A Touch of Jodi

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“Men! I just don’t understand them.”

Holly takes a big gulp from her margarita.

“I know”.

Jodi agrees as she pours another glass of margarita from the jug on the table.

“Can you believe he would be so selfish?”

“At least you dumped him.”

“Of course, and I know you would too. But I’m going to miss him. He was huge and so good in bed. It was just out of bed that he had problems.”

Jodi nods and giggles as she takes a couple sips of her drink.

“Well I can certainly understand. I had a boyfriend who was the same way. It seemed the only good thing he could do was in the sack. Out of it, he was such a jerk.”

Holly pours the last of the jug into her empty glass holding it upside down.

“Looks like we need more.”


Jodi gets to her feet as Holly hands her the jug. She starts to walk toward the kitchen when a wave of dizziness rolls over her. She puts a hand to the wall to steady herself. She hears Holly laughing and calling out.

“You’re drunk.”

“Nawwwwwwww,” Jodi replies. “I’m just a little tipsy. Besides, you are no better.”

Holly rolls her eyes.

“If you say so. And I’m not drunk either.”

This said as Holly knocks the bowl of chips off the arm of the couch reaching for one. Both girls laugh as Jodi continues to the kitchen. There she loads the blender with all the ingredients for the margaritas.

“Holly, can you come into the kitchen for a minute? I need you to get the ice cubes.”

Holly walks into the kitchen a moment later. She moves to the fridge and opens the freezer, getting out the ice cube trays. Sneaking an ice cube into her hand she approaches Jodi, who is facing away from her.

As Holly sets the ice cube trays on the counter she slips the ice cube from her hand down the back of Jodi’s t-shirt. Jodi squeals in surprise as the cold ice cube slides down her back.

“Ohhhhhh, I can’t believe you did that.”

Jodi holds the wet t-shirt away from her back so the ice cube falls on the floor. Holly laughs as she bends to pick it up. When she straightens she notices Jodi holding a glass of water. Holly laughs again as she slowly backs away.

“Oh no! You wouldn’t.”

They both laugh again as Jodie stalks Holly around the kitchen. By this time both girls were laughing uncontrollably. Holly stops at the sink and picks up the sprayer. She turns on the tap and aims the sprayer at Jodi. With a quick movement Jodi tosses the glass of water at Holly and then ducks and runs, but Holly is faster and hits her with a full spray of water. Jodi turns to look to see if she actually hit Holly with the glass of water and sees that the whole front of her shirt was soaked. Then she looks down at her own shirt and sees Holly had hit her with a direct hit. Jodi feels her nipples harden and pucker as her shirt sticks to her front. Glancing at Holly she finds her staring at her breasts outlined by the wet shirt. She pulls the material away from her skin as she walks to the counter to finish the drinks. Giggling she shakes her head and puts some ice cubes in the blender. Holly giggles too behind her as she mops up some of the water on the floor.

Jodi turns to ask Holly a question just as Holly bends down. Her shorts pull tight across her ass. Before Jodi even realizes she’s spoken aloud and probably because of the alcohol she blurts out.

“God, you’ve got a great ass.”

Holly spins around to look at Jodi.

“Well, thank you. I’ve always thought you had a nice ass too.”

Jodi does a little curtsy and turns to finish the drinks. Pouring the blender contents into the jug they both walk back into the living room.

“Want to watch a movie?”

Holly nods as Jodi sets the jug on the coffee table and walks to the DVD player.

“Holly, there is a movie in here already.”

“Hmm, I don’t remember watching anything lately. Must have been ‘you-know-who’.”

Jodi turns on the TV and hits play. Both girls get a surprise when the picture appears on the screen. Appearing on the screen is a girl giving a guy a blowjob.

“Oh my God!”

“Sheesh, did you know he was watching this?”


“Want to watch canlı bahis şirketleri it?”

Both girls giggle again as they nod at each other. They settle on the couch as Holly starts the DVD from the beginning. The first storyline is typical – pool boy comes to clean the lonely wife’s pool. The sex is typical too – blow job and missionary position. Neither girl is particularly affected or interested.

The second storyline is a little different. It turns out to be a threesome – girl/guy/girl. As Holly watches the TV screen she starts to get turned on. With only the light coming from the TV Holly decides if she gives herself a couple little strokes Jodi won’t see. Meanwhile Jodi is thinking the same thing. Watching the screen, seeing the two girls working on the guy was really turning her on. She could feel the moisture gathering at her pussy.

Catching a movement out of the corner of her eye she turns her head to see Holly squeezing her breast in her hand. Jodi’s breasts start to tingle. Watching Holly turns her on more than watching the TV. She turns her head away from the TV so she can fully watch Holly. Her own hand moves to her breast as she mimics Holly’s movements. Holly’s eyes are glued to the TV until she hears Jodi’s small moan.

She looks to Jodi and sees her staring at her, watching what she is doing. Holly feels a surge of lust and feels herself get wet through her panties. The lust she feels surprises her but doesn’t stop her actions. Holly’s hand moves slowly down her stomach and she sucks in a quick breath as Jodi does the same. What an incredible feeling. It was looking in a mirror but not seeing you. Jodi continues to mimic Holly’s actions. Both girls are incredibly turned on, all but forgetting the DVD. Holly opens the button of her shorts as Jodi does the same. They lower their zippers at the same time. Their gazes lock on one another as both slips a hand inside their shorts. Jodi touches the crotch of her panties with a fingertip.

“Oh God, Holly. I’m soaked.”

Holly groans in response, as her own finger encounters her wet panties. The TV now totally forgotten both girls are now totally focused on one another. Holly licks her lips as Jodi raises her hand from inside her shorts and sticks her finger in her mouth, sucking it clean.

“Can I taste?”

Jodi nods as she pushes her shorts and panties down over her hips giving herself easier access to her pussy. Holly reaches over and pulls Jodi’s shorts off tossing them unseen on the floor, her gaze locked on Jodi’s pussy. Jodi slides a finger down and over her pussy lips. She raises her hand to Holly’s mouth and Holly sucks Jodi’s finger into her mouth. A bolt of electricity moves from Jodi’s finger straight to her pussy. A moan escapes her as she slides her free hand up to her breast and circles it with her palm. Her fingers pluck at her nipple as she pulls her finger from Holly’s mouth. Holly smiles at Jodi as she licks her lips again.


Jodi grins back at her.

“My turn now.”

She scoots closer to Holly on the couch. Reaching out, Jodi grasps the sides of Holly’s shorts and pulls them off down her legs, tossing them to the floor. Jodi’s finger skims lightly over Holly’s panties.

“Pretty panties, but I bet what’s underneath is prettier. You t-shirt is nice too but I’d like to see what is underneath it also.”

“Well, I’d like to see you too.”

Holly reaches out and raises the hem of Jodi’s damp t-shirt, still wet from the water fight from earlier, exposing the soft skin of Jodi’s stomach. Jodi groans as she feels the t-shirt graze her nipples as the shirt moves upward across them. She raises her arms as Holly pulls the shirt over her head. The shirt disappears into the darkness. Jodi now sits on the couch naked and so horny she can feel her juices pooling in her pussy. Jodi reaches for Holly’s shirt and pulls it over her head. She stares at Holly’s breasts – round, plump, perky nipples just begging for attention. With one hand Jodi uses her index finger to draw a circle around Holly’s nipple, watching as it puckers and hardens. Holly’s head tips back at the feeling of Jodi’s fingers on her breast.

Jodi rises canlı kaçak iddaa to her knees on the couch and leans in to kiss Holly. This kiss is different than any she’s had. Holly’s lips are soft, not as hard as a man’s is. Their kiss deepens as their excitement rises. Holly lets her tongue trace Jodi’s bottom lip. Jodi sucks Holly’s tongue into her mouth. Using both hands Jodi cups Holly’s breasts in her hands, passing her thumbs over the nipples. Holly arches to her touch.

Jodi breaks the kiss as she moves down to Holly’s breast, opening her mouth and circling the nipple with the tip of her tongue. Holly moans at the sensation of Jodi’s mouth on her breast. Jodi feels a trickle of her juices slide down her inner thigh she is so wet and turned on. Alternating between one breast and the other Jodi licks, nibbles and sucks on Holly’s nipples until Holly is panting, arching into Jodi’s hands and mouth.

Holly can barely stand it. She is so hot. She takes Jodi’s head in her hands and lifts her head up for a steamy, hot, wet kiss. Both girls are ready to explode. Neither has ever felt this way. Holly pulls back from the kiss. Jodi looks at her.

“You are so beautiful and sexy.”

Holly’s gaze travels the length of Jodi’s body.

“And you look good enough to eat.”

Jodi giggles as Holly stands up and grabs her hand.

“Where are we going?”

“To the bedroom, there is more room to stretch out and the bed is more comfortable.

Holly pulls Jodi up off the couch and into her arms. As Jodi’s breasts brush against Holly’s both girls moan. They walk hand-in-hand down the hall, not wanting to break contact. Holly opens the bedroom door and they enter.

“Get on the bed and lay down on your back.”

Jodi does as she is told, lying still on the bed. She watches Holly’s approach to the bed, admiring the view. Holding out her hand Holly grasps it and Jodi pulls her down on the bed beside her. Both girls roll onto their sides facing each other. Jodi circles Holly’s nipple again with a finger.

“Take off your panties, I want to see your pretty pussy.”

Holly sits up but Jodi suddenly puts a hand on her arm stopping her.


“What is it?” Holly asks.

“It’s nothing major. I just want to take them off myself.”

Holly moans low.

“That’s not major?”

Jodi laughs as she pulls Holly back on the bed so she is lying on her back. She rises and straddles Holly’s hips. Holly moans louder and longer at the feeling of Jodi’s wet pussy on her lower stomach. Jodi is so wet that Holly’s panties are now soaked. She gives a little wiggle as her clit comes into contact with Holly’s pelvic bone. The sensation is amazing, like nothing she’s ever felt before. Jodi leans her upper body over and kisses Holly deeply, passionately. She slowly moves downward over Holly’s chin, playfully nipping at her neck, her tongue gliding down in between Holly’s breasts. As before when Jodi used her finger to circle Holly’s nipple, now she uses her tongue. Jodi laves first one and then the other. Holly arches her back, pushing her breasts at Jodi. Jodi takes advantage and pulls a nipple deep into her mouth, her tongue playing over the tip. Holly groans in pleasure, her hips pressing up.

Jodi leaves Holly’s breasts and nibbles her way lower, over her stomach, down Holly’s navel. Scooting her bottom backward Jodi kneels on the bed in between Holly’s knees. She draws one hand forward and with her index finger plays along the elastic of Holly’s panties. Holly gasps.

“Please Jodi, I can’t take much more!”

“Yes, you can my sweet.”

She grasps the sides of Holly’s panties and lowers them down her legs. Jodi moans as she looks at Holly’s pussy. She uses a finger to trace Holly’s outer lips, catching the wetness on her finger. She raises it and puts her finger in her mouth. Holly shudders as she watches, almost having an orgasm then.

“So sweet, so pretty.”

Lowering her head Jodi kisses Holly’s thigh. Using her tongue to glide her mouth up to her pussy. Holly is gasping for air, her hands clutching the sheets of the bed. With one long sweep of her tongue Jodi licks from the bottom all the way to Holly’s canlı kaçak bahis clit. She flicks her tongue over her clit lightly. Holly arches her hips off the bed, a long moan and a shudder rolling over her.



“Cum for me!”

And with that statement she pushes her face and mouth against Holly’s pussy. Jodi nibbles on her clit, her petal soft lips, licking at Holly’s pussy. What an amazing, intoxicating feeling for Jodi. To give pleasure like you like to be pleasured.

Holly can stand no more. She grasps Jodi’s head in her hands and positions her mouth where she wants it the most. Jodi complies willingly – licking, sucking, nibbling at Holly’s pussy until Holly screams Jodi’s name as the most powerful orgasm of her life slams through her. Jodi does not let up when she feels Holly’s body reacting to her climax. She laps at Holly’s juices, drinking them as they pour out of her pussy. Holly’s climax lasts over a minute, Jodi drawing it out with her mouth as long as she can.

Holly relaxes back onto the bed, her gaze fixed on Jodi’s head as Jodi straightens and looks at Holly. Jodi smiles as she licks her lips, her mouth wet with Holly’s cum.

“Absolutely delish.”

Holly sits up and pushes at Jodi’s shoulders, toppling her backward onto the bed with a wicked grin.

“My turn!”

She latches onto Jodi’s breast and suckles the nipple deep into her mouth like a baby feeding. Jodi groans at the sensations flooding her body. She can feel her pussy leaking onto the bed. Holly moves to the other breast and laves it with her tongue.

Jodi gasps at the feelings coursing through her. She looks at Holly’s blonde head sucking at her breasts and almost loses her control at that moment. She holds on by a thin thread – wanting, needing, and craving Holly’s mouth on her pussy. Holly instinctively knows that Jodi wants. She moves down her body to her glistening lips. Holly parts Jodi’s outer lips with her fingers. Lowering her head she drags her tongue over Jodi’s pussy. Jodi’s hips leave the bed as she pushes into Holly’s mouth. Holly knows what Jodi needs only as a woman can. With her tongue she searches until she finds Jodi’s sweet spot. Concentrating on that spot with her whole mouth – lips, tongue, teeth, she brings Jodi to the most intense orgasm she’s ever had. Nothing she has ever done before prepares Jodi for the feelings and sensations flooding her body. Holly continues to draw out Jodi’s climax as long as she can. She can actually feel the contractions of Jodi’s pussy through her mouth. Holly almost cums again herself at the feeling.

When Holly senses Jodi’s relaxation she moves to lie beside her. Face to face, breasts to breasts, hips to hips. The girls grin at one another and at the same moment say “Wow!” They break into laughter. Holly uses a finger to trace over Jodi’s lips. Neither one has to say anything; they know what the other is thinking as each girl is having the same thoughts that there is no “awkward” moment after.

Jodi places her hand over Holly’s breast, feeling the nipple harden into her palm. She is memorized at the sensation of Holly’s perfect breast in her hand. The feeling is familiar, from having held her own, and yet so different. She kneads Holly’s breast as Holly leans in for a long, slow kiss. Tongues play against each other, lips mold, tasting each other and themselves on their lips. Jodi feels the familiar heaviness and ache in her lower body. She craves Holly’s touch. Holly slides her hand over Jodi’s hip as they kiss. Skin so soft – no hair-roughened skin, no scratchy moustache and beard, just smooth, baby-soft skin.

The girls are so immersed in one another they don’t hear the bedroom door open. Holly looks up as she hears a gasp from the door. Standing in the doorway is her boyfriend, who she had dumped that afternoon. Holly watches as a grin replaces his shock. Holly smiles at him as he starts to walk into the room.

“You can come get your things tomorrow, and please leave your key on the table when you leave, I have no further need for you.”

A surprised look replaces his grin. He calls both girls very nasty names as he turns and stomps out. The girls break into laughter once more. Holly gives Jodi a smack on the ass.

“Come on, girlie, get up. I’m in the need for a shower.”

Holly winks as she rolls off the bed. Jodi giggles as she rises and follows Holly to the bathroom.

To be Continued . . .

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