A New Office Jade Ch. 01

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All characters are over 18. Please enjoy the story. As usual, constructive criticism is welcome.


The days were long but worth the work, Bern thought. When you were the office manager, IT team and general assistant to anyone who needed assistance there was always something interesting to do. Still, as tired as he was, the something to do was always there.

The text he sent to his fiancée, Diane, to let her know that he would be just a little tonight was almost immediately responded to, letting him know that he could take his time. So, Bernard Lampson took his time.

When everything that could be done was finally done for the evening Bern left the office, turning out the lights and locking the doors because everyone else just took off. Working with eleven women who designed clothes and were completely arrogant and disrespectful of everyone, including each other, and especially him, was a nightmare but he made great money. It was difficult, sure, but there were benefits to the money.

When Bernard arrived at home he saw Diane’s car in the driveway but he also saw another car he didn’t recognize on the curb, right at the end of the grass of the small front yard. The car could belong to anyone who just needed a place to park. The curb was unpainted so it was free to park for a limited time. However, when the front door was opened he immediately knew that his soon-to-be wife knew whose car it was for the words and noises being spoken and made were coming from his living room.

Quietly Bern set his keys into the bowl on the small, high table next to the door and his carry bag underneath it and turned the corner into the living room. He was trying to disbelieve the noise he heard when he entered but seeing it made it all true.

Diane Tenner, who had said yes to Bernard more than a year ago, was naked, her knees were bent below thighs straddling a man Bern had never seen before. Her nicely sized tits were bouncing up and down in the guy’s face – that bounce being caused by her pussy being filled with the guy’s dick and she was riding up and down on it. Her wavy black hair that hung to the middle of her back had been braided and was tightly controlled during her bounces just then. And they were on the couch that he, Bernard, and Diane would watch TV on; the one he bought for them at her insistence.

An odd thought hit Bern at that moment – you know, she really does look good naked and having sex. The thought culminated with the finishing position of too bad it wasn’t him.

Bernard was not a fighter. He could fight, both with fists and words, but he didn’t like to. There was no reason for it. Sometimes it took a few minutes to get a compromise worked out or you just had to agree to disagree – not every fight could be won for the betterment of a moment. Still, for a moment, Bernard wanted to fight this guy for taking his girl. The only problem was that she was having a great time moaning and oohing over the action she was currently involved in so there had to be fault either with him or with her. He must have done something, or not done something, specific to make her go out and cheat on him like this. It could also be that this was who she was – a cheating cunt who liked to take his money and go on trips and buy shit that no one needed for any real reason. This might be her house but he was paying the mortgage right now so maybe it was the convenience that he was some kind of weakling that she could take advantage of and have to give up her pussy every once in a while to keep him happy. Maybe this was why she wasn’t working now…so she could stay home and hump whoever she wanted while he slaved away for her?

Even with a want to fight Bernard, who actually had a sealed record for beating someone so badly as a minor they still couldn’t talk properly, knew that someone wouldn’t be walking when it was done.

You sorry piece of cheating shit, Bern thought. No, he didn’t like to fight but he also didn’t like to lose what he had worked for. He could see her left hand and the ridiculously expensive engagement ring he purchased for her was still on the hand. Four thousand dollars of waste was not going to go to waste. He had to keep control despite his feelings.

With an interesting anger Bern walked over to the couch without saying a word. He reached down to the left hand wearing the ring that was resting on the dude’s shoulder and firmly grasped Diane’s hand between the wrist and the palm. It wouldn’t do to have her hand ripped away from him while he was taking back the ring. Indeed Diane was startled to trying jump away but Bernard’s strong grip kept her from going anywhere.

“Bern? What are you doing home?” The look on Diane’s face at being caught was one of those ‘Priceless’ moments they used to have commercials about – scared at being caught, surprised at being caught and completely freaked out that someone was taking her engagement ring right off of her finger. “Wait…what are you canlı bahis doing?,” she screamed.

Without letting go of her hand, Bernard removed the ring so fast that Diane had no time to react to the moment and close her hand or bend her fingers. When the ring was removed he placed it in his pocket and then looked directly at his one-time fiancée and said, “Since our engagement is off I’ll just take care of this for you…er, uh, me.”

Diane arched away from the look of pure and unadulterated hatred on Bernard’s face. He was outwardly calm but she knew the look in his eyes and she knew that she fucked up…and badly.

Bernard caused her thoughts to stop completely when he said, almost casually, “I’m sorry this had to happen. I’ll just get a few things and get out of your guys’ way. Maybe later I’ll call your dad and let him know that the money he was going to spend is okay because he won’t need to spend it anymore.”

Bernard looked down at the guy sitting naked on Bernard’s couch with what wasn’t Bernard’s dick inside Diane. The young man flinched with fear in what he saw on the cuckold’s face. Bernard held up one hand in a gesture coupling placation and an order of ‘you’d best listen right now or how bad you’ll be fucked up will be a record for Guinness’ and calmly, though filled with danger, said, “Don’t get up before I leave, either of you. Let’s try and keep the peace for now. Diane, you and I might speak later but for now just say cheese.”

With lightening quick reflexes Bernard brought his phone from his pocket and snapped three or four photos. He felt he probably should have video-taped the action but he didn’t think of it at the time. Bern turned, walked to his bedroom and filled a small travel bag with some clothes for a couple of nights, grabbed some toiletries and sundries and left. On his way to the front door he looked into the living room and saw Diane crying on whatever his name’s shoulder, both still naked and having followed directions. As he picked up his keys and work bag Bernard was seething on the inside – the outside was calm and just moving. He needed to get out before a real problem was caused.

Bernard Lampson left the home he’d been in for three years. The good sized home that he and Diane had spoken of bringing a small family up in was no longer going to have him in it. At the moment he was satisfied with that. He knew that later he would question his actions and his feelings, determine that he should have said something different or had acted more like a Jerry Springer redneck moron guest whose clue of the world revolved around meth, Twizzlers and Mt. Dew and who the mother of his child was – or whatever nonsense they came up with.

He was content for the moment just to get out. Bernard knew his feelings would shatter later and anyone who heard the story would probably condemn him for not beating the shit out of his former girl and the dude she was caught banging. He’d let the feelings shatter when they would but not right this second.


After checking into a weekly hotel Bernard called Diane’s parents right after sending them one of the pictures of their daughter and whoever the guy was. When he told them what had happened and that he had taken the ring and left the house and was sorry that he wasn’t going to be part of their family anymore they’d actually consoled him and apologized for their daughter. Diane’s mother, Barra – short for Barbara, was crying during the end of the call. Bern really did like the Tenners and he got on well with everyone in Diane’s family. Bern told them that were they willing he’d enjoy keeping in touch with them from time to time. They were willing and then apologized and the call ended shortly after.

Bernard Lampson was the last of his family so he had no one to call for his side to let them know that he’d no longer be getting married. He had male friends that were to be his groomsmen and whatnot but no family to speak of. He’d let the men know the situation later.

Bernard lay on the bed and went over the prospects of his life – 1.) the job was good, if sometimes crazy, long and ridiculous, 2.) while he no longer had a house he had plenty of money and could get something for himself soon enough, 3.) his car was payed off, he had been paying for Diane’s car and the house so that would give him some extra money almost immediately, and, and…

The purity of the relationship he’d just realized that he wasted years on was over. Just like that! Why would she have done that? Did he not make enough money? He was paying for everything in her life – or, rather, had been paying for everything and she was not without in any arena. They took trips, they’d purchased memorabilia, good furniture and wastrel items.

Bern thought their sex life was good but obviously something with it wasn’t. He wasn’t some porn star kind of huge but Diane had told him that seven and a half inches with a thickness she could barely get her fingers bahis siteleri around was very good and very good for her. Did he last too long in bed? He would generally last between fifteen and twenty minutes inside of her and even that was after many minutes of foreplay.

Bern thought he dressed well. His car was a nice model SUV that could tell you where you were if you were on Jupiter, was connected to everything and even got decent gas mileage.

So what could it be?

At the moment the newly single young man didn’t care. Despite not showing any emotion Bernard did have them and he silently let the tears fall as he drifted into restless sleep.


The next morning was a severe break in Bern’s routine. He was late for work after not waking on purpose. There was a heavy listlessness in his walk and inside his head and he knew that last evening’s activities were now rearing their breaks in his emotional psyche.

When he stepped into work he walked straight to Dahlia’s office and closed her door and then patiently waited for her to finish her phone call. While he was not slovenly dressed Bern had not tucked in his shirt and had worn his jeans and sneakers. He was dressed like a casual Friday except it wasn’t Friday.

As his boss hung up the phone she looked at him with some distress and asked, “Bernard, what’s wrong?” Her concern seemed real enough but Bern could never really tell.

“I’m sorry, Dahlia, but I need a couple of personal days.” The statement was given straight and without a heavy push or a break in his outward defenses. His tone, though, caused Dahlia to purse her lips in concern.

“Can you tell me about it?”

“I’d rather not just yet. I know it’s poor timing but the fumbling of my existence only happened last night.” Bernard kept an ambivalence on his face to try and keep his boss from prying.

Dahlia looked at her calendar and then put her chin in her hand as she brought her eyes to Bernard’s. “I can give you two days if you can give me some extra days in the near future. We’ve got the show coming up and we’re going to need you around here.”

Bernard nodded his head in acceptance and then turned and left. He and Dahlia’s professional relationship was such that it wasn’t always needed to speak.

Bernard nodded to a few of the ladies as he left the office. The less said the better. He headed off to find an apartment, take care of some paperwork, visit the bank and talk to their lawyer, Ted.


Dahlia watched Bern leave with deep concern in her mind and on her face. That one guy kept her business running more than the sales of their clothes designs or of the sales of clothes at the moment. They were close to hitting it big but she needed him here so they could keep going.

There was a wonderful professionalism from that young man, Dahlia thought. He didn’t hit on the women of the office, didn’t flirt and made no lascivious comments at any time. She thought Bernard was pure professional. Something happened, she could see, but she wouldn’t pry just yet.

Maybe she’d get Lisa to try and take him out for a “Business Dinner” and try to get the story out of him. The only problem there, of course, was that Lisa would try getting into his pants at some point and Dahlia knew he was going to be married soon. All of the other women were too green in their abilities to get information from a guy like Bernard. Well, he’ll be back soon and everything would be fine.


Two days later Bernard walked into his new apartment with the rest of his clothes and the things he wanted to keep from the house he would no longer pay for. While he’d not yet unpacked anything save the immediately needed things like some of the clothes, toiletries and whatnots he was already beginning to feel like this new place was home. Only the blackness of his heart kept it from being anything like a home yet.

Bern had called on Barra to see if she could get Diane away from the house for a short time so he could get his things. While she agreed she didn’t know what she should say or do and Bern gave her the idea of inviting Diane to lunch at a specific time at a restaurant on the other side of town and then not show up. That way they wouldn’t have to speak just yet but Bernard could get what he needed from their, her, house.

Yes, he’d spent several years with the woman whom he’d thought was “The One” but his emotions had changed quite a bit and he was no longer laughing easily or, frankly, at all. None of his friends had been told the news just yet, still, and his avoidance of them was becoming noticed. Several of them had called that they were going to go the newest super hero movie and they wanted him to join. Under normal circumstances Bernard would have gone but he just said he couldn’t and hung up. A lot of explanations were due but right now his mind told him to forget certain parts of his life right now – including bahis şirketleri his closest friends. It wasn’t a good idea, he knew, but he had to find himself.

Sometimes it took friends to lift you up. Sometimes you had to do it yourself.

Bernard would be going back to work tomorrow morning and he was not feeling the want to do so. When you’re surrounded by women the gossip can become heavy and he wanted nothing to do with it.

Just then his cell phone rang. Looking at the screen he saw that it was Diane so he swiped to the side to dismiss the call. Not more than a minute later it rang again while his hands were full of clothes he was walking to his new bedroom. He let it ring and when he dropped the clothes onto the new double bed he’d purchased yesterday he didn’t hurry to pick it up. Diane had been calling for more than a day now, every thirty minutes or so, four or five times. She’d left voicemails but as soon as he heard her voice he deleted the message. He’d almost deleted one from Dahlia so he was thankful that he always gave it a second. Lucky him, actually, as the office needed his help.

The next morning Bernard was up and moving as though his relationship world hadn’t just cracked in half. He dressed, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth and was out the door earlier than usual. He felt that he needed to work to get allow his mind to cope. Bernard knew he was closing down his feelings but he had to stay professional and not snap at anyone – ha also had to give nothing away for the moment.

When the office was opened and the all of the peripheral server checks were done and he made his way around just to make himself feel a little better about what he was doing here he suddenly realized that he shouldn’t be here. He needed to…

As he walked back into his small office he notice another body sitting in front of his desk. From the pulled into a tight braid blond hair, long neck and calm demeanor he knew that Dahlia was visiting him. Bern calmly walked around his desk and sat down in his own chair, moved one of the many monitors so they could see one another, placed his hands on the blotter and folded them together and said, hopefully easily, “Morning, Dahlia.”

Dahlia Bettison, the owner and C.E.O. of Bettison’s Better Designs sat with her legs crossed and forearms resting on the arms of the chair was looking at him with a critical eye. “Morning, Bern. Do me a favor, please, and let’s get this out of the way. You missed a single day of work that wasn’t scheduled when you were in that car accident. Please tell me what’s going on so we can move on, will you?”

Tentatively, and with many resets of the words he wanted to use, Bernard told Dahlia the basic story – he caught Diane cheating, he ended the relationship, got a new apartment and things to let him live, now he’s back to work.

Dahlia’s looking at him was still critical but she softened her features after a moment and said, “I’m sorry, Bern, I really am. If it’s all the same to you I won’t mention this to any of the team as I don’t need them ogling and trying to get you better or some such thing by being even more cruel than they usually are.” With a wave of her hand in a dismissive gesture she finished by saying, “They all gossip and make fun of you but I think they all want to have sex with you or something and I, we, don’t need any more of that right now, correct?”

“Correct.” Bernard was grateful for Dahlia’s professionalism and he was always respectful and admired by her abilities to run this place so easily.

“Besides,” Dahlia suddenly said, rising from the chair, “If anyone gets to fuck you first it’ll be me.” The smile on her face was such that Bernard couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. The wink she gave made it even more difficult to tell.

Dahlia said nothing else as she left his office and went to hers. A short time later the other ladies started showing up and the day’s work began in heavy earnest.

The day was as normal as normal could be and Bernard performed his duties like normal. He made no mention of anything, neither did Dahlia, despite questions from the team about his sullen condition. They may have seen something on his face or in his demeanor but it didn’t go anywhere.

The end of the day was also like normal; only Bernard stayed very late today. He’d had things to catch up on. When they were all finished he said good evening to Dahlia and Lisa, the last two of the office team, and walked out to his car where Diane was standing.

Bernard simply stopped, saying nothing, doing nothing. It was as though he’d become a statue. The reality was, though, that he was very much aware. His peripheral vision saw the lights being shut down in the office so he knew the two of them wouldn’t be alone for very long.

Diane’s face was red and puffy from crying. She took a half step forward but when she met Bern’s face she stepped back. Instead she said, “Bern, please let me try to explain.”

“No,” Bernard said. He didn’t yell or show any physical treaties that might lead to violence.

“It wasn’t what it looked like,” Diane pleaded, “He’s an old friend and it wasn’t my fault. It just happened.”

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