A Night to Remember Pt. 01

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We had just returned from a meal out at your favourite restaurant. It was rare for us to be able to spend time laughing and enjoying each others company. You had got dressed up for the evening and it reminded me of just how lucky I was, curves in all the right places.

As we walk upstairs I make sure you go ahead of me, watching your hips sway is a sight to behold. At the top of the stairs I stop you by holding you hand and pulling you close.

I kiss you and feel you push yourself into me. I kiss you deeper and pull your waist close to me reaching my hand down to your ass cheek and squeeze you close to me. I hear you moan and take this sign to let my hands roam deeper finding your thong.

I tug on it creating pressure on your clit and you break our kiss and lift your head back. As I kiss your neck this lifted position allows me to reach deeper and place a finger inside your wet pussy and begin to rub your clit. You want more so break away and begin to remove your dress.

The way your body looks as you stretch over your head is incredible, and it accentuates your smoking hot body in all casino siteleri the right places. You remove your bra and begin to remove your pants. “stop” I say and push you gently on the shoulders as you sink to your knees. One of my favourite images is of the moment you try and remove my rock hard cock from my pants. I love the fact you are always surprised at how big it is and watching that expression is only surpassed by the moment I guide your head to my balls and let my cock cover your entire head. That really makes me feel like I have a huge cock capable of giving you the fucking you need.

You work your mouth along my shaft and take the head into your mouth. It feels incredible as you work the length of my cock into your mouth. You are so eager to take the entire length and rub my balls and ass with your hands trying to force the last inch in. After a minute of expert sucking I reach for your hair and begin to fuck your face as I would your pussy.

You gasp as I remove my cock before pushing you head back all the way down. It feels incredible and you allow me to quicken my pace, the canlı casino relaxing your head giving me full control to determine the depth and speed. I push your head to the very base and hold you there. It feels incredible as my cock twitches. You maintain discipline and keep me deep. I pull out to a gasp from your mouth and slap my glistening cock back along your face. You look so incredibly hot.

I stand you up and turn you round. I pull you back towards me so my cock nestles between your ass cheeks. I wrap one hand around your waist and the other around your chest. I begin to gently rub your clit through your soaking wet pants and play with your nipples gently twisting them just how you love it. “oh please fuck me” you groan.

I bend you forward as you hold onto the wall removing your pants and slide my full length directly inside you. The sensation of your tight pussy giving way to my cock causes you to gasp loudly and after a few thrusts you are begging me to fuck you harder. I quicken my pace and force. within minutes I feel you pussy tighten, you scream in pleasure as the first orgasm kaçak casino hits you. You come so hard you push my cock out. You try to go limp, but I pull you in closer and you reach forwards to maintain your balance.

I help you take off your thong and rub it on your soaking wet pussy. I guide them up to your open mouth. As I push them into your mouth I re-insert my cock to a now-muffled scream. Now it is time to fuck you hard. I build pace and thrust with all my force, while working your clit and grabbing you hair for leverage. The muffled screams drive me on. The only time my relentless action is broken is when another wave of orgasm hits you.

I can’t take this level of action for long and you hear my breath quicken. You know I’m close and reach under to stroke my balls. When you feel just how wet they are from you cumming pussy it tips you over the edge and you cum again. This is all I need and as your pussy contracts on my cock I cum deep inside your pussy. We stay there listless and I admire my handiwork, you look so fucking hot. I remove your gag, tell you I love you.

I pull my cock out causing you to give a sigh of disappointment and I know this is just the start. I reach into you pussy with two fingers and scoop out my cum and feed it to you. You dutifully clean my hand giving a satisfying moan before heading off to the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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