A New Job For Mike

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Mike knocked on the door of the house. It was huge, this was one of the ritziest neighborhoods in town. His heart was racing, this was his first time out and he wasn’t sure what to expect. Stan had told him the customer would fill in the specifics, Mike just had to execute the mechanics with some degree of expertise.

Stan had been doing this on the side for years, he finally had to quit his day job to take care of his customers. Even with devoting full time to his business, he was overbooked constantly. When Mike suddenly became single after five years of marriage, Stan approached him with the offer. Mike would get ninety percent of the gross base price plus any extra gratuities. The confidentiality clause was a ironclad, and the loyalty to the customers was mandatory. Mike had agreed to put these two requirements above all else in his life permanently. The customers had agreed to the same conditions and Stan worked only from personal referrals. If you did not know one of his customers closely, you did not know about Stan. Mike had agreed to be scheduled only by Stan.

Suddenly the door opened and a maid asked Mike to come in. She guided him through the house to the den. The maid knocked on the door and announced Mike. She ushered him through the door, closed it behind him and was gone.

“Good evening.” a soft voice seemed to surround him.

“Hello.” Mike replied.

“Come over here.” the woman said.

Mike walked towards the couch she was seated on.

“My, you are a handsome one aren’t you. Please have a seat here.” she said patting the couch beside her. As Mike sat down, she continued, “This is my first time at this and I understand it is your first time also”

Mike’s heart calmed down a little. “Yes it is ma’am.

“Don’t you ma’am me buddy. I am sure I don’t have more than five years on you.”

“B, but I don’t know your name.” Mike managed to reply.

“Oh dear! I am sorry. Call me Suze.”

Mike felt her eyes going over him again. He was still very uncomfortable being here. Suze wore a satin robe that revealed nothing but hid very little. Mike decided she was a good looking woman, but reserved the right to amend his opinion later.

“Would you like a drink?” Suze inquired.

“Yes, I believe I would like to have a Crown and water please.” Mike said hoping the drink would calm him down.

“It’ll take the edge off.” Suze seemed to read his mind or was she nervous too?

As Suze rose and walked to the bar, Mike decided she was a beautiful woman and could not figure out why he was here. Suze handed him his drink a sat back down beside him. “Business first?” she asked him.

“No ma… I mean, no Suze.” Mike stammered. “You may take care of that at your leisure.”

“Then canlı bahis let’s get started. I’ve been very frustrated for a very long time.” Suze said. “First I want to undress you, please stand facing me.”

Mike stood up and she rose in front of him. Suze pressed her body against his as she slid off his suit coat slowly. She ran her hands over his arms and chest as she unbuttoned one button at a time on his shirt. Mike reached around her waist as Suze leaned back to get to the lower buttons. Her perfume filled the air and she leaned on his chest to unbuckle his belt.

Unable to resist, Suze massaged his growing cock through his pants. “Oh my, dear. Am I the cause of this?” she teased. Not giving Mike time to answer, she unzipped his pant and dropped them to the floor. Getting on her knees in front of him, Suze removed the pants then released his cock from his underwear and slipped them off of him also.

“It’s been too long since I’ve been this close to a cock.” Suze said. Taking Mike’s cock in both hands, she examined it closely. “I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do with you, but now that you are here I can’t make up my mind. I want you inside me desperately, but I want to see you come too.”

Mike reached down and gently pulled her up by the shoulders. He slid her robe off and into the floor. Suze was nude underneath the robe and now he could feel her soft skin under his fingertips. Sitting down on a chair he guided Suze astraddle his knees and set her down on them. As his fingertips glided down her arms, he guided her hands to his throbbing cock. Suze began stroking his cock and Mike started kissing her from the neck down.

Soft moans escaped her as his tongue circled her breasts, first one then the other from base to nipple. Suze stroked his cock with her hands faster and harder. Sliding her off his knees, Mike put her in front of him on the floor and slid to the edge of the chair. Suze parted her lips his rock hard cock, taking the head between her teeth. She slid one hand off Mike’s shaft downward to massage his balls trying to milk the come from them. Her tongue rolled around the head of his cock as she took more of him into her mouth. Suze’s breathing was as labored as Mike’s was becoming, he was wondering if she was going to come before he did. As Suze slipped a fingertip into Mike’s ass, his balls drew up and his cock began to twitch as he felt his come moving up his shaft. Suze pulled his cock out of her mouth and started stroking it with both hands until his come exploded upward, landing on his stomach, her face,her breasts, and her hands. Suze immediately rose up, licked the come off his stomach and proceeded to lick her hands then his cock until all traces of the sticky bahis siteleri goo were gone.

“Now do me.” Suze panted.

Mike pulled her from the floor and sat her in his lap facing away from him. Starting with her face, he gently caressed her with his fingertips, working his way downward. By the time he finished with her breasts, Suze was grinding her hips into his groin. Reaching around her waist with both arms, Mike slid his hands down to her soaked pussy. Her juices lubricated his fingers instantly and soon Suze had three fingers filling her pussy while Mike’s thumbs rolled her clit back and forth. She was about to have an orgasm when Mike slowed the pace and eased her slowly back from the brink. He would push her to the limit and pull her back three more times before Suze began to beg him to let her go.

Mike pushed her over onto the couch beside them and buried his faces into her dripping pussy. As his tongue traced the outside of her lips Suze grabbed his head grinding Mike’s face into her pussy. Her breathing was erratic, her moans uncontrollable as she rubbed his face with her pussy. As Mike slid two thumbs into her pussy and two fingers into her ass, her orgasm thunder through her body. Her screams of pleasure echo through the room. Suze collapsed backward on the couch and Mike rose above her, his cock was hard again.

Teasing her pussy lips with the head of his cock made Suze gasp repeatedly. Her pussy clinched tight around his cock as he slid into her. Almost immediately Suze began to thrust her hips to meet him. Mike stroked harder and faster as Suze’s moans increased. Another orgasm washed over her but Mike pumped even harder and faster. Suze wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him deeper into her quivering pussy. She met each of his thrusts with her own, soon they were out of control. With Mike on his hands and knees Suze was barely touching the couch as her arms wrapped around him, her fingernails digging into his back and her legs clamped around his waist. She was bucking wildly as another orgasm slammed through her. Her passionate screams triggered Mike’s own orgasm, pumping his come deep into Suze’s pussy. They both collapsed in a heap on the couch gasping for air.

Neither moved for what seemed like eternity until Mike rolled off of Suze then slid into the floor. Suze rolled to the edge of the couch, her breathing still labored. Laying the palm of her hand on Mike’s chest she said, “Your ex-wife must be insane.” with that, Suze rolled back over on the couch and they both drifted off to sleep.

A couple of hours later Mike woke up hearing Suze’s voice, she must be on the phone he thought, He could not guess who she’d be talking to at 1 AM but then again, he didn’t really know her. bahis şirketleri Seeing he was awake Suze quickly hung up the phone. Rising from her chair, she moved from behind the desk and embraced him as she kissed him deeply.

“If you ever decide to retire from this business, I better be the first one you tell.” Suze said. “Now here is your envelope and another one just like it. How is your schedule?”

“Thank you.” said Mike, slipping the envelopes into the pocket of his coat hanging on the chair. “At the moment, my schedule is pretty open.”

“Not anymore.” Suze said. “Here are three addresses with dates and times, these women would like you to visit them.”

“You know the rules of referral don’t you.” Mike asked.

“Yes. I am responsible financially for each of their first appointments, I must be willing to have sex with you side by side and/or immediately after each one at any time now or in the future. This proves I trust them with my life and they are disease free, and you better make me fulfill that requirement more than once by the way. And most importantly, I must totally forget that these arrangements were ever made.”

“Excellent.” Mike said. “Here is my pager number. Feel free to page me any time but remember, I cannot accept phone calls from anyone and I only respond to pages from one of the two phone numbers you have given me.”

“Yes, I know the rules. I will not be needing your pager number for myself though, you’ll note these other three women are scheduled four days apart. That’s because every fourth day, you’ll be here with me. If things go as I expect they will, you will have appointments every other day indefinitely.”

Suze kissed him deeply and said, “See you in two days lover.”

As Mike walked out the door his mind was reeling, one hundred eighty appointments in the next year. He would have to give notice at the office as soon as everything was lined up. Once he was in his car and out of the driveway, he pulled one of the envelopes from his pocket. Thumbing through the bills, he folded Stan’s ten percent into his pocket then glanced down at the stack. Ten one hundred dollar bills looked back at him, the second envelope came out of his pocket. It felt the same as the first. He remembered her comment about retirement, which would be better, being a high priced gigolo or being a kept man for a very rich woman? Gigolo for now. Flipping his cell phone on, Mike dialed Stan’s number.

“How’d it go?” Stan asked as he answered the phone.

“Great. I can’t believe I get paid for this.” Mike replied

“Good.” said Stan. “Meet me for lunch tomorrow and we’ll go over your schedule. I understand it is filling up quickly, but I have two more appointments you must keep this week. The first one is tomorrow evening.”

Mike gulped hard. “Ok.” was all he could say.

“See you at one o’clock in the afternoon.” Stan said and hung up.

Mike wondered if he was going to need Viagra…

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