A Night at the Baths

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I made My way down the darkened street, not knowing where I was going. Well, that’s not entirely true, I knew where I was going, at least the address, I just didn’t know how to get there. And at 8:00 at night, all the closed auto repair shops and parts stores, check cashing places and ethnic stores all looked the same. And with all the lights out, it was hard to see any addresses. And it’s not like the bath-house is going to have well lit signs announcing where it is.

I’d never been to the bath-house before, but I knew about it. I’ve lived in the area for over 10 years and heard many things. Of course, it wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods, surrounded by lots of commercial businesses and decidedly “blue collar” workers in apartments and cheap, old houses. But it was safe, secure and had been for many years. And I had been bored at home and looking for a little anonymous fun. So an adventure was in the works.

I drove down the street and found My way inside. Since it was My first time there — yep, I’m a bath-house virgin — I had to pay a bit extra and was given the 25 cent “talking tour”. I headed back to the lockers, stripped down and wrapped the towel around My waist.

My first stop was the steam room, as that was what I was really looking forward to. Ok, so I was looking even more forward to the hot sex with men, but the steam room would do in a pinch. I stepped inside and allowed My eyes to adjust to the very low light and steam filled room. There were a few guys in there — some in towels, some with their cocks out. I could hear some grunting noises over the rush of steam, and walked around a low wall. Two guys were fucking, the top sliding his cock in and out of the other man’s ass. Another guy was standing there, watching, slowly stroking his cock, nearly matching thrust to thrust with the fucking couple on display. I felt My own cock stir with interest, but wanted to save it for later.

I sat on the tiled bench and let the steam and heat was over My body. I was a bit sore from a long week at work and needed the release. The other guys in the room headed out and a new man or two arrived. One of the things I’d heard about the club — that the crowd varied a lot — old and young, fit and fat, the men ran the gamut.

I could hear the 2 guys fucking groan and cry out as they came, seemingly at the same time. Their audience also let out a cry as he shot his load of cum from his strokes. Wanting to explore more of the facility, I headed out the door and took a quick shower across the hall from the steam room. I headed for the sauna to dry off after the shower and was met with another great sight — more naked men.

The dry sauna was smaller than the steam room and didn’t have the private little corner and everybody seemed a bit shy. But after about 5 minutes, the heat was a bit too much and I headed out again. A guy was in the shower, stroking on his cock as he soaped up his body, getting it hard and ready for his own fun. I headed around the corner and down the stairs to the maze of private rooms and the video lounge.

There were a few rooms that were open with men looking for invited guests to join them. There were some porn videos playing on TVs in each room, including a few straight videos. Just as in the steam room, the men in the private rooms were of all types.

As I rounded a corner, I sight a 50-something man, all done up in his Sunday Leather best, harness and jock snug against his body as his slid a big black dildo in and out of his ass, pulling on his dick with every other stroke. A younger guy was standing and watching, his cock throbbing with some desire; probably wishing it was his big black cock sliding in and out of the ass instead of the dildo. I stood and watched the scene for a few moments and continued on.

I came across the video lounge, where a bunch of guys were relaxing and canlı bahis watching a movie. It was just like an evening at home for some of these guys, just relaxing on the couch, watching a movie. Of course, normally there wouldn’t be a half dozen sitting around in just towels.

I headed back up stairs to a common room with a few benches and a king sized bed, and saw a handful of guys milling around. One end of the room had a raised platform area and some holes cut in the wall below the platform. There were a few men standing below the holes, waiting for hard cocks to be slipped through and a few other men already servicing the hard cocks pushed through.

One of the guys sucking on an anonymous cock was slowly rocking back and forth, his own cock disappearing into the mouth of another hungry cocksucker. And even that guy was stroking his own cock, thrilling on the taste and feeling of a hard cock sliding in and out of his mouth.

On the bed, another guy in a leather harness was flat on his back, his ankles in the air, as another many slipped his fist in and out of the guy’s ass. He was groaning loudly from the feeling of the hand slipping in and out of his ass, his cock throbbing and dripping from the feeling.

I climbed the steps to the platform above the glory holes and watched as another cock found a home between the lips of a young blond boy. I stood there, watching, as the blond boy expertly worked the hard cock passing in and out of his lips. A look of pleasure crossed his face as the boy worked on his long and thin cock, drawing him closer and closer to orgasm. I stood watching, My own 8 inch rod stiffening with the show before Me.

I felt a tug on My hand and turned to see a Hispanic man eyeing the cock in My hand and reaching for it. I pulled My hand away and he grabbed My prick and slowly stroked it. There was very little room in the platform and he motioned for Me to follow him to the other side of the room.

On the other side of the room, they’d set up a few small stalls with doors. In the wall that separated each stall was a glory hole, allowing cocks to be thrust through with eager mouths sucking them off. As there was only 1 empty space, we squeezed into the 4 x 4 foot space and he immediately dropped to his knees, expertly swallowing My thick shaft.

He sucked on My shaft and lightly tugged on My balls, churning up loads of cum. His mouth was warm and moist on My throbbing dick, and he slid up and down the shaft. I could feel his own body tense against Mine, and I could tell he was close to cumming. I pulled him to his feet, and he kissed Me hard on the lips, forcing the taste of My own cock onto Me. I didn’t mind.

I slid down the wall, squatting before his body, licking his nipples and abs as I went. Soon his cock, not as big as Mine, was slipping between My own lips and I could feel him tremble with pleasure. I massaged his balls and stuck a finger up his ass. He grunted once, twice and then I felt him tense and then pull his cock from My lips.

His hot cum burst forth from his dick, hitting My shoulder and chest. His breathing was fast and hot as more cum came from his cock, his left hand pressing hard on My shoulder as he struggled for balance. He began to stroke his cock to finish off his orgasm, and more cum slid from the head of his dick. I slowly stood up, and leaned against Me, chest to chest. I could feel some of his cum slip between our bodies as I rose to My feet. He pulled back a bit and licked the cum off of My chest and shoulder, tasting his own juice and moaning with extreme pleasure.

“You didn’t cum” he said to Me, a touch of disappointment in his voice. “Didn’t you like it?”

“Oh, baby… No, I loved it. I’m just not ready to bust that nut yet. I want to play a bit more tonight. You were great. Maybe we can see each other later?” He smiled and kissed Me on the lips bahis siteleri and left the stall.

I could hear some movement in the stalls on each side of the one I was in and I squatted down to peer into each one.

On the left side, a guy was noisily sucking the cock that was coming at him from his left, sucking on it for all he was worth. Judging from the sounds from that side, he was doing a good enough job to make the cock’s owner moan. The door on the right side stall opened and slammed shut twice, and I peered through the hole.

It was dark in the other stall, but I could see the shape of a man, and watched as he pushed his crotch against the wall. He was still wearing some kind of shorts, but his dick was hard against the cotton fabric as he pushed it through the hole.

I stroked his cock through the shorts, feeling him try to thrust it deeper through the wall. I pushed him back with My other hand, pulling the waist band down, freeing his dick from the shorts. He pushed his cock through the hole again, and I wrapped My hand around the shaft and tugged the skin back and forth. He grunted in appreciation.

I squatted down in the stall and slipped his cock in My mouth. He tasted of sweat as I swallowed his cock from head to balls. He smelled of sweat as My nose pressed into his pubes and I inhaled his musk.

I slowly slid My mouth along the shaft of his cock as My tongue teased in and out of the slit in the head. His balls felt tight and hard as I ran My fingers over them, massaging and playing with them, churning up a load of hot cum. I could taste the pre-cum slipping from the cock as I sucked and swallowed that meat deep into My mouth. I could hear him grunt with pleasure as he thrust his crotch harder against the wall, driving his cock deeper into My mouth.

I could feel him tense and his breath came in short bursts. I leaned back, and jerked on his cock. In just a few seconds, I felt his cum in My hand and on My thigh. His hot juice continued to spew from the head of his cock and he leaned further into the wall, trying to climb through the hole as the last of his cum drained out of his balls and his body spasmed with the end of his orgasm. He stuffed his softening dick back inside his shorts and walked away.

Just soon after he vacated the space, another man took his place. It was dark and hard to tell what color the skin was, but the uncut head of this hardening cock was easy to feel. The door on the other side also opened and closed and another cock appeared to My left. I moved back and forth with My mouth, sucking on both cocks in turn, and then stroking the cocks between sessions with My mouth. The man on My left didn’t seem to appreciate the hand job as much as when My lips were planted on his dick, and left after a few minutes.

I devoted My attention to the uncut cock to My right and chewed on the foreskin and slipped My tongue around the head and under the skin. It tasted so good. I moved My mouth to his balls and sucked on them, while continuing to stroke his cock. My own dick was pulsing and jumping, waiting for My own release.

I stood up and stroked our cocks together and pushed My cock head into his foreskin. It was tight — a bit too tight — but he thrust his cock further through the glory hole. I could feel My own pre-cum drips and used it to lube up our cocks as I stroked them together. He thrust his cock a few times deeper into My hand and I could feel an extra wetness as he came.

My own cock still needed attention and I made My way out of the stall, and wandered around some more. I ended up back in the dry sauna as two guys fucked in the heat on the hard wooden benches. The young and hung Latin boy rode on the older man’s cock and then stood up and turned to 69 with him, taking his cock and shoving it deep into the older man’s mouth. The older man met this oral attack bahis şirketleri with his own cock thrusting into the boy’s mouth. All the while, My own cock was getting hard and demanding attention again.

I pulled My cock from the towel and stroked long and hard, getting the attention of the boy and the older man. They switched positions and the man sat up and the boy started riding on the man’s cock and I could see him leaning back, breathing hard. With a few more strokes, he pushed the boy off his cock, pulled off the condom and erupted streams of hot cum across the boy’s ass and back. He stroked and pulled the last of his jizz and licked the remains off of his fingers.

The boy climbed down from the hard benches and slipped his head between My thighs taking My cock deep into his mouth. He was talented, that’s for sure. I reached down and grabbed his nipples, feeling him jump with each pinch. He couldn’t take much more and pulled away, coming up and planting his lips on My own. I was tasting My own cock for another time this night.

The boy moved his mouth around to My ear and nibbled, but also asked if I would shove My thick cock up his ass. We moved to the upper bench and I lay on My back. The boy unrolled the condom and slipped it down My hard and throbbing dick. He then straddled over My cock and slipped it deep into his warm and ready ass. As he rode My cock, sliding his ass up and down the shaft, and his sweat was dripping down on My own body, mixing our sweat together.

He continued to stroke his cock and ride My dick, pulling My dick deep into his hole and then slipping the head nearly out each time. His ass pulsed and tightened on My dick and I could feel his body tensing. I lifted My ass from the bench and pushed it deep into his ass. With only a few of these deep thrusts, his cock burst forth with sprays of hot jizz, splattering across My stomach and chest. He cried out with the first shot and continued to ride My dick and shooting more cum on My body.

Spent, he climbed off and pulled Me up, and we headed off to the shower. I pulled the condom off and soaped up My still hard cock and washed his come off My abs and chest. I headed back into the steam room; listening as 2 other guys were fucking behind the low wall. Another man was lying on his back, stroking his own cock as he listened to the men fucking just a few feet away from him.

I sat down on the other bench and watched as the man stroked his cock in time with the grunts from the guys fucking. My own cock was still hard and throbbing with desire and My own hot cum. I began stroking My cock and the Latin boy I’d just been fucking came into the room. He again dropped to his knees and worked My cock into his mouth, sucking and pulling on the flesh. He tugged on My balls and fingered the sensitive skin behind My balls, pushing Me towards My own orgasm.

His lips worked along the shaft and his tongue swirled around the head, driving waves of pleasure through My dick. Within just a few minutes, I was ready to explode. He sensed My body ready to come and stood up, burying his lips on My own and I stroked My cock. He was furiously stroking his own cock, pulling himself to another orgasm, while I worked My own cock. His lips were pasted to Mine, his tongue forcing a touch to My own.

I gasped and cried out “I’m cumming!” as the first wave of cum burst from My dick. Just seconds later, his dick was shooting more cum onto My abs as he came again. I continued stroking and cumming, as did he, and our kisses were deep and hard as we both pulled the cum from our balls and through our dicks.

We could hear the other guys fucking as they also cried out as they came together and collapsed against each other. Just a few moments later, the solo stroker pulled his own shots of cum from his dick, covering his furry abs with his own hot juice. Spent, I began to stand up and head for the showers. I washed the Latin boy’s cum off of My body for the 2nd time that night, enjoying the memories of My adventure.

Make no mistake, I’ll be back. And I’m a virgin no more!

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