next near two hours or better.

A week later we found out he was going steady, with his male roommate. They got married about a year ago. I’m not sure if I deserve credit nor am I seeking it. I’m just happy to have our friend back, happy and enjoying life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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