A Hero’s Welcome Ch. 04

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Authors Note: I would like to give my special thanks to Chunks for his invaluable advice and assistance in getting this concluding chapter completed and submitted.


I was definitely on edge. Lorna’s scheme was unfolding, tonight was crunch-time, and the next few days would determine whether Charlie got to stay with me, or got carted off to Chelmsford to await trial for attempted desertion. I was looking at charges of incitement to mutiny if Lorna’s scheme failed, as well as accessory to blackmail, extortion, and attempting to subvert an official in public office. I was understandably jumpy, something Charlie commented on several times during the day. I even snapped at him once, and then burst into tears at the expression of hurt rejection on his face, spending an inordinate amount of time kissing and fondling him to make up for my lack of grace and short temper. Even an extended rumpy-pumpy session with my gorgeous little brother couldn’t unwind that knot of tension twisted up inside me. By mid-afternoon, he’d had enough.

“Lu-Lu, whatever’s going on, it’s knotting you up. I’ve hardly been able to keep your attention focussed for five whole minutes in a row. You’re obviously worried about something, and it worries me. You’re keeping secrets, something we swore would never happen, either one of us. Please, clue me in, you’re excluding me from something, something very important, and I need to know what!”

He looked so very lost and confused, but I couldn’t tell him, knowing what he was liable to do if he found out.

“Charlie, Lorna’s got a meeting tonight, a very, Very, important meeting, for her it’s really almost a matter of life or death, and I’m worried for her. It’s her issue, not mine, so I’m not at liberty to discuss it with you, nor am I going to be persuaded to. All you need to know is that she’s confident she can handle it, Gerry’s with her, so please let it drop, OK?”

Charlie scowled. “I didn’t appreciate being told to mind my own business when I was a child, I don’t appreciate it now. When you’re ready to trust me, I’ll be watching TV in the back bedroom, I feel like being alone right now!” With that, he stalked off in a huff, nose seriously out of joint. I felt relieved; Charlie sitting upstairs in a sulk was better than Charlie poking around and worrying at me like a terrier at a rag doll.

It was a long, suspenseful, nerve-racking evening, made lonelier by the fact Charlie was shut away upstairs, amply demonstrating just how injured he felt, leaving me to wander around from room to room, straightening up things and going back and straightening them again ten minutes later, trying to watch TV, making no sense of what I was watching as I couldn’t concentrate on the programmes for wondering whether Lorna had pulled it off, or the police were questioning her even now.

When the phone rang I almost jumped out of my skin. I looked at the clock; 11:30, wasn’t that too early for what she had in mind to have happened?

I answered it, mouth dry, butterflies fluttering in my tummy.

“Lu, Lorna here, all’s well, poppet, ‘The Eagle has Landed’!” I nearly fainted with relief.

“Lor, you nearly scared me out of a year’s growth! How did it go, did you get what you wanted? Did it work? Talk, girl!”

“Calm down, sweetie, I’ll see you bright and early, Gerry’s going to take Charlie out, got tickets to see Oxfordshire play Glamorgan in a twenty-twenty at Banbury, the perfect way to decoy him away, have a day out so we can talk properly. See you early-wurly, ‘bye!”

I was so relieved I nearly fainted from the sudden lifting of the pressure I’d put myself under, and had to sit down, collect my thoughts, start to think about life with Charlie close at hand or at least out of reach of that damned war.

Charlie! He was still sulking upstairs, but I thought I had just the cure for his woes!

I tapped at his door. “Charlie? May I come in, please? Charlie?” he opened the door, face impassive, trying to show eloquent suffering, looking very edible and adorable. I grabbed hold of his waist, pulling myself in tight to him, hugging him as hard as I could. His hands dropped down, cupped and squeezed my arse-cheeks. Yes! Just like that, he was back! God, I was glad he was so horny, it always made dealing with him easier!

I looked up at him. “Baby Brother, I’m so sorry for shutting you out, I was so worried about Lorna! She just called, it’s all sorted, and she’s coming over in the morning to talk with me about it, girl-to-girl, so Gerry’s taking you off to watch some cricket, drink some beer, and stare at barmaid’s knockers, OK? Are we friends again?”

He grinned his lovely slow grin, and kissed me. “Always were, Blondie, just don’t do that again, OK? I was worried sick, thought you’d had second thoughts now Lor wasn’t here to give you moral support.”

“Just one thing Charlie. Tomorrow, if Lorna wants to talk about it, she will, OK? No interrogation, some things are best bahis firmaları kept private, please? He nodded assent, and went back to squeezing my bum and kissing me. I’d been too wound-up to really enjoy our lovemaking this afternoon, too busy running all the things that could go wrong through my head to actually enjoy myself, but now, with the tension gone, I was ready to play.

Tugging him by the hand, I led the way back to my, to our, bedroom, shrugging out of my dress and watching him strip, me yanking down his boxes to admire his cock, a sight I never tired of. Charlie pulled me in close, hands sliding down my panties as he kissed me, his cock trapped between us like a warm bar of flesh, and I squirmed against him, rolling it from side to side between our two bellies, making him groan as he was kissing me. He spun me round, hands coming up to catch and mould my breasts, gently pulling my nipples to erect points, rolling them between his fingers, sliding his cock into the valley between my buttocks, kissing and licking my neck and shoulders.

I turned to him, pulling his head to so I could kiss him, then moved towards our bed, climbing on and settling on all fours, showing myself to him, raising up my rear for him to see my swelling labia and seeping tight hole. Charlie stood behind me and took my hips, gently tilting my behind up a little more, then dipping his head down to lick slowly and gently along my labia, me gasping as they opened to his touch, exposing my vulva to his gaze. He pointed his tongue and swirled it in my open vagina, making me gasp, then licked my perineum, lightly rasping with the flat of his tongue, delighting me with the sensation, before stabbing gently into my anus, rimming me, gently inserting his tongue tip as far as he could, opening me, delighting me with the gentle invasion, then licking back down, to lap gently at my clitoris, keeping me stimulated.

Now he gently pushed me down onto my stomach, placing his hands under me to keep my bum raised, and pressed his tongue into my anus as far and as hard as he could, making me yelp in surprise, but making the most incredible feelings radiate out from there as he rimmed me deeply, pumping his tongue in and out, rubbing my clitoris with the thumb of his hand under my pussy, two sensations combining to bring me to ear-popping climax, my body shuddering as the orgasm rolled though me in waves, higher and higher, until I screamed in release, sobbing and gasping as wave after wave bulleted through me.

Charlie stood up, allowing me to lie flat and roll over to make room for him on the bed, but he elected to kneel down next to me, erection pointing at me. I grinned and swapped ends, getting on all fours to slide my lips over his solid cock, licking and nibbling around the crown, tonguing around and behind the head, before sealing my lips around him and sucking on him like a warm lolly, suctioning and working my throat to get as much of him in my mouth as I could, bobbing my head up and down and sucking as hard as I could. I reached over and fondled his lovely big velvety balls, gently rubbing them as I sucked and squeezed his penis, feeling the head begin to swell as his excitement rose, and I sucked him for all I was worth. He gave a deep groan, eyes closing to slits as his cock gave a solid meaty twitch, muscular and sinewy, and a jet of sperm shot into my mouth, and another, then another. Five times he hosed me with that giant splash of semen, more and faster than I could swallow, and I nearly choked trying to swallow that huge volume of liquid, the overflow running out of my mouth and down my chin, dripping onto his thighs. He sighed and leaned back, eyes still closed, as I swallowed and moved in to lick his penis clean, mop up all the remnants of his orgasm with my tongue.

Charlie opened his eyes and smiled, reaching up with a towel to mop the drips and runs of spunk from my chin and body, lying flat and pulling me down next to him to kiss me, the taste of my pussy and arse mixing with the film of semen still coating the inside of my mouth, both of us tasting both of us.

His hands roamed over my body, squeezing and kneading my thighs, my bum cheeks, pulling me close enough to mash my breasts against him, my nipples poking solidly into his chest, reminding him to slip his hands around my tits and squeeze gently, pulling my nipples up and out, twirling them between his fingers and thumbs, making me gasp and giggle as he gently mauled them. Charlie kissed me gently but insistently, and I pulled him down to me, wrapping my arms about his neck, kissing him back, lips glued to his as our tongues danced in each other’s mouth, and at last he moved over me to lie between my spread thighs, his recovered erection rigid and angry-looking, to prod at my twitching pussy. I guided him, and gasped as he slid into me slowly, inexorably, that meaty spear ramming itself irresistibly into me, to wait, letting me feel his size and adjust to him. He began to slide out, the movement delightful as pulses kaçak iddaa of pleasure darted out from my pussy to flood through me, making me gasp and hitch, eyesight blurring as he began stroking in and out of me, my vaginal walls moulding themselves to his invading flesh.

I don’t know how long he kept up the sawing motion of his cock into me, all I know is that I was orgasming almost continuously, each movement of his cock indescribably pleasurable, sensation hammering into me until I passed into a state of semi-torpor, content to let the cock in me pleasure me endlessly. Charlie began to speed up, the sensation becoming too much for him, until he was hammering his cock into me as fast as he could, bursts of pleasure shooting through me, building to a crescendo. At last, all the little waves that had been swirling through me condensed into a giant tidal wave of pleasure billowing through me with unstoppable force, making me groan in release, convulsing my vagina around his cock, clamping down on him, the pressure triggering his own orgasm, and I came again as I felt his semen powering out of his twitching, flexing cock, Charlie’s head down as he gasped and sobbed with the intensity of his own release.

At last he began to withdraw from me, and I handed him the towel to catch the spurt of semen that ran out of me as his still rigid cock withdrew completely. He mopped my crotch with the towel, then slumped down beside me, wrapping his arm around me to pull me in close and kiss me, nibble my neck and lick the tip of my nose.

I looked up at him, and he smiled at me. “I love you, Lucy Manville, more than anything in the whole world. I can’t wait to start making babies with you!”

I kissed him back. “Charlie, more than anything in the world, I want to make babies with you; I love you too, and I won’t ever let you go. You’re stuck with me for life, now, little brother!”

I leaned in to kiss him again, holding myself tight against him, feeling his semi-rigid cock twitch and begin to firm-up again.

Before we started again, however, I had something else I wanted him to know, to understand.

“This morning, with Gerry, when we, you know, it was just the once, OK? I know we said we’d play with them again, and I know it sounds exciting and all that, but I need you to know that you’re not going to be…sharing me with anyone, OK? I understand the whole thing with you and Lorna, that’s part of your history with her, and I have no issues with that, you were hers before you were mine, but this morning, that was a thank you, me thanking Gerry on your behalf, as it were, not setting the scene for any future developments. Do you understand what I’m driving at? It was fun, and it was different, but it’s not what I want, not anymore. I kind of get the feeling from Lorna that she feels the same way, and yesterday was a ‘last hurrah’ before we all move on. She’s as smitten with Gerry as I am with you, and I don’t think any further adventures of that sort would be…appropriate, not now that we want to start families, so we’ll leave it there, if it’s all the same to you, yes?”

Charlie’s eyes glittered as he smiled that long slow smile of his. “Lu, I knew yesterday was going to be a no-holds barred rough and tumble, but I will admit to a certain amount of unease about you thanking Gerry, you know, but I didn’t object, because he didn’t object when I was in the chair, and I kind of saw the right in it. I also got the feeling from Gerry that this was a once-only thing, him getting a taste of what I had, so to speak, so your little thank you was a nice touch, closure for all.”

“So you don’t mind, really don’t mind?” I asked.

Again he smiled. “Lucy, I think you and I both know we’re never going there again. Gerry and Lorna will always be a part of our lives, there’s a lot of love there, Gerry and I have become good friends, and we, all of us, will be spending a lot of time together in the future, they’re part of us now, family in the best sense, but what happened yesterday, this morning, we had to do that, just to find out. Now we know, and we’re past that, it’s an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world. I’m glad we did what we did, I have no regrets about any part of it, but I don’t want to repeat it ever again, and I don’t want to watch you with another man ever again. Once was enough, you’re mine!”

“Someone once said something about being careful what you wish for, you may get it; I wanted to see you and Lorna take me on, but then I had to watch you with another man, just to level the balance, and it was the hardest thing in the world to smile and watch you go through with it. I can’t do that again, ever. I paid for my fantasy, for having a wish come true, and it sucked.”

All my love for this big sweet boy overflowed in me, and I hugged him tight, happy to have heard his real feelings about what we’d done. Now all that remained was to wait for Lorna’s dastardly plan (whatever it was), to come to fruition, get Charlie off the hook, and kaçak bahis then we could have the life we wanted, together, family and lovers both.

The whole time he’d been talking, Charlie had been busy rubbing and fondling my bum, rolling my buttocks, and sliding his fingers around my bum hole, tickling it occasionally just to make me jump. He grinned at me, and began kissing me more seriously, squeezing my bum and pulling the cheeks apart, sliding his finger into my hole and pumping it in and out. Eventually he turned me face-down on the bed, easing my thighs apart, and sliding between them to kiss and lick my bumhole, tipping his tongue inside and flicking it, rimming me, making me gasp and wriggle, then moving his tongue down to lap at my pussy, pulling my cheeks apart to get better access, lifting my hips and ramming his tongue between my lips. I was in ecstasy, his talented tongue sending waves of pleasure through me, and when he pulled away, I actually whined in disappointment, until his big cock slid between my labia, ramming deep into me, making my uterus jump and quiver as the head of his cock butted into the neck of my cervix. I slid back down onto my tummy, Charlie above me, hands on the bed on either side of me as he powered his cock into me, hammering my pussy as hard as he could. I shook and mewled with the force of his pounding, loving every second of it, then he changed tack.

Charlie lowered himself onto his forearms, sliding his hands under me to cup my breasts, his midsection resting against my buttocks, and began to pump me slowly but forcefully, squeezing my tits and rubbing my nipples in time with his thrusts, all the time kissing, licking and nibbling my shoulders and neck, nibbling and licking my ears, and whispering exactly what he wanted to do to me, keeping me hot as he hammered me slowly with his club of a penis.

At last, I had been stimulated beyond endurance, orgasming almost continuously during this whole episode, just the feel of him inside me enough to set my uterus fluttering in orgasmic ripples, and one last bow-wave of pleasure rolled though me, making me cry out in my extreme of pleasure, my cunt clamping down on his cock, making him cry out in release in turn as he splashed my insides with his hot sperm, the feeling setting me off again, the waves of pleasure rolling over me all over again, my cunt muscles milking his cock until he was wrung dry. Charlie lifted up and slowly withdrew, even that action causing little waves of orgasm to ripple over me again, making me gasp out loud. He had the towel ready, but there was very little run-off this time; I really had wrung him dry!

He slumped down beside me, rolling me against him, spooning me against his warm body, his arm around me, holding me in against him as he nuzzled my hair and smoothed his hand over my belly, perhaps unconsciously feeling the place where one day soon, I prayed, his baby would rest. At the moment though, my abdomen ached from so many orgasms, and I was feeling a desperate need for sleep, Charlie picking up on that and hauling the coverlet up to cover both of us in a last act before his deep breathing disclosed that he was fast asleep. I wriggled even closer to him, listened sleepily to his slow, regular heartbeat, and remembered nothing more until the ‘phone ringing early in the morning woke me with a start.

I picked up the handset. “Hello, Lu Darling, it’s me!” chirped Lorna, sounding fresh as a daisy at, what 6:30?”

“Lor, it’s 6:30, go back to bed!” I groaned, feeling the need for another couple of hour’s uninterrupted sleep.

“Wake up, Sleepy, and get Grumpy upright and dusted-off, things are happening today, we need to talk, and the boys have a cricket match to attend, so slap his arse and get him out of his pit, there’s a good girl, see you in thirty!” Lorna rang off, leaving me feeling, as usual, slightly shell-shocked.

Charlie opened one eye and grinned at me as I flopped back against the pillows, not wanting to vacate my nice warm bed and lovely hot soldier, knowing I needed to, not yet accepting the latter. He slid his hands down to my bum and pulled me closer.

“Good morning, Little Girl, want to see my etchings?” he leered at me, grinning as he said it, and I couldn’t help laughing.

“Lorna & Gerry are on their way, you need a shower, I need a shower, up you get, Spunky!” I slapped his arse, as per requirement, always happy to grab a handful of his solid muscular bum, and he licked the tip of my nose reluctantly letting go of my backside.

We’d just finished dressing when the doorbell rang, and there were Lorna and Gerry, looking fresh and rested, no hint of last-night’s nefarious activities, whatever they were, showing on their faces or in their demeanour; to all intents and purposes, they were a young couple visiting friends for a pre-arranged day out.

Charlie and Gerry shoulder punched, which is how men kiss, and Gerry and I shared a chaste, brotherly peck and embrace, and I noted the quick look Gerry gave Lorna, reassuring and asking permission all at the same time, and it occurred to me that they’d probably had almost the same conversation Charlie and I had, and came to the same conclusion. Good.

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