A Story for Eric

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So, Eric is a made up name of a friend I made on the ‘Straight Men Who Want to Suck Cock Club’. In Part One of the story, I meet up with him in London, and I realize who he is and I ask if I can suck his cock. It was a hot story, a gift for him.

This is actually Part 2, which I will share with you now. Some of the fantasy is exactly how Eric explained it to me.


Three months after meeting Jay Richards at the London trade show, Eric found himself back in his office, back into his daily routine, back into his boring life with no intimacy with Lisa, his wife of 13 years—but now with daydreams of Jay, sucking his cock in the Holiday Inn.

It was Jay who put it all together, and it was Jay who, over dinner, suggested that they meet for the purpose of fulfilling the fantasy of ‘The Straight Men who think about Cock Club’ that Eric was in.

Jay offered to suck his 7 inch cock, and Eric couldn’t resist. Then later, it was Eric who fulfilled his own desire, and sucked Jay’s throbbing 5 inch cock until he ejaculated hot cum in Eric’s own mouth. He had thought about it almost every day since then, especially because Jay had become a good friend as well as a good customer. They chatted about how Jay’s cock was so hot and throbbing until it exploded in his mouth. They now chatted frequently on the Literotica chat service.

But it was 7 months now – going on 8 since he and Lisa had been intimate. The last time, that wonderful time was when – with his heart pounding in his chest, he asked Lisa to give him a taste of his dripping cum while she fucked his ass with a feel-doe dildo. She obliged and gave him a taste by swiping her finger in his dripping cum. The act of her doing that and letting him lick his own cum from her finger got him so excited that he ejaculated a rope of hot cum almost up to his face while she fucked his ass and fed him a second dollop of cum.

And then, she was gone and with no explanation she hadn’t been intimate with him again.

Had he cooked his own goose by asking for a taste? He didn’t think it was that, she hadn’t reacted like she was disgusted – she hadn’t reacted at all really. But maybe, just maybe she couldn’t cope with it.

And since that time, Lisa had changed a little too. She went to the gym, she lost 22 pounds, she wore more revealing clothes, and she showed no interest in sex.

Eric shaved his cock and balls now, whenever he was home alone and edging with a jell-cock in his ass. He loved the smooth slick feel of his cock and balls.

He remembered Jay’s tongue licking his cock and balls, and remembered Jay’s cock in his asshole and how Jay ejaculated in his ass while stroking Eric’s throbbing cock, and feeding the hot cum into his begging mouth after shooting into Jays hand.

How he wished it was Lisa feeding him his hot cum, he wanted to eat it from her open dripping hot vagina after just shooting into it. He wanted to feel her quiver with forbidden excitement when he showed her what he wanted to do – with her approval. He wanted to lick his cum while it dropped from her hard nipples while she watched in fascination. He wanted to feed her the wetness from her own vagina while he fucked her asshole.

He wanted a lot. He wanted it all. But where was Lisa? No where in his life, he thought.

And strangely, there was a time when she was fun, it was HER idea to get a double ended dildoe for them to play with, but they never did use it.

Hmm, he thought. Maybe it was time to try.

He messaged Jay — asking for his advice about how to break the impasse with Lisa. Later that night after she had gone to bed, he checked his messages, and yes, Jay had replied;

“Hi Eric, got your message. Sorry things have not changed yet at home. I hope you can break through. I am sure Lisa loves you, I know you are a good man, a good dad as well.

“My wife also was adventurous at one time in our lives, and suddenly her libido went to zero. For many reasons I didn’t push back and now it’s too late for me to even try.

“But you’re so much younger than I was, so I say – you must try. Seven months is too long, it’s not even fair. I’ve often thought we could right that ship, if we can show our lover what they are missing they might realize it too.

“Is she uptight because the kids are older? I wouldn’t doubt that. Perhaps you need some private time. Maybe plan a night together for a special occasion, what about an anniversary? We always had sex on our anniversary, up until 9 years ago anyway.

“How about a favorite toy, or write her a love note? BTW there is a great scent out now from Japan, it’s called “Cum.” It reminds women of their own vagina when they are cumming. Don’t use too much. Just a few small dabs. I’ll send some to you. It works great. “


Eric was glad to hear from his friend, and yes, they did have an anniversary coming up in two weeks—and he was due a little time off. The scent? He’d never heard of it, but what the heck, he would try anything.

He sent a text bayrampaşa escort to his sister, who lived in the same school district, and also looked at their joint calendar. Lisa was eligible for some time off too.

Another thing was that Lisa seemed to be tasking better care of herself, maybe she was making a turn from her complacency.

He was always attentive to Lisa, he still loved her, still loved her body. Her breasts were amazingly beautiful, her pussy was delicious to lick. Sometimes she couldn’t get enough of his tongue, it was just a struggle to get her there.

She also probably knew that when she wasn’t home — Eric would fuck his ass and stroke his cock sometimes cumming onto his own face, Once he had purposely left his dildoe on the bed after washing it. She never said anything about it.

A few days later, a package came to the office, from Jay. He closed his office door and tore it open. Inside, in bubble wrap was a small glass vial and a note;

“Eric, place a tiny dab of this near your face, so that if you kiss her, she will smell it. Just use a dab behind your ears, your belly. DON”T USE TOO MUCH IT WON”T WORK. It has to be subtle, it’s like a pheromone. It will remind her of cumming so hard! Good luck.” Jay.

Eric, opened the bottle, expecting a perfume like scent. The smell was awful. He thought Jay must be kidding with this stuff.

But the Jay he knew, would not joke about this kind of thing. The anniversary was only a week away, arrangements to take the kids were already made.

The day came. Jake thought about tonight, about what might happen. He would take Lisa to her favorite Sushi place. Then a walk by the river. He had shaved his cock area and his balls, even around his asshole, just in case. He knew, that IF HE COULD HAVE EVERYTHING GO his way, he would eat her, fuck her, and then have her feed his cum back to him by sliding up and straddling his face and vagina fuck his mouth forcing him to suck out his load of hot cum.

That was his greatest fantasy. The thing he wanted her to do to him. Feed him his cream-pie.

“But who am I kidding? Lisa will never be in real life like she is in my dreams,” He thought.

Night came, he closed the office left for home. He texted Lisa. “On my way home. Hungry! Want anything?”

“Just you.'” Was her reply.

Eric smiled.

He was home in 20 minutes. Lisa was dressed, looking especially hot.

“Let me take a quick shower,” He said while taking the steps two at a time.

He undressed and got into the hot shower in record time. He lathered and soaped, shampooed and rinsed in less than 10 minutes.

As he toweled off he decided, “Why not?” He took Jay’s vial, opened it and placed a dab behind his ears, one dab near his cheek, one on his wrist. The scent wasn’t pleasant to him, but he figured, what the hell.

He was back downstairs in less than 15 minutes. Lisa smiled, “Wow that was quick, you must be hungry.”

“Yes, I am—lets go,” He said as he walked out and shut the door behind them.

In the car, they talked about their day – her sister had come for the kids. They were excited to have a night away with their cousins. As they drove, Eric noticed Lisa became fidgety, she was trying to re-adjust herself in the seat. In the enclosed space he started to smell his special fragrance a little, acting with his skin, it took on a more familiar smell – though not un-pleasant.

At one point, she reached out and took his hand, something she rarely did when he was driving. The last five minutes before arriving at the restaurant were quiet.

The valet took the car and they went inside. Eric spotted a quiet corner table, which they took. Usually they sat facing each other. This time they sat closer together, at the square table.

They ordered drinks and read the menu, even though they usually ordered the same thing. This time, Lisa changed her order and got the Chriashi. Jake got the eel roll, and the lobster roll and a small spider roll. They continued their talk about their day through drinks.

Again after the meal, Lisa took his hand. Eric finished his drink and then paid the bill. They decided to walk a while. Many interesting markets were open; street vendors, even a sex shop. Eric glanced in the window, Lisa saw him and half laughed, “Do you want to go in?”

He looked at the store then back to her, “What for?” He said. His meaning came out kind of like, “We don’t have sex anymore, what’s the point?” He didn’t want to spoil a great night they were having, so he quickly added, “You want to?”

“Sure,” She giggled, “Why not?”

They turned back to the store

There were quite a few couples in the well lighted store. Aisles of merchandise were arranged from A to Z with every kind of DVD and dildo, even the new type of sex doll starting at $5,000 US – all the way up to $10,000 for a custom life-like doll made to look exactly like your mate. Jake stared at everything like beşiktaş escort a kid in a candy shop. Lisa too, stopped and admired many ass plugs and dildoes and also several videos.

One video cover, was of a woman astride her lover and face-fucking him titled, “Please, Make Me Eat It!!” Many other Cream-Pie videos abounded. Eric kept quiet, but Lisa did catch him staring at them.

“See anything you like?” She said.

Eric, feeling caught for a second, looked at her and said, “Just you.”

She laughed, and kissed him.

Soon, they left the store. Eric spotted a gelato stand, “Want some?” He said.

“Mmmm yeah, that sounds great,” She said, smiling.

Through all of these things, Lisa was close to him, holding his arm. He felt she was closer, for longer than usual. Could it be the pheromone? He laughed, nah not gonna go there.

They got gelato in cones and sat on a bench nearby and watched the people, just like people had watched them.

At one point, some of Lisa’s vanilla dripped from the corner of her mouth. Eric saw it and immediately thought it looked like cum dripping from her mouth. He reached up with a napkin and wiped it away, laughing.

He took wide licks of his chocolate latte gelato and for a moment, Lisa watched, and un-be known to Eric, she watched his tongue licking, and wished it was her open wet cunt that he was licking. She cleared her head, “Where did that thought come from?”

It was true, that she was looking forward to getting home, she had wanted to make love with him and she thought about it all day. She groomed herself quite nicely, paying close attention to trimming her pubes very short, and waxing everywhere else including her taint and her asshole.

She knew that she had been unfair to Eric the last few years. Part of it was that she didn’t understand his new desires, part was her own body, her added weight. But she realized that many months ago, and had since lost over 35 pounds, closer to 40. She looked at herself in the mirror earlier when she was grooming her vagina, and was pretty pleased with her accomplishment. Eric was a great guy, and he deserved the relationship they used to have.

She was slightly shocked seven months ago when he asked to taste the dripping cum from his hard cock. She placed a drop on his tongue, and a second later he ejaculated like a teenager. Now, tonight he stopped and stared at those cum eating videos like one titled, “Feed Me”, and another he stared at titled, “Fill My Mouth!”

She had to admit, it gave her a strange thrill to see. She looked at all the cocks that she wished were hers, that she could lick them and fuck herself with in the shower. She saw one that had a suction cup that was for rear entry self-fucking. But sometimes the kids used her bathroom and she didn’t want them to find anything like that.

They finished their gelato and continued their walk. Again, Lisa clung to his arm, thinking that now she really wanted to go home and show him her pussy, when he said, “Wanna go home now?”

“Yes, I think so.” She said.

Again on the drive home she leaned close to him and held his hand. At one point she rested her hand on his thigh. He wished with all his might that she would stroke his cock right then, but of course, she didn’t.

They got home in 20 minutes and went right upstairs. It was a quarter to 10.

Lisa was feeling slightly heady. All through the ride home she felt like licking his neck, his ears and stroking his erection. She didn’t know what was coming over her, though of course she had prepared herself earlier so…

He walked into his closet and undressed, coming out only in his boxer shorts. Lisa went into the bathroom and decided to surprise him with her entrance.

Meanwhile, Wondering how to proceed, Eric called out, “I’m going to make a drink, want some wine?” Her answer would tell him a lot. A yes answer would mean she was thinking of sex. A no answer would mean that all the signals he was getting were false, and she was as usual, only thinking of bed.

He waited.

“Yes, that sounds good, thanks,” Was her reply.

Eric fist bumped the air.

While Eric went downstairs, Lisa undressed. She used a lady-wipe, pre moistened hygiene wipe on her vagina and ass, just to be fresh. She slipped on a nude color see through panties and a light blue color teddy.

She added a light spray of Eric’s favorite body spray. She lit two candles in the room, their sex candles. Also she set aside a few special items for him.

In the kitchen, Eric was shaking, that pre-sex kind of excitement. He poured vodka over ice and a white wine for Lisa. Usually he drank scotch but he didn’t want to have scotch breath for her. He drank down the vodka, then poured a second one.

When he entered the bedroom, Lisa was lying back on several pillows. He could see her nipples poking against the thin fabric. Candles were lit that cast a warm glow against her skin. He beylikdüzü escort could smell the scent of Lilacs on her body. Instantly his cock began to pudge up. The last time that happened, it was because Jay was licking his cock.

He walked around the bed and handed her the wine. She noticed the hardness in his boxers. He clinked her glass, “Happy Anniversary.”

“Happy Anniversary baby,” She replied as she took a sip. “Now, show me your cock.”

Eric was stunned for a micro second, but he could have almost guessed she would be this way. He put down his glass and reached for his waistband. With his eyes on hers, he lowered his boxers. HIs cock sprung up and waved in the cool air.

“Mmmmm…I like how you are so trim. You always keep your hair so short? Or was that just for me?”

“l do lately, but today was for you. I shaved my balls too,” He said with a shaky voice.

“Your balls are big and heavy, sway your balls, I want to see them sway.”

He put one knee on the bed and rotated his hips making his cock and his heavy balls swing from side to side. “Like this?”

“Yeah.” She said with half lidded eyes. “Stroke your nipples, Eric. Show me how you make them hard.”

“They are hard already,” he said as he teased his nipples. His cock swayed and throbbed, his heavy balls swayed.

“I want to see your tits,” He said.

She took a sip and sat up. she raised her arms and swept her thin top up and away. Her beautiful womanly breasts swayed as she did so.

“Make them hang and sway for me,” He said.

She leaned forward and swayed them from side to side.

He smiled. she kneeled up and leaned into him. Their mouths met and lingered into a deep long hiss.

Eric lifted her full breasts as they kissed, he pulled slightly on her hard nipples she clutched him closer and they fed on each others mouth. In that position, his cock nestled between her breasts. Pre-cum dripped from his cock.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Eric whispered through the kiss.

“Uhhhh…I know…I’m sorr…”

“No, it’s all right now. Let me feast on you,” He said as he lowered his mouth from her mouth to her hard nipples. She threw her head back as fe feasted oh her. He took her breast in his mouth nibbling and suckling on her rock hard nipples.

He remembered what Jay had said, he raised up, and as she watched through half-lidded eyes, he dripped pre-cum from his hard penis, onto her hard nipples. He looked into her eyes as he then licked the pre-cum off. She moaned at how dirty he was being.

He lowered his mouth to her belly, he licked her belly button.

“Do you want me to remove your panties miss? He said.

“Tear them off.” She urged.

Eric smiled, he reached down and tore the panties away from her hidden vagina. He saw that she was waxed except for a small heart shaped patch. she smelled fresh and clean. Eric lowered himself to his knees on the floor and brought her open vagina to the edge of the bed. He pushed her legs up towards her chest. Lisa moaned, she was completely exposed to his eyes and his mouth.

Eric was not subtle. rather than tease and lick around her hole, he covered her entire vagina with his mouth, he licked and probed her clitoris, he tongue bathed her hole. Like a man starving and thirsty, he feasted wildly on her vagina. Finally he lifted her ass up and licked his whole tongue over her asshole. She quivered and moaned she shouted, and pulled his face in tighter to her she humped his face — she fucked his tongue in her asshole. She began to squirt cum on his face while moaning and groaning.

“Oh my god… oh my fucking god, oh fuck my hole with your tongue, oh fuck me oh gooodddd…lick me, suck me Eric…oh suck me…eat my cummmmmmm…”

Now his tongue was buried in her asshole and he would not stop until she begged.

Now, he knew he was going to have the night he dreamed of.

Finally she pushed him off, it was too intense to go on.

Jake reached under his pillow. He withdrew the double ended dildoe she had bought years ago. Without speaking, he reached for a tube of Glide and lubricated the end. He slid it into her open vagina.

Lisa looked down to see what it was. She smiled remembering the dildoe.

Jake climbed back into the bed.

“I want you to fuck me,” He said, “with your cock.”

Lisa sat up, she grabbed the lube as Eric faced her and leaned back on his elbows.

She reached down and felt under his balls for his asshole. She spread the lube around, and slipped her finger into his ass. She took more lube and applied it to the other end of the dildoe.

Jake scotched down to be closer and then he laid back. Lisa reached around and found a pillow. She slid it under his ass, and then when he was elevated, she probed his ass with the end of the dildoe.

Eric pushed back and felt the pressure of the dildoe at his asshole. He relaxed as she gently popped the head in his ass — then she pushed the cock inside him.

Now the cock in her vagina was fucking his asshole. HIs 7″ cock was standing straight up, dripping more pre-cum.

They kissed deeply as she pressed the cock deeper. She took a drop of his pre-cum and placed it on her lips. Jake attacked her mouth to suck off the pre-cum.

“Mmmm, you like that, eh?”

“Yes, oh god.”

“You like it when I fuck you?”

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