A Quick Detour

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She sighed her fingers quickly beating in and out of her tight wet pussy. She sat on the edge of her bed, her little plaid skirt up around her waist, her legs covered to the knee in white knee socks were spread wide granting her hand access. Her two middle fingers pounded away inside of her young pussy, her thumb flicking across her engorged clit her other hand was up her shirt pinching and twisting her erect lace covered nipples. She was so close, she bit her lip trying not to moan, not wanting to draw attention from anyone else in the house. She glanced at the clock and whimpered pulling her hand away from her writhing body. She was already late and couldn’t risk another tardy by staying to relieve this burning need to cum.

She sucked her fingers dry as she gathered her books, her short skirt bouncing as she quickly ran down the stairs reminding her she had forgotten to wear panties. “Oh well, let’s give those boring old teacher something to fantasize about,” she thought to her self and felt another surge of heat go through her as she thought about it.

She ran out of the house and down the steps bumping into her brothers friend David as she set foot on the sidewalk. Her books went flying and not thinking she bent at the waist to pick them up. She heard David gasp as he saw her wet pussy exposed the short skirt hiding nothing.

She hesitated still bent with books in hand as she thought of what to do. Before she could react though she felt a large warm finger trace the line of her already heightendly sensitive slit.

She meant to be angry, but a moan let out how her body automatically responded. Taking his chance he quickly plunged a finger into her tight hot hole. Her hips bucked against his hand involuntarily.

They stood there for a moment his large calloused finger banging her pussy her try to fight moans. In an instant she straightened her back turned around and shoved him against a tree. She ground her hips against his as their lips met, her tongue invading his mouth as his finger had invaded her pussy.

As they kissed he could feel her hot wet groin moving against the bulge in the front of his pants, the warm wet pressure was intoxicating as was the smell of her shampoo, the heat of her body against his. casino oyna His mind was a jumble of sensations he had no control over his hand roaming over her body. The soft taut skin of a young athlete.

He thought of the girl in his arms, the what he once thought innocent little school girl grinding her erect nipples into his hand and her warm center against his hard as steel cock. This was his best friends little sister. Of course, the cute blonde had inspired many a fantasy but she was always out of reach a year younger than the nineteen year old he had thought her as seeing him as an older brother. He remembered how hard he had become the past summer when he had walked out on her sunbathing on the back deck, topless. Her pert small breasts lightly flushed with sun. Having headphones on she had no idea he was there and that his cock was twitching in his trunks every time she swayed gently with the beat.

Suddenly she pulled back, her eyes full of lust. “Come on,” she said, with a sly smile, pulling on the tie to his school uniform. He followed close enough behind to feel the curve of her ass brush against the already tented front of his pants.

She lead him to the back yard to the shed she knew was only used by her brother to jack-off in privacy. She felt powerful leading this tall muscular upper classman by the tie, almost a short leash. She had fantasized about him every time she touched herself every since this summer when he had walked out on her sunbathing. She had on sunglasses and acted as if she were listening to music instead of just trying to keep sound out with the head phones. She watched him gently stroke his long hard cock through the thin material of his swim trunks, looking at her. Wanting her. That was her first taste of this erotic power and she wanted more.

She opened the door and stepped in he closed to door behind him and pushed her against it, grinding is cloth covered crotch against her bare pussy. She broke their kiss to groan wrapping her legs around his waist wanting more contact as she arched her back started to kiss and suck urgently on the exposed skin of her long graceful neck. He had unbuttoned her shirt earlier and now pushed it off her shoulder revealing her heaving chest cased only in white canlı casino lace. He smiled at the front clasp and with a predatory grin unsnapped it. He slid that too off her shoulder and he explored her bare skin with his mouth. He started to gently nip and suck on her bared breasts from her response of arching her back and bucking her hips against his he was encouraged to suck harder, she gasped almost as if he were sucking the air out of her. Then moaned as he switched, his mouth enclosing her other pink erect nipple.

As his mouth worked her to a fevered pitch his hand traveled down her stomach to her shaven pussy. He let his hand slowly tortuously trace the line of her silken slit until she whimpered and bucked hard against his hand. As he bit down on her nipple he inserted his two middle fingers deep in to her pussy. She automatically spasmed around his finger orgasming leaking juices all over his hand and screaming freezing with her hips bucked against his hand and her back arched.

Her orgasm calmed and he pulled his fingers out and brought them to his lips he sucked his middle finger into his mouth and breathed in deeply taking in the scent and taste of her as much as he could. He was about to switch to suck her sweet juices off his other finger as he felt he small hand grip his wrist he watched curiously as she brought his hand to her mouth and her lips closed around his cum covered ring finger. She twirled her tongue and sucked at the same time causing him to moan and buck his hips against hers his cock twitching almost painfully in his pants he needed release and she knew it. She slowly withdrew his finger, scraping her teeth along it.

She unwrapped her long legs from around his waist. The thought of how good her mouth would feel against his throbbing dick flashed through his mind she smiled almost as if she could read his thoughts and nodded. She slipped his blazer off his shoulder and loosened his tie pulling it over his head. Then she kissed him unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt. She pulled away from the kiss and smiled slyly as she ripped open his shirt and pulled the ends from the waist band of his pants she slipped the shirt off his shoulder and she marveled at his bronze skin. She ran her long nails down kaçak casino his arm and he closed his eyes reveling in the sensation. When his eyes were closed she quickly leaned forward and sucked his nipple into her mouth, he groaned not expecting that. He looked down as she moved down his torso licking and kissing down his defined abs. He loved to watch as her tongue flicked over his flesh but he needed relief in other areas so his moved his hips a little encouraging her to go lower. Her hand unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled his pants and boxers down in one fluid motion and his dick sprang free bouncing and slapping against his stomach. She looked at the engorged penis in front of her and licked her lips as a small drop of precum oozed out. She leaned forward and swiped her tongue of the stream taking in the flavor. She did not however take him into her mouth instead she stood and he groaned in disappointment until she turned around and bent down flipping her skirt up exposing the fleshy globes of her ass to him.

He stood there shocked for a second until she wiggled her hips and looked over her shoulder at him. Then like a man possessed he reached and gripped her small flared hips in his large hands and pulled back as he thrust forward making them meet in the middle him shoving his hard cock deep into her pussy she moaned and rocked back he had barely thrust three times before she orgasmed harshly, her muscles fisting around his cock. He moaned and gently pushed in and out extending her orgasm. When she had recovered she seemed to be energized leaning forward to place her hands on the windowsill she again rocked back on him. He placed his hands over hers and started to bang in and out of her. Forcing her hot tight hole to stretch to accommodate his size she bucked wildly moaning with every thrust. Her moans made his groans louder soon they were slapping against one another’s sweaty bodies both reveling in the glorious friction. He had been fighting the boiling in his balls since he entered her but knew he couldn’t fight it anymore bring the thrusts to an insane pitch he pounded away at her. Then he thrust once more almost howling as he felt her muscles contract around him as the first spurt of his cum slammed into her pussy.

Their orgasm seemed to last hours as the rocked back and forth gently together. They fell to the floor of the little shack exhausted. “It’s worth the trouble for skipping school,” she thought drifting to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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