A Loving Brother Ch. 02

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***thank you to everyone who gave comments on chapter 1 it was all very helpful. Please leave lots of comments and suggestion again and I will try to make the next chapter or story as good as possible***

Danny woke up to see his sister at the end of his bed slowly wanking his cock to hardness. As she turned to see him awake she shot him a smile and climbed onto his bed and straddled his legs. She resumed wanking his now fully erect cock and Danny looked up at her perfect breasts sat high and pert on her chest. He reached up with his right hand and slowly massaged her breast and rubbing the nipple into a firm knot.

Zoe slid a bit further down his legs and bent down to his cock. She slowly let her tongue circle the shining head already wet with precum. She slowly licked it off and then took his head into her mouth. She slowly started to bob up and down on his cock taking in an extra few centimetres with every downward stroke. Her left hand held his 8″ shaft straight and her right hand slowly massaged his balls. She managed to take about 6 inches in before Danny felt his cock hit the back of her throat. Starting slowly she pulled her head almost all the way off then slid it back down his cock till it hit the back of her throat. Steadily building speed she soon had a steady rhythm going and Danny continued to fondle his sister’s breast.

He felt his orgasm slowly start to build as his sister sucked him off. Zoe felt his ball compact and felt his cock jerk and pulse as load after load shot down her throat. Like his limp cock clean she brought it back to hardness. Danny sat up and picked her up by the waist and span her round into a 69 position. Her breast pushed into his stomach and her pussy hover just above his mouth. It was warm as moist as he ran his tongue up and down her slit and then circling her clit.

~ ~ ~ ~

Zoe moaned with pleasure as she felt her brother’s tongue attack her moist, warm pussy. His tongue darted in and out of her pussy send waves of pleasure through her body. Zoe bent down and took his hard cock into her mouth again. As she worked his cock Danny continued to tongue her pussy. She felt him slip a finger into her pussy and finger her while he pleasured her with his tongue. He ran it up and down her clit then darted in and out before resuming slowly licking her. All the time his finger was working in and out of her pussy.

Zoe felt a second finger enter her pussy and it was almost too much for her to bear and it felt like her pussy was on fire, only being cooled by her brother’s tongue. She worked his cock faster in her lust and the response from Danny was to push a third finger into her pussy. Her body convulsed, she arched her back and screamed as an orgasm crashed over her body and she came into Danny’s waiting mouth. She felt him lick all of the cum of her pussy and thighs, his tongue cold on her sensitive skin.

She rolled of her brother and led next to him head to tail. She was breathing heavily and had beads of perspiration rolling down her body. She wasn’t a virgin but this was the first time she had had an orgasm not brought on by using a dildo or vibrator. Her bliss was interrupted by her brother’s voice.

“Are you going to finish me off or should I do it?”

She got up and straddled his legs again before lowering her head to his cock and bringing him to orgasm again swallowing all the cum he shot down her throat.

~ ~ canlı bahis ~ ~

As Zoe cleaned his cock from his second orgasm he asked,

“I’m surprised mum or dad didn’t hear you the way you screamed.”

“Mums at work and dad left for a 2 week conference 2 days ago remember” Zoe replied.

Their dad worked as the head surgeon at the largest hospital with a few hundred miles so often had to attend conferences in various countries. Because of this he was often away for weeks at a time and worked long hours.

Danny stood up and said,

“I’m going for a shower, Care to join me?”

Zoe followed Danny out of his room and down the hall to the shower. Danny turned in the shower and stood under the hot water before being joined by Zoe. They stood for about 3 minutes kissing passionately, and letting the water cascade down their intertwined bodies.

They broke apart and squeezing some shower gel onto his hand Danny slowly soaped his sister’s body. He massaged the gel into her body, rubbing it slowly into her body and lingering over her soft and pert breasts. He lowered his head and gently kissed each nipple before continuing to cover her body in the shower gel. He continued lower, down her stomach and past her navel.

Her reached her pussy and put a bit more shower gel on his hands before slowly rubbing his hand up and down her slit causing the shower gel to foam and his sister to softly moan with pleasure. Then ones again her gently inserted two fingers into his sisters pussy while gently pushing on her clit with his thumb. This caused Zoe to arch her back. Danny continues to slowly push his fingers in and out of her pussy slowly building speed and increasing the pressure in her clit.

Then Zoe grabbed his shoulders, threw her head back and gasped as a her second orgasm that day rushed through her body and she nearly collapsed but stayed upright by tightly gripping Danny’s shoulders.

As Zoe regained her posture she repeated what he had done to her just before. She covered her hands with shower gel and slowly ran her hand over his body. Her fingers traced the muscles on his chest her hands rubbed over them turning the gel into foam. Her hands ran down his abs over his strong firm stomach and down towards his erect cock.

She used the shower gel to lube his cock before reaching down with her right hand to slowly wank his cock and used her left hand to cup his balls.

She gently squeezed his balls as she increased her pace on his dick. Her hand sliding the length of his cock made slippery by the water and shower gel. The speed of his sister’s hand and the gentle massaging of his balls was to much for Danny. He held back as long as he could and felt the pressure build. Zoe could feel his tensing trying to hold back his orgasm. When Danny released for the third time that day his cum shot up and landed on his sisters beasts.

~ ~ ~ ~

Zoe was shocked by the amount of cum and distance it had travelled. It was his third lot that morning and she couldn’t quite understand how he managed to cum so many times in such a short space of time.

She picked up a wet sponge and cleaned her brother cum off her breasts before tweaking her nipples then stepping out the shower. Her brother quickly blasted the remains of the shower gel of himself before joining her on the bath mat. They towled each other dry and embraced and shared a quick kiss before leaving for bahis siteleri their separate rooms to get changed.

~ ~ ~ ~

Becky parked the car on the drive and turned off the engine. She had been called to work for a so called “computer emergency” and in reality some had just knocked the plug out the wall. She opened the door and walked through the lounge and into the kitchen. It was odd that Danny wasn’t up yet. Zoe would probably be at the gym but Danny was usually always up before 10.

She walked up the stairs and was on the landing before she heard the shower running. So that’s where he is, she thought. She walked toward her room and noticed that the bathroom door was slightly ajar. She took a step forward to close it when she saw her son in the mirror. He had a raging erection that was at least 7″. He certainly didn’t get that from his father who was only 5 when erect.

Danny was covered in shower foam and she was about to walk away when she saw Zoe step into view. She was totally naked and in the shower with Danny. Then to add more shock she reached down to Danny’s cock and started to jerk him off.

Becky was in shock. She was about to step in and interrupt them when she remembered herself at that age. Her and her brother, Danny and Zoe’s uncle, weren’t that different. For about 4 years they too had enjoyed some incestuous fun. It wouldn’t be fair to deny her children the same joy she had. At least not yet. She turned around and walked down the stairs to the kitchen, her mind swimming with the images of her children together. Her son’s huge member and her daughter large breasts still high and pert on her chest. Her own breast where slightly smaller than her daughters but still much larger than average. They were staring to hang slightly but only just.

~ ~ ~ ~

20 minutes later…

Zoe walked down the stairs in a just a dressing down. Her nipples clearly evident through the thin silk material. She walked into the kitchen and was slightly startled by her mother who was sat at the table drinking a glass of apple juice while watching TV. Worried that she might have seen or heard herself and Danny in the shower she nervously asked,

“When did you get back?”

“Only about 2 minutes ago, the thing at work was just a mistake. Nothing vital anyway.”

Relief spread through Zoe as she heard that her mother couldn’t have known anything considering they had got out the shower about 8 minutes ago.

“You not going to the gym today?” Her mother asked.

“No. I think I’ll just laze around the house today. Catch up on some collage work.”

“Ok” Becky replied “Do you know where Danny is? He should be up by now”

“Yeah, I think he’s just in his room doing some collage work.”

Zoe poured herself a glass of water and got a fruit salad before turning from the kitchen down the hall and walked up the stairs passing Danny on the way. There was easily enough room for them to pass without touching but as Danny went pass Zoe pushed herself into his chest and rubbed his cock through his jeans bring him quickly to hardness.

“Mum just got back but she didn’t hear anything. Looks like you’ve had your lot for today.” She whispered into his ear before pulling away and jogging up the stairs before entering her room and closing the door.

Danny re-arranged his dick so it wasn’t as visible and pulled his t-shirt down so cover the top half bahis şirketleri of his erection. At the bottom of the stairs he checked himself in the mirror and was pretty sure that you couldn’t really notice his erection unless you where actually looking for it. Pleased he turned and walked into the kitchen.

~ ~ ~ ~

Becky watched her daughter walk around the kitchen in just a thin silk robe. With each breath her breasts rose slightly and pushed against the thin material making her nipples clearly visible. The hem of the robe fell to just half way down her thigh and as Zoe bent down to take a glass from a low cupboard it rose up her legs and gave Becky an unrestricted view of her perfectly formed arse and a glimpse of her shaven pussy before she stood up. Like mother like daughter Becky as she felt a small spot of moisture grow on knickers that covered her bald pussy.

Just a minute after Zoe had left the kitchen Becky saw her son walking toward her down the hallway, with his tall form and muscular build she knew her son was very attractive. However she couldn’t shake the picture of his large cock and her daughter’s slender hands running up and down it. She felt a bit guilty for thinking about her own son in this way but her pussy was trembling with sexual tension and her knickers were growing wetter by the second.

Danny entered the kitchen and Becky noticed that he had tried to cover up an erection. If she hadn’t been looking for she might not have notice but her eyes and thoughts where automatically drawn to his crotch. She quickly raised her head as Danny said,

“Zoe said there you had to go to work.” Danny inquired.

“I did. It was just a knocked out plug so I came home”

Becky stood up to and started to wash up a few bits of dirty breakfast cutlery while Danny had his head buried in the fridge. No doubt to replenish his energy after his shower with Zoe. She wandered how long it had been going on and if they had sex yet. She doubted it had had been going on for more than a few months because Zoe had only recently turned 18.

She decided to take it up with Zoe later on. She and Zoe had a close relationship so she figured it was best to speak to her as she would be less likely to freak when she found out her mother knew. She left Danny searching for food and walked up to room. Shutting the door behind herself she opened her wardrobe and took out a small shoe box from the top shelf. She opened it up and took out a blue rubber dildo about 6 inches long and about 1 ½ wide. She led on her back pulled her skirt up and her now very wet pants down and inserted the dildo into her pussy. She slowly pushed it in all the way then pulled it nearly all the way out. Steadily she built speed until she was mercilessly pounding her pussy with the dildo all the while thinking what it would be like to be pounded by her son’s long hard cock.

She knew she might get caught but it just increased the thrill. Before long she collapse into an orgasm and led back out of breath. She slowly pulled the dildo out and licked her juices from it before placing it back in her shoebox and then back into her wardrobe. Composing herself and finding a new pair of knickers she left her room and headed for the stairs. All she needed to do now was wait until Danny went out and she could confront Zoe about her incestuous relationship with her son.

**** Hopefully this time you enjoyed it more than the previous one. Look out for the next chapter in which Zoe gets confronted by her mother and Danny has idea of how to profit off his sister. Also their cousins come to stay. Please leave a review and keep reading****

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