A Second Homecoming

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One thing that stayed as fresh as the first time was that feeling of two moaning people joined together in the throes of hot, passionate sex.

Feeling the weight of his body pressing her into the mattress, her hands swept down the sides of his back delighting in his muscles even as her hands settled on his ass. It flexed as he drove down into her; she helped him along pulling him while shoving her crotch up to meet him.

In her mind’s eye she saw her legs splayed out, she was as open as she could get wanting him to get all the way deep inside her.

His hands caressed the back of her head, fingers entwining into her honey blonde hair. Colored? Oh probably, but so what, she was still way more sexy than any woman he’d ever bedded before. He realized that just looking into the depths of her ice blue eyes. Her sex gripped him in a velvety, slippery warmth. His tongue sought a similar haven as he began French kissing her. He wasn’t in any hurry to come, those “wham bam” days of his youth had deserted him in recent years, besides, he found pure enjoyment in making love for longer periods of time … and she was coming enough for the two of them, excited by the feel of hot, naked male flesh …


They say you can’t ever, really go back home, at least in the sense of how it was in your younger days. And yet, as Rob looked over his itinerary, the thought of being back in Michigan for the best part of summer got him yearning to again be in that land of four seasons. Feeling the changes in summer temperatures, stormy and hot one day, cool and clear the next. Tasting the fruits of the temperate climate — strawberries, peaches, blueberries, watermelon and so much more. Seeing the bathing beauties who flocked to the big lakes to lay out on the pristine beaches next to the azure colored waters.

He let his mind wander to thoughts of Linda in her younger years laying out in a tiny bikini. He wondered what choice of clothing she’d wear when she came to get him at the airport. No doubt she’d look hot.

He had to laugh to himself as his recollections of her led to the visions of his youth. Those certainly didn’t make him laugh then. In fact, he remembered those days of instantly getting hard even in the middle of college algebra class as he thought of how she would look naked. No, his laughter came from the idea that he realized he was likely going to finally see her nude. Their phone calls and chats online left no doubt there was a level of interest far beyond reestablishing an old friendship. For now though, his cock was in the relaxed state middle age often kept it at.

Five workout days and a much more sensible diet kept him from looking seven months pregnant like a lot of men and women his age, but even with that fitness Mr. Happy seemed more content to kick back and watch the world go by then stand up shouting, “PICK ME!”

Browsing through the friends of friends one day, he came upon her photo on a social networking sight. He was delighted when she accepted his friend request, and they proceeded to correspond for about a year online. He’d always wondered what became of the blonde haired, blue eyed honey with the substantial physical assets that drew his attention in high school and college. As a young man he’d been too fearful to ask her out certain that she was out of his league.

His fear guaranteed his expectation.

While Linda stayed near home, Rob graduated college then entered the military service as an officer. His life was one spent traveling about the globe seeing many exciting lands, or so she thought. Europe, South America, New Zealand — he’d seen much of the world, but he hadn’t been home to Michigan in decades.

And, though he was once married, he felt like for much of his married life he lived without passion definitely without romance. That of course ended years ago leaving him at peace with himself, and yet hopeful he could find someone to mesh his life with.

Linda wasn’t necessarily “looking for love” or sex for that matter online. She connected with a lot of her old female friends and compared notes like people do after years apart. Kids, career, men, where do you live; all those accessories that end up defining a life.

She’d experienced all of that over the past 30 years. The carefree life of youth, trying out different men looking casino oyna for a good fit. She eventually found one in her husband, a successful and wealthy lawyer. Shortly after that her maternal instincts kicking in. Thirty-two years old and the thoughts of having kids became her heart’s desire. They had a boy, but complications in pregnancy prevented her from having another.

Fifteen years later her husband wandered off in pursuit of some cute, young airhead, which was just as well. They had pretty much just stayed married for the sake of the boy. At least it seemed that was his position. Her inability to have kids led to a more satisfying sex life, though with the threat of AIDS she was much more careful then the days of her youth. A sweet divorce settlement and the salary of her corporate sales job kept her living the good life even as her son announced at age 18 he was moving to Los Angeles to make it big in the music industry.

Two years of life alone was OK with her. She dated some, traveled and just settled in to middle aged life. One thing she never settled for though was the effects of gravity and age on her body. She continued to hit the gym four or five times a week to keep her body looking something like the 36C-23-34 package of her youth. She was 49, still a slim and attractive 5-foot, 7-inch woman. No cosmetic work, just exercise, a little makeup, some time in the sun and a hint of hair color to hide the gray.

Driving to the airport, she giggled to herself as she recalled young Rob. Oh, he was so shy and yet cute in a way too. She certainly thought him good looking, but she couldn’t approach him. In those days women didn’t do that sort of thing. At least not the women she knew.

Judging from his pictures, she noticed he’d matured and filled out. She liked what she saw. Of course he was always tall, but now he looked to be about 205 pounds, nice wide shoulders, sexy biceps and a tight, little ass.

They laughed a lot in their conversations, he complimented her photos and kicked himself that he never asked her out when he was young.

She boosted his spirits and said it was never too late to ask. Eventually she invited him to come spend a week with her at the family cottage on Loon Lake. She said she needed to decide whether or not to sell the old place or her house downstate. Business was closer where she lived outside of Detroit, but she didn’t really know how much longer she wanted to work.

She asked him his favorite trip when he lived in Michigan, and Rob mentioned a youth club camp out to an island on a lake upstate.

“I remember that trip for three reasons: one the weather was fantastic, two the fish were biting; and three, you were there Linda. I specifically recall a yellow bikini and a rich, deep brown tan. I’m sure you can imagine what that does to a boy’s ability to walk, talk or do almost any basic function. Course, I was too afraid to say much to you.”

“Yeah, I remember. I wanted you to say something, but I didn’t think you were interested.”

As time progressed so deepened their friendship. Their conversations became more intimate with talks of sharing a first kiss and cuddling when they finally met. Online chats seemed so easy to progress into intimacy, she just hoped what they shared was real and not some sort of fantasy, of hoped for teenage romance.

Five months passed, seemingly quickly, now, here she was waiting at the air terminal in Traverse City, he would be coming through his gate at any moment, and for a second she panicked wondering what he looked like. The only face that came to mind was John, her husband. She hoped he would understand and approve, but she wasn’t going to dwell in the past.

Then, he was there. 6-foot, 2-inches, the same jet black hair with some gray along the temples. She liked the look of his muscular legs poking out from the cargo shorts he wore along with a polo shirt and a pair of sandals. Jade green eyes flashed with a full smile that crinkled up his face as he picked her out of the crowd.

Checking her out as he strode up to her, he liked the summer dress that extended down to just above her knees. The colors highlighted her blonde hair and made the blue in her eyes jump as if they became 3D. The low cut front and near-bare upper back kept his attention riveted. Except for a look down canlı casino to the tapered tanned legs nestled into some 4-inch high heels.

He swept her up in a hug, inhaling the fragrance of her cologne and completely oblivious to those around them, passionately locked lips with her in a kiss that said the baggage can wait a while. Linda found the kiss intoxicating, and she realized how great it felt to be in the arms of a man. As they stayed closely embracing, they laughed and said their first hellos.

Then, stepping back for a bit of separation, his eyes swept the length of her body then back up to her eyes as he told her how hot she looked. T

Taking her hand again he drew her close for another kiss then they ambled down to baggage claim unaware of anyone around them.

Not long thereafter, he opened her door to her red BMW convertible as she got her first experience riding in the passenger seat. As she settled into the cream colored leather seats, her legs drifted apart slightly. The brief glimpse of her smooth sexy thighs caused his heart to skip a beat, and then again as his gaze came up to her face and he realized she was watching him. He leaned down and gave her another kiss as she moaned in his mouth. Getting in beside her they compared notes with what his handheld computer suggested for a quick way to her lake, then they were on the road with her navigation assistance.

Michigan played its part correctly as the weather cooperated with daytime temperatures in the low 80s. Lake Michigan was pleasantly warm, in as much as 68 degrees is warm, and farmer’s markets displayed a bumper crop of produce. He gave her his I-pod, and she plugged it into her car stereo. He did his best to stay in the speed limit even as Bob Seger’s gravel-voice belting out “Katmandu” seemingly commanded him to give this elegant sports sedan some gas. He laughed and felt good at being home.

40 minutes later they pulled up to a rustic looking cabin, big enough for a house for a lot of people. Situated in the middle of 20 acres of beach front property there were neighbors, but they were far enough away for privacy, yet close enough for fun depending on who was vacationing. The cabin had a lot of the amenities a family vacation destination would have: a wide porch facing the lake with shuttered windows that could be opened to warm summer breezes or closed for cold January storms; a big expansive lawn with large maples that provided canopies of shade of areas of sunshine.

The lake was stoney bottomed, but near where the dock would be put in a small area of beach sand made swimming for tiny tots more easy. The small boat house had a canoe and a rowboat. He inquired about romancing her “On Golden Pond” but she said she wasn’t old enough yet to star in that movie.

His arms encircled her waist as he drew her close to him. They looked out on the quiet lake, thankful it was mid-week and many of the cabins further down the lake were quiet. All was peaceful as they turned to look at each other. This time the passionate kiss waited as they carefully explored each other. Lips gently tasted and caressed skin. Tongues played together as she welcomed him inside her mouth. She loved his masculine chest as he pulled her close to him again, one arm around her now, the other pulling the back of her neck toward him as if he couldn’t get enough of her. She felt his shaft stiffen in appreciation of her femininity, the thought of it sent a pulse of desire into her core. She knew instantly she wanted him and considered telling him now right on the grass, but then the moment passed, and it just felt good to be together.

Rob thought her lips were the softest, sexiest lips he’d ever kissed and in doing so he was relieved and happy that his cock grew stiff as it extended, full staff against her thigh. Linda giggled asking if that was a gift for her. He just gazed into her blue eyes, as pure and intoxicating as the mid-summer blue sky above.

His desire led to her respond, her pussy practically gushing in anticipation for the delights ahead. She felt all wet between her legs and grinned at the thought of it. She smiled and cocked her head to the side giving him a sly grin that only fueled his hunger to get naked with her.

What the hell she thought as she began to unbutton his shorts. He in turn reached over kaçak casino and began pulling the sun dress up and over her head. Bra and panties, followed polo shirt and his briefs and there they were naked before the world. Any thoughts of prying eyes left her consciousness, instead she focused on his eyes as they moved together and began kissing again.

Not long thereafter she licked and kissed her way down his body, pausing to tease his nipples briefly, soon she was on her knees with his hard cock before her eyes. It curved slightly upward, and though she noted it wasn’t the longest she’d seen, it was nice and thick and that thought caused another tremor of lust in her pussy. Her kisses resumed along his shaft as her finger played with his balls. She licked up his length with just the tip of her tongue outlining the flaring head. Then she came up from below, her tongue lightly licking right up to his pee hole. She then planted a wet, sloppy kiss on his cock head before taking the head into her mouth. Those slutty thoughts of when she was a younger woman stole back into her mind as she thought about how she was sucking cock on the front lawn of the cottage in broad daylight. So what if someone came along, she wasn’t going to give up this blowjob for anything. One hand began to slide up and down the shaft as the other continued to play with his balls. All the while her mouth gobbled and slobbered all over his head and shaft. Her mouth was making sucking noises that excited Rob to no end.

He began to groan as the exquisite feelings coursing up through his shaft told him that the orgasm he’d been saving since they first started talking dirty to each other on line. Yeah, he could have masturbated as she told about how she was going to suck his dick, but he wanted to wait for the real thing. Now, it was here and he felt that awesome feeling of his cock head expanding, preparing to release his seed …

“MMM! OH! LINDA, ah, …. I’m … oh god that feels so good. I’m, ooohh, mmm, it’s coming!”

“Yes, Rob, come on now, blow your nut for me, shoot your cum right in my mouth,” she croaked as her hand continued to slide more easily along his slicked up shaft. She renewed her assaulted on the head sucking on him strongly as his first spasms hit. Her hands clasped his ass to keep him in front of her. The first wad blew out his cockhead coating her teeth, succeeding blasts gave her a nice pool of sperm sloshing about in her mouth. She kept up her vacuum seal on his head as her hands milked any stray pearls from his shaft.

“Oh babe you suck cock like a pro. Mmm, that was … WOW!”

His knees began to wobble and he sunk down beside her as their lips met, he asked her to share his seed and she happily obliged him passing some of his thick spunk. Their tongues danced a nasty tango as they feasted on his jism.

Always liking to give pleasure, perhaps even more than receiving it, Rob returned the favor as he descended down to the moist cleft between her legs. He absolutely loved eating pussy, feeling the succulent and delicate lips of her sex as he lighted nibbled this flesh between his tongue and lips. His mouth journeyed up her slick slit where he lightly licked her clitoris. As he did this, two fingers gathered up her wetness then plunged inside her canal. Linda was thrusting her crotch up to his face every time he delved inside her, and she held the back of his head directing him how she liked to have her clit serviced. But, she didn’t need to coach him much.

Rob seemed well acquainted with servicing a woman. She closed her eyes and saw flashes of light behind her eyelids. The jolts of electricity trigger in her pussy were igniting her entire body as she rode an increasing wave of sexual euphoria. He continued to lick and suck on her clit and slide inside her. This action caused his cock to get hard again as it wanted to join in, but he knew that would have to wait till later.

Moments later her thighs clamped onto the sides of his head as the building wave finally crested then sent a torrential downpour of release through her being. She let out a long, low wail suddenly feeling so wonderfully feminine. Her pussy gushed forth again drenching Rob’s face in her nectar. And, for Rob, the taste was exquisite.

Moving up her body, he wrapped his arms around her and as they drifted off for a moment, a thought came to him. There’s a whole week of delights ahead! But for now it was enough to enjoy the feel of her soft, sexy body as he held her close and the light summer breeze caressed their heated flesh.

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