A Plethora of Pillows

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“I’m getting this framed.”

Becca clicked through her uploaded vacation photos. Between lush, green outdoor shots in the country and the indulgent, macro shots of downtown architecture was a single image. It was a close-up of her partner’s face, smushed against a grey damask cushion as he slept.

Lex leaned over her shoulder, eyeing the computer screen. He frowned in mock-serious contemplation of the image. Upon registering what he saw, his mind instantly released a tantalizing association. He planted a kiss on Becca’s cheek, his hand inching down from her shoulder to cup her breast.

“Damn fine choice,” he said.


Becca lingered at the back of the group of tourists. The guide continued to embellish upon the details of the estate.

“…this prominent executive of the Hudson Bay Company…”

She wasn’t paying the spiel much attention, instead letting her eyes wander over the details of the hallway. The wood floors that had seen so much life, been worn out from their pristine expensive condition over a century. Now they had been painstakingly restored.

There were panelled and papered walls, musty scents and the throng of out-of-place intruders. They took photos of everything, slowing down the progress of the tour. Her own camera was dead weight around her neck. Becca regretted bringing it along. In some places, it was simply better to create memories.

“…beyond the hill you can see from this window, Kingsmere is just to the…”

She felt a hand slide around her hip to her stomach, gently pressing her into the body of her travelling companion. Lex tilted his head, with his mouth close to Becca’s ear he spoke softly.

“You want to ditch these tour zombies?” He asked.

“It’s okay,” she whispered, her hand covering his, “I like this place. We won’t see it all without the guide.”

“It is beautiful…” Lex murmured, “but you say the word and I’ll pull the nearest fire alarm.”

Becca brought her hand up to her mouth to shield the broad grin that lit her face. Her partner was reliably a chaotic element.

That morning, Lex had turned their room into a tempest searching for his wallet. He had an innate ability for losing track of his own effects. They had almost lost the chance to visit this estate. Becca had noticed Lex’s attempts to compensate for his tantrum with more composed behaviour… but it was beginning to slide.

He needn’t have bothered compensating to begin with. Becca wasn’t holding a grudge. Still, it was sweet to see the gesture made on her behalf.

“This room contains a beautifully preserved collection of… oh,” the tour guide paused, slightly embarrassed.

Having opened the door to a main lounge of the estate, it was obvious that the unnamed collection was not in the room anymore. There was no furniture left at all, but instead an enormous pile of cushions and pillows that covered most of the lush burgundy carpet.

It created a series of artificial heaths and hills of silk, satin and cottony blends. Sizes and shapes varied beyond counting. There was no uniform style to the patterns, though there seemed to be some matching sets that had been churned together in the mix. It was an inexplicable dream of comfort, begging to be taken advantage of.

Lex altered his weight from foot to foot. He smirked at the thoughts brimming in his head. With Becca before him, he subtly trailed the back of his hand between her shoulder blades. Her body rippled with a sensual shiver.

“I-I forgot,” the guide babbled, “well… the HBC still shoots ads at this location from time to time and as you can see, they recently made use of this room and… yes. Anyway, we’ll circle back now, take the stairs over in the entryway.”

A single flash went off in the direction of the mountain of pillows before the guide shut the door and ushered them off.

Standing on the veranda of the grand house, Becca took a moment to breathe deeply, her eyes shut against the fading sunset. There were lilacs growing nearby, the hint of their perfume reaching her nose. Lex had excused himself for a moment.

He had been mercifully graceful about his exit. There were times when he was inclined to loudly declare: “Wait here, I have a mission to accomplish!” The ripple of awkwardness he could send through a public space gave him a glee that Becca didn’t quite understand. Of course, her blush in these moments also gratified Lex to no end.

When the creak of the deck announced his return, Becca smiled.

“Ready to go?” It was mostly rhetorical. There was nothing else to do but head to the car and leave.

But something was going on. It was written all over Lex’s face. There was a mischievous mirth in the corners of his mouth. He took hold of Becca’s waist, tugging her into a gentle hug. He swayed with her for a moment while a few remaining tourists filtered past them on the veranda.

The light was fading around them. Lampposts by the parking lot blinked on to the right. Becca could hear the devious casino oyna wheels turning in Lex’s head. What would it be this time? He stepped back and they descended the front steps.

“This way,” he said, taking her hand and leading away from the parking lot. They walked around the outside of the building, passing from the well-groomed part of the lawn to the overgrowth where no one was meant to go.

“Lex…” Becca hesitated.

“Trust me?” he said softly, looking back at her. Becca sighed.

“Damn it.” She let him lead on.

They stopped at a window a few meters from the back of the house. A large pane of glass with two smaller squares beneath, one of which had been slid back, exposing the screen. It was the only one that had been left open.

“Oh good,” said Lex. Becca’s head turned to him from her focus on the window.

“What’s going on?” She asked, though she knew the answer. The drive for silly adventure had woken again in Lex… Becca knew it as well as she knew she wasn’t going to resist. This was how it always went. It was time for a ride.

Still holding her hand, Lex pulled Becca into a soft hug, nuzzling and whispering by her ear:

“Becca, we need this experience. I looked at that crazy mass of comfy pillows and I knew I needed to drag you down onto it and bury you in cuddles.”

He withdrew somewhat, placing his forehead against hers and running his hands down her back. She breathed slowly in the quiet between them, letting the uncertainty trickle into the moment before she leaned back and smiled.

“Ok, Lex. I’m game,” she said. Feeling a buzz of relief, Lex took a moment to do an impish victory dance. Becca giggled and shook her head.

His glee was starting to become infectious. With his help she climbed up and through the window. She moved aside as he followed suit, scanning the dark and keeping an ear out for any sign that they would be discovered.

There was no reason to believe that a heritage site like this would have any sort of night-watch, all the same Becca felt a foreboding in those first few moments. What if the last of the staff hadn’t left yet?

As the minutes ticked past during their infiltration, it became clear that no one had detected them. The grumble of cars starting and rolling out of the parking lot was the only other sign of life.

They left their shoes and Becca’s camera by the window. Padding across the carpet, they moved around the dark, puffy landscape until Lex found a light-switch.

“Here we go,” he said, flipping it. Becca flinched away from the bright bulb overhead.

“Ow, that’s too much.”

“Oh… well!” he remarked, “There’s actually a dimmer on this.” He slid the dial.

“How dim should I make it? This dim? Or Diiiimer” He sang this last word, lowering his voice an octave.

“Or less dim!” He raised his voice to an unnatural pitch, turning up the light again.

“Stop that,” Becca ordered, without any real bite. Lex straightened his posture.

“Yes ma’am,” he replied. He adjusted the dimmer to a comfortable mid-point.

“I think… I think this might be too many pillows,” said Becca. With her back to Lex, she took in the cozy mass and shook her head. What had been the point of gathering all these pillows here? And why leave them?

“Nonsense!” Said Lex. He began pushing over parts of the largest mound, digging into the heap to create a soft den in the middle. “Throw a few here, a few there and look!” He flopped into the cushions, quickly grasping at Becca to drag her down into a silly, fumbling embrace. The angle was awkward, and she lightheartedly struggled out of his hold, sitting beside him.

“You are ridiculous at times, you know?” She announced.

“You need to lighten up more,” Lex said, smirking.

Between them, they called it “breaking”. Becca looked away. She reached for a smaller, striped pillow. Hugging the pillow, she continued to stare at nothing. She grimaced and swallowed hard, but the tears started despite her will.

Lex moved a little closer. He rubbed one hand up and down her back while the other rested on her knee. Slow and gentle motions.

“I care.” He said simply. She sniffled and turned her head, her eyes directed towards his hand on her knee. “You matter and I care.”

It wasn’t an apology. He knew the signs. Any slight, innocent barb would have punctured her mood. It was simply a matter of letting the emotion drain out. He repeated his soothing touches, keeping quiet for the few minutes afterwards. He simply observed her.

Becca looked up and met his eyes. She let out a long sigh. Her tears were drying on her cheeks as she moved her hand around to take hold of Lex’s own.

“I’m okay,” she whispered, and meant it. She sighed without any signs of pain and gave the briefest smile to her partner.

Cradled in their nest of cushions, they wrapped their arms around each other. They hugged and lolled around in the soft foundation, his hand sliding down her back while she pressed her canlı casino face to his chest. They let their instincts lead them in simple plays of affection. Light touches along his jawline, rubbing down her legs and sweet fondles exchanged by them both…

Gradually, the cuddles began to morph into more intense indulgence as gentle caresses became impish gropes. Laughter bubbled up between them. While nuzzled against her, Lex decided to lick along Becca’s neck.

“Oh…” she made a soft sound of approval, her knee lightly dragging against him as she lifted her right leg. The noise elicited an immediate reaction in his groin. Lex felt himself get harder and with his body flush to hers there was no question that Becca noticed it too.

Shifting in the gentle mess, Lex pulled himself more upright, bringing Becca with him. He studied her face for a moment, cupping her cheek in his hand. He pressed a soft, brief kiss to her lips before saying in a low, sober tone:

“Give me all your orgasms and nobody gets hurt.” Becca grinned and giggled. Lex managed to hold the stern expression on his face for half a second more before he flashed his own smile. He reached to lift away Becca’s top, the two of them making quick work of discarding their outer layers.

She lay back against the incline of pillows behind her, legs together and pulled up in front of her. Lex slid his hand into the space between her ankles, gliding his touch between her legs up to her knees. Ticklish, Becca made a small gasp and squirmed at her hips. They mirrored a grin to each other as Lex pushed her knees open, as though her legs were a large tome he was eager to read.

“Stay open,” he instructed, leaning down while he kept his eyes on Becca’s face. She dragged her fingers along her bottom lip and nodded.

Lex kissed the soft skin of her left thigh, just past her knee. He kissed, licked, nipped and sucked his way along her thigh… getting ever closer to her mons. Becca kept her legs parted, with little control over the rest of herself. She let out soft moans and sighs, her hands gripping into the padding surrounding her. Some of his teases were making her hips twitch forward on instinct. Lex felt the first of these with his lips pressed to her skin… an added push back from her side that made him chuckle.

When he reached the edge of her panties, he stopped. Withdrawing he began the same process over again on her right leg. No more stimulus than on the first journey, but the results where amplified. Becca let out a needy hum and arched her back, her pelvis slightly rising. It appeared like an offering to Lex, tempting him in. He sighed low and felt his desire stirring.

“I love you,” he said softly, looking up to lock eyes with Becca. He waited for the answer she always gave…

“Why?” She asked, he grinned and gave a light nip at her thigh.

“Because I have to,” Lex said. Becca smiled at him.

He moved to kiss just below her belly button, savouring her skin and her reactions equally. As he kissed down the fabric of her plain grey panties, he could smell her arousal. When his trail brought his lips to a damp patch of cloth he made a soft growl.

“Fuck…” the word was whispered by them both at once, causing a peal of breathy laughs to fill the room.

Through waiting for what they both wanted, he tugged and slid her panties down over her hips and down her legs. He let them fling beyond the pillowy haven, his attention drawn immediately back to his partner as Becca removed her bra and spread her legs again.

“Mmm,” he dove towards the moist, enticing display of her sex. He pressed his face to her and kissed her soft folds eagerly. Lex explored her with his tongue, lapping and teasing. The taste of her spurred him on beyond any reserve he might have planned. His tongue slid to Becca’s clitoris, pressing hard on the swollen nub of nerves and circling it.

“God, Lex!” Becca gasped. Her hips gyrated in her abandon, moving her sex against Lex’s mouth. He wrapped one arm around her thigh and sucked hard on her sensitive flesh. She moaned low and long, shuddering all over while her grip on the cushions tightened and twisted.

Allowing them both to gain some breath, Lex paused. While Becca panted, he placed an innocent kiss on her mons and looked into her eyes.

“So, sexy…” he murmured, shaking his head as though reproaching her. She grinned and crooked a finger at him. He obeyed the sensual summons, crawling over her until they were face to face.

As he leaned forward, expecting to have the chance to kiss her, Becca put her hand to Lex’s shoulder. She rose from her recline and pushed Lex back until he was on his rear. Up on her knees, she looked pointedly down at his boxers, where his manhood strained obviously against the fabric.

“You’re going to want to lose those,” she remarked. Lex scrambled to comply, stripping off his boxers and tossing them with the same disregard he had given Becca’s panties.

He sat naked in front of her, his legs kaçak casino splayed, leaning back on his hands. Becca smiled and took in his form. He was very much erect, having riled up himself as much as her.

“Stay open… and still,” she said. She sat down between his legs, her knees bent, one foot placed on either side of his hips. Inching forward, she brought her body closer, agonizingly close without contact.

“You villain,” Lex said. Becca looked into Lex’s eyes and smiled.

“I love you,” she said. She inched the last amount she could without touching him. He could feel the heat of her and it took all the will he had not to press to her and grind to show his excitement.

“Are you trying to make me crazy?” He asked through a hissing breath. Becca smirked.

“Just getting the angle I want,” she said, licking her lower lip.

Now that he could tell exactly what she had in mind, she nodded. Lex brought his legs in towards himself. As he crossed them, making a seat for Becca, she took hold of his shaft and eased herself into a complete union with her partner.

“God…” Lex groaned as Becca’s flesh enveloped him. She wrapped her legs around behind him, seated comfortably in his lap. He hugged her body against him, his face between her breasts.

Becca made a pleasured whimper from the intensity. He was deep inside her from this angle. Her nerves sang with the heat of it. For a moment, she remained motionless. She listened to her lover’s sighs and stroked down his neck before slowly starting to writhe from her hips.

Lex drew a sharp intake of air. Not too fast or too hard, her rhythm provided them both with a heavenly friction. He kept Becca stable with a hand at her back while he leaned and explored her right breast with his mouth.

He sucked along her flesh until he brought her nipple into his mouth. Dragging his teeth along the puckering skin, Lex was rewarded by the quickening pace in Becca’s hips. He bit just enough to grip her nipple and give a playful tug. She moaned and twitched, the motion causing Lex to give out his own ragged sigh.

“You feel so damn good,” Lex whispered. He leaned back, supporting with his hands planted behind him. Becca steadied herself, bracing on his shoulders. They both began to gyrate, the actions instinctual. The rhythm was still lazy and sensual… a game of stimulation to see how long it could last. It was intoxicating, though doomed to devolve quickly. The feel of her slickness scorched Lex’s building lust while the stretching of his firm penetration flared Becca’s own desire.

“I need it,” Becca panted. Lex grunted as he felt his partner’s muscles clenching on him. It was too good, too much to resist. He held her and rolled over, positioning so that she lay on the dishevelled field of pillows. Still united, he took advantage of this new angle to withdraw slightly and begin thrusting. He moaned, sliding in and out while Becca’s legs quivered on either side of him.

“Fuck, Becca…” Lex whispered.

“That’s exactly- Oh! oh, yeah…” Becca’s taunt fell off into a whimper as her pleasure spiked.

No games or motives remained beyond the pure need for climax. Lex pumped into Becca with a primal, urgent tempo. She panted and moaned over and over in wordless need. Her hips bucked to meet every heated thrust. Feeling the final peak of pleasure tipping dangerously close, Lex placed his thumb over Becca’s clitoris, rubbing her firmly to stoke her own approaching release. Her previously distant gaze snapped to his face.

“Oh god, Lex, I-” Her breath caught in her throat as she plummeted into her orgasm. Her whole body shuddered and her muscles were clenching on him again. The wanton expression on her face and the sensory overload was perfect. He gasped and shuddered, holding a deep thrust and releasing.

They rode the throes of ecstasy until they gradually ebbed. Lex sucked the juices from his thumb before caressing Becca’s face and giving her a tender kiss. He slid from her sex and smiled a giddy, sated smile. She smiled back and pulled him down to rest. He shifted them both in the padded mess, spooning his partner and sighing in her ear.

“Mine,” he said, as sexual denouement rendered them both an exhausted heap. Becca grinned to herself, pressing into Lex’s embrace.

“Mm, mine,” Becca said with a sigh. His fingers traced idly along her hip, his breathing slow. She could feel his hold weakening as he drifted from afterglow towards sleep. He pressed his lips to the nape of her neck.

“This is the coziest sex I’ve ever had,” he mumbled before passing out. Becca suppressed a giggle. She spent a few moments with the flush of contentment that filled her before letting her eyes slowly shut in turn.

Scant minutes after dawn, Becca opened her eyes. She wiggled out of Lex’s hold and sat up. Lex mumbled incoherent dream thoughts and shifted without waking up. Treading softly on the dark carpet, Becca went about the business of gathering their discarded clothes.

A smile kept creeping into her mouth as she dressed. In the quiet morning there was only the lingering sweetness of what Lex would call “a perfect love-fuck.” She folded his clothes and set the pile near her sleeping partner.

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