A Happy Marriage Pt. 01

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Shalini was sitting on the side of the bed, nervous, but also excited for her first night of marriage. Rahul, her husband, slowly walked up to her, slightly lifting her chin, looking into her eyes with a look of love, but more importantly, animalistic lust.

Sheepishly, she handed him the glass of milk, as was the custom. He took the glass from her hands, also touching her hand in the process, sending a tingling sensation rifling through her. Keeping the glass aside, he walked back to her, caressed her cheek and kissed her. She felt like putty, and he was slowly moulding her, his hands addressing her curves, setting her nether regions on fire.

She had only heard of these carnal pleasures from her friends, but what she felt inside her was too overwhelming to be comprehended by her naïve mind. Just as she was thinking of this, she was pushed onto the bed, making her lie down. Rahul slowly started removing her jewellery, then continued to remove her clothes, till only her bra and panties remained. After doing away with his clothes till he was wearing only his boxer shorts, he almost tore the bra and panties off of her. Then, he moved tantalisingly close, but just as she was about to go in for another kiss, he pulled away slightly. She was suddenly afraid, questioning if she had done something to annoy him. That thought had barely entered her mind, when he started to caress her body with his lips. Starting with the nape of the neck, canlı bahis he slowly made his way down, all the while playing with her nipples, amplifying her pleasure. Just as he was about to get to her clit, he stopped. Now she knew that he was just teasing her, but she could not wait any longer. She grabbed his hair, and put his mouth to her pussy, almost ordering him to pleasure her, albeit without saying anything. Pleasure and lust was the only means of communication that would be required that night.

Rahul started licking her clit, then continued to enter a finger into her, and the jolt that this sent through Shalini elicited her first moan of the night. Rahul slowly kept increasing the number of fingers entering her, and she started thrusting back towards the fingers, heavy and breathless moans escaping her lips at every movement. As the act went on, she felt her arousal rising, an intense feeling rising from within, churning her insides yet giving her the utmost pleasure she had felt in her life. These feelings continued escalating till she felt that she could take no more. And that was the time that the greatest feeling in the world outside of love hit her, trouncing all rationales. She kept shouting ‘Oh yes’ and moaning out loud at the top of her voice, while holding her husband’s face in place all the while, and by the time her orgasm subsided, she was lying in a puddle of her own love juice, also finding that some of it was plastered bahis siteleri across Rahul’s face.

She pulled him in for another kiss, and just as their tongues parted, she pulled down the boxer shorts, revealing his penis. It looked as if it was six inches long, but had an unnatural amount of girth to it. It was almost as wide as her wrist. Surprisingly, she did not feel any fear of the girth. All she could think of was the pleasure. But before that, she had to return the favour. She sat him on the edge of the bed, got down on all fours, and rolled down the foreskin on his cock. Then, she timidly kissed the tip, causing him to jerk. Letting go of her reservations, she started trying to take the head in. As the head got into her mouth, she just started twirling her tongue around over the head and under it, and Rahul was taken over by the intense pleasure of the warmth and texture of her orifice, and also, the movements inside it. Shalini then started taking in more of his cock into her mouth, until her nose touched her husband’s pelvis. Most women could not even take more than the first couple of inches in when trying to deepthroat, but Shalini was just a natural. After a few seconds, she started sucking his cock, bobbing up and down over the shaft, making Rahul convulse in pleasure. A few minutes later, she felt the penis twitch in her mouth, and just then, it started spouting it’s seed, into her mouth, and into her stomach. She slowly let bahis şirketleri go of his penis, hardly repulsed by the taste of cum. After swallowing the cum, she got up, caught his penis in her hand, and began lowering herself onto it, just like she had seen in the porno’s that her friends showed her in college.

The cockhead touched her vaginal lips, slightly parting them, before entering into her vagina. It had barely gone in an inch or two, when she felt her hymen break. It wasn’t as painful as she thought it was going to be, and luckily she did not bleed.

Continuing to lower herself down slowly due to the girth of the penis, she suddenly felt it hitting a spot inside her, and she almost collapsed from the pleasure. It was too intense, but felt goddamn good. After taking the entirety of the length into her, she started moving up and down, and her motion was coordinated with by the thrusts of her husband, and soon she orgasmed again. A little, while later, she started feeling the same twitch of the penis, and got off it. She then went down and encapsulated the cock in her mouth, sucking out every last drop of semen from Rahul’s cock. Swallowing it down, she laid down next to him, asking him to cuddle her, saying that she was too tired to clean up and just wanted to go to sleep. As she drifted off, she silently wished that the rest of her life would be just as blissful. What she didn’t realise was, this was just the beginning.


This is my first story, and I have tried to write as much from the female’s perspective as possible, and would like to continue in the same way. Please do give me your suggestions.

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