A Teasing Scene

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I’d tie your wrists to the bedposts, with soft restraints, so that if you thrashed you wouldn’t hurt yourself, but you would be prevented from touching yourself. I’d move to your feet, taking one in my hand. I’d look into your eyes as I brought your foot to my mouth, sucking on your big toe, then swirling my tongue all around it, before scraping my teeth along it. I’d nibble on the toe for just a few seconds, wanting to give you different sensations with each passing second. Next, I’d move on to the next toe, giving it equal treatment with my tongue and lips. In time, I’d work every one of your toes into my mouth, savoring each one like it was made of candy. When I got to the last toe of each foot, I’d lick along the bottom of your foot, from heel to toe. Making your feet truly feel pampered.

Next, I would work my way up your legs. I’d kiss and lick your ankles, up to your shins, your knees… then up to your thighs. Your legs would part for me, and I would casino siteleri kiss your inner thighs, then blow cool air over your clit to tease you. I’d hover with my face just inches away from your pussy for a moment, and give your mound a VERY soft kiss. Next, I’d move up to your tummy. I’d kiss your stomach, then tease your belly button with my tongue, allowing a small bit of saliva to pool into it and then sucking it out, to either make you giggle or moan, depending on how sensitive you are there. If your belly button is pierced, which I adore, I’d pay extra special attention to your navel, and reward you for the piercing with my tongue.

I’d kiss a wet trail up your stomach to your breasts, kissing the bottom of each one, then kissing all over the breast before finally settling on the nipple. I’d suck it into my mouth, and flick my tongue over it… then I’d suck harder… harder… HARDER, trying to literally suck as much of your tit into my canlı casino mouth as I could… then I’d release it. As I moved to your other nipple, I’d again suck it into my mouth, but this time, you’d feel my teeth on it after my lips and tongue. I’d clamp my teeth down, gently at first, then slowly bite harder and harder until I heard you HISSSS than let me know that your pleasure had become pain. I’d bite JUST a bit harder and then release it.

I’d kiss my way up your neck, sucking on the sides of your neck, biting your shoulder, and then, now totally on top of you, I’d bring my mouth to yours, kissing you hard on the mouth, my tongue invading, seeking for yours. I might fuck your mouth with my tongue, depending on my mood at the time. My cock would now be aimed at your pussy, and your legs might even try to pull me into you… but it’s not yet time for fucking. I’d tease us both a little more by rubbing the head of my cock up and down your slit, then kaçak casino slapping your clit with my cock, then I’d move back down.

As my mouth got to your pussy, I’d lick up along your slit, tasting you for the first time, but just a little. I’d suck one of your labia into my mouth and pull on it just a bit, then force your lips to open up with my tongue. Finally, I’d press my tongue deep inside of you, pressing it as deep as it would go, tasting you, sucking you. I’d move my mouth up to your clit, rubbing the flat of my tongue against it as I slid two fingers inside of you. I’d curl my fingers upward in a “CUM HITHER” motion, then twist them around a bit inside of you. Next, I’d begin sucking on your clit as a third finger entered you and I starting pumping my fingers in and out of you faster and harder. Then I’d HUMMMM on your clit, making my lips vibrate against it as I continued to finger-fuck you, pushing you over the edge. I’d savor the juices that you’d emit, sucking them into my mouth.

Moving back on top of you, I’d kiss you once more, sharing your juices with you in the kiss, as I untie your wrists. NOW is the time for fucking… the seduction, teasing, and foreplay are over…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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