A Teen’s Will Ch. 02

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Authors Note:

I read the comments on chapter one of ‘A Teen’s Will and I fully agree with them. I may have rushed it a bit because I was excited getting my first story out.

In this second part, I will change the character a little without doing too much, just simplifying him. So don’t be surprised if he the character (Ryan) isn’t identical to the Ryan in chapter 1. However, the story will pick up straight where part 1 ended.

That being said, I really hope I managed to bring it around in this second installment of the series.

Hope you enjoy it

-All the characters in this story are fictional and above 18 years of age.


Ryan didn’t know what to make of the situation he found himself in. His anger subsided by now.

His grandfather finished his explanation, waiting patiently for Ryan’s response. His face was straight and Ryan couldn’t pick out any emotion from him.

Ryan turned his head and gazed out the window, his mind travelling to the conversation his grandfather and he had couple minutes ago.

“I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I indeed didn’t call you back. I threw you under the bus, or in front of the dogs or call it whatever you want to. But I had my reasons. As you can tell by now, I am the man who runs this building. What we do or what I do specifically is confidential…” His grandpa’s eyes intensified with courage and excitement before he continued. “…That is until you decide you’ll work for us.”

Ryan saw a file he must have overlooked because his grandpa slid it across the long marble table into Ryan’s hands.

The file contained legal documents addressed to Ryan. If he were to sign these papers, then the company’s deepest secrets would be protected when Ryan decided to join. It prevented him from mentioning any links between him and the company to a third party. If Ryan was to ever mention the name, occupation or any other confidential information regarding the company, he would agree to spend the rest of his life locked up, and would have to call in a press conference where he declared himself as a past patient of an asylum for mental illnesses.

Ryan read through the pages briefly, knowing that whatever deal this company would offer him, he would not hesitate to take it.

One could say out of curiosity. Ryan wanted to know what all these careful measurements were for.

Why did they put so much effort into making sure Ryan would keep his mouth shut?

As he continued to flick through the lengthy document, his grandfather continued.

“To anyone on the outside, this building is the headquarters to the British bank ‘H.B. Bank’, which as you should know, stands for Harry Black Bank. This isn’t a lie. We have real workers working downstairs, aiding real customers. But we only work as a part time bank. What we really do is something extraordinary. Something I hope you’ll become a part of. I know you have questions and I will answer them, but first I need you to sign these documents. It basically states that you aren’t to discuss this matter with anyone, not the police nor family and friends. You are signing your life away. Once you imprinted your signature, you will belong to us. It says that you trust us with your life. If you oblige, please sign the documents.”

Ryan picked up on his grandfather’s tone. He failed to contain emotion within it and found it was honest and straight to the point.

This wasn’t a moment between grandfather and grandson; this was strictly a business meeting. Ryan felt like he was being interviewed for the most dangerous job ever.

How bad can it be? Even if this building was involved in some crooked up experiments and they want Ryan to be the subject of these experiments, he would not mind. He was desperate for answers.

He was here now. He couldn’t go back to where he came from. His parents will definitely refuse to take him back in so he wouldn’t have a place to stay. His grandfather knew this. Ryan was pushed against a corner out of which he could not escape that simply.

His only option was to sign his life away.

‘What the heck.’ Ryan thought and picked up the pen placed neatly to the right.

As he signed all the documents, he could feel his grandfather’s intense stare.

He closed the file and pushed it back across the table to Harry Black, who had a satisfied grin.

“Good, now that this is all cleared up,” His grandfather stood up, opened his suit jacket and pulled a 45 caliber out of a holster and aimed it at Ryan.

“What the fuck is this?” Ryan claimed. His voice broke off, his body shaking with fear. He felt the adrenaline pumping through his arteries and as if in slow emotion he planned his escape.

The gun was a 45 caliber. Roughly ten feet away from the gun pointed at me. The wooden platforms for laptops were dislodged from the table. The pen made of metal. Glass windows are useless; we are on the top floor. The glass window to the right will allow me to run onto the floor. Given that I am fast enough, casino siteleri I could make it.

He came do a decision within a split second, and before Harry was able to pull the trigger, Ryan ducked below the marble table, the wooden platform in his right hand. He heard his grandfather firing a shot at where Ryan stood only mere seconds before.

Ryan threw the wooden piece at the glass to his right and dashed straight after it.

The glass shattered with the impact of the wood piece and Ryan jumped through the little loophole that was created. He heard a gun shot go off but didn’t turn around to inspect; rather he sprinted for his life.

His head was working in overdrive, trying to remember the floor plan of this building. He remembered seeing a sign for emergency stairs to the right of the elevators and continued running in that direction.

He was fast enough to make it to the lifts without getting caught, however as he was about to make a run for the stairs, a huge man blocked Ryan’s escape route.

Without hesitating, Ryan jolted straight against the hulk looking figure and smashed his knee against the man’s face. Ryan praised himself for the beautiful sound the contact made before getting back on his feet and finishing the man off with a turn kick.

“Didn’t see that coming huh bitch.”

Ryan was about to overstep the large man on the floor, whose blood was now making a serious mess, but was blocked by a herd of suit wearing men who all came through the emergency staircase that was Ryan’s escape route, with guns pointed at him.

‘Fuck.’ He thought. With nowhere else to go, he slowly raised his hands.

‘I did sign my life away with those documents, can’t have hard feelings towards them now, can I?’ His inner self muttered.

He was certain he was a goner, until he heard loud clapping behind him.

Ryan slowly looked over his shoulder and saw his grandfather, Harry Black, hysterically laughing at him. At his side was Anna, who Ryan now knew as his grandmother.

“Bravo Ryan, really. I always saw the potential in you but this was shocking. How did you know that the glass wasn’t strong enough to withstand the impact of the wood piece?”

“I didn’t. Whether it would break against the wood or not didn’t matter. I was going to jump through it anyways.” Ryan carefully answered, his eyes now back on the guns pointed at him.

His response made Harry laugh even louder and Ryan’s confusion was visible from the expression he gave his grandfather.

“Now, now, guys, is that how we treat our newest recruit? Guns down please.”

His grandfather demanded.

They lowered their guns, nodded to Harry and disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.

And Ryan thought he was confused before.

His mind was now a complete mess.

“Come with me Ryan. Trust me, I won’t hurt you. We are done testing you.”

‘Testing me? This was all a test.’

Ryan was about to refuse. About to shout to his grandfather that he could stick his trust up his ass, not giving two shits anymore.

First he leaves Ryan alone in this world, and then points a gun at him with the full intent of killing. Ryan had seen his eyes when he held the gun, pointing it at him. Those were eyes of someone who had killed before, of someone who will do it again. Those eyes were of someone who wasn’t afraid of death.

He was about to refuse, but his grandfather chose this exact moment to wave the file, which contained Ryan’s declaration, at him.

‘I am definitely dead by tonight.’ Ryan couldn’t help but think, as he followed his grandfather to what seemed his office.

Harry Black sighed heavily as he sat behind his desk. He pulled out the finest of Cuban’s cigar, lit it and started to smoke.

Ryan had to admit; his grandfather was one cool looking man.

“I had to leave you and your mother behind as I was told to not interfere with your process of development.” Harry started.

“What do you mean my process of development?”

“When you were born Ryan, I wasn’t really running this place. I was a mere worker here, like everyone else. If a child is born in your family, you had to leave this child behind and see how it struggled with life on its own and whether they would develop themselves into someone respectable, or go down the wrong path, example drugs.” His grandfather said calmly, while having another drag of the cigar.

The room was already filled with smoke and Ryan found the smell tempting.

“When your mother was born, me and my wife had spent all our time with her until she turned four. That is the limit of any interactions with your child. This meant that my wife and me weren’t allowed to help our beloved daughter in the years that followed. It would ruin her statistics and her application to our organization would become biased and invalid.”

He took another long drag, his story slowly enfolding.

“So we hired a nanny who took care of her 24/7. She was kind to our daughter, canlı casino but I guess it wasn’t enough. At fifteen she decided to go party wild and have sex with the first male she sees. That someone turned out to be your dad. She became pregnant with you and gave birth when she was sixteen. When you were born, we supported you the same way we did our daughter, until the age of four. Our daughter married your father who had gotten her into drugs and she lost herself in the world of heroine and crack. When she turned eighteen, there was no hope for her to join our organization and so we abandoned her.”

“You abandoned your own daughter?” Ryan started to question this organization’s limits.

“Yes, that is how much value we put into this organization. It goes above everyone else, including our own flesh and blood. When you were born, I knew you took after your grandma and me. Believe me when I say it was the hardest thing I had ever done, turning the phone calls of a pleading five year old down. I am deeply sorry for that. But just like with our daughter, we weren’t allowed to interfere. So we watched you from afar.”

Ryan started to understand. His life was an experiment. It either was successful, or it failed, and the only one who determined the outcome was Ryan.

“When you turned eighteen and given that your life didn’t go down the drain, and you were able to become someone we respected, you were given the test. Of course your principle made us give the test to every student in your school for fairness. And so 200 students sat the same exam, at the same test, to increase reliability. You should’ve seen my face when they told me you had gotten a perfect score.”

Ryan simply nodded. The pieces being put in their place, the puzzle was slowly coming alive.

“That explains why you never wanted to be involved with me. But what does this organization do to have the need for all these precautions and secrecy?”

Harry looked at his grandson with all seriousness. “We are an independent secret service organization.”

Ryan was about to burst out with laughter, but quickly decided against it when he saw how calm and serious his grandfather was.

‘This isn’t a joke. Holy shit.’

“That means-”

“Yep, you’re our newest recruit. You’re pretty special too boy, cause the last recruit we had turned 53 last week.” His grandfather continued before Ryan was able to form a sentence.

‘Holy fuck.’

“So that means-”

“Yep. You are officially a spy.” Harry again interjected.

“You’re gonna undergo special training for six months. We’ll teach you what you need to survive. You know, defusing bombs, igniting a car without keys, the arts of seducing women, although I heard that you are pretty good at that already.” His grandfather cocked an eyebrow, grinning like a child.

“Will I be sent abroad?”

His grandfather was still dragging on the cigar when Ryan had asked that question. Taking his time, inhaling as deep and long as he could, Harry then exhaled the smoke and closed his eyes.

“You only get sent to missions abroad if you have twenty plus years of experience. You however will only be sent to different places nationally. That being said, here.” Harry threw a file at Ryan who caught it smoothly.

“What is it?” But Ryan knew the answer before the file landed in his hands.

“Your first mission. Read it carefully. This is your new bible. Memorize it inside and out. We are giving you six months to prepare for this mission. You start in September.”

“Wait. It says here that I will be infiltrating a mafia organization. Is this legit?”

“Yeah. We’ll get you close to one of the higher ranks of the Irish Mafia. You’re gonna be given a new identity.”

“It says here that I will be attending a college in Orange County.”

“Yeah, that is where the head’s child attends. Your mission is to get close to her and bring us as much evidence as possible to destroy the organization.”

Ryan looked up at his grandfather. Harry had put out his cigar.

“Her?” Ryan asked.

“Yep, she’s his beloved daughter, Chloe. Study her and make sure you are boyfriend material. Anna will bring you to our house where you’ll stay from now on. Also, take these” His grandfather pushed a pile of books towards Ryan.

With a horrified expression, Ryan asked:” What are those?”

“Your college books. Just because we sent you on a deadly mission doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out on education. We send all our recruits to elite universities to get a valuable degree. You’ll be happy to know that I enrolled you in all the pre-engineering courses. You are taking this fairly good. Go home, sleep and make sure you sign yourself in tomorrow morning at 6am. Your trainer will be waiting for you.”

With that Ryan turned around and walked out of his grandfather’s office.


6 months later

Ryan parked his Porsche 911 elegantly into an empty parking space and turned off the engine.

He had kaçak casino to admit, he loved the car. It was a ‘graduation gift’ from gramps when Ryan successfully passed his 6 months of violent training.

It had been brutal, but everything he learned changed him into the man he was today, and he really liked his today self.

He made sure that he was given a single room, making sure no roommate would find out whom Ryan really was.

He was eager to see the room he was going live in for the coming months. Anna played her contacts and had gotten a stage designer to design Ryan’s room. They moved the bed provided by the college out and in its place was a king size bed, perfect for Ryan’s size. His desk was decorated with the latest laptop and usual student stuff, such as books and papers. His closet was filled with stylish clothes that Anna had handpicked herself, giving him something to wear for any occasion.

Ryan found a tuxedo in there with a note reading ‘In case you are invited to a formal event’. There were a couple other suits, ranging from black to dark blue. A tie box was at the top shelf next to a watch box and when Ryan opened it, he nearly blacked out from such expensive watches, and they were all his.

Unfortunately he had to use a shared bathroom but Ryan didn’t really mind. He wasn’t ashamed of his body.

After he settled down, he looked out the window and saw his Porsche being admired by a couple of students. Before he embarked on the trip to Orange County, he had to memorize the building plans of the university and he knew where all the emergency exits were located, where he could find the fire alarm, the bathrooms, which windows were the best option of jumping out of and landing without breaking a foot.

He also studied the university. The college had a couple of rooms that were for staff only and were protected with pin codes. They changed the pins monthly, so Ryan had hacked the school system in order to receive an email every time they changed the code.

He remembers his trainer telling him that digital codes are easier to hack into then fingerprint scanners. ‘If you have to deal with fingerprint scanners, then either manage to get the fingerprint of an authorized person or give up, it’ll cause too much trouble for you and you’d risk blowing your cover.’

He knew that his grandfather had given him this room specifically because it was on the first floor and close to Ryan’s car, in case he ever needed a quick escape.

At first Ryan thought all this expenditure was ridiculous, that was until he had read up on whom he was dealing with.

The Irish mafia wasn’t a local gang. They were the real shit. They kill people; launder money, import drugs and fucking torture people by cutting their dicks in pieces. They were powerful. They even run far into the local police force making sure that their criminal activity stayed under radar from the big organizations like the FBI, CIA or Interpol.

And Ryan found himself in the middle of all this. ‘Great.’ He thought.

Yet he couldn’t help but feel excited. Before all this he was practically non-existent. Now he had a purpose, a mission to carry out and he had to thank his grandfather for that.

He fished his cell phone out from inside his secret pocket, which was located inside his leather jacket. He sent a quick text to Anna, telling her that he arrived in one piece and that he won’t be contacting them anymore unless an emergency arises. He deleted the text and turned his phone off, placing it on his table. He grabbed his phone for normal use and stashed it into his pocket before he left his luxury room.

As Ryan strolled through the corridor, on his way to the common area, he passed two dudes.

“Dude, that Porsche is getting seriously wrecked. Oh man, I feel bad for the owner man.”

Ryan cocked his head around and quickly ran to the parking lot. There was a group of people that were all witnessing some guy smashing Ryan’s Porsche.

He couldn’t tell whether the people were cheering the fucker on or telling him to stop.

As he walked in closer, he recognized the guy who was having fun with Ryan’s car.

Brian Alroy, the son of the infamous Mafioso who was the head of the Irish mafia.

Ryan had to make sure he got a message across, but his hands were tied. Fucking up his targets brother wasn’t going to put him on her favorite people’s list.

On the other hand, if he knocked a couple of tooth out of him, he’d be known as someone to not fuck with and Ryan was certain his target was into alpha males.

Besides, Ryan knew for sure that the siblings weren’t on good terms.

Ryan took his chances and approached Brian.

“I’ll give you two seconds to explain why you are destroying my car.” Ryan held his gaze and stood confidently, hands in his pockets.

“So you’re the fucker who had people talk.” Brian walked to Ryan until he was inches away from him. Ryan didn’t flinch and locked eyes with Brian, not blinking.

Brian continued in a deeper, lower voice. “Listen to me. I’m the only one people fucking talk about, got that? People were talking about someone threatening my territory so I had to prove them that no one fucks with me. You understand that right?”

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