A Tale of Twin Tails Ch. 08

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** All characters are over 18. We pick up mere moments after the last chapter ends. **

While Brent patiently waited for Jessica to respond from the comfort of his easy chair, he settled in to watch a movie. The girls were lounging at opposite ends of the couch, touching their feet together in sisterly affection while playing on their phones. Katie was sipping a hot cocoa that Becky had brought to her. She said it was a thank you for making her cum so hard, but in reality, Becky had dissolved a triple dose of sleep aid into the drink. Watching Katie get ass fucked by their dad was the wildest thing Becky had ever seen, and she was still horny from the experience. She knew she would need something more before the night was over and had decided a second round of tempting her mom was in order. While Katie unknowingly drugged herself into unconsciousness, Becky was busily texting her mom, hoping to catch her before she showered.

– You better call me back there to help you with something right now. Hopefully, it’s to pull that plug from your tight little butt.

– I already took it out, Ms. Johnson. I’m sorry, but it didn’t feel good.

– Fine, just get me back there ASAP.

Kat called down the hall for Becky to come help her put some clothes away. Becky excused herself after kissing both Katie and Brent goodnight. When she kissed Brent, she whispered to him to keep Katie occupied until Becky texted him an all clear. He gave a subtle nod before returning to his program. A quick look her way told Brent the Katie wasn’t going anywhere. She had already stretched out on the couch and covered herself in a blanket. Brent guessed that getting ass fucked really took a lot out of a girl. It had sure drained his balls.

Becky all but ran down the hall to her mom’s room, finding her already stripped to her panties and about to start the shower. She ordered Kat to give her a full report and to spare no detail. Kat initially thought about lying to her daughter, but feared Stephanie had been part of a more elaborate plan of Becky’s, maybe even a snitch. If so, Stephanie would have already reported what happened. If Kat got caught in a lie, her ass would be doomed. Instead, Kat gave a brief, but accurate report, that her masseuse had seen her butt plug, liked it, and fingered her pussy until Kat orgasmed.

“And how did that feel, mom? To cum with a plug in your butt?” Becky asked slyly.

“It was…weird. I think it’s nasty to mess around back there. It’s just not natural,” replied Kat.

“Oh? Then why are those two holes so close together? Being side by side like they are, it seems very natural to fill them both up,” countered Becky with a pat on her mom’s ass.

“Well, I still don’t want anything back there. Everything else tonight was very nice though. Thank you for being so gentle, Ms. Johnson.”

“You are welcome, but don’t think it will be like that next time. So, I will see you tonight in my room around one o’clock then. Bring all of my new toys with you please,” Becky said as she headed to the door.

“What? Why? I took my punishment.” Kat looked like she was about to panic.

Becky chuckled. “No, mom. You aren’t in trouble. I just need my stuff. Wake me up quietly when you come in so I can give you a new task.”

Kat breathed a tentative sigh of relief. “Yes, Ms. Johnson.”

About half of Brent’s movie had gone by before his burner flashed at him with a new message. Becky had long since texted him the all clear, so he hoped this time it was Jessica. Brent looked over at Katie, who looked like she was about to fall asleep. Brent told her to get to bed and waited for her to leave before opening the message, which was indeed from his new friend.

– Wow. I like the use of lighting on that picture. Who took it?

– Thanks. Selfie with a timer and phone stand. Took a while to get right. So now you know I’m a girl…and that I have hot legs.

– That could be anybody.

– Zoom in on the news feed. It has the date and time, and it’s local news. That is me.

– Pretty clever. So now what, genius?

– You should send me one.

– I don’t think so.

– Why not?

– too shy

– Its OK. Maybe I could send you something else…

– Like?

– I don’t want to offend you.

– You won’t. Gimme.

Brent scrolled through his pictures and found one of Becky bent over with her pajamas pulled down just below her ass. Her pink thong nicely bisected her butt cheeks. The gap at the top of her thighs was filled by the thin fabric cup of her panties, which was tightly stretched across her pussy. Brent cropped the shot to hide anything other than Becky’s ass and thighs and hit send. He got an almost instant response.

– OMG.

– Um, is that a good OMG or bad?

– Definitely good. What’s your name?

– Oh no. I may look it, but I’m not that easy. Send me a pic of you and I’ll give you a hint.

– Nobody wants to see that.

– I do. You kadıköy escort are pretty. You just hide under all those baggy clothes all the time and you are always hiding your face at school.

– My parents say that most girls dress like sluts. I used to wear nicer stuff, but they called me that like every day, so here we are. They would kill me if they found those pics on my phone.

– Sorry, girl. Your parents seem pretty rough on you. Parents should love their kids and you should be proud of your looks. Delete those pics then. I can always resend them.

– No, I think I will risk it. GTG

– Hey no fair. I didn’t get one.

A minute later Brent’s phone flashed with a picture of Jessica. It was just a shot of her head and a hand holding up a peace sign to the camera, but her face was in full view. Her ear to ear smile showed off her full lips and dimples. It was a smile that even touched her powder blue eyes, which twinkled with a hint of mischief. Jessica really was a beautiful girl when she wanted to be. Brent texted her back a thank you and said goodnight before heading off to bed.

As instructed, Kat had set her alarm for one in the morning. She put the phone on vibrate and stuffed it under her pillow. When it vibrated at the designated hour, she snapped it off before it could wake her husband and crept from her bed. She gathered up her purse, which held her bundle of anal toys, and made her way to Becky’s bedside. Kat stood there for a moment, dressed in nothing but a satin night gown that clung to her body. She heard the slow steady breaths of both of her daughters, each deeply asleep. A ceiling fan whirred quietly above them in the otherwise silent room. Kat realized that the steady rumbling she heard under these other sounds was her heart hammering in her chest. Despite how mean Becky was to her sometimes, all of the dirty, nasty things Kat was being made to do really turned her on. She loved being told what to do by her daughter. Even though she had been finger fucked just hours earlier, her pussy was already getting wet again at the thought of doing something sneaky and dirty. Kat reached down and shook Becky awake with a hand trembling, not from nerves, but with raunchy anticipation.

Becky came awake pretty easily since she expected Kat’s visit. She smiled at her mother, stretched and sat up to scan the room. After satisfying herself that Katie was still sound asleep, Becky collected her new toys from Kat and stashed them under her bed. She reemerged from her treasure horde of sex toys with her Whispering Rabbit vibrating egg and the fat dildo she had threatened Kat’s ass with almost a week ago. Becky patted the bed where she had just been sleeping and told Kat to lay down, which she did immediately. Becky crawled back into the bed beside her mom and nestled up face to face beside her.

“Your story about the masseuse got me jealous. I’m going to make you cum tonight, mommy,” Becky whispered hotly into Kat’s ear.

“Yes, Ms. Johnson,” cooed Kat.

Becky kissed her mom deeply for a few moments and let her hands roam over the satiny material of her mom’s gown. Becky, who was dressed in a cotton t-shirt and the thong she posed for her dad in, rolled on top of her mom. She sucked Kat’s bottom lip into her mouth and gently bit it while cupping the silky material covering her mom’s big breasts. Kat’s lip came free with a quiet snap, so Becky lunged for it again. This time she pinched her mom’s hardening nipples while nibbling Kat’s pouty lip almost hard enough to make it bleed. Kat moaned into Becky’s mouth and grabbed two handfuls of her smooth, bare ass cheeks. The marks Katie’s nails had left there earlier were all but invisible in the mostly darkened room.

Becky released her mom’s mouth and dove for her crotch. She pushed up her mom’s gown until her naked mound was exposed. Becky pushed her mom’s legs apart without ceremony and lashed several long swipes of her tongue through Kat’s gash before she settled in to munch sloppily on her cunt. Kat’s pussy had already been wet, but Becky’s aggressive attention quickly turned what had been a few glistening drops into a creamy flood.

Once Becky felt her mom’s wetness coating her face, she grabbed the unactivated egg vibrator and pushed it deep into Kat’s drenched canal with two slender fingers. After it was buried deep inside, Becky latched her mouth to Kat’s clit and and started sucking. At the same time, she pumped those same two fingers in and out in very slow but forceful strokes. Kat tried to grab Becky’s head, but her hands were batted away. She contented herself with caressing her own nipples while she humped her daughter’s mouth and hand.

Becky kept her fingers pumping at the same slow, hard stroke no matter how fast Kat bucked her hips. She worked her mom’s clit with her lips and tongue at a similarly steady pace. Kat tried to grab Becky’s head again, but Becky used üsküdar escort her free hand to slap her away before pushing Kat’s thigh up to her chest. She slurped and sucked Kat’s juices until Kat bucked her hips wildly, a signal that her climax was fast approaching. All at once, Becky pulled her mouth from Kat’s clit with one last slurp, pulled her fingers from their wet burrow, and rolled off of the bed, denying her mom release mere seconds before she passed the point of no return.

“Don’t you dare cum, mommy,” rasped Becky. “That’s your first task tonight. If you cum before I say, I’m fingering that butt hole.” Becky snatched up the vibrator remote and strode over to Katie’s bed.

Once there, she peeled her sister’s covers entirely off of the bed and dumped them on the floor. Kate lay on her side with her legs curled up, almost in the fetal position. Becky looked over at her mom and tapped the remote to activate the vibrator on its lowest setting. She turned back to her sister and with surprising gentleness, rolled her sister onto her back, straightening and spreading her toned muscular legs at the same time. Lastly, she took her sister’s arms by the wrists and laid them on the pillow above Katie’s head. Katie slumbered on, her athletic body stretched out and fully on display in the warm, dark room.

Becky looked over at her mom, who was struggling not to touch herself. Her hands were clenched into fists on her belly, her knees clamped together. Kat was staring at Katie’s prostrate body with eyes full of lust. Becky eased herself down to sit beside her sister. Katie was wearing a cream colored satin top, held closed by three large buttons. Becky undid them one by one until the material slid free, exposing Katie’s full, round titties and tiny nipples. Lacy, white thong panties barely covered her newly shaven mound. Although Kat didn’t know it, these were the same panties that Brent had stuffed in her mouth a few weeks earlier.

Becky leaned down over her sister and kissed the underside of her creamy round breast. She moved her head slightly and kissed it again just under her aureola. Becky looked over her shoulder at her mom, winked and then turned and locked her lips around Katie’s nipple. She applied gentle suction and just held her mouth there without using her tongue or teeth so she did not overstimulate and risk waking her sister, not that there was much chance of that. Kat watched in awe as one of her gorgeous twins molested the other. She fondled her own nipple, imagining it was Becky’s mouth.

Becky suckled quietly at Katie’s nipple and wiggled her ass at her mother. She worked her panties over her hips and down her thighs so Kat could see her bare, wet muff. With a soft smacking sound, Becky freed her lips from her sister’s breast. A trail of drool stretched and glistened in the semi-darkness. It broke when Becky lifted her head and turned to face her mother. Becky reclined beside her sister and lifted her legs in the air to peel her panties off the rest of the way. Then Becky posed herself exactly like her sister, legs slightly spread, arms resting on the pillow above her head. Now Kat had a perfect view of her perfectly sculpted twin daughters laying side by side. One was topless, the other with no panties. One deep asleep, the other staring intently into Kat’s eyes and whispering, “Come fuck me.”

Kat swallowed with an audible gulp before she grabbed the fat dildo from where it lay beside her. She stood up and walked to the foot of Katie’s bed and then crawled silently up between Becky’s legs. Becky guided her mom’s head straight to her swollen pussy. Kat closed her mouth on Becky’s cunt in a lover’s kiss and was rewarded by the buzzing inside of her kicking up in pitch.

Becky huffed quietly while her mom devoured her cunt. A short time later, she felt the cool, rounded pressure of the head of her dildo being pressed against her drenched pussy hole. Kat worked the dildo in steadily until it was seated to the base inside of her daughter. All the while, she licked along Becky’s slit from hole to clit in long, luxuriously slow swipes of her tongue. Becky bumped up the speed on Kat’s vibrator several notches and left it there until Kat was writhing on the bed and moaning onto Becky’s clit. Then she dropped the speed back to the minimum to keep her from cumming.

Without saying a word, Becky leaned down and pulled on the arm of her mom’s free hand. Kat gave it to her willingly, thinking they were going to hold hands while they climaxed together. Instead Becky took hold of Kat’s wrist and brought her hand to her mouth. Becky sucked on her mom’s two middle fingers until they were soaked, while Kat went back to munching her daughter’s box. Becky tapped up the speed a notch to get Kat going again. She pulled her mom’s fingers from her mouth and moved them over to float just above Katie’s panty clad mound. Before Kat could resist, her wet fingers were lowered down to rest along Katie’s slit. Kat froze tuzla escort and tensed her hand.

“Don’t stop now. You’re already touching her, you molesting slut. Just fucking do it,” Becky chided. More kindly, she added, “Just rest your hand there while you eat me. Feel how warm Katie is.”

Becky felt some of the tension flow out of Kat’s hand. Becky pressed Kat’s hand flat against Katie’s mound and rested hers on top. With her other hand, the remote held between finger and thumb, she bopped the top her mom’s head to get her licking again.

“Mmmm. Yes, mommy. That’s so good. Do you like having both of your daughter’s pussies in your hands?” Becky whispered.

Kat grunted indistinctly onto Becky’s clit and started working the thick dildo steadily along Becky’s canal. As slowly and gently as she could, Becky began to move Kat’s hand against Katie’s vulva. Kat either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Becky rewarded her compliance with a bump up in speed. Kat groaned loudly, just on the edge of bliss. Becky sped up her mom’s hand, losing all sense of delicacy. She made Kat trace her fingers along Katie’s slit, keeping up the motion until Kat was doing it on her own while Becky watched.

“Oh that’s good, slut. Rub that muff. Now I want you to pull that dildo out of me and finger fuck me,” ordered Becky.

She heard and felt the dildo slosh free of her hole and thump to the floor. Her feeling of emptiness lasted only a moment. Two warm fingers soon filled her and began wetly fapping her canal. Becky reached over to her sister’s crotch and hooked a finger under the leg hem of her silky panties. She pushed them to the side, both exposing Katie’s bald pussy lips and knocking Kat’s hand out of the way. She grabbed Kat by the hair with her other hand and pulled her head up to make her look at Katie’s crotch.

“Mm, oh fuck, mommy, I love your long fingers inside me,” purred Becky. “Now put a finger into my sister, you dirty little whore, and finger us both.”

Kat was frozen with indecision except for the fingers now absentmindedly working Becky’s hole. She had resisted last night and, not only ended up being punished for it, but on some level regretted it. Tonight, Becky wasn’t just giving her a second chance, she had made the situation so much harder to resist. Kat was bombarded by the sight, feel, smell, and taste of one daughter’s pussy, with the other literally at her fingertips. Kat didn’t want to be all the things Becky kept calling her: a slut, a cheating whore, a molester, but she admitted to herself that she was all those things and more. She wanted to finger her daughter in her sleep and get away with it. She wanted to please Becky. Most of all, she wanted to be allowed to cum.

Becky’s words broke into Kat’s thoughts. “You know what you are, you little slut? You are my fucking slave and you will do what I say. Now bury your finger in that pussy, slave, or I am putting my dildo in your ass and I’ll wake Katie up to watch me do it.”

“Oh god,” moaned Kat. Becky had finally called her what she truly was all along, her daughter’s slave. Kat didn’t know if she loved or hated the idea of it, but the word itself had almost pushed her over the blissful knife’s edge that her body was teetering on. Kat vowed that she would continue to resist her daughter’s more devious commands, but admitted that she would only be resisting because it made the moment of submission that much more arousing. Realizing that this was one of those moments, Kat looked into Becky’s eyes and sighed, “Yes, Ms. Johnson.”

Giving in because it felt so wrong, Kat lowered her hand until her fingertips had barely touched Katie’s bare outer lips. They were warm and smooth, just like Becky’s. Kat looked up at Katie’s face, but she slumbered on and was even snoring a little. Kat worked her fingers in tiny circles until she got them between the puffy petals of Katie’s pussy. Becky let out a long “ooh” and ticked up the vibrator a notch. Kat was panting heavily, her ass bouncing slightly as she dry humped the bed. She had forgotten all about eating Becky and had her eyes locked onto the fingers that were working their way down between her sleeping daughter’s pussy lips.

“Don’t you cum yet, slave,” whispered Becky. “This is so hot. Is her pussy wet?”

“Not yet, Ms. Johnson.”

“Then let me suck those fingers again. I need to know how my sister tastes.”

“Oh my god,” moaned Kat. “Yes, Ms. Johnson.”

Kat pulled her fingers from Katie’s slit and stuffed them into Becky’s hungry mouth. She thought that she was giving Becky her first taste of Katie’s pussy, and the idea drove her wild. She started banging her pussy against the mattress and jerked her spit covered fingers from Becky’s mouth. Kat needed to be fingering both of her daughters at the same time before she came, and time was running out. Much less gently than she would have normally dared, Kat pushed her fingers back between Katie’s labia and rubbed Becky’s spit along her slit. She found Katie’s hole and dipped a finger tip in. Somehow, Katie snored on undisturbed.

“Mm, don’t be shy, you fucking slave. Katie sleeps like the dead. Finger her like you mean it,” chided Becky. “Or, maybe I should wake her up. You could fuck her with my strap on. Would you like that, mommy?”

“I..mm…I don’t know, Ms. Johnson.”

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