A Son’s Curiosity Ch. 2

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I am sorry it took me a lot longer to write down the continuation of Sion’s curiosity. I plan on continuing it a lot quicker next time. If you haven’t read the first part please start there. And as always let me know what you think. Feedback is appreciated.

* * * * *

It was about a month before I started to sneak in my mom’s room. A lot of things changed since I saw her with that guy. For me every jerk off fantasy was about my Mom. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. The day I finally had the courage was the day Mom called and said she was going to be late.


“Hi, honey. I am going to be late tonight. Do you think you could just order a pizza?”

Pizza I thought. “Sure, Mom. But what about money?”

“There is some in my right night stand. The top draw, not the bottom one. Take only what you need.”

This was going to be great. Not only being home alone, I could skip my homework, get pizza and explore my mom’s things again.

“Anything else Mom?”

” Oh, yes. Would you be a dear and out my laundry in. I forgot this morning. Delicate cycle and 30 minutes in the dryer.”

“OK, Mom. No problem.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too Mom,”

That’s how the night started. I was happy as anything. I was about to order the pizza when the phone rang again.


“Sorry dear. Its me again. Remember its in the top drawer. NOT the bottom.”

“I know.” I said.

We said our good byes and off to ordering the pizza I went. One large with x-tra cheese and pepperoni. After I ordered I went to get the laundry out of the way. I was in luck. It was a bunch of lingerie. For what seemed like an eternity I was down in the basement rubbing my dick with each pair of panties. It was actually about 5 minutes. I picked a pair and put it aside as I started the was cycle

I dropped my pants and put them on immediately. Pulling up my pants, I went up stairs.

I figured I had another twenty minutes before the pizza would get here. I went up to my Mom’s room to get the money from the night stand. Grabbing what I needed from the top drawer my curiosity got the best of me. I opened the bottom drawer. Low and behold there was the French Maid’s outfit. I took it out to see if it was the one I wore. I lifted it out of the drawer. As I did so it unfolded and a tape fell out.

I picked up the tape wondering canlı bahis şirketleri what it was. On the side was marked ‘Home Movie’ This was to much to pass up. I placed it into the VCR to mark it where it was. The scene started from black. All Of a sudden I could see a picture of my Mom’s room. It looked like the camera was above the room maybe somewhere … ah from the top of the armoire. I walked over to it and could see where the recorder was.

I went back to the tape and watched. It appeared to be what happened last month. It was. I watched as this guy got fucked by my Mom. My Mom. My dick started to throb in my Mom’s panties. I was ready to start jerking off, when the doorbell rang. I ran down the stairs in a hurry to get the pizza, boy was I surprised.

“Sorry Honey. I forgot my keys. I didn’t want to wake you later”

My mouth dropped. Fear entered my heart as my Mom started to go upstairs. I should have turned the TV off. I was looking where to run when….

“Mom, Is that them over there?” I said pointing towards the kitchen table. That stopped her in her tracks.

“Um…” She walked closer. “Yes, that’s them.” She sounded disappointed. “Thanks Dear” and she kissed me good-bye. I was ready to close the door when the pizza delivery guy showed up. I reached into my pocket and realized the money was upstairs.

“Hold on one moment,” and with that up the stairs I went. I hit the view rewind on the VCR and ran back downstairs. I paid for the pizza and downed a slice. My dick was soft again even in the panties. I walked upstairs with another slice to view more. Looking at the TV I knew I went to far. I hit play and saw a young woman on the bed. At first it wasn’t a clear shot.

A box was thrown on the bed. I continued to watch as the girl stood up.

“Holy shit” My thoughts raced

It was Karyn. The girl from around the corner.

“Open it up.” An older woman’s voice said. I watched as Karyn opened up the box. It was a dildo. It was big. I realized two things at this moment. One, the dildo was the same one I used. Two, The voice belonged to my Mom. This was getting good.

“Mistress…I can’t it’s too big.” I watched as the camera moved and a slap came over Karyn’s face.

“Please Mistress. I’d rather have you take my virginity with you riding me.” Slap! Tears erupted. I was about to erupt.

“You canlı kaçak iddaa will do as I say! Stick it up your pussy!”

“But Mistress, I’d rather have you and the strap on.” Slap! Karyn’s face looked down.

“Do you want it in your ass? Your father specifically asked for me to watch you take your own virginity. That toy is only 8 inches big and 2 inches thick. A naughty little slut like you can take it. The camera pulled back. The view became as wide as the room. Apparently the camera was once again placed on top of the armoire. My Mom showed up in the scene and lifted Karyn’s face. Tears and my mom’s slaps had stretched it red.

“Now, now, now.” My Mom said in a sympathetic voice. “Do you think a man would be gentle? I could use something bigger but I thought I would be nice.” Karyn sniffled as my Mom continued. “Now. You either be nice on your own or…” My Mom took her hair in her hand and with the other she grabbed the toy and gave her 5 whacks with it.

“OK, Mistress. I understand… Where?” My Mom simply pointed. Pointed exactly where I was on the dresser. She slid the items aside and placed it in front of the mirror. She placed it on top of the dresser and straddled over it. She put the tip in between her legs and just moistened the tip. I continued to rub myself. I decided I needed more I went into my mom’s drawers and pulled out an evening gown. The smooth purple silk felt great.

“Wendy. You can come in now.” Wendy? who was Wendy? In walked another neighbor from down the block. She was totally naked except for a collar and leash. This was a neighbor who liked me.

“Yes, Mistress..” Wendy said.

“What were you doing?”

“I was doing what you told me to. I was looking through your son’s room.”

“Anything good?”

“I found some magazines with pictures and letters”

“Did you play with yourself?”



“On his bed..”

“What were you thinking of?”

“Making love to your son.”

I couldn’t believe she wanted to have sex with me and I ignored her all this time. What an idiot I am. I touched myself more and more.

“What did you say?”

“I said making..” SLAP!

“what do you want to do?”

“…..I want to fuck your son…”

“Now. That is something we can discuss later. Why don’t you help Karyn.”

“I have never been with a girl canlı kaçak bahis Mistress..”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything. Just do what you feel like doing.”

I watched as Wendy started sucking on Karyn’s nipples. My Mom exited the picture. Apparently she wanted to move the camera closer. I watched as Karyn was fucking herself with the dildo. Wendy must have been exciting her. I watched as Karyn’s hand wrapped behind Wendy’s head caressing her hair. Then a scream pierced the air as the weight of Wendy on Karyn’s thighs pushed her down. Her hymen snapped. Her arms wrapped around Wendy. Wendy’s arms went to Karyn’s hips easing her up the dildo. My dick was twitching and ready to burst! Then when Karyn thought it was going to exit, Wendy slammed her hips down digging the full ten inches into her. Another scream. This continued until Karyn didn’t need any help from Wendy. My Mom, with camera in hand, viewed up close between Karyn’s legs. The dildo was covered with cum and her virgin blood. The camera panned back.

“Help her off.” My Mom said to Wendy.

“lay her on the bed, then suck the dildo clean.”

Wendy did all this. I never knew she was like this. All those advances towards me that I ignored. What an idiot! I watched as this girl I go to school with slid her mouth over this massive toy and gulped it down on the first try. I started to stroke my dick threw my mom’s clothes. She kept deep throating then…

“Stop Wendy. Lie down next to Karyn.”

She did so and the camera panned back to its starting point. My Mom nuzzled in between the two teenage girls.

“Please me.” She commanded.

They did as she commanded. They were so lucky! I was jealous. I closed me eyes lying back on my mom’s bed pretending it was my lips around her tits. I listened as I heard all three moan with pleasure. I added my own moans drowning out the TV

Wearing my mom’s things was a major turn on. Knowing my Mom was bisexual was even better. Thinking that she wanted to fuck me sent me over. I came. My load filled her panties and soiled through her gown. I opened my eyes to see the scene fade to black. I knew I had to fast forward the tape to the place I started at, but I just had to see what was next.

“Oh, shit!” I watched as the scene cleared and I watched as I entered the room. “My Mom knew! She had to know!” I thought. What was I to do? I ejected the tape at the spot I figured if this didn’t get me in bed with my mother nothing would.

It was too late now. there was no turning back. I was tired and scared. I’d have to hide the tape. “Screw this” I thought. I have a better plan…

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