A September Affair Pt. 01

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Over 65? Assuming that your sex life is in the past, and the possibility of an affair with an old friend has passed you both by? A sudden erotic spark caused Kirsten and John to rethink it all. And it’s amazing how good sex can be when you’re both experienced and up for it. Note: this story was previously lodged in the wrong category

My wife Jan and I had known Kirsten and Geoff for nearly forty years. We had been on numerous family holidays with them, and several trips as two couples. In all that time there had been no flirting between us, apart from a couple of times in our thirties when I had explored rubbing knees with Kirsten at dinner. She didn’t respond, but she didn’t push me away at the time. Now I was nearly seventy and the others a year or two behind. You might think the days of sexual intrigue were past. But suddenly that changed last year.

Kirsten was a very organised person and she kept everyone else organised. Lots would describe her as bossy. She was the one to decide where to go and what to do on holidays, and she had this voice she could use that everyone obeyed.

She was sort of attractive. Bear in mind we were all on the other side of 65. Kirsten had kept a trim figure. She was a busy person, who did lots of walking and gardening, so she was fit. She had spread a bit in the hips over the years, but not too much. She has small breasts, in fact I’d never paid much attention to them because they’re never on display. She dresses modestly and never with cleavage. In fact, Kirsten has always struck me as prudish. She considers a dirty joke distasteful, and almost never joins in discussion about sexual topics. On the other hand I had read novels that she had enjoyed and been surprised by the very earthy sex scenes in them. Books like Pillars of the Earth or the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Books which I thought might shock her, she took in her stride.

Kirsten has straight shoulder length, neatly cut grey hair with a blonde rinse and fair skin. She’s quite short, maybe 153cm. (On the other hand, I’m nearly 180cm, also quite trim at the moment. My hair is white, so the following story might shock some younger readers.)

On this occasion last year, Jan and I were at Kirsten and Geoff’s house, enjoying lunch. For some reason I felt randy, and remembered the few times years ago when I had explored by softly rubbing my knee along Kirsten’s thigh under the table. I tried the same thing. I met no resistance on this occasion. In fact, when she got up to serve a new course, as she sat down she seemed to place her leg back in touch with mine. As we relaxed, I made a couple more exploratory moves. I rubbed my hand on my leg and pretended to accidentally touch her knee. She didn’t jump or start. Later, I let my hand rest on her thigh momentarily. She made no eye contact with me, but she let my hand rest there for a while.

I went off to the bathroom. This meant going through a door to another part of the house, so not being observed by the others. That part of the house was also next to the kitchen. After I’d washed my hands I turned the corner, just as the door to the kitchen opened and Kirsten slid through it. She stood in front of me, not attempting to go past. She had a little smile on her face and was looking straight at me. I moved in front of her, lowering my face to her as I said,

“Hello, pretty girl. Fancy meeting you here.”

She gave a little snort. I went on, “You know, I always wondered how your lips would taste.”

She glanced at my mouth, then opened hers slightly and ran her tongue along her bottom lip. I leaned down and lowered my mouth onto hers. She didn’t pull away. In fact, her lips parted a little more. My hands came up as I held her body to me. She in turn put her arms on mine. Her eyes closed as our kiss became more searching and passionate. My tongue entered her mouth and she pushed back with her own. Our breathing became more urgent.

I lowered my hand down her back and caressed her backside. Obviously at 67, it wasn’t as firm as it had been, but still nice. I used two fingers to push between her thighs from behind. Her legs opened to allow me to rub my fingers along the seam of her trousers. I could feel the softness of her cuntlips through the thin fabric of her trousers and panties. As I did so, her kissing became more urgent. Her teeth but into my lips and she sighed. I was shocked and delighted to be learning this this prudish friend had a passionate, sexy side to her that I’d never seen. And it had taken me over thirty years to see it. But she pushed me away.

“No,” she said. “Not now. They’ll notice we’re missing.” And suddenly she’d slipped back through the door to her kitchen and pretended nothing had happened. A couple of times later she threw me a quizzical look. When we left, I gave her the usual friendly embrace but surreptitiously slid a hand onto her thigh. She winked almost imperceptibly.

For three days after that I couldn’t get Kirsten out of my mind. Suddenly I was horny for her in a way I’d never been before. I kept imagining her body, fucking casino oyna her, her sucking me, the two of us naked. Two lovers in their late sixties fucking for the first time. She was suddenly a woman of desire, of lust actually. I was sexually obsessed by her, like a teenager. I wondered what she was thinking about me. Had she been excited by our kisses too?

I checked my wife’s phone for Kirsten’s mobile number and added it to mine as “F”. I leave you to guess what the F stood for, but bear in mind that I was thinking like a teenager. Hopefully hiding her under a letter down the alphabet in my contact list would keep my secret.

I thought for nearly a day about my next move. Should I ring her? I decided to start with texting, in case Geoff was home.

Me: Hi Kirsten. I enjoyed our time together on the weekend. I’ve been thinking naughty thoughts about you since then 🙂

I waited. No response. I wondered if I’d got the wrong message, or if she was wanting to cool things. Then half an hour later, my phone buzzed.

F: Hi John. Yes it was fun. What do you mean by “naughty”?

I smiled. My cock felt harder than it had been for years, and my heart was beating hard.

What should I say to encourage her?

Me: Where do I start? I’ve been remembering your soft lips and sexy kisses, and the feel of your body against mine.

F: Mmm. Sounds nice. I liked your lips, too, John. You sure know how to kiss a girl 😉

This was going well. I had been worried that she would get cold feet, or a case of the guilts, but this was encouraging. I had to keep pushing the envelope, aware we were risking much of our friendship. And I was conscious that this was a Kirsten I never knew existed, one prepared to carry on with a secret flirtation, if not more.

Me: I loved the feel of you. I’d love to feel more of you.

F: Naughty boy. Is that what you’ve been thinking about, you devil?

Me: Indeed. I’ve had all these dirty thoughts about feeling you all over, touching you in special places, getting to know your body.

There was a pause. I thought the word “dirty” might be a step too far, and maybe I was being too direct. Then my phone buzzed.

F: John!! I’m 67!! I’ve got stretch marks on my stretch marks and things are going south quickly. I don’t have a young woman’s body. How can you say that?

Me: Ha ha Kirsten. Don’t put yourself down. Remember I’m older than you. To someone nearly seventy, you are a pretty, sexy woman. And all the bits work in the same way, some even better! All that practice, after all 😉

There was a pause again.

F: Oh God you are shocking, you devil. How can you find my body sexy? I’m afraid for anyone to see it at my age.

I had anticipated this and was ready.

Me: I’d love to see it Kirsten. When can I have a showing?

Again a pause.

F: Oh God, John. You’re incorrigible. You would curl up in disgust. I’m a wrinkled old woman now.

Me: Kirsten, I have had sexy dreams about you the last three days, thinking about your body next to mine and us moving together as mature lovers who know what our bodies like. I’ve been imagining what a great time we’d have together.

This was pushing it a fair way. Would she reject the idea of me imagining us having sex?

F: Are you suggesting what I think you are?

I took a breath. Now or never.

Me: I’m imagining us making exciting, sexy, fulfilling love together. I’m so attracted to you Kirsten. Do you know that I’m hard right now?

A: Oh my God, John. How did we get to this point? You’re having thoughts about us going to bed together?

Me: More than that. I’m thinking about us making mad passionate love together. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m obsessed, Kristen. The feel of your lips, the embrace of your body has turned me on so much.

F: We couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t.

Me: First things first. We could. I know I could and I bet you could. Second, I know we shouldn’t, but this feeling is so strong. I feel so hot for you. I want you, Kirsten. I would.

Rather than keep debating the morality, I decided to change course.

Me: Want to have some fun?

F: What are you suggesting?

Me: Where are you? Are you home alone?

F: Yes. You too?

Me: Yes. Go to your bedroom.

F: Really? O.K. Do you have something in mind here?

Me: I’m on my bed. Why don’t you do the same?

F: Me too. This suddenly feels so naughty, John.

Me: I want you to touch yourself.

F: What??

Me: You know, I want you to feel yourself as I would feel you if I were there. Can you do that?

F: You mean, can I …?

Me: Masturbate? Yes, do you ever do it, Kirsten?

F: Well, that’s really personal. I don’t know whether I can talk about it.

Me: I do. Masturbate I mean. Nowhere near as often as I did as a young man, but I still do it. What about you? Did you do it much when you were young?

There was a long pause as she probably worked on what she was going to say in response.

Then buzz.

F: canlı casino Well, sometimes. I mean before I was married. And sometimes when Geoff was away.

Something occurred to me. Geoff had been working away for five years at one stage. While Kirsten went to join him for a month or two at a time, she would have been without her husband for up to three or four months. They were in their early to mid 50s at the time. Maybe she used to masturbate when she was alone for months. I’d never thought of her having a strong sex drive, but who can tell? I was learning that Kirsten was not the woman I’d always assumed her to be, and it was exciting.

Me: I see. So, when Geoff was working away interstate?

F: Sometimes

Me: Like when he was in Perth?

This was leading her. Perth was the time when they were in their 50s. Would she admit to having masturbated in such recent times, as a mature, older person?

F: You’re getting really personal, John.

Me: I know. So here’s a bit of personal stuff from me. The last time I masturbated was Tuesday. In the shower. It felt really good. And I was thinking of …Well, you can guess what I was thinking of, Kirsten.

F: John!! Are you suggesting you were doing that while you were thinking of me?

Me: Yes. And you were sensational, honey.

F: Oh my God!! I’m horrified. I think.

Me: Don’t be horrified. It was lovely. I enjoyed it very much.

F: Oh God, you devil you.

Me: So tell me, do you still masturbate occasionally?

F: Well, not recently.

Me: Can you still do it, though?

F: Well it’s like riding a bike isn’t it? You don’t forget.

Me: Good. So put your hand down inside your panties.

F: Really? Now??

Me: Yes, now. I am unzipped and I have my cock in my hand.

F: Oh my God!! Too much information.

Me: No, you have that effect on me honey. I am hard, pretty hard for a 69 year old anyway. I have put some lube on my hands to help me stroke myself.

F: Some what?

Me: Lubricant. You know, KY gel. Are you touching your pussy?

A: OK If you insist, pushing my hand down there now. Can’t do any harm, I guess. 🙂 Besides, I feel a bit tingly there.

Me: I want you to imagine my bigger hand down there, honey. My finger sliding along your slit, parting your cuntlips.

F: John!! OMG!!

Me: You don’t like me talking dirty?

F: I’m just not used to that sort of language.

Me: I like talking dirty.

F: I can begin to see that. You are a dirty old devil, John.

Me: Maybe it’s just as well I am a dirty old devil, Kirsten?

F: Ha ha. Maybe.

Me: So anyway, my finger parts your cuntlips and opens you up to me like a flower.

F: Poetic

Me: Thanks. I slide inside you, loving the soft wetness of your vagina. Tell me how wet you are, Kirsten.

F: Oh, I’m wet. You saw to that, you naughty boy.

Me: Great.

At that point I decided we needed to transition to voice chat. I pressed the call symbol on my phone and the ringing sound disturbed my own bedroom. It took several rings before Kirsten responded.

“You want to talk?” Her voice had an excited, nervous catch to it. It was erotic to think that her hand was in her pants, rubbing her clit.

“It’s going to get difficult to keep typing here. Besides I wanted to hear your sexy voice. Put your phone on speaker to free your hands.”

I was panting a bit as I pumped my dick. There were gaps between my words. When her voice came through I could hear that she had indeed put her phone on loudspeaker.

“Sexy? No one’s ever said I had a sexy voice before.” She snorted.

“I’m surprised. It really is sexy. Something throaty and thrilling about it. It’s turning me on right now.”

I gave a couple of quick thrusts on my dick, and a couple of grunts to emphasise the point. Her breathing suggested to me that she was rubbing her clit regularly.

“I bet your clitoris is slick with cuntjuice, honey. Am I right?”

“Oh my, I’m wet, I can tell you that. I haven’t been so wet in years. You are a real turn-on, John. And this is so taboo. Oh heavens, I’m having sex chat on my phone! I can’t believe it! I’m supposed to be an elderly woman and I’m having sex chat!” Her words like mine were punctuated by sighs and gasps.

I laughed.

“Kirsten, can I ask you something?”

She stopped moving. I could tell.


“If you keep doing this, will you cum?”

She giggled. “I usually do. I mean, did. It’s been a while, but I’m sure I will.”

I could feel my orgasm getting closer. I backed off on my stroking. Then I visualised Kirsten on her bed with her hand in her pants and that almost caused me to spurt. This was so exciting.

“I’m close here, baby. My cock is leaking precum.”

As she breathed hard, she asked, “What’s precum?”

“It’s a fluid that leaks out before a guy cums. I think it helps the prick slide into a woman’s cunt.”

“I never knew that. I wonder if Geoff…”

I decided to get off that kaçak casino topic as soon as.

“Oh God, Kirsten. I wish I was inside you right now, thrusting up into you. It would be so warm and sweet in there. I can imagine our bodies clinging together, naked and warm. And I’d be kissing your mouth. Our tongues playing on each other. Oh fuck, I want you, baby.”

I could hear her gasps coming closer together and realised she was about to cum.

“Cum baby, cum for me. I want you. I want to cum in your juicy cunt.”

And she was orgasming. She cried out, grunted several times. My own orgasm began as hers finished. I had several tissues ready to catch my spurts. I writhed as it hit me.

We were both breathless for some time. I spoke first.

“Wow, baby! That was sensational! I came lots. I’m just recovering.”

She got her breath. “Oh my God, John. I’ve never dreamed of doing that. Having sex chat over the phone!” She paused. “But I think you’ve done this before haven’t you, you devil?”

I had to admit the obvious. “Guilty. I’ve done it before, but only with a stranger. This is the only time I’ve done it with someone I know, someone real. It’s so different. So…personal, intimate. I loved doing it with you, Kirsten.”

“Me too, John. And you know, I don’t feel guilty.” She laughed.

“Well, it’s perfectly safe sex isn’t it, baby? No-contact sex.”

She laughed again.

I took a breath. Risk again. “But to be honest, it would be much better still if I was really inside you, making love to you in person.”

There was a pause again. “What are you saying, darling? That you want to be…inside me? Here?”

This was the only time she’d called me “darling”. She generally wasn’t a “darling” sort of woman. I smiled to myself.

“Oh I want to be inside you darling. I want to be deep in you, our bodies locked together. I want you, Kirsten!”

She didn’t hesitate. Decisive Kirsten as always, always very clear about what she wanted, and wanting it soon. “Oh John, I want you too darling. Now that we’ve done this, I am aching for you. I want you inside me, urging me, the two of us together.”

I was shocked. This woman, whom I’d known for decades and thought was quite prudish about sex, was aching to be fucked by me! She masturbated, if not often, then often enough to be good at it – and when she masturbated she expected to orgasm. This was a completely different person to the Kirsten I thought I knew. Still, it was characteristic of her to be organised and decisive, and she was being organised and decisive about sex in her life, as about other things.

And so it was that we arranged a liaison a week later at Kirsten’s house, on a day when Geoff was off playing golf and drinking with friends. I would tell Jan I had a group of guys I was meeting for a long coffee session. I knew Jan herself had a commitment on the other side of town that day, so safe enough.

On the day, I parked in Kirsten’s driveway and rang the bell. I could see that Geoff’s car was not at home, and was relieved that I didn’t have to use my back up excuse as to why I was doing something I’d never done before, in turning up to their house without a prior invitation.

I was expecting to hear Kirsten come to the door, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I noticed the front door was ajar. I pushed it open and called. There was a radio on in the kitchen, playing music. I thought I heard a laugh from beyond the kitchen, maybe the bedroom. I walked slowly down the house, my heart beating in my ears. I pushed open the main bedroom door speculatively. The blinds were half drawn but there was plenty of light. I could see Kirsten lying in bed, the covers over her. Her hair was spread on the pillow. I could see from her bare shoulders that she was undressed, and the strap of a black lacy bra showed she was not quite naked. I imagined that was a step too far. She was smiling.

“Hello John. So you found me then?”

I stood at the door, admiring the trouble she had gone to to frame the image of herself in bed. I smiled back.

“Mmm. You look so pretty there, Kirsten. You are a pretty girl, you know.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she scoffed. “Still, thanks for trying.”

I approached the bed, looking down at her. I had wanted to taste those lips again since our first kiss. I lowered my face to hers and tugged gently at her lower lip with mine. Her mouth was open to me. Her arms came up from under the covers to rest on my shoulders. We kissed for some time, then she pushed me away.

“Well, are you going to join me or not?”

Now Kirsten has the reputation of being bossy, and she was being bossy now. But I found it incredibly sexy. As I looked at her, I started stripping . She watched me with a little smile. When I was in my jockey briefs, she crooked her finger and gestured me to come closer. She sat up and the covers fell off to reveal her torso. The lacy black bra covered her small breasts. Otherwise naked on top. Her pale skin contrasted with the black bra.

She hooked her fingers into the band of my briefs and pulled them down over my erection. She touched the end of my cock, then groped it briefly. I groaned.

I apologised. “It’s not big, but it still works.”

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