A very special 15th birthday part 2

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College Student

as i slowly got up from between ross’ legs my mouth still full of his creamy young cum, i could see he had enjoyed himself. his eyes were glazed, chest flushed, and breathing slowly starting to settle.
“what did you think?” i asked
“that was incredible!”
“i’m glad you enjoyed it but now its your turn to do that to me”
“emm… ok but i may not be very good, it will be my first time”
“yeah well me doing it to you was my first time, now stopping making excuses and move over and let me lie on the bed.”
With that i moved him over and lay down on my back on the bed, my cock at right angle to my body hard as a rock and desperately needing some relief.
ross finally got the drift and dropped between my knees, he slowly reached out and wrapped his hand around my fat 7inch cock. his hand felt wonderful, i couldnt believe i had just sucked off my best friend and now he was about to suck me off aswell.
Ross slowly lowered his head towards my cock he dropped his out gently and started to slowly lick my mushroom head, it send shivers up my spine
“oh yeah ross that feels good put it in your mouth and make me cum”
with that ross slowly sucked my prick into his mouth, adjusting to the feeling of having a cock in his mouth he soon began to bob his head up and down my cock. just watching the spectical before me was amazing my best friend was sucking my dick.
he then reached over and started jacking me off again still with the head of my cock in his mouth. he began swirling i his tounge quickly around the head, while was his hand was pistoning on my shaft. i was getting close to coming, my balls canlı bahis needed relief. however ross had one more thing up his sleve. taking his left hand he pushed me back on the bed more, so he exposed my anus, he then took two fingers and starting teasing my virgin asshole. he must i have known i was ready to come, he began to getting faster with his sucking and jacking and he slowly slid his 2 fingers into my asshole, pushing me over the each and unleashing gallons of cum into his mouth. ross tried his best but he couldnt swallow it all and some slowly began to drip out of the sides of his mouth
“uh yes keep licking thats fucking incredible”
ross collasped mext to me the excess cum he didnt swallow now dripping down his torso, while the cum remaining on my dick slowly slid its down to my asshole.
“hey i’ve got a really good idea, since we’ve sucked each other off, how about we go another step further and have anal sex?”
“i dont wouldnt that make us gay?”
“na its just to see what it feels like. like did you enjoy getting a blowjob and giving me one?”
“yeah that was fun, emm… sure why not never knock it til you try it”
“ok we’ll need to lube up our asses and cocks and since my cock is pretty lubed with all the cum, ill fuck you first”
“ok how are we going to lube my ass?”
“i got an idea bend over, this may feel a bit wierd but go with it”
ross then bend over the bed exposing his still virgin asshole to me, it looked suprisely clean, which was good for what i could not believe i was about to do.
“ready?” i asked
“yeah hurry up”
i then pressed my face between his cheeks bahis siteleri and slid my tounge out and started to tease round his asshole.
“oh my god that feels amazing dont stop”
i continued to lick round, then slowly i started to slid my tounge into his brown rosebud, every so slowly penetrating him with my tounge. finally his anus started to relax and i was able to shove my tounge deeper into his anal cavit. ross now moaning from pleasure.
“ahhh, ohh that feels great lick my dirty asshole”
i started to lick faster now really lubing up his ass, then i withdrew my tounge and placed my cock at the entrance to his ass. my bulbous cockhead slowly edging its way into his tight asshole. with one firm push the head disappeared into ross’ anal cavity exciting a moan from ross.
“oh that hurt slightly go slow”
i did what he said not wanting to put him off the idea of casual anal sex, i slowly continued edging my thick cock into that tight anal canal.finally after about a minute of slow and casual easing in, my entire cock was buried in my best friends ass and it felt incredible. it was so tight and warm and wet. then not wanting to let ross get bored i slowly started to pump in and out of his tight anus, slowly building up into a steady rythm. meanwhile i decided i would give him a little extra pleasure, so i slowly reached round to his front and found his 6inch cock and began to p jack him off ross moaning
“yeah that feels incredible, im so close to cumming, keeping going come in my ass”
as he wished i picked up my pace really starting to fuck him hard and deep, pistoning in and out, all the bahis şirketleri time jacking him off with vigour.
i could feeling the cum bubbling in my balls i was ready to explode, i couldnt take it anymore. finally i had enought and with one final thrust i came in ross ass, thrusting my cock deep into his anus as i did so.
ross was vastly approaching orgasm,his cock pulsing but i didnt want him to finish yet. i quickly pulled out of him.
“what are you doing i’m close to cumming”
“this” and with that i slid his pulsing cock, into my warm, wet mouth, now sliding my head up and down, ross now screaming with pleasure.
“oh fuck yes dont stop that feels so good, uh ahh, umm… oh im going to cum”
no more than a few seconds later he exploded filling my mouth with warm, creamy cum. wave after wave of cum floaded out. however i managed to swallow it all and then clean his dick with my mouth.
“thats was amazing we have to do this every chance we get” he said ethusiasticaly
“dont worry we well but now lets go to sleep”
so exhausted and worn out, we climbed into bed, together but ross had other plans. as the light went off, he slowly slipped down my back and began to lick my assshole and began to slide his tounge. once e thought i was well enough lubed, he brought his bulbous head to my anus and slowly pushed into me. inching his 6inches in, we lay there. ross content to have his cock in my warm wet anal passage, and i content to have a decent sized cock in my ass as i drifted off to sleep.

there is likely to be another 3 parts in this series and alot more stories to follow. as always comments and ratings are welcome. however i do ask that instead of commenting on how bad the story was, please tell me why it was bad then i can improve it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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