A Week’s Worth Of Cum

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Note: This is another Mike and Frank story, it is about consensual sex between two adult men. It takes place before they have anal sex, so it only contains descriptions of oral sex, handjobs and other fun stuff.

If you don’t like reading about homosexual sex, please don’t continue. All others, enjoy!


Mike and I were friends who, as they say, went way back. However, in our case the way was not as straight as in the case of other guys. In fact, since Mike and I had had a threesome some years back with Mike’s ex-girlfriend, we had been exploring our bisexual side more and more, graduating from side-by-side masturbation to mutual handjobs, and finally blowjobs. We had been having sex with each other pretty regularly, mostly in Mike’s room, who had his own little apartment in his parents attic, but also in cars or outside.

One Friday night we were over at another friend’s house. Jack’s parents were on a skiing trip and Jack had been allowed to have friends over, provided they didn’t trash the place. Calls were made, six-packs were bought and around 8 p.m. Jack’s friends, among them Mike and myself started arriving. It was to be a guys only party, 4 friends watching some action movies and talking about girls. Since none of us was currently in a relationship, the talk would be mostly about what each of us had done or would like to do with a girl.

We all flopped down on the couch in the living room, which was huge and gave all of us a great view of the big-screen TV Jack’s father had recently bought. Jack surprised us all when he turned on the movie and instead of the martial title music of a Schwarzenegger or Stallone flick (this story is set in the 90s, after all) the sultry music of a porn movie could be heard. On the screen, a scantily clad blonde could be seen who was sashaying towards a guy in a suit who was sitting in an easy chair, smiling.

“Aw man, Jack!” Ronny called, “I can’t fucking believe this! Here we ar all sitting around blue-balled because we haven’t seen any action in God knows how long, and you don’t have anything better to do but to show us smut!”

“Fuck you, Ronny,” Jack said, grinning, “if your balls can’t take the action you know what to do, you know where the bathroom is!”

Mike and I grinned at each other with the knowledge that we would definitely get off tonight. Of course we didn’t say anything, since neither Jack nor Ronny knew anything about our love of cock and cum, and we intended to keep it that way.

The blonde had now reached the sitting man and had begun to suck his sizeable dick which she had freed from his khakis. I watched her licking along the full length of the man’s cock, then taking his whole dick into her mouth, deepthroating him. Her technique was admirable, I had never been able to swallow all of Mike’s big schlong. The last time I had tried I had almost puked all over Mike’s bed. The problem was not only Mike’s pretty impressive length and girth, his penis also curved upwards and thus it was doubly hard to swallow. Despite such ‘shortcomings’, Mike had never complained, but had reliably rewarded me with thick wads of his delectable man juice, which he produced in admirable quantities. The mere thought of Mike’s dick and the salty treat waiting for me in his balls made my mouth water.

I knew that Mike couldn’t concentrate on the movie either. He knew that after Jack’s get-together I would be coming over to his place and we would get naked and suck each other’s cocks until they exploded in our mouths. He must have been looking forward to this evening for a long time, since we hadn’t seen each other for over one week.

What I didn’t know was that Mike also had some special plans for the night, which included the belt of his bathrobe and a dildo he had bought at a sex shop last week.

While the others were watching the porn movie, I could see Mike ogling my crotch where my growing hard-on could was straining against the fabric. Knowing that Mike was looking at my cock I flexed it every now and then so that my organ could be seen even more clearly. Mike’s mouth watered.

After the movie was over we talked about the story (ludicrous) and the qualities of the female talent (outstanding). The male talent wasn’t mentioned, but I really appreciated that all male actors had been very well-endowed and had come copious amounts of cum. Even though I kept those views to myself, I was sure that they were shared at least by Mike.

Both Jack and Ronny had been to the bathroom during the movie and had thus lost most of their horniness, but I was determined to save my spunk for later, where the relief would be so much sweeter. After all, wasn’t it better to squirt in a hungry mouth than in a kleenex? I had refrained from touching myself for one week and I was sure that my balls were almost overflowing.

After all the pros and cons of the movie had been thoroughly discussed, Jack showed us the house. Jack’s parents ran a successful swimming pool supply company and their place was packed with every possible canlı bahis gadget money could buy. It was also huge and the tour took quite a while. We were duly impressed, but our jaws dropped when Jack took us to the spa area. Jack’s parents had gone all out here, since they sometimes used their spa as a showroom, too.

There was not only a 30-foot pool, but also a huge hot tub, a steam bath, a sauna, and a big shower with room for at least two people. Ronny let out a whoop and started taking off his clothes.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” yelled Jack.

“I’m gonna get in that pool, what do you think?” Ronny replied and before Jack could stop him he had jumped into the water, butt-naked. I caught more than just a glimpse of his package and I liked what I saw.

We watched as he swam underwater from one end to the pool and back, just to resurface, dripping wet and grinning from one ear to the other.

“Dude,” he said to Jack, “this is awesome! We should have come here right away. I have always wanted to watch a movie while sitting in a hot tub.”

Only now did I notice the big screen TV mounted on a wall next to the hot tub.

“My father installed this to impress his customers,” Jack explained. “Sometimes he has friends over and they watch a football game down here. I figured that since I had rented a porn movie I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to three naked guys with boners.” He grinned. “But I guess now that we’re just shooting the breeze anyway we might as well get in.”

He started taking off his clothes and soon was butt-naked as well. Mike and I looked at each other, shrugged and took off our clothes as well. All four of us climbed into the steaming hot tub and sighed.

“Man, this is the life!” said Mike.

We all agreed and for a while we didn’t say anything, but relaxed and enjoyed the hot water. I felt the bubbles caressing my dick and couldn’t help but getting a hard-on. While undressing I had gotten a good long look at Mike’s dick and had felt that familiar stirring in my loins. If only I and Mike were alone … I shook off the thought. No need getting all worked up with Jack and Ronny there as well.

“So, Jacky,” I began, to get my mind off Mike’s cock, “tell us, have you ever had, erm, female company down here?”

We all looked at Jack who grinned and started to tell us about a night he had brought his ex-girlfriend down to the spa and had ended up fucking her in the pool. I listened to the story and laughed at the appropriate places, but my mind was preoccuppied with Mike’s hand that was softly but resolutely stroking my cock. I looked down, but the bubbles hid anything that was happening down there. When I looked at Mike he didn’t pay me any attention, he was grinning and laughing at Jack’s story and nobody whose dick was not handled by him would have known that anything unusual was going on underwater..

Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. Knowing that everyone would see my stiff dick I nonetheless got up and declared:

“I have to take a shower, these bubbles and your talk are getting me too horny!”

My friends laughed and teased me for my erection while I walked to the shower and turned on a cold stream that got my boner down, even though it lasted a while. When I came back Mike was sitting in the tub alone.

“Where are Beavis and Butthead?” I asked.

“Jack had to take a dump and Ronny wanted to get us more beer.”

“You almost got me off in there, dumbass,” I said to him in a low voice. “What the hell, man, I have a week’s worth of spunk stored in my balls, I don’t wanna blow it into the water!”

“Yeah? Well, where do you want to blow it?” Mike grinned.

“You know damn well where I want to blow it,” I answered, “and you better have some juice for me, too!”

“Don’t worry, Frank, I haven’t touched my dick in a week, believe me, there is enough baby batter in these balls to impregnate a whole village.”

With these words he raised his lower body out of the water and gripped his big, hairless balls that I loved to suck on.

“Dude,” I said, “we’ve got to get outta here. I’m having a bad case of blue balls and I don’t want to spunk into Jack’s hot tub.”

“Alright, I have an idea.”

Mike explained his idea to me and when Jack and Ronny came back Mike and I were standing in the spa, dressed, and Mike was clutching his head,

“What happened?” Jack asked.

“The stupidest thing,” Mike moaned, “I got out of the hot tub to jump into the pool and I slipped and fell. Now my ankle hurts, I fear I might have sprained it.”

Jack and Ronny looked concerned. Jack went to get some ice, then Mike hobbled to the door, all the while aided by me.

“Yeah, I’m going to bring him home,” I said, “he needs help getting up the stairs. I also have some painkillers in my bag, so …”

Jack and Ronny nodded and said they were sorry that the evening had to end like that.

Later in the car Mike told me that he had a suspicion that the two bahis siteleri might not spend the entire evening drinking beer and talking about girls.

He was surprised when I told him: “Sure, I think they’re going to do what we’re about to do. When I was in the gym the other day I heard someone moaning in the bathroom. I went to see if someone needed help but then I heard some pretty familiar sounds coming from one of the stalls and later I saw Jack and Ronny coming out of the bathroom together. The only questions is who sucked whom off. Speaking of which, don’t you want to show me your gratitude that I’m helping your poor crippled ass home?”

Mike laughed and then he grabbed my crotch. He opened the button of my pants and my fly, then he fished my hardening dick out of my pants.

“Alright, but don’t run off the road, ok? And don’t blow your wad, I want to enjoy your cum properly later. This is just a warm-up, understood?”

With these words he put his head in my crotch and took my dick into his mouth. Damn, that felt so good! Mike’s hot mouth sliding up and down my hard cock, going deeper all the time was just the best feeling. Pretty soon I began to feel a familiar build-up in my balls so I tapped the back of Mike’s head: “You better stop now, or else my cum is going to take your head off.”

Grinning like a bear in a honey store Mike sat up, licking his lips. “Yum! You are really horny today, I can tell. You only produce so much precum when you really need it bad.”

Soon enough we reached Mike’s place and quietly went up the stairs to Mike’s room. Mike got some drinks from his kitchen and when he entered his bedroom I had a little surprise for him: I was leaning against the window sill, naked, cock at the ready.

“You didn’t waste any time, did you?” Mike asked with a leer. He looked me over, then he said in a stern voice: “Come here, you slut and take off my clothes!”

I smiled. Sometimes we liked to play role play and Mike’s ‘dominant alpha-male’ number was one of my favorites.

“Yes, master,” I replied and then, looking as demurely and helpless as I could with my cock sticking like a flagpole from my groin I moved over to Mike and began to undress him. I took of his t-shirt, then his shoes and socks. His pants came next and when I pulled them down Mike’s raging hard-on, barely contained by his boxers almost hit me in the face. A huge wet spot could be seen on the front of the boxers.

“Seems like I am not the only person here who is producing ungodly amounts of precum today.” I commented.

“Shut up and suck my dick, slut! And don’t forget my balls, you know how I like it.”

Mimicking what I had seen the blonde in the movie doing I started by slowly licking Mike’s cock from his balls to the tip. When I reached that I lingered on his peehole which was freely leaking precum. Oh, that taste! I savored it like you savor some fine wine and then I put my lips around his cockhead and slowly let his stiff prick enter my mouth, exerting just the right amount of pressure on his sensitive glans to make him moan.

„Mmmh, yeah! Suck me, you slut! Suck my dick!”

I slowly bobbed my head up and down a few times, then I released his penis from my mouth and started to slowly wank him while I let my mouth explore his balls. I took his big, hairless testicles into my mouth, one after the other and rolled them around with my tongue. Then I started tracing a line with my tongue down his ballsac until I reached his perineum, then his asshole.

I tried to lick around his hole, but the angle was just to awkward, so I looked up at him and said in my most seductive voice: “Master, please turn around and spread your legs. Let me lick your asshole for you.”

He looked at me questioningly. “Are you sure?”

So far rimming had never been part of our lovemaking. We had touched each others holes, Mike had even had two of his fingers in mine (I had loved the feeling!), but none of us had ever put his mouth down there. However, spending time in the hot tub had left only a slight trace of his male aroma, so I was sure I would be able to handle it. Moreover, I was insanely horny and eager to extend the limits of our sexual experiences tonight, so I said: “Yes, I am.”

When he heard my answer he smiled at me that crooked smile that let me know that the night would probably bring even more new experiences. He turned around and spread his legs so I could reach his puckered hole even better. All the while holding and softly stroking his cock with my left hand, I used my right hand to spread his cheeks a little and recommenced licking his ass. This time it was easy reaching his sphincter and after some licking around it I stuck my tongue into his asshole for the first time.

The sensation of his tight anal muscles around my tongue was intensely arousing for me. Mike’s knees actually buckled when his sphincter softened and I stuck as much of my tongue into him as I could. I wiggled it around a little and then started fucking him with it.

The bahis şirketleri intense feeling of my tongue in his ass and my hand wanking his dick pushed Mike over the brink. Quickly he turned around and, now grabbing his angry red dick with his right hand he used his left hand to steady my head and guide my mouth over his cockhead.

“Oh God, you horny slut, you hot little asslicker, open wide, aaarrgh!”

With an almost primeval scream Mike started to cum in my mouth. His first spurts were so strong, they went right down my throat. Then he withdrew his cock a little so that only the head was in me and proceeded to fill my mouth with what felt like a pint of his sweet boy cream. He came and came, my mouth couldn’t hold all his cum and I opened it, letting some of his cum drip on my chin and chest.

But Mike wasn’t done yet. He pulled his spurting cock out of my mouth and kept cumming. Only after having glazed my face with two more shots from his mighty cum cannon it was over. Panting and sweating he leaned back on the window sill. He looked at me. I was still on my knees with my open mouth full of his jizz. When I was sure he had recovered a little I swallowed his juice and then used my fingers to scoop what was on my face into my mouth. After that I took his deflating cock into my mouth again and sucked the remaining cum out of it.

“You have got to be the most committed cum-lover I know,” Mike said while catching his breath, “that was just so intense right now, I actually had fireworks going off in my head. I don’t think I ever came so hard!”

I looked up at him and said: “If you are happy, I am happy, master.”

Mike grinned. He knew about my submissive streak and now he wanted to use it to put his plan to action. He remembered the dildo he had bought and told me to wait, he was going to fetch something. When he came back he was carrying a plastic bag, a neckerchief and the belt of his bathrobe.

“Get on my bed, but don’t lie down, kneel on it!”

When I looked at him quizzically he gave me his best master’s scowl and barked: “Get moving, slut, or today was the last time you fed on your masters jizz!”

I hurried over to his bed and knelt down, curious about what Mike had in mind. He quickly tied my hands to his head rest, then he blindfolded me with the neckerchief. I knelt there, waiting, when I suddenly felt something wet and warm on my ass. I couldn’t believe it, Mike was rimming me, too!

The feeling of his hot tongue licking my hole was amazing. He took my cue and licked me softly at first, but soon he was tongue-fucking me like a pro. It was heaven! If anyone had just as much as touched my dick I would have exploded.

Suddenly he withdrew his tongue. I heard the rustling of a plastic bag, then smacking noises (Mike was wetting the dildo in his mouth” and then I felt something hard and unfamiliar at my nether entrance. It was too big for Mike’s finger and too cold for his penis. Wait, was it …?

“Relax, buddy,” I heard him say, “I know you’ll enjoy it. Remember how you liked me finger-fucking you? Remember how hard you came? Well, this is going to be even better, trust me.”

With these words he started to push the dildo into my asshole. He hadn’t bought a giant dildo, but it wasn’t a small one either. For an anal virgin like I was it was quite a challenge to take that rubber cock, but, I am proud to report, he managed to push it all into me eventually. His having thouroughly moistened and stretched my asshole with his tongue helped.

At first my sphincter offered resistance to the silicone intruder, but gradually it gave way. The slightly unpleasant feeling soon passed and was replaced by one of incredible lust. Here I was, a young man of 25, who had had his fair share of girlfriends, getting fucked by my best friend with a dildo. I knew right then that the dildo wouldn’t be enough for me, that I would have to have Mike’s cock in my asshole before long.

Oh, how naughty I felt. I enjoyed the feeling of the dildo entering my asshole and being pushed as deep as it was possible, in the process hitting my prostate, which took me on an unstoppable ride towards my own orgasm. I also loved having Mike withdraw the dildo completely from my ass, only to stick it into me again right away.

Pretty soon I felt my orgasm building in my balls. This was going to be a big one!

“Unh, unh! Mike, don’t stop now, fuck me with that cock, fuck me!” I edged Mike on and he responded by pounding the dildo into me as fast as he could. The head hit my p-spot again, the pleasure was almost too much. My precum flowed freely, so Mike lay down on his back and scooched under me. When he could take my cock in his mouth he resumed fucking me in the ass and at the same time he sucked me off. I couldn’t take much of his before I had to release my pent up juices from one week of abstinence and the added cum from having my prostate pummeled by Mike’s silicone dick. Anytime now, now, noooow!

My universe narrowed down to the tip of my cock as my orgasm exploded from there. I shot stream after stream of my cum into Mike’s waiting mouth, so much in fact that he almost gagged. When his mouth was filled up my cum flowed onto Mike’s bed and formed a huge puddle around his head.

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