A Widow’s Tale Pt. 03

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I must admit, putting all this into words has been helpful — up until I started this project, I was living with a swirling internal mess of grief, pain, lust and upset. I mean, ten years of absolutely knock-out sex, married to the man whose cock pulled me out of a self-centered, inward directed lifestyle and gave me a life of lust and love and growth; a relationship and a marriage that ended suddenly when he went to repair a heart valve and didn’t come out of surgery, breaking my heart and shutting off my libido for five years of mourning.

College — for me — was waiting for the next weekend frat party so I could go, get wasted and let any guy there use any hole I had to get off. I can barely remember how that went, or perhaps it’s better said that the only individual I remember was Johnny. I still remember that last party — the one where I encountered him; how the magic between us stood out from everything else. How there seemed to be a connection between us, courtesy of his large cock, that woke me out of my stupor. In the midst of being used as a cum dump by dozens of guys, he was different. He made love to me, even though I was almost not there (checked out and in my own world.).

Just so you, dear reader, are clear, I’m not the same person now that I was then. I mean, sure, I have the same body parts (some of which I a very proud of; all of which are well used) but that girl who let her self be used and abused, who sucked any cock that came by and who had a reputation as a three hole party favor; who had so little self-worth that she mistook erections for love — she’s been put to rest. The marriage to Johnny, as well as some personal development workshops, had the effect of healing that part of me that looked for love in all the wrong places. I went from being a victim of sex to being a sexual being; eventually, with Johnny, I rediscovered my body and its needs and my need to share myself. And then he died on me!

I almost fell back into that “I’m worthless, so use me however you want” mindset. I was tempted — might tempted – to just give up all I had won for myself and find some new place, with new faces, and go back to not caring, but the memory of that man and what he did kept me from getting into bad trouble. I suppose I swung to the opposite pole — after all, I withdrew from every group we frequented — all the swing parties and the swingers and even family and friends. It took five years after his death for me to come out of hibernation. But I did. Thanks to “my girls” — the three best friends any woman could have: Beverly Trichter, Karen Demoans and Andrea Waters. We had been BFF’s since high school; they knew the magic Johnny wove and they were there with us and then for me afterwards.

In the previous chapter I had a lot of fun recounting how Johnny met Karen and moved her from committed lesbian to bisexual woman. And how that expanded my world as well; he was that kind of magic man! I mean, he and I had been together for just a month when that happened, and there was no jealousy at all. I had told him that I would do anything he wanted and it turned out that I wanted anything he did.

Karen was not one to keep things quiet. We have had — and continue to have — a weekly call with the four of us, and on the call after she met Johnny and the three of us spent a wild weekend together, she was behaving so strange and different that Bev (away at school with Andrea) had to ask her about it.

“Karen, what the hell is going on with you?” asked Bev. Andrea piped in: “yeah, what ever happened to you? Where’s that militant dike we know and love?” We all laughed.

“Maybe you should tell them, Maria” she said to me. We were using a speaker phone on our end as were Andrea and Bev, so I had the privilege of seeing her blush lobster red.

“And save you from the embarrassment? Help you avoid the squirm? Not on your life! I’m only here to make sure you tell them every detail. Leave nothing out, woman!”

The noise on the other end of the call grew loud.

“All right, all right. Maria brought Johnny over last Friday night. Ostensibly for dinner, but I none of the protein we ate was solid. If you catch my meaning…” her voice trailed off.

“In other words,” I interrupted, “our favorite lesbian discovered the reason every dildo ever made was and will always be a cheap replacement for the real thing. And, I admit, I discovered how much fun it is to eat at the Y. I used to hear guys talk about how a blowjob from a guy was so different — having a cock made sucking a cock a more personal thing — and there may be something to that.” There was silence on the other end of the phone. Finally, Andrea spoke up.

“Does that mean the two of you…” her voice trailing off, as if actually putting words to the idea was incredibly tough.

“Ate the peach? Munched the rug? Licked the lips?” Karen and I were laughing hard by this point. “Yeah, girls, not only did I discover the real value of having a gay friend, it didn’t casino siteleri take much for me to bi (get it? Bi instead of by!) into lady loving. I suppose it didn’t take much — after all, I sucked enough cocks covered in my juices to know I wasn’t going to die from the taste — especially after she ate me into an entirely knew world. She found places on my body that I never found. Returning the favor seemed the least I could do. As for her new found appreciation for man meat, I’ll let her talk.”

“All right. I admit it. Most of why I stayed away from men was how disappointing the few encounters I had with them were. They knew shit about foreplay, and once they shot their stuff, they all tended to fall asleep. I have a pretty good collection of toys, all of which did a better job — until I met Johnny and his magic stick! I mean, it didn’t turn me straight but it sure made me appreciate what is possible. I would have been extremely jealous of Maria, except the two of them made sure to share everything. But now I know — all those toys are inferior copies!”

“And for a lesbian, she could deep throat as good as me! And I had to work for weeks to learn how, way back when. But this one — holy shit! We should have filmed it! You girls would have been really proud. And I know Johnny was a very happy man!”

“And for a gang bang slut — excuse me, a reformed gang bang slut — Maria sure took to my pussy like she was born to it! I suppose that, on those rare occasions when she isn’t around Johnny, we can turn off the phones and make each other happy! What do you say?” she asked, looking at me.

I replied with a grin: “Just say the word, sister! And you know we don’t have to wait for Johnny’s absence — he loves to watch! And if he wants to watch, I want to perform for him. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for that man. And no one I wouldn’t do for him.”

“Damn, damn and double damn! We have to meet him” said Bev. Any man that can do to the two of you what he’s done is someone I need to know!”

“Well, when you guys come see us, you can see us come.” I said. “And come with us. And I’ll come for you!”

“Enough, Maria! We get the picture!” said Andrea, laughing. It took another two months before I was able to introduce them to Johnny. And mostly because he and I went to visit them. That visit did get memorialized on film — I guess I ought to tell you about it.

Johnny had business in Washington, DC, so we went. His company paid for a nice hotel room and he upgraded to a suite, paying the difference out of his pocket. So, we had a king-sized bed, an in-room jacuzzi, a huge television — a nice place! We arranged to meet Andrea and Bev in the hotel’s restaurant since they really wanted to eat there, claiming it had a great reputation. We were already seated, enjoying drinks, when I saw them at the entrance. They saw me at the same time and made a beeline for the table and we made a bit of a scene greeting each other.

Looking back over what I’ve already shared, I realize that I haven’t said a whole lot about physical appearances — mostly, I guess, because they don’t matter a lot to me. But, having been advised by my editors, I gather some find it valuable, so here goes. Let me see if I can describe myself without getting weird. My name is Maria Salvez. My family comes from Puerto Rico, so I’m my skin color his a golden brown. I’m short but not tiny: five two on a good day, but at 130 pounds I’m disqualified from the “tiny” category. I’m curvy and proud of it! And some of those curves are accentuated — my chest is 38DD, so I appear top heavy. I used to worry about my butt because it’s pretty damn prominent — but I no longer worry. I use it to my advantage. I have brown hair and love to dress to catch men’s eyes. That means I show lots of cleavage and lots of leg and have made a study of how people watch me and check me out. I’m considering writing a book on it at some point.

Bev Trichtel, on the other hand, comes from a long line of WASPs so her skin’s milk white. Add to that her height of six two, red hair and a full chest and she’s an attention magnet herself. Andrea seemed to fit in the middle; five eight, black hair, average build but incredibly intelligent and with a powerful presence as befits the senior daughter in a family of politicians. And, of course, Johnny. He was one of those handsome men every girl dreams of. He could have posed for the cover on a bodice-ripper! In any case, the four of us were anything but bashful in our greetings. Hugging Bev, I gave in to temptation and buried my head between her boobs — and in return her mound pressed up against me. When I let go and introduced her to Johnny, their hug reminded me of peanut butter and jelly: inseparable. Andrea and I approached each other with little hesitation before we were also glued to one another. “Ain’t he something?” I whispered in her ear.

“He’s a walking wet dream! How did you do it?” she whispered back. “If you guys weren’t together, I’d definitely canlı casino want some.”

“Don’t let that stop you” I said. I felt her inhale sharply. “Seriously, we share. Besides, once you find out how good he is, you’ll have a new respect for me and my powers!” We broke apart and I introduced her to Johnny, who by now was visibly aroused. Hell, he was damn near panting in anticipation. While watching those two hug, Bev turned to me.

“Maybe we should skip dinner” she said.

“Nope” I replied with a grin. “That’s exactly what he said to me on our first date. Know what I said back?” She shook her head.

“I told him to be patient. I knew he had a hard on — hell, I was dripping wet — and I said we knew it was going to happen, and our dinner was the opportunity to test our resolve and to get to know each other.”

“Amazing. But I bet you skipped dessert, didn’t you?” She asked.

“Yes and no. We didn’t have it in the restaurant, but we were dessert. For each other.” I felt myself blush — a true rarity — but kept on talking anyway. “Hell, I don’t know about you, but my panties are soaked and I am going to have dinner anyway.”

She looked at me and grinned. “Me too, sister!” With that, we arranged ourselves at the table — Johnny and I faced each other while Bev and Andrea flanked Johnny. As we examined the menu, I saw Johnny sit up and look at Andrea, then down at his lap. I laughed!

“Andy, Bev already knows — around here, dinner is mandatory since we will need the energy, but anything else has to wait. I realize how hard it is — nodding towards Johnny’s lap — but it’s for after dinner! Spare the man his dignity — wouldn’t want him to have to walk through here with a big wet spot on his pants, would you?” I watched her withdraw her hand. And then saw Bev shift and again watched Johnny react.

“Damn” said Bev. “He is hard. To resist, I mean.”

“Didja ever hear that song by Little Feat” asked Johnny. “The one called Rocket in My Pocket?” We all laughed. “Here’s the deal, ladies. Maria and I have a gorgeous suite, upstairs. And, while it appears that you both want to visit there ASAP, she and I have a rule: enjoy your meal and prolong the desire. So, what’s say we eat, you get to know me and I will find out your truth instead of Maria’s, and we’ll skip the pastries and enjoy each other as dessert? Can you do that?”

Bev and Andrea traded glances, then Bev looked at me. “Maria, I don’t know how you found him but he’s definitely a keeper!”

And with that, I held up my left hand, finally drawing attention to the diamond now on my finger. “That he is. And I’m all his.” That brought a new round of comments, most of which I don’t remember but of those I do, I’m not repeating in public!

Needless to say, dinner passed by both extremely fast — as in, I have no recollection of eating — and torturously slowly, as in I thought my pussy would soak the upholstery and they’d need a mop at our table! Both of them seemed to edge their chairs and place settings closer to Johnny, and I know their hands were NOT kept to themselves — both from the looks on their faces when they realized how big he was, and on his as they explored. I had a hard time keeping a straight face — and when I watched Bev disappear under the table and heard the sound of his zipper, I lost it!

The waitress came by at some point to ask how we were enjoying things. “I thought there were four in your party, sir,” she said to Johnny. I wanted to hear him answer this one!

“Oh, there are. One of them is on her knees and is enjoying my meat as her main course.” Andrea, Johnny and even the waitress broke up over that one! “Well,” she said, if I were with you, I might be doing the same thing.” Laughing, she made her way back to the bar.

Somehow, Bev never got to the cream filling before Johnny helped her up. Andrea looked like she was about to take her place when Johnny said “I think we might want to blow this pop stand. Before I do!”

When we finally finished Johnny got the check, signed it to our room and whispered something in the ear of the waitress. We struggled to our feet (due, in part, to the alcoholic beverages as well as the discomfort of damp underwear) and headed towards the elevator bank to our suite. When the door opened, we waited for those inside to exit, and then tumbled in. Before the door closed the three of us were all over Johnny. If we were any higher than the third floor who knows how that might have gone! As it was, we left the elevator in various states of dishevelment (my bra was unhooked, Bev’s blouse was unbuttoned, Andrea’s skirt was bunched above her waist, and Johnny’s magnificent cock was exposed for all to see. We were just lucky there were none around to see it or we would have had to think fast — and we were all feeling no pain by that point, let alone thinking with anything except our bodies!

I managed to open the door and we stumbled in. Andrea immediately dropped to her knees kaçak casino and grabbed Johnny’s hips, and when they were squared away, she opened her mouth and swallowed him completely to the root!

“Holy fuck! It took me a few days to manage that with him! Your roommate is one amazing cock sucker!” I said to Bev.

“And Bev’s just as good” said Johnny before closing his eyes and surrendering to the hot, hungry mouth and throat attached to his dick.

“And what am I?” I asked. “Chopped liver?” Bev laughed, and Andrea pulled off Johnny’s spit-soaked dick to join her.

“She’s got you, Johnny. I want to see how you get out of this one!” said Andrea.

“Maria,” he said, choosing his words, “if you want to be chopped liver, then spread wide and I’ll lap it up!” That set us all off. I moved up to him, put my hand behind his neck and pulled him forward into a deep, long kiss.

“You know the way to a woman’s…” I started to say.

“Stomach?” laughed Andrea.

“Pussy?” offered Bev.

“Heart” I answered.

Looking up at Johnny, I laid my soul bare for all of them. “If you want to have another woman, or two, or more; if you want me to fuck all your friends; if you want whatever you want, whatever you can think of, I know your mind and I will jump when you say jump. Nothing is too good for you, Johnny Athers. Understand?”

“Er, can we occasionally lighten up?” he asked, smiling broadly. “And for sure, can we all lose the clothing? Don’t just throw it somewhere, hang it up so you guys can wear it again, but do it quick! Understand? We have lots to deal with. Last one in the Jacuzzi is a virgin again!”

What followed was another moment I wish we had captured on tape. We laughed insanely when we related it to Karen (the only one of our queens not there) and even years later it got us all smiling. Needless to say, Johnny was sitting in the tub, his hard dick showing above the water level. I was next, followed by Bev. Andrea was last.

“I can’t go back to being a virgin again! That was horrible. I’ll do anything — but not that!”

“Well, then you will have to sit on the edge. Spread your legs, lean back and let Maria have at you!” he said with a twinkle in his eye. I felt myself gush into the tub, but without any hesitation I moved between her legs. “Honey, have you ever heard about deforestation?” I asked, staring at the tangled hairs covering her snatch. “I hope I don’t get lost in the woods” I said with a laugh as I spread her legs wider and moved up to her hairy crotch. I could remember when I was last like that — I’d adopted smooth and hairless some time ago. I reached out with my hands, softly stroking through the hair until I found her lower lips. I bent forward and ran my tongue over them, then across them, teasing her until I tasted some juice seeping through. At that point I inserted my tongue between them and began to swipe up and down. As I got closer and closer to that little nub of pleasure, I could tell she wanted it sucked. So, I threw her off by inserting first one, then two fingers deep inside her wet slit. Twisting my hand, I used my middle finger to search for the g-spot, and her reaction let us all know that I found it. That was when I let her clit enter my mouth. Between those two pleasure points it didn’t take long before she reached her orgasm — and she squirted, covering my face in her juices.

That was unique and new for me. For her as well, we found out later. At first, I was surprised but then I didn’t have time to do anything but attempt to drink from her fountain and swallow. I felt my insides clench as I did — I wasn’t coming, but I was as close as I had ever been before. In a moment I heard Johnny’s command:

“Maria, turn over, move a foot to your right and sit down. Now!” I responded to his tone immediately, and as I sat down in the tub, I realized he’d put me right on a water jet. I loved the way his mind worked, so I spread my arms and held onto the edge of the tub as that jet of hot, bubbly water caressed my lower lips and agitated my clit. I held out as long as I could, trying to prolong the arousal, and then I surrendered to my body and began to come hard. The stream of water started my orgasm and as I continued to sit on that pulsing stream I continued to come, over and over again. I must have blacked out, since the next thing I remember was Johnny bending over me, asking if I was okay, while Bev and Andrea each held a hand.

“Fuck! We need one of these at home! It’s as good as a Symbian! I’ve never come harder, and I’m just beginning to imagine how we can use it together! Thank you!” I said, drawing him down into a deep kiss.

“Okay, Bev, you get to choose: how do you want to get off? Maria still needs to work on her technique — yes, you do, sweetheart, because there’s always more to do — or you can ride our bubble jet. What do you think?”

“I don’t know. When I come by myself, I don’t think about showing off. It’s kinda weird, if you ask me.”

“Well, we know you love to watch! Hell, I’ve seen you peeking when I’m going at it in our apartment. It gets you off, doesn’t it?” said Andrea. “We all want you to come. We all want to help make it happen — and if we do, we have to watch.”

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