A Helping Hand Ch. 03

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A phone call one wet and windy day was a rather nice surprise. My nephew and his girlfriend invited me to their university for their graduation ceremony. It was a long trek from Bristol to Sheffield, but as I had shared both of their beds in past encounters, I imagined that the weekend trip would be very rewarding. We arranged that I would travel up on the Saturday before the ceremony on Monday. As the weekend got closer, I could sense a growing excitement at the thought of both of their lovely young bodies close to mine.

Saturday was a lovely summer day, and I actually enjoyed the drive as the anticipation grew deep inside me. I reached the city and parked up – we had arranged to meet in the heart of the shopping district at a well known bar. I was slightly late as I found the bar and entered. They were sitting in the corner in earnest and pensive conversation. When they saw me their mood lightened and we kissed and hugged and I felt that frisson of sexual excitement as I felt Annie’s chocolate brown, soft skin next to mine. Stuart was also animated as we found the bar. Our welcome kiss was long and deep and accompanied by his hand wandering furtively around my waist and breasts. I could already sense moisture between my legs. My God, what a weekend did we have in store?

I took my wine back to the table and sat next to Annie. Our bare legs touched and felt good. She wore a white top, provocatively showing the cleavage of her full breasts. A yellow mini skirt was also allowing me to feast on the long expanse of her lovely shaped legs. She made no effort to move away from me and we enjoyed the touch of each other time and time again. At one point she whispered in my ear, “I’m not wearing any knickers. Aren’t I a slut?”

We laughed and I slipped my hand up her thigh, making sure she was telling the truth.

Stuart was dressed in a light cream short length shirt, showing off his sunburnt arms. He wore khaki shorts and I could tell he was enjoying the sexy play between Annie us by the tent pole in the front of his shorts.

When Annie went to the loo, Stuart leant over and asked me, “Jacqui, have you ever had anal sex?”

I couldn’t stop laughing. It was his impish, innocent grin allied to the most outrageous question I had heard uttered in public.

“Yes,” I replied, when I had regained my composure, “Why?”

“Well Annie and I want to try, but it’s too painful for her.” He said.

“Oh, so you want to fuck my ass?” I whispered, somewhat offended (but not all that much).

He looked apologetically at me and said, “No, we want you to help us to do it.”

I smiled, and said that I thought that would be great fun. Annie arrived back and Stuart immediately said to her, “She said yes.”

She smiled a fantastic white smile, hugged and kissed me.

She whispered “thanks,” in my ear. ————————————————- We arrived back at the flat at around four and we sat around awkwardly watching TV for half an hour. Annie fell asleep on the sofa as soon as she sat down, exhausted by the sun, drinks and an early start to the day. I started to nod off as well, when Stuart asked me if I would be more comfortable in bed.

It had been an early start for me and nodded my head. He showed me to the only bedroom, furnished simply but with a lovely big bed. I kicked off my shoes, and took off my top and my skirt, leaving me in just my bra and panties (I had decided to wear some). Stuart looked on as I stripped and instead of leaving came to the bed.

I opened an eye to see him staring at me.

“What do you want?” I asked.

It was a wasted question as I could once again see the shape of his dick under his shorts. His wicked grin was confirmation that he wanted me. I pushed myself up and started to unbuckle his shorts. As I pulled them down his boxers came too and his lovely erect cock sprang up before my face.

Without missing a beat I took it in hand and guided it to my mouth, savouring the taste of his meat on my tongue. I licked it slowly, then ran my tongue down its length. I took his balls in my mouth, tasting the fresh sweatiness of his hairy ballsack.

Then I released him and said, “do you want to ass fuck me?”

He didn’t answer. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Just nodded and smiled again.

“Have you any lube?” I asked.

He pulled open a draw and fished inside for the familiar blue tube of KY jelly. I also noticed a collection of sex toys and picked out the largest battery operated Rampant Rabbit. This was going to be fun. I spoke to him slowly.

“You have to start by exciting me. Use your tongue on my pussy, clit, thighs and then start to lick my ass hole. Open me out slowly. When I am open start to slowly insert your finger. Use my pussy juice to lube me first. When you can get one finger in my ass, add a second then a third. When it’s open use lube on my ass and your cock. Then you can ass fuck me, but take it SLOW.”

He didn’t need a second more. He pulled down my panties and I removed my bra. His head went between my thighs as his tongue ran down my labia. His tongue fluttered around my pussy like a butterfly. He licked my clit occasionally, but mostly concentrated on the area at the perineum. He seemed concerned about licking my ass hole, but grew in confidence as I started to squirm in joy. He alternated his tongue on my ass with his finger and started to work his way inside my tight brown hole. I came for a first time when his finger slipped inside me and he briefly took my entire, engorged clit into his mouth. He was licking for a full thirty minutes until he managed to breach my ass with three fingers and I gave him the all clear to fuck me.

Precum was dripping from his cockhole as I applied KY jelly all down his woody shaft. He did likewise to the inner recesses of my ass and I felt all was ready. Positioning myself on all fours, I grabbed the vibrator as I felt his cock at my entrance. His head slipped in quite easily and he applied increasing pressure as I took his entire cock into my rectum. As soon as he was inside, I inserted the vibrator, making sure the rabbit ears we on my clit. I could tell that the fuck would not last long – he seemed overexcited at the long and gradual build up. As he started to fuck my ass I started to cum in giant waves, the contractions applying greater pressure to my filled holes. He came deep inside my ass on about the tenth stroke. I had had three or four massive orgasms and I shouted out as they intensified. He withdrew from my body and I fell upon the bed, drained.

I still had the vibrator inside me and I asked Stuart to take it out. But he didn’t. Annie had been in the room watching, awoken by my orgasmic screams, she had come in and she sat next to me as her hands grabbed the rabbit and removed it from me. With that enigmatic smile, she lifted the vibrator to her lips and licked off my juices before opening her mouth wide to accommodate the plastic cock. When she finished we moved forward and kissed, passionately and with an intensity that made meaning clear.

We didn’t speak a word as we both collapsed onto the bed and continued the fervent kissing. I broke away and positioned myself between her long black legs. Her cunt was shiny with sexual arousal. I noticed a fox tattoo guarding the entrance to her vagina which wasn’t there before. It looked gorgeous. She was excited and very horny. I dived down, and tasted her musky aroma. It was intoxicating. Stuart was starting to recover from his efforts and helped by pulling her top and bra off. Her skirt I had lifted to expose her sex. Just as Stuart had done to me I now did to her, licking her, firstly fingering her ass and perineum then licking and opening her hole. I managed to get a finger inside and Stuart took over, as my tongue tired. We both took turns and finally managed to open her sufficiently. I thought a small vibrator may be best but Stuart was fully erect again and they both wanted it. This time I applied the lubrication liberally to both his cock and her ass hole, using three fingers deep inside her to ensure she would be ready for his anal invasion.

Like me she went doggy but he struggled to get into the right position. She was a good foot taller than his tiny aunt! Instead I lay her on her back and lifted her legs high in the air, back over her head, so that her ass hole was positioned for him to enter like a missionary. I watched as güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Stuart placed his cock at her backdoor and entered her slowly. I could see his pink cock disappear up her ass and I reached down and applied some pressure on her pubic mound with the flat of my hand. As he reached maximum penetration, she started whimpering and I tried to take her mind off the pain by going down on her, licking her clit and inserting a finger inside her hot, wet cunt. It seemed to do the trick!

Stuart started to fuck her faster and faster. And I finger fucked her and delighted her clit with sucking and licking until she started to cum. Her orgasms seemed electric as she thrashed her arms and shouted at the top of her voice, “Yes,” over and over again.

Stuart was starting to tire, and he finally gave one last thrust which sent him over the edge and he shot a load of his sperm deep into her rectum.

The exhaustion finally did for us and we ended up asleep in bed. Stuart got up and left Annie and I together. When we did wake it was late – past 8 and we ordered Chinese and watched TV. I asked them both how their first anal experience was and both agreed that it was a useful addition to their sexual repertoire. We chatted and drank red wine, getting more and more pissed. Stuart eventually went to bed, leaving Annie and I to talk about men, sex, and women!

Annie disclosed that women were becoming far more appealing and alluring to her than men and she wondered if she were really lesbian. I laughed and said that I thought that it was probably a phase she was going through. Seeing her and Stuart fuck left me in no doubt that she still was crazy about cock. However the discussion stirred both of us into another bout of lovemaking and we awkwardly lay beside each other in a 69 and made each other cum at around two in the morning. Reluctantly we made our way to bed and fell into a deep sleep.

On Sunday, I awoke alone to the sound of the radio, and breakfast noises coming from the kitchen. I got up sheepishly, put on a robe and went in search of tea and toast.

I entered the room to find Annie on her knees administering a blow job to Stuart as he made tea. I laughed at the sexual energy of these two, which elicited a slight pause, before she got back down to her task and was soon enjoying a fountain of cum as he ejaculated a full load all over her face.

“I don’t know where you get your energy!” I said.

Annie leapt to her feet and came to kiss me. I couldn’t resist licking my nephews cum from her cheeks, eyebrows and hair.

“Well I hope you have some energy for another fuck,” answered Stuart, now back full time on breakfast duties.

“What’s the rush?” I said.

We had one of those moments when they both looked as guilty as hell.

“Errrrr.” said Stuart.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Well, my Dad and Annie’s Dad are both coming here this afternoon, ready for tomorrow’s ceremony,” he replied.

“And sleeping where?” I asked.

“Dunno,” said Annie, “I guess we should have thought of that earlier.”

While we munched on toast I thought about Stuart’s Dad. My brother. The brother who had shared my bed more than once. To be fair we had never actually fucked. But we had had lots of oral sex together. He had been married (to Stuart’s Mum), divorced and remarried. But two years ago he lost his wife to cancer. I hadn’t really seen him for 20 years.

We decided that the sleeping arrangements for the night would be – Annie and I to share the double bed (which I thought was great). Stuart’s Dad on the sofa, and Annie’s Dad and Stuart as best they could in sleeping bags on the floor.

The plans of mice and men!

When all had arrived, the two fathers decided to take everyone out for a meal. Taxis were supplied so that we could all have a drink to celebrate the couple’s graduation. I think that Annie did a little bit too much celebration and got a little too animated and boisterous. Annie’s Dad, Anton was a quite gorgeous 55 year old. He was a tall, handsome black guy who loved to reminisce and told such a good story that he quite monopolised conversation and made everyone laugh. Tony, my brother was much quieter and reserved. He seemed güvenilir bahis şirketleri shy and uncomfortable in company. We had hugged and kissed when he arrived but he seemed disinterested in my life.

The trip home was fairly uneventful and we opened another bottle on our return. We chatted and it was clear that Anton was flirting with me. I, probably under the influence, was flirting with him. The sleeping arrangements didn’t seem to accommodate any romantic liaison but we soon realised that the previously discussed room allocation would need to be reassessed as we could now hear violent lovemaking coming from the bedroom as Annie and Stuart seemed to have lost all inhibitions and were “fucking each others brains out” as Anton described it.

We decided to hit the sack ourselves and Tony and Anton took to the floor as I got the sofa (reluctantly, I may add). I took off my outer clothes and lay down in bra and panties. The two guys did similar and were in their pants.

After a while the noise from the copulating couple died down and I started to drift to an alcohol induced sleep.

I was suddenly awoken as a hand slowly caressed by arm. Initially I thought Annie or Stuart had come for me. But then I saw Anton. Despite his age he was in great shape and I smiled up at him as he sat next to me on the sofa.

“You are incredibly sexy,” as he continued to caress my arms and waist.

I returned the favour by rubbing his chest. He became bolder as he ran his finger inside my bra. I helped him by unclipping it and removing it. He immediately took one of my nipples in his mouth making me hot and horny. He squeezed the other between his fingers and I started to feel wet. His cock was growing inside his boxer shorts and I slipped my hand under the elastic and grabbed his cock in my right hand. I started to rub it and I was amazed to feel it grow even more. It felt enormous. I tried to pull down his boxers and he raised his butt allowing me to free his meat. It looked so good. I went down on him and licked his lovely black cock from his sticky hole to the root. His balls hung down like a bulls. I fondled them and licked them. I tried to swallow his cock but could only get 2/3rds of it in my mouth. The girth was massive too and soon made my jaw ache. As I was sucking he had pushed my panties far enough down to start to massage my clit. As I stopped sucking him, he lifted my legs, completely removed my panties and started to lick me. His tongue seemed as long as his cock, as he penetrated me. I gasped as his strong tongue fucked me aided and abetted by his long fingers which were massaging my clit. I wanted that cock inside me and I managed a quiet

“Fuck me!” as I pulled him on to me.

He needed no second bidding as he positioned the gleaming head of his cock at the entrance to my hot wet “Aladdin’s cave” and in one smooth action buried his cock inside me to the hilt. The wave of pure pleasure hit me like a rock. He withdrew and plunged into me again me again. Now he was fucking me. I could feel his hairy, heavy balls slap violently against my ass as he entered me again and again.

Suddenly a cock was pressed to my mouth and I hungrily took it deep into my throat. The thought of being fucked in two holes sent me crashing to an almighty orgasm and I rode it as long as I could. There was no let up for the two cocks, both fucking me hard. Then I could feel it. A wave of hot sticky semen hit my cervix as he thrust for the final time. He pulled out and I saw him massage a final spurt which landed on my tits and belly. Then my mouth was filled with hot salty cum until I could take no more and rivers of sperm started to flow down my chin.

He withdrew his wet cock and I realised that it was my brother, with his cock back in my mouth after 20 years.

“Sorry Sis. I could see and hear you two, and started to wank, but I couldn’t resist your mouth. I never could.”

I smiled at him, and felt good. Tired, but good.

Anton got some drinks for us and we all sat on the floor, completely naked, not saying much. I cleaned the cum off me as best I could with tissues. I guess I looked quite provocative sitting there naked, because after a while both the guys got quite stiff again. I pushed Anton to the carpet on his back, and on all fours I tried to give him a proper blow job. My rear end was sticking up and it didn’t take my brother long to position himself on his knees and work his hard cock into my wet cunt while fingering my ass.

“Thank God for graduation ceremonies!” I say.

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