A Pleasant Visit Ch. 05

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I walked into the kitchen to find Bianca in front of the stove. She was standing totally naked while making breakfast. My cock immediately started rising. She turned her head and stared at my erection for a second or two before greeting me.

I greeted her back and asked her what she was making. She told me and also said that I’m going to work for my breakfast. I wasn’t sure what she meant and asked her too explain “work” to me.

It turned out that I have to masturbate for her to get breakfast. She also wanted me to shoot my cum all over her pussy.

She sat down on the table, opened her legs and gently started rubbing her clit. I took my place in front of her and started stroking my cock.

Her pussy was wet in no time and I wanted to push my cock inside her but that wasn’t part of the fun. The pre-cum started running out onto my head and down my shaft. Bianca was rubbing her clit harder and faster now.

I moved my cock closer to her pussy and came; my cum shot out onto her hand and onto her open pussy. She came shortly after that and smeared her cum all over pussy. She asked me to lick her pussy clean. I did it but kept licking her to another orgasm.

Breakfast was good. We cleaned the dishes and took a shower before going out to the mall.

On the way back she pulled her short skirt up to her hips and started fingering herself, she reached over with her free hand and massaged my cock through my pants. No matter where we were or what time of the day it was, she always made me horny.

When we got into the flat she said that she wants to try something out. She asked me for rope or something to tie someone up with. I got very excited and found a piece of rope in no time.

“Okay. You’re going to be my slave for a while and after that I’ll be your slave for a while.” She said and made herself comfortable on the couch. “You’ll do everything I tell you to do without asking questions, am I clear?”

“Yes mam.” I replied.

“Okay let’s start. You can begin by taking my shoes of and washing it.” She commanded.

I thought it was a stupid request but did as she told me. I fetched the water and soap, took her shoes off and started washing her small feet.

“Uh, canlı bahis you’re doing a good job. Now I want you to take your clothes off, I want something to look at while having my feet pleased.” Was her next command.

I got up and took my clothes off. My cock was semi-erect when I continued washing her feet

“Rub your cock against my feet.” She said with her hand going down to her pussy.

My cock rose to a full erection when I heard her command. I rubbed my cock against her wet feet while I continued soking them with the water.

Her next command was to wash her feet again and massage her carves while licking and kissing her feet.

I did as she told me too. I got a glimps of her hands pulling he skirt up to her hips. She rubbed her hands over her pussy while I did my job down at her feet.

She pulled her feet away from me and told me to lie on the table with my front facing up. She quickly tied my hands and feet to the table and took her dress off.

“Mmh. I know what you want to do… you want to fuck your master don’t you. You would love to push your cock into her wet pussy, or maybe into her asshole. You want to shoot your hot sticky cum inside her, maybe even push your cock into her mouth and make her swallow your cum.” She said and got onto the table with her legsat my sides.

“Well I’ve got other plans for you and that nice hard cock of yours.” She lowered her self onto my cock, she didn’t take me inside her though. She rubbed her wet pussy all over my cock; up to my head then down to my balls again.

Her cum streamed out of her pussy onto my cock. She turned herself around in a flash and licked my cock clean. Then she put both her legs at the sides of my head and pushed her ass out.

“Look at my asshole, you would like to fuck that wouldn’t you?” she said running a finger over her hole. “Well I want you to eat my ass.” She said and lowered her ass onto my face.

My tongue slid around her hole making it very wet. She started groaning softly and moved one hand to her pussy. Her other hand found my cock and started stroking it, it was very wet from more pre-cum that came out.

She quickly got up and turned around; she went down to bahis siteleri my cock and lowered herself onto it. My cock slid inside her with no trouble. She started riding me like a rodeo .

“Oh my God.” she groaned aloud as she came.

This was too much for me, I shot my cum out into her, 5 squerts and I was done.

She stayed on top of e for a few minutes before getting of. She fell down on the couch and fell asleep leaving me tied up to the table. I fell into a sleep that’s hard to describe; you’re sleeping but you can still hear everything that’s going on around you. I woke up (from my weird sleep) about an hour and a half later. Bianca wasn’t on the couch. She came into the room 5 minutes later.

“You’re awake, let me untie you.” She said and started untying me.

“That’s so nice of you to untie me 2 hours after fucking me. Dou you know how uncomfortable this table is?” I replied back.

“Don’t worry, after we grab something to eat you can have your way with me… and remember… you can do anything you want and I won’t object.” She said.

Anything I want sounded so good, I am so going to treat myself and my cock to a wonderful time in and on bianca’s body.

We went to the kitchen and fixed some lunch. We ate in silence. I have no idea what Bianca was thinking about but I was thinking about my turn to have fun with a sex slave.

We went to my room after finishing our lunch. Bianca was wearing a red g-string and a black sports bra. I was wearing my black briefs.

I told her to take her bra of and play with her tits while I get the computer started. I selected one of my best pornos and walked over to where Bianca was sitting.

“You can start off by sucking my cock.” I said and looked over at the screen.

Her tongue circled my head then her lips closed round it. She sucked my head for a while then took my cock deeper inside her mouth. My cock was halfway inside her mouth, her tongue slid over the length of my shaft then played around with my tip.

I looked down at Bianca’s head turning from one side to another as she sucked me, then I turned my head to enjoy the movie. A female prisonor was standing in the warden’s office with her hands cuffed bahis şirketleri and pushing against the table, the warden was standing behind her and fucking her wildly. After he shot his load in her he got on the desk and she sucked his cock clean. The one guard who brought her in took his place behind the prisonor and fucked her hard.

I told Bianca to lie down on her back. I got on top of her and rubbed my cock against her tits. I moved up to her mouth and lowered my balls onto her mouth, she licked my balls while I masturbated.

I turned around and took her wet g-string off. I pushed her legs wide apart and entered her hole with authority. I fucked her hard and fast; when she reached her orgasm I pulled out and commanded her to get on all fours. I used her cum and my saliva to keep my cock wet. I pushed a wet finger into her ass and gently started fingering her ass.

She liked what I was doing. I used more saliva to keep my cock wet and to lubricate her asshole. When I made sure that My cock and her ass were wet enough I directed my cock to her asshole. I pushed my head inside her and gave her a while to adapt to the new situation. When I got the signal from her I pushed my cock further inside her. My whole cock went inside her, I didn’t move for a while, then I slowly started pulling back leaving my head inside her. I started fucking her ass faster with every thrust. We reached a steady pace, I was sliding in and out of her with ease. She was groaning harder with every movement of my hips.

She reached another orgasm about five minutes later. I could feel my cock tighten and I shot my hot cum into her waiting ass.

I pulled my cock out and rubbed my tip against her opening. I pushed my cock back inside her and fucked her cute little ass one more time.

After washing my cock off I returned to the room, Bianca was now lying on the bed with 3 pillows underneath her. She begged me to fuck her ass again. I got in behind her and made sure that the both of us were wet enough before pushing my cock inside her again.

We layed there, me slowly fucking her ass and she groaning form the pleasure and watching the porno on the computer.

We started the food and finished just in time to have supper when my brother arrived home from work.

Well I got my first taste of her ass and I enjoyed it. I hope to get some more. Tomorrow will be the last day that Bianca will spend with me and my brother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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