A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 03

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Jessica, still a virgin, masturbates herself while plotting and planning the loss of her virginity tonight.

Getting ready to go out on another date with Michael, Jessica released a dreamy sigh as she relaxed in her bathtub. The warm soapy water felt good on her soft skin. She was horny. She was always horny. Something that men may or may not know about women are human. Women have sexual feelings. Women get horny too.

In addition to her being horny, something that was so very difficult for her to take care of personally with masturbation, she was sexually frustrated. She was so sexually frustrated that she wanted to pull out her hair and scream out of her window at the top of her lungs. She imagined a fireman or a policeman coming to her rescue and having their wicked sexual way with her when finding her naked in her bathtub.

Not only was she sexually frustrated but also she was sexually unfulfilled, literally and figuratively. She was tired of being horny. She was tired of being sexually frustrated. She was tired of being sexually unfulfilled and she was tired of being a virgin.

Looking forward to being a virgin no more, she was looking forward to having first time sexual intercourse with her fiancé, Michael. With all of them on the birth control pill, she was tired of listening to her girlfriends talking about making love to their boyfriends. She didn’t want to hear about their sexual exploits, their erotic escapades, and their one night stands with them having wild, unprotected sex with a guy they met online or with a man they picked up at the club. She was tired of listening to them going on and on about how they fucked this guy and banged that guy.

They all lied when they told her that they wished that they had waited until their Honeymoon night to lose their virginity. They all lied when they told her that they thought she was doing the right thing by waiting. They all looked at her cross-eyed and as if there was something wrong with her that she was still a virgin. With her missing out on all of the fun, she knew that they were laughing at her while talking behind her back. She knew that they made fun of her for being dumb enough to still be a virgin.

If only men listened to how some women openly talked about sex, they’d not only be shocked but also they’d see their women for the sweet, innocent women that they aren’t but for the sluts and whores they are. If only men would take the time to sexually arouse their women before sticking their cocks in their hands, in her mouths, and in her pussies, they’d be surprised the passion they’d release. Instead of having a lifeless bodies beneath them, they’d have active sexual partners humping them as hard as they humped them.

With sex most always about men, if only men would give up some of the sexual control that they have over women, they may be pleasantly surprised. If only men would entrust women and empower them, they may enjoy some of the sexy games that their women would want to play instead of just giving them endless blowjobs and missionary sex. With seemingly everything they do, read, watch, and say being about sex, some women are just as bad as men in that regard. Seemingly, with them being such promiscuous sluts behind closed bedroom doors, men need to know that they shouldn’t be the ones having all the fun but that their women want to have some sexy fun too. Whether it’s dress up or role play, women can be just as sexually imaginative as men, even more so.

Granted, Jessica was nothing like her slutty friends. How could she be? With her only able to go so far, she was still a virgin after all. Even though she was engaged to her fiancé and had the diamond ring on her finger to prove it, she promised her grandmother on her deathbed that she’d wait to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend until after she married.

Only, with her grandmother from another lifetime and another morally modest era, her grandmother was old fashioned. After the promise she made to her grandmother to not have sexual intercourse and to remain a virgin until she was married, the stigma of her being a virgin has cast a dark shadow over her life long enough. Behind the times with her old world values, her grandmother was from another time and another place. She didn’t understand the new world, sexual order of modern day women. Virginity meant more to her then than it does to women now.

In canlı bahis the way that most unmarried women during her grandmother’s youth were virgins, she’d be hard pressed to find a woman who hasn’t lost her virginity at Prom night when she was 18-years-old today. Most women her age have already been sexually active for five or more years and have had multiple sex partners and lovers. Tired of waiting around for the right guy and for their knight in shining armor, wanting and needing to test the sexual waters while sowing their wild oats in the way that men do, most women her age aren’t virgins. Most women her age are more sexually sophisticated than they were fifty and sixty years ago. Tired of carrying that cross and walking around with an unsoiled bed sheet in readiness to prove that she’s still a virgin, she was tired of being a virgin. Tonight was the night that she’d change all of that with Michael.

* * * * *

She had plenty of time to masturbate herself as her date wasn’t for hours. As if they were her little tools to help ease her sexual frustration and to help her relax, she lined up all of her masturbation toys, her sexually intimate little friends, on the top of her bathtub. Helping to make her decision which one to employ to give her an orgasm this time, she enjoyed looking at them before using them. Touching them, feeling them, and taking them to her mouth to lick and suck as if she was licking and sucking Michael’s cock, she was as sexually intimate with her masturbation toys as she was with Michael. Oh, yeah, they were more than masturbation toys to her, they were her closest, sexy friends. Much better than just using her fingers, they all took her to a place where she needed to go for her to get through her day.

Her favorite toy, a real squeaker, was Donald Cock, her rubber ducky, as she intimately and appropriately named him.

“Quack! Quack!”

She liked squeezing him for the toy to make his quacking sound. No doubt, if she had a cat or a dog, he’d be in here to see what was making that quacking sound.

“Quack! Quack!”

Donald wasn’t just any rubber ducky. This rubber ducky had special talents. This rubber ducky had a battery, an on off switch with three vibrating settings, nicely warm, sexually arousing, and fuck me I’m gonna cum. Unlike her other vibrators, this vibrator that was fashioned in the image of a rubber ducky was waterproof and even floated on the surface of the water.

Another one of her favorite masturbation toys was her yellow submarine. Fashioned in the shape of an underwater submersible, her yellow submarine was another vibrating toy that was waterproof too. Reminiscent of that old Beatles song, because she masturbated with her yellow submarine so much, now any time she heard the song, Yellow Submarine, she became horny. Whenever she heard Yellow Submarine playing on the radio in her house, in her car, or at the mall, she wanted to touch herself. She wanted to lift her skirt, pull down her panties, and finger herself no matter where she was. Whenever she heard the song where it wasn’t appropriate for her to masturbate herself, she headed for the nearest ladies room and masturbated herself there.

Then, there was her favorite masturbation toy, Boston Blackie, a big, black dildo that she imagined was the big, thick black cock of a giant black man named, Boston Blackie. She knew that once she lost her virginity, that Boston Blackie would take the place of Michael whenever he wasn’t around. Instead of going only so far inserting Boston Blackie for her to maintain her virgin status, she couldn’t wait to stick her giant black dido all the way inside of her cunt.

When she wasn’t teasing her clit with her rubber ducky and yellow submarine vibrators when taking her bath, she was testing her virginity by sticking Boston Blackie where she couldn’t wait for her boyfriend, Michael, to stick his big, hard cock inside of her. Oh, yeah, pushing her Boston Blackie dildo right up against her hymen, she was careful that she didn’t fuck herself with her dildo before her boyfriend had the chance to take her virginity and to deflower her.

* * * * *

She was ready to address her horniness. She was ready to take care of her sexual frustration. She was ready to give herself an orgasm. Only, even after masturbating herself and giving herself an orgasm, she may no longer be horny and/or sexually bahis siteleri frustrated but she’d still be sexually unfulfilled. With a glass of wine sitting beside her masturbation toys, she had lit, scented candles positioned everywhere. Where men stroke themselves for a few desperate minutes in their beds and in their bathrooms, instead of just wanting a quick release, masturbation was a serious ritual to her.

She imagined living in the beach cottage that she imagined that she owned in Cape Cod Massachusetts. One day, after she’s married to Michael, and after he sells one of his books for a million bucks and she sells one of her paintings for thousands of dollars, they’ll buy their little hide-away, get-a-away. Life would be so grand if they could live wherever they wanted while working from home instead of having to fight rush hour traffic. Moreover, they’d both would love the inspiration that the ocean would give him to write and her to paint. If she had one dream, it would be to live by the ocean. Yet, for now, with her submerged in her bathtub, just as it was her dream to live near water, in was important for her to masturbate while submerged in the water.

First things first. She needed to masturbate herself. She couldn’t wait to masturbate herself. Always a good start and one that never changed, she started by feeling her breasts before fingering her nipples. She loved her big D cup breasts and was glad that Michael loved them too. She couldn’t even imagine having tits any smaller than these. When harnessed by her giant sized bras, she loved how they filled out her blouses and dresses. As if she was a general with a big chest filled with medals, she loved seeing her side profile when looking at herself in the mirror. She loved how her massive breasts overwhelmed her small hand. She loved how every man she’s ever known has stared at, commented on, and couldn’t wait to touch, feel, see, and suck on her big tits.

She touched, felt, and fondled her breasts while imagining Michael touching, feeling, and fondling her big tits. Then, when she was ready, once she had the image of him in her horny mind, she fingered her nipples. Many of the women that she knew with big breasts had small nipples. She didn’t. She had big nipples. Anyone who has big tits should have big nipples but sadly they all don’t. She was glad that she not only had big tits but also that she had big nipples too.

As soon as she closed her eyes and started fingering her nipples, they erected themselves. The bigger they grew, the harder they became. She loved it when Michael not only felt her big tits but also fingered her big nipples. With her nipples one of her erogenous zones, she loved how he fingered her nipples before sucking her nipples. As if he was her baby, and indeed he was, she loved putting a hand to the back of his head to play with his hair while he sucked her big nipples. Lifting her breast to her lips, she sucked her nipple while pretending that it was Michael sucking her nipple. Then, she lifted her other breast to her mouth and sucked that nipple too.

* * * * *

She was readying herself for a wonderful adventure with her fiancé, Michael, this evening by taking a bubble bath. Unable to contain them, her pink nipples peeked out of the warm water as if they were two periscopes from a submarine. No matter how high she filled the tub, or how much bubble bath she used, her erect nipples managed to find their way to the water’s surface. Suffice to say, she had big tits and she loved fingering her nipples while taking a leisurely bath.

Her ample breasts and long legs were sometimes a challenge for her to comfortably fit in the tub, but taking her bath was her opportunity to relax while masturbating herself. She loved the luxury of a leisurely soak once a week. The rest of the week, she showered. The rest of the week, she rested her forehead against the wet, tile wall while allowing the cascading water from her pulsating shower massager to titillate her clit and with her fingers gave herself an orgasm. Always so horny and tired of being a virgin, she really needed to get laid.

Too old to be a virgin, no 23-year-old woman should still be a virgin. If this was the Victorian era, she’d be long married with three or four children. If this was the Victorian era, she’d already be considered an old maid. If this was the Victorian era, with her unable to do anything bahis şirketleri about her sexual frustration, in the way they viewed women as ladies or whores, the same way that they do today, with no grey areas, she’d be taking a walk out to sea to drown herself.

While daydreaming about her boyfriend and the plans they made three days ago for this special evening, the night that he’d take her virginity, her fingers slid beneath the warm water and found her blonde, trimmed pussy. While slowly and softly massaging her clit, she closed her eyes to imagine Michael masturbating her. Then feeling the warmth of her passion taking control of her while taking her to a special place, she increased the speed and pressure on her clit while another finger slipped inside of her pussy. Imagining her finger was his cock, it took several minutes for her to start breathing heavily and even longer for her to cum.

That wasn’t the case when Michael teased her pussy with his fingers and masturbated her. With him tracing her slit through her panties while kissing her, feeling her big tits, and fingering her erect nipples, she’d often cum in a minute or two because he was such an expert at foreplay. Only, in the way that she’s always stroking and/or sucking his cock, she wished he’d play more with her cunt and less with her tits. She wished he’d lick her as much as she sucks him. Desperately so hot, by the time he touched her pussy with his fingers, she’d cum in a flourishing flurry of orgasmic pleasure.

“Oh God, oh Michael,” said Jessica reaching the climax of another powerful albeit empty bathtub orgasm when rubbing her clit harder and faster by concentrating her fingertip directly on her bean. “I want you baby! I want your baby. I can’t wait to make love to you. I can’t wait to fuck you. I can’t wait for you to pound my pussy and fuck my cunt. I can’t wait until we’re married. I can’t wait to have our baby.”

She wished that her self-masturbation would give her the same kind of orgasm as the one given by her man does, but it didn’t. Not nearly the same, even after she had an orgasm, she sometimes still felt horny, sexually frustrated, and unfulfilled. Often, as she found was true for many of her girlfriends, she felt empty and lonely after coming down from her orgasmic high of self-abuse. With no one there for her to hold and to touch, the afterglow of sex wasn’t nearly the same. Yet, if nothing else, a limited consolation after masturbating herself, the warm bathwater helped her to relax.

* * * * *

While kissing and kissing her, she needed to feel Michael’s lips as much as she needed to feel his fingers. She wished she could feel Michael’s hand touching and feeling her in places that only he was allowed to touch and feel her. Yet, if they were to tally a scorecard, she’s given him way more hand jobs with her hand than he’s masturbated her with his fingers. She’s given him way more blowjobs with her mouth than he’s given her oral pleasure with his tongue. If only men would take more time and be more patient with women, they’d unleash the womanly beast of sexual arousal. If only he had taken the time to seduce her instead of respecting her wishes to be a virgin, she wouldn’t be a virgin now.

“Oh, God, Michael. If you were here right now, I’d suck you and then I’d fuck you,” she said. “I’m so tired of being a virgin. I need to feel your cock inside of me. I need to feel your warm love juice squirting inside of me. I want to be your whore,” she said while rubbing her clit faster and harder with one hand while fingering her nipples with her other hand. “I want you to use me, abuse me, and fuck me over,” she said while masturbating herself to a better and more vocal orgasm.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m cumming. Fuck! Fuck! Jesus it feels so good,” she said collapsing against the bathtub. “I only wish I had a cock inside of me instead of my finger. In the still horny way that I feel right now, I’d fuck anyone, the plumber, the pizza delivery man, even the mailman,” she said for no one to hear.

A huge understatement, she so wanted to feel Michael’s big, hard cock inside of her. She so wanted him to give her an orgasm with his fingers, with his tongue, and with his prick. After three agonizing years of dating and making a vow to wait until they were married, feeling somewhat like a nun, Sister Jessica of the Society of Eternal Virgins, she couldn’t wait any longer. Finally ready to break her promise that she made to her dying grandmother on her death bed, with tonight the night, she was going to get laid tonight.

To be continued…

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