A Mother’s Love

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Being a 36 years old single mom has meant that I have gone a long time without sex as I was concentrating on raising the sunshine of my life, my only son. We have always been very close as it has been just the two of us — no boyfriends, no husbands. Only a mother can understand when I say that the love between us is unbreakable. The absence of lovers in my life has not been for lack of male attention. I am not bad looking – my breasts are a little heavy, one could say sagging just a little from years of breast feeding, I breastfed Pat until he was 5 years old, and to be truthful the latter years were more for me than for him. I am 5’9″ and on the plumper side, being overweight by about 15lbs. Pat has always been on my case about it – he said it was important to be healthy. In some ways he acted like my husband telling me what to do, when to do, and how to do. I have never hesitated doing whatever he has asked of me as I love him, and want to do anything that will make him happy.

I keep a nice home. Pat has always enjoyed finer things, he likes them neat and tidy as well. We are lucky in that my parents were rich and left us a small fortune, so I do not have to work/ He is 18 years old and has always a tip or two about my dress, jewellery, and makeup. We live in the country just past the suburbs. It is 5 bedroom house with acres of forested land surrounding it affording us our privacy yet close enough to big city lights. Although Pat’s nursery is the large room adjacent to the master bedroom, he would not sleep in it. He would just get into my bed and snuggle into me. As he grew he began sleeping in his room, although he would still have his way into sleeping on my bed at least 2-3 nights a week.

One bakırköy escort night as we were finishing up dinner Pat asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I told him sure as I loved spending time with my son. My bed was king sized and comfortable with silk sheets therefore he loved sleeping in it, he said he also loved sleeping in his mommy’s arms.

I got up to take a shower and change into my nightie, I also put on a pair of red thongs, Pat told me this what a woman my age should wear, I put on some light makeup and entered the bedroom, he was already covered in the silk sheet and I could see he was nude underneath, which was normal as we are very close and comfortable in our own skin. I removed the sheet and got into the bed.

I poured us each a glass of wine and started the movie, we laughed and made our usual commentaries, we went through two bottles of wine quite quickly and when the movie ended I looked over and sure enough Pat was sleeping. I nudged him a bit and he was in a deep sleep probably half drunk. I lay on my side and just stared at my beautiful son. His body was much like his father’s, although just one night, it made an impression on me that had lasted all these years.

I quietly got up from the bed and put oil on my hands, then I lay down and ran my hand along his entire body, caressing every curve and occasionally checking to see if I had woken him up.

I loved the touch of my son, it was a mix of love and sexual frustration, I just wanted to hold him in my arms and protect him from the world, sometimes he would rest nestled in my breasts and I would stroke his head until he fell asleep, and then there was this tingle in my pussy beşiktaş escort that had not been touched by another in 19 years.

I continued my journey with my hands along his body and when I reached his cock I outlined it softly and knew that he had inherited this also from his father. I thought I felt a twitch in his cock and quickly moved my hand away, I gently gave him a kiss on the lips and moved over to the other side of the king size bed, I pulled my nightie up and put my hand down my thong and felt my soaking wet pussy, I rubbed it thinking of the beautiful body beside me, I had to control my moans but it was hard and I let one out, Pat moved in his sleep and now his hand was resting on bare ass. This was enough to send me over the edge and I orgasmed covering my mouth with the pillow so no noise would erupt.

This was not the first time I did this, I have been quietly sneaking into his room and been doing this for some time, going into his room messaging his body and feeling every inch until I could not control myself and I would quickly enter my room and masturbate. I lay on my side staring at him sleep and could not control myself once again, I wanted to kiss his entire body, I took every finger in my mouth and sucked it gently, I moved all along his body to his toes, I then took each one in my mouth and enjoyed every inch of the boy I had made and loved so much. I ran my hand along his body and his face, I kissed him softly on the lips, I thought I felt him gently start to kiss me back but then again I passed it off as my extremely horny mind.

My journey continued, slowly along his body enjoying every inch from head to toe and when I came to his cock beylikdüzü escort just the sight of it was making me ready for orgasm. I touched lightly around it and it did twitch and start to rise, I quickly looked and Pat was fast asleep, I looked back down and could not even control my body and needed to taste this beautiful piece, I lowered my head and licked along the shaft in its entirety as it continued to rise, I looked again and still fast asleep, I was not in control and only my sexual frustration and desire was in control. I lowered my head again and took the tip softly in my mouth, it was fully erect now and I could not believe how stunned I was by it, I loved the taste and was instantly addicted to it, I wanted more and more, slowly making my way up and down it, his taste just getting better and better, I lowered and buried my nose in his pubes enjoying every moment, his smell was intoxicating, there was no describing it, it was something I would bottle if I could.

My pace was soft but quicker, I could hear his breathing getting heavier but his eyes were closed and he was asleep, I loved his cock as much as I loved my son and continued to enjoy this experience, all of a sudden I felt it, his cock twitch inside my mouth and his cum was releasing, spraying a strong but sweet juice all inside of my mouth, I swallowed it all and quickly licked his cock and balls to make sure I left no traces of my enjoyment. By this time my pussy was completely soaked again and I was so happy. I gently made my way up his body, kissing every inch and made it to his lips, I could not help but take his head in my hands and kiss him with gently sucking his lip. I orgasmed just tasting my son. I lay back staring at my son, the body that would drive any woman insane, and he was mine, I owned him, he stirred in his sleep and turned over and cuddled against me, he wrapped his arms around me, even his touch sent shivers along my body, I inhaled his sent one more time and exhausted I fell asleep, dreaming of more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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