A Very Dear Friend

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The phone rings.

Hello? Hey, how are you! Great to hear from you! What’s that, you’re coming to town? Wonderful, we’ll have to get together. Oh, it’s been so long. We did have some good times back in the day, didn’t we. You do know I’m involved with someone now. Yes, we are very happy, very much in love. But you and I, we will always be close. Yes, we must get together. You remember the old place where we used to go hang out? On Franklin Street? Great, I’ll see you there on Sunday night.

Wow, you look terrific. Have you lost weight? I like that hair thing you’ve done. Here, I saved you a stool. Bartender, my friend needs a drink. Wow, you really do look great. Oh, I’ve thought about you so much. I often talk about you to my new love. You two would get along great. We call each other “Sweet Boo Boo,” it’s just too cute. We’re thinking about moving in together. We are so compatible; we talk for hours, we smooch, we make love like…. well, like you and I used to. For hours on end. For days on end. At least, we did at first. Now it’s more… comfortable. Yes, that’s the word. Comfortable. It’s nice.

So enough about me; tell me about yourself. What brings you to town? Where are you living? Are you seeing anyone? No? Oh that’s too bad. Someone as wonderful and full of life as you, with so much love to give, I’m sure you won’t be alone for long. And such a great kisser. I still remember your kisses. Your lips, your tongue. Wow, your kisses. I can never forget those. What was that thing you used to do with your tongue? Wait, show me… Yes… Yes, that’s it! Oh, do it again. Mmmmmm. Very nice. Oh, I do miss that. I miss you. We were great together, weren’t we? Why didn’t it work out, anyway? Oh that’s right. That was a shame. Oh well, the memories will always be with us.

Hey, speaking of memories, remember that time when we were at Barney’s party, and we were driving home, and you were so drunk? That’s right, we pulled into the cemetery and hopped into the back seat, on top of the golf clubs! My back was sore for a week, but it was worth it. We were like wild animals that night! I’m surprised we didn’t wake some of the corpses.

Hey, give me another one of those great kisses of yours. C’mon, we’re old friends, nobody will mind. Ohhhh yes, so nice! Hey, what’re you looking at? Can’t two old friends kiss each other? It doesn’t mean anything. After all, I’m in a casino oyna committed relationship, but this is my oldest, dearest, ex-lover friend, and I’m not going to let anything spoil that. Sorry, I might have had a bit too much to drink. Yes, that’s right, you have too! What does that remind you of? That night at McShanes… exactly! Whoa, that bathroom stall was never the same after that!

Yeah, we should probably be going, it is getting late. What do you mean, hotel? Don’t be silly. I’ve got a perfectly nice sofa in my living room. No, Sweet Boo Boo won’t mind. You and I are old friends, it’s perfectly innocent! C’mon, what is the world coming to if two old friends can’t share a cab ride home when they’re tipsy. Driver, keep your eyes on the road; we’re just two old buddies sharing some lip action, hah! Ah, here we are. Damn key, it always takes a lot of fiddling to get it into the hole.

There we go, home sweet home. Isn’t this sofa comfy? I’ve slept many a night on it myself, passed out in front of the TV. Come here, sit down beside me. I could sure use another one of your famous hugs. I really have missed you, you know. I’ve missed the way you made me feel, the way you made me see myself, the way you used to make the world seem like such a friendly place. Lately, it hasn’t seemed all that friendly to me. Hold me for awhile, will you? Help me bring back that friendly world that wasn’t quite so scary. It wasn’t scary because whatever happened, I knew I had you. Oh, that is so nice. Your arms around me are so warm, so loving, they tell me so much. Your eyes are so beautiful. I can see the love in them. I can see the love in your eyes, and in your mouth, and in the way your lips are so slightly parted. In the way you lean in so close, and in the way your breath feels on my cheek. In the way… oh, kiss me, please!

I’m so tired. Let’s just lie here on the sofa a bit. We can hold each other, like old friends would do. You feel so warm and tender. But I’m so hot in here; this old place needs more windows. You must be burning up too. This sweater can certainly come off. There, that too. Oh, it’s so nice to feel your skin on my skin; our bare chests against each other, our arms around each other’s waists. Our fingers gripping and hanging on for dear life. And your fabulous kisses. More, please.

Whoa, I think I dozed off for a moment there. We should probably be in bed. Oh, don’t canlı casino be silly, you’ll share my bed with me. We won’t do anything, of course; I’m in a committed relationship with my Sweet Boo Boo! But it’s a big bed. Two old friends can sleep in a bed, can’t they? Of course they can. Come on. Which side do you like? Oh, silly me, I remember, you always liked that side. There. How’s the pillow? Do you still sleep on your right side?

Oh, look at your adorable little ear. You used to love it when I’d kiss and nibble your ears. Like this… just the tip of my tongue, lightly tracing the outside, then slightly flicking the inside, then deeper and wetter… Ha! You’re still ticklish there! Oh, I love it. I love that I can still get a rise out of you, and your smile still makes me feel so safe.

Kiss me goodnight, please? Wait, let me get my arm under you for a proper hug and kiss. Oh, very nice. Very nice indeed. A perfect fit. And the way your tongue plays with mine, the way your teeth gently tug at my lips, you really make an art form of kissing. The way you stroke my hair, and the way your hip feels under my caress. You skin is so warm to the touch.

Can I put my leg over your hip? That’s so comfortable. Comfortable like old, dear friends. I like tracing my finger up and down your spine while we’re snuggling. Feeling every ridge and bump. I used to know every inch of your body. Every curve, every muscle, every hair. All the spots that made you squirm, and all the spots that made you jump. I worshipped your body so many times. I still dream about it, you know. When I dream, I feel like I’m running around in the same playground that I knew so long ago. Yes, I remember this buttock; it feels exactly the same! This one too, of course. Kiss me some more?

You still feel warm. I can feel the heat coming from between your legs. Let me touch it, you don’t mind, do you? Yes, I can feel the heat of your sex. Very hot. Very nice. You trimmed your pubic hair, I like it. I can see all of you now. I can feel all of you, too. All of the wonderful details of your sex. Every line, every angle. So nice! And I love how it responds when I stroke it. You always were very responsive to my touch. Yes, yes, touch me, too. Ohhhh, you do that so well.

Hold me tighter, please! Squeeze me, press your sex against mine. Our chests pressed together, our hips in firm contact. Our legs are entwined, kaçak casino our arms are clamped on each other’s backs, and our mouths are devouring each other with abandon. Our fingers roam everywhere as our backs arch and our loins ache. We kiss, we grind, we moan, we writhe. We breathe in short gasps, we grope, we thrust. Our hips are bucking. Give me your sex. Yes, give it to me. We are a perfect fit, we always have been. There. Right there. Inside. Yes! Oh yes, the feelings, I remember the feelings. The feelings of completeness; complete acceptance, complete immersion, complete fulfillment. Volition fades as instincts take over. We buck, we thrust, we parry, we riposte. We roll over, we roll back. We scream, we whimper, we grunt. Skin against skin, slick and hot and burning. We speed up, we slow down. Then we speed up again, and more, and more. Our orgasms build, we feel it at the same time. A small time bomb exploding at the core of each of our beings, spreading waves of heat and pressure down to our toes and up to our flushed faces. Then release!

We hold each other very close, very close indeed, and we almost sob. Your body is shaking; are you alright? Or is that me? I look in your eyes. Have you been crying? Have I? Of course not, that would be silly. Why would two old friends cry at such a loving, friendly reunion? Give me another one of your wonderful kisses, my dear friend.

We gradually disentangle ourselves. Are your legs as cramped as mine? We’re not as young as we used to be, are we? No more back seats or bathroom stalls for us! But this big bed is just right. Nice and comfy and welcoming. Just like your body. Spoon with me, please, as we drift off to sleep.

Well good morning, sleepy-head. I’ve been watching you for an hour and a half, wondering when you’d wake up. You look so beautiful when you’re asleep. I love watching your chest rise and fall, and the peaceful smile on your face. I counted all your freckles. You still have exactly forty two, just like when we were together. Some things never change. That’s such a comfort.

Oh my god, is that the time? We’d better get moving. I’m meeting my Sweet Boo Boo for lunch. Oh, you two would get along famously, are you sure you can’t join us? No? Oh well, next time for sure. We are so happy together, I really hope you find someone just as wonderful. We could double! You deserve to be as happy as we are.

More coffee? Oops, your cab is here. Well, darling; thank you so much for getting in touch, it was so good to see you. Next time you’re in town, we’ll do it again, I hope. You’re such a dear friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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