A Shy Kid Ch. 07

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When I got home from school I did my usual homework plus some chores my mother always gives me. When she got home I greeted her with a soft kiss and a big hug. She said that she had a long day and was tired so there was to be no early hanky panky. She cooked us a nice meal and we chatted about nothing.

After dinner, we cleared the table and washed the dishes doing some light grab-ass’en and then went into the living room to watch some TV. My mom suggested that we just cuddle until bedtime; I love holding my mother’s naked body against my naked body, the sensations I get are fantastic. I love times like this because I know that it usually turns into hot sex. I sat down on the couch and mom cuddled up next to me with her shoulder in my chest. I placed my left arm around her neck letting my hand initially just rest on one of her bare tits. After awhile I began to gently massage first one tit then the other tit while she slowly rubbed her hand up and down my thigh as we watched TV. As I began fondling her tits, she whispered, “Oh Peter, I love having my tits played with like you are doing, thank you, thank you.”

She would occasionally move her hand up to my semi-hard cock, stroke it until she felt my dick begin to stiffen and then she would return her hand to my thigh, letting me cool down.

I eventually reached over with my right hand and rubbed her thighs triggering her to willingly open her legs a little giving me easier access to her pussy. The moment she spread her legs she also turned her head and kissed my cheek. When I moved my hand up against her pussy lips, she let out a little moan indicating to me she was warming up to some sexual activity. So I immediately gently slid a couple of my fingers into her pussy, she responded by placing her hand on top of mine to guide me to where she wanted to be touched; it was her clit. I occasionally would also stick a finger deep into her cunt. She seemed content with me doing that until the show we were watching ended. She then stood up and taking my hand, lead me into what is now our bedroom, laid down on the bed spreading her legs saying, “I’m ready baby, get up here and mount me for our nightly fuck! Get yourself on top of me so you can sink that big beautiful hard cock of yours that I have been waiting all day for, deep into your mother’s hot cunt. Yes baby I want my son’s cock in my CUNT. I need to feel your sperm being ejaculated into my vagina for a night cap.” And fuck we did, again we did not last long and when I indicated I was ready to shoot my load, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me very tight against her body saying, “Yes Peter, load me up with your delicious spunk, your tasty gooey cum, your teenage semen. I want to feel your juices deep inside me.” After I unloaded in her cunt, I asked if she had climaxed and she said no, she actually hadn’t.

That meant that it was my turn to just pleasure her until she climaxed, so I continued fucking her until I felt her body begin to stiffen and knew she was close. While I was fucking her, I reached down with one hand to rub her ass cheeks and was able to push my middle finger along her ass crack. I ran my finger up and down her crack a number of times eventually stopping with it directly over her asshole. I gently pressed my finger against her asshole waiting for a response which I got when she pressed her ass down against my hand. I knew she wanted penetration so I pressed my finger hard into her asshole and she responded, “Oh Peter you always seem to know what I want and need. Yes Peter, yes, stick your finger up your mother’s asshole, it feels so good when you do that when your cock is also in my cunt. I love having you play with me like this! I like how you take the initiative knowing how much I like for you to freely play with all my intimate parts. Ohhhh fuck I like what you are doing to me. Yes baby, I want you to think of my asshole in the same manner as you think of my cunt and tits, that they are all for your enjoyment, almost anytime and anyplace. Do what you like to and with me. Oh Peter, Peter you are the greatest, yes baby treat me like a whore, like a slut that I am. Oh fuck I like this!” I pushed my finger up her ass as far as I could while I continued fucking her. I suddenly felt her body go totally stiff as she climaxed from having one of her most intense orgasms and I was also able to have a small orgasm.

When we cooled down, my mom said, “Oh baby, I seem to be getting my second wind and you have me so horny. How about I go freshen up including a little douche and then you eat my pussy until I cum again?”

“I would love to mom, as long as you also suck my cock.”

“Deal.” She got up and went into the bathroom and came out looking radiant. She flopped down on the bed spreading her legs and said, “Come on baby, my pussy is ready to be devoured with that mouth and tongue of yours. Eat me baby, eat your mother’s cunt till she cums.” I dove in and began sucking and licking her cunt, she smelt so good, I had my mouth all over her. kadıköy escort While licking her cunt, I again slipped a finger in her ass upon which she responded, “Yes baby, my ass is clean so eat my ass, tongue fuck me.” So after many minutes of using my tongue on her clit and my finger up her ass, she put her hand on the back of my head and was forcing my face even deeper into her crotch while she began humping my face. Simultaneously she let out a loud squeal as she was climaxing and yelling, “OH YES PETER YOU NASTY NASTY BOY, EAT ME, YES EAT YOUR MOTHER’S CUNT AND ASS, OH FUCK YES, … YES … YES …, AHHHHH YES FINGER FUCK YOUR SLUTTY MOTHER’S ASSHOLE, YES DEEPER PETER, GET YOUR FINGER WAY UP MY ASS, WAY WAY UP MY ASS, OHHHHHH GOD I LOVE THIS, I LOVE TO FEEL AND WATCH YOU EAT ME PETER, OH FUCK, YES TONGUE FUCK MY CUNT, YES, OH YESSSSSS. LICK MY ASSHOLE, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP PETER, DON’T STOOOOOOP! I WANT TO CUM FOR YOU, I WANT YOU TO SUCK UP ALL MY CUM OUT OF MY CUNT AND THEN EAT MY ASS.” She had another mind blowing orgasm that left her motionless for quite awhile. Once she recovered, she crawled up next to me, gave me a big hug and said, “Nobody has ever eaten me like you do baby, nobody. Not your dad, not your grandmother, not your grandfather, or old boyfriends or girlfriends or all the strangers I’ve encountered, not anyone else. You are the best cunt eater I have ever had.”

“Thanks mom, I like to make you happy. You really have a hot cunt you know. Did all those people you just mentioned eat your cunt?”

“Yes baby, almost everyone I have had sex with has eaten my cunt.”

“Even your father, my grandfather?”

“Yes baby, your grandfather was one of the first men to have fucked me. He began fucking me as soon as I turned 18 and has been fucking me ever since right up to a few months before he died.”

“When and what was it like the first time you fucked your father?”

“It was a long time ago and is a long story but I remember it like it was yesterday. My father first fucked me about two days after I turned 18. One evening my mother said that she and some of her girlfriends were going out for the evening. My father and I had always been close and so when he came up to my room after my mom had left, to talk to me was not unusual. We chit chatted a bit then he asked me how my love life was. I told him okay. He said that if I wanted more boys to pay attention to me, that I needed to dress a little differently. He explained that I should unbutton my blouse a little to show some cleavage and to wear shorter skirts; that is what boys like. He then showed me by reaching over and unbuttoning my top two buttons. I squirmed a little and he asked what was wrong. I said it felt strange for him to be touching my breast. He then asked me if I liked the feeling of having my breast touched, which I did and told him so. He then reached over and deliberately squeezed both breasts and asked if I liked that. I said yes. He said he did too and then proceeded to continue fondling my breasts. He asked me if any of my dates had ever touched my breasts. I said yes. He wanted to know if they had touched my bare breasts and I said yes. He asked if I liked having my bare breasts touched, I told him yes again. So he then unbuttoned my entire blouse, reached around my back and unhooked my bra and began fondling my bare tits. Mind you, I began growing tits when I was thirteen and wore a 34C bra. He looked straight at me and asked if I still liked him touching my tits. I again nodded yes. He asked me to describe what I was feeling. I told him it gave me goose bumps. He then began pinching my nipples and asked if I liked that. Again I nodded yes. He just continued fondling me by gently squeezing each tit and lightly pinching my nipples. I can remember it making me feel really horny when his hands were on my bare tits.

After awhile he asked if I was feeling anything different, I didn’t quite know how to tell him my pussy was getting wet. I said it made me kind of itchy down there. He got a big smile on his face and very unceremoniously reached down between my legs, lifted my skirt and grabbed my pussy and asked, you mean down here? I nodded yes. He began rubbing up and down on my pussy making me really horny, at this point I wanted my dildo, I wanted something in my pussy. He then said, you are getting wet down here and I nodded yes. Let me see how wet you are and had me lift up my skirt above my waist. We could both see a big wet spot on my panties. He then used a finger to pull my panties to one the side and touched my bare pussy. I moaned when his finger made contact with my pussy and then he asked if I was still a virgin. I told him no and he immediately shoved his middle finger into my pussy. It felt so good I closed my eyes and I guess I was doing a little bump and grind against his hand. He then located my clit and played with it while I just sat there in total bliss. He asked üsküdar escort me again what I was feeling. I told him how good it felt and that it excited me. He asked if I wanted to feel something even better than his finger in my pussy and I said yes.

He then stood up taking my hand and led me into his bedroom and told me to take all my clothes off and get on the bed. I did as he told me and watched as he got undressed and was totally surprised at the size of his dick. He very quietly crawled up on the bed, positioned me on my back and told me to spread my legs and then he got on top of me. He asked if I was on the pill, I told him yes that mom had got them for me. He then told me to guide his cock into my pussy. I reached down grabbing his big dick and placed it at the mouth of my vagina. He asked if the guy who took my virginity or any other guy that had fucked me had a dick this size and I told him no, not by a long shot. He lowered his pelvis and his big cock began to sink into my pussy, he was very methodical and slow getting himself inside me. He worked his cock up and down very gently getting more and more of his dick inside me. My pussy was on fire and I really wanted to cum, but he took his time and to my utter surprise I was able to get his entire cock inside my pussy and when he began to fuck me, I could feel his balls bounce off my butt. It didn’t take me long to have an orgasm with a dick his size stuffed in my cunt. Shortly thereafter he started grunting and I could feel my pussy being flooded with his sperm, it was a wonderful feeling. Having my father fuck me had me hooked on being a big cock hound and loving to fuck. When we finished he said that this was our secret and that mom didn’t have to know. I agreed.

The very next day when I came home from school, my dad was home. He greeted me as I walked through the living room with a great big hug and immediately pressed his pelvis into me, I could tell he already had a hard on. I then walked into the kitchen where my mom was to grab a snack; she said she had to go to the store and would be gone for about an hour. As soon as she left, my dad called me back into the living room and said, why don’t you take off your panties and bra and sit on my lap so we can get to know each other better. I went to my room, removed my pants and bra and went back into the living room and sat on my dad’s lap. He first gave me a big kiss and then I felt his hand slide up my leg, I parted them giving him access to my pussy and he immediately slipped a finger right up into my pussy. He asked if I liked having his finger in my pussy and if enjoyed yesterday; I nodded yes. He then asked me to unbutton my blouse and I did, he leaned forward and took one of my tits in his mouth. So for the next 10 minutes or so, my dad fondled both my pussy and tits. He had me so aroused I was dripping. As I sat there he asked if I could feel his cock, I said yes. He asked if I like feeling his cock on my butt and if I liked it yesterday when he put his cock in my pussy. I said yes to both questions. He took his finger out of my pussy and began sliding his hand really deep down my crotch and asked me to spread my legs wider. I did not know for sure what he wanted but found out quickly when his finger touched my asshole. He asked if I liked him touching my asshole and I said I was not sure. He pulled his hand back and continued fingering my pussy. He had me on fire and so I grabbed his wrist and tried to shove his finger deeper inside me while also pushing my pelvis up to get more of him in me. He asked if I would like to have is his cock inside me again, I emphatically agreed. He said there wasn’t time but that he would get me off with his fingers. So he began playing with my clit while also licking and sucking my tits until I had a climax while sitting on his lap. When done, we discovered that my pussy had leaked juices onto the front of his pants and he said he had to go change before mom got home. I got up and headed for my room but he told me not to put my panties or bra back on. He dashed into his room to change.

When mom got back home, I was again sitting on dad’s lap and he was now gently feeling me up again. As soon as she saw me on dad’s lap, she said, “Oh fuck George, I figured you would eventually get into Genie’s pants, but I didn’t think it would be this soon.”

He said, “Oh sweetie, I have not gotten into her pants.” He then lifted my skirt exposing my bare pussy to my mom saying, “See, she doesn’t have any on.” Dad and I laughed but mom didn’t think it was funny. She then said, “George, you know that it is incest if you fuck your daughter.”

“But sweetie, she is 18 and is now a consenting adult.” Dad looked straight at me saying, “Do you consent to have sex with me?”

I said yes. Dad continued holding up my skirt and said, “What do think sweetie, don’t you think Genie should get her pussy waxed or shaven. I know you like to eat hairless pussies.”

“George! I’m not going tuzla escort to be eating my daughter’s pussy. Are you nuts?”

“But honey, I know how much you like to eat the ladies after I fuck them and I think I will be fucking this little pussy many many times. I think you should help her shave her pussy right now, so we can see how it looks and feels and check it all out.”

“George, you don’t even know if Genie wants her pussy shaved. And what do you mean to check it all out.”

Dad looked at me and said, “Do ya?”

I smiled and said ya. “Okay then, let’s do it. Honey, show Genie your pussy and see if she wants her’s to be like yours.”

“I’m not going to show Genie my pussy.”

“Oh please mom, you have seen mine now.”

“Come on honey, it’s all within the family.”

“Oh alright.” My mom raised her skirt and to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was totally bald except for a small patch of pubic hair just above her slit.

I said that was how I wanted mine. So my mom took my hand and pulled me off dad’s lap and into the bathroom we went. We came out about a half hour later, dad was still sitting in his chair. He saw us coming and wanted us to stand in front of him, so we did and he said, “Now lift your skirts so I can compare your pussies”. Mom and I raised our skirts while dad scrutinized our pussies. He said, “Vey nice, they look exactly alike. Now Beth, don’t you think Genie’s pussy will be more enjoyable to eat with all that hair gone. Did you try it?”

“No George, I did not try to eat my daughter’s pussy.”

“Would you eat her pussy if I filled it with my cum?” Mom didn’t answer so dad said, “Once you see how delicious her pussy will look when it oozes some of my sperm you so like to eat and swallow, you will change your mind Beth. Genie, come over here.”

I looked at my dad as he was unzipping his pants and pulling out his big cock, he said, “Get naked Genie, and climb aboard.”

I immediately shucked off my skirt and blouse and climbed up on my dad’s lap sliding my pussy up and down on his hard shaft remembering how good it felt the previous night. My mother didn’t move as she starred at dad and I fucking right there in the living room chair. After only three or four attempts, I had all of dad’s cock inside me and we began to really fuck. It did not take us 10 minutes before we were both climaxing, I was moaning as dad grunted while pulling me down tight on his lap, getting every last inch of his cock inside me. I looked over at mom and she was standing there with one hand in her blouse fondling one of her tits and the other hand was in her crotch fingering her own pussy. Her eyes were closed and suddenly she stepped forward to grab the arm of the chair to steady herself as she climaxed. Dad also saw her and said, get closer Beth and I’ll help you. She moved up against the chair and dad reached down and replaced her hand in her pussy and began to finger fuck her paying special attention to her clit. Mom then grabbed the chair with both hands and stood there shaking as her climax washed through her body while dad was vigorously finger fucking her. Once her climax passed she stepped back and raised her skirt to look at her pussy, she was oozing some juices and she said, “That was a dozy George, haven’t come like that in a long time without having a big cock to get me off.”

When I climbed off dad’s cock which was now semi-hard, his dick was completely coated with cum and there was cum dripping from my pussy. Dad said, “Okay Beth, desert is served.” My mom leaned in and took dad’s cock in her mouth sucking up all the excess cum. I had stepped back a bit to give mom some room, my dad motioned to me and whispered to go lie on the couch on my back and to spread my legs, I did. After mom had licked and sucked dad three or four times, he reached down taking a hold of my mother’s face and pointed it toward me. She looked back at dad and he just nodded at her. She stood up and walked over to me looking straight down at my cum oozing cunt, got on her knees and buried her face in my cunt. God it felt great, she must have dined on me for 15 minutes or so, she gave me two minor climaxes. When she was down we all went to clean up. There was no discussion at all during the rest of the evening, but when it was time to go to bed my dad said to me, “Genie, your mom and I are going to our room to fuck and I would like for you to watch and when we are done, I know your mom would love for you to eat her pussy, would you do that for her? And if I have any energy left, I’ll fuck you while you are eating your mom.”

I watched them fuck, I ate my mom and my dad fucked me again. That was the beginning and ever since then, I have slept with my parents and have had almost as much sex with my mom as with my dad, I’ve had hundreds of threesomes with them.

Then when I was 19 and 20, my dad and his brother, Uncle Bill, and his golf buddies that consisted of about 15 guys, would take me on their weekend golfing trips and take turns fucking me all weekend. This would occur only once or twice a year where I would be typically fucked 20 or 30 times in the two days. At one point they whored me out and I was kept in a motel room getting fucked for two solid days. I can remember times when there would be 7 or 8 guys lined up to fuck me. I loved it and made tons of money.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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