A Wife Transformed Pt. 04

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Part IV- Month One Ends and Real Changes Begin


4th Part of a multi-part story of how a wife in just nine months comes out of her cocoon to be become a sexual dynamo. A shorter piece, some physical but overall goals are set. No matter what you may assume, Sheila is clearly in charge of her changes and her neighbors are only guiding her!


Monday, normally the start of the work week, marked a change for Sheila and Anna. Anna and Brad had decided to have the store only open Tuesday through Friday. They had analyzed the sales and it seemed that customers really didn’t look for the kind of items their store sold on the first day of the workweek. So now they all had another day for unlimited play. Just before lunch, Anna and Sheila had an appointment at the tattoo and piercing parlor. Sheila was really nervous. Anna tried to calm her down, telling her it was a very high class place, the only one she would go to. She also fed Sheila some shots and a pill that she said would calm her down and make sure nothing hurt during the procedures.

Sheila realized that Anna was right, she was really buzzed in short order. Sheila was still a little bit skittish, even though at least she was in a reasonably respectable quarter cup bra. And a knee length skirt above her somewhat restrained four inch heels. Anna had said it was best to not rub the new piercings with a bra that covered the upper half of her breasts. They were so tight they barely needed a bra anyway. The studio was clean and not busy at all on a weekday morning. It was also a female piercer, which also made Sheila calm down. Of course, the morning drug cocktail in her coffee along with the shots and the special pill had helped quite a bit too. They discussed different approaches and looked over jewelry, it all seemed so every day to Sheila. She had stopped being shocked that she was about to pierce her body in a very adult manner.

After some prep work, Sheila laid back on the padded couch and told Rachel, the piercer, that she was ready. They had discussed Sheila’s desires and her body, marking the key spots with a black marker. Her nipples were already larger than a few weeks ago. Anna laughingly attributed the growth to all their sucking and fucking. However, Anna knew it was a common side effect of the drug cocktail that Sheila had been ingesting daily. With the nice large set of nipples, they had chosen an unusual arrangement. All three agreed it would really draw attention to Sheila’s chest and amplify her pleasure.

While Sheila closed her eyes and held Anna’s hand, Rachel wiped down her chest with antiseptic and chilled both nipples. First Rachel fit some key pieces over Sheila hard nipples before she worked her magic. As Sheila was getting used to metal on her nipples, she felt a sharp bit of pain in her left nipple, but it really wasn’t so bad. Then she felt something sliding through her erect nipple, a very odd sensation. Quickly the pain shifted to her right nipple and in a repeat of the process the sharp pain was followed by the feeling of a metal piece going through the hole. All in all, she realized as her nipple piercings were done that it had hurt some, but not as much as she feared.

Sheila sat up and Rachel pulled over a mirror. The effect was really pretty hot. There was a tight ring below the silver barbell piercing in each nipple. The silver was surrounding Sheila’s nipples pretty tightly. The barbell ends of the piercing served to push the ring down around the base of the nipple and acted to lengthen and draw attention to Sheila’s big red nipples. Sheila thought to herself, as she moved her boobs around through the bright red bra that she had put back on, that the effect was extreme but very sexy. Anna smiled down at her protégé and told her that the arrangement would also keep her nipples almost permanently hard.

After the fear and worry of the nipple piercings, the belly button was almost painless, and the silver arrangement of chains and small crystals looked super-hot against the slender girl’s midsection. Anna and Sheila had been discussing piercing Sheila’s clit hood, to match the one that Anna had, but Sheila had been too worried to agree to that final, extreme piercing. Now after the manageable pain from the first three piercings, and how her nipples were already making her pussy wet she decided. Sheila grinned over at the two more experienced women and told them they weren’t done.

Sheila stripped off her skirt and thong and lay back on the table. Her legs, still in those high heels, were put in two stirrups that Rachel had pulled out. She moved Sheila so her pussy was on the edge of the work area. After washing her already soaked pelvic area with antiseptic she played with Sheila’s clit to draw it out, making Sheila moan in frustration. Rachel had Sheila hold Anna’s hand again and quickly pierced her clit hood, threading a short barbell ended bar to sit right against the length of Sheila’s hard clit. Looking at her bald casino siteleri pussy with a bright silver piercing, Sheila asked Anna if she thought Dan would approve. Anna gave Sheila a kiss and told her she had never seen a guy not love his woman with her nipples and clit pierced.

Anna drove them home and Sheila took it easy the rest of the day. Sheila had been quite excited with all the new jewelry and asked Anna about additional work. They talked about whether four or five piercings in each ear was better and how a row of rings extending down her labial lips would look. Sheila shivered, but realized it wasn’t fear or unease but anticipation. Even though her midsection was a little tender, the feeling of the bar against her clit was already keeping her constantly wet.

Sheila had come home with a set of instructions for each of the piercings and had taken to heart the warning from Rachel that even the best piercings needed time to heal and had to be kept clean until her body got used to the new jewelry. Sheila was still the careful girl I married in some ways. She followed the directions scrupulously for every day of the recovery week, even avoiding having anyone even touch her sex or nipples to let her clit hood and nipples heal around their new decorations. But even during that week Sheila could feel a big change in how her body felt with the new decorations.

Almost any move with her lower body caused the bar in her clit hood to rub against her clit. She almost fell down a few times it was so intense, and found out if she worked at it carefully, she could orgasm at work and working around the house, solely from the rubbing of that small bar and the friction of clothes against her constantly erect nipples.

She loved a new outfit Anna picked out for her on Wednesday, but it didn’t provide that nipple stimulation. It was simply a classic black leather miniskirt and an under-breast black leather corset. Sheila didn’t have much for the corset to pull in, but it did highlight her new nipple bars and rings as it pushed up and around the bottom of her chest.

She worked in the store the rest of the week, with only a lace shirt over the top of her healing upper body, her nipples were now very obvious to all. They literally glittered through the lacy shirt. This change did pay off in an unforeseen way for Sheila. The outfit which very clearly displayed her pert breasts and showed off the kinky piercings, seemed to really help sales with all the male clients, and some females too she realized.

That week Sheila and Anna had several long discussions about Sheila’s desires for a much larger chest. Sheila had been frank in how sexy she found Anna’s enhanced chest. She really wanted the surgery, but admitted she hadn’t made nearly enough to afford it. She really didn’t know what to do about the cost. She certainly couldn’t ask Dan. Anna was very supportive, telling her that her larger chest got her more attention and as her skin was pulled tighter, was much more sensitive to pleasure.

Sheila also started to think again about Dan, she knew she had been hard to reach and that she was distant when she was on calls. But though feeling a little guilty, she still thought it was a good idea to keep all the changes from him. Once he saw her after all the changes, whatever that meant, she was sure he would be all in. She had decided that she wanted to manage the full reveal of the new Sheila in person, not on a Skype call or via text.

Sheila was a bit shocked and relieved on Friday after the piercing appointment, when Anna volunteered to cover the rest of the money needed for the boob job. All Anna said was that if she helped her out down the road with some other “work” outside the store, she could pay Anna and Brad back in interest free installments. Sheila didn’t know what that other work would be or what it meant when Anna told her that there would be big benefits for Anna and Brad from all this body work too. Without even asking what that work was, Sheila agreed to the financial help.

Amazingly enough, Anna was able to pull some strings and get an appointment for the first consult in only two weeks on a Friday afternoon. It was to be followed by a Monday evening time for the surgery if nothing came up negatively at the consult. Anna told Sheila that the surgeon had luckily had a cancellation, otherwise the wait would have been two to three months. He was considered the best on Long Island and the waiting list proved it. They had to agree to a pre-surgical appointment on Saturday, but as the store was closed and Sheila was still at the end of her three weeks of reduced activity to let her piercings heal, that was no biggie.

Sheila had Anna and Brad come along for support on Friday evening and Saturday morning. She was surprised she wasn’t more nervous. The nurse in the office measured her upper body every which way. Soon they were looking at a fancy big screen that showed a number of 3 D models with potential implants to canlı casino show off the size differences with the different options. Though it seemed extreme at first as Sheila looked at going from a 34B to a D, the differences from a D to DD (E), to DDD (F) were not huge. And Sheila really liked how curvy the implants would make her existing 34B upper body.

Sheila surprised Anna and Brad when she picked the DDD option, she stared them in the eyes as she held their hands and declared,

“hey I want a whole new me, nothing like the girl you met a few weeks ago. Go big or go home!”

Anna leaned over and squeezed Sheila’s hand and gave her a quick kiss, “it will be totally sexy.”

They all went home and had a quiet evening. There was nothing that would cause an issue at the Saturday pre-surgical appointment. The blood draw was normal and all the exams showed no issues. The trio came home and relaxed. Sheila got to be a spectator again, as she was still in her mandatory healing period. She did bring herself off twice as Brad and Anna fucked all Saturday evening, while they all watched a bunch of artsy French porno films. That night they all cuddled together on Anna and Brad’s big king size bed, Sheila told me sleeping with the couple was getting to be the norm.

Sunday, after brunch, Anna decided to really address the issues if Sheila continued down this path on Monday afternoon. Clearly, she wanted to make sure that Sheila knew how big the change would be and how her whole life would be affected. She held Sheila’s hand and looked her in the eyes as she got ready to deliver her speech. She wanted to be sure that Sheila knew what all this was going to mean, pretty much permanently.

“Lover I really adore all of your changes, and how much you seem to be enjoying all that we have done recently, but we need to be totally honest of what the next steps mean. Once you get your boobs done, especially a DDD cup, it is pretty hard to miss and pretty obvious. Your nails, hair, clothes, all those can be altered in 30 minutes. Your piercings can all be removed temporarily or permanently once the healing is complete. Even your hair will grow back unless we do the laser treatment on your underarms and bush.”

Anna paused and continued,

“Are you really sure on this? Most people will look at you and see a slut, a cheap whore, a kinky bitch, some kind of tramp who wants to steal their man. Is that what you really want and are ready for? What will Dan say when he returns? I don’t want to sugar coat this.”

Sheila was silent and closed her eyes for almost thirty seconds. She squeezed Anna’s hands, closed and then opened her eyes. She decided to come clean on her thoughts and be totally honest.

“So, I know you started me down this path, the drinks, the weed, and I even really think you have been spiking my drinks every day. BUT, let me be clear. I love every bit of it…it’s like I am meant for this life. I realize how I was before was just this boring little girl, who no one gave a second look to. That will never happen again. I love all of it, and to be honest I think I’m pretty good at it and have barely started down this road. I like to fuck and now I’m not turning back.”

Sheila then made things clear,

“This is my transformation, I’m not doing it for Dan or you all, though I think everyone is loving the changes. I have never cum so hard and so often. I love that men and women want me and will fall to their knees. I want to feel what it is like to have 3, 4, 5 even 10 men fuck me for hours till I am covered in cum. I don’t feel any limits anymore. I am really ready to embrace all these changes you pushed me into and take them as far as I humanly can.”

Then she paused and continued,

“If Dan won’t accept me for what has changed and what will have changed by the time he returns, he will have to find another wife. But for our whole marriage we fought because I was too conservative, probably frigid to most people. I guess, maybe, he should have been careful what he asked for.

She took a deep breath and finished decisively,

“Now he gets to see if he really wants what he kept on asking for, and like I just told you, I will make these changes, with or without him. I actually think he may even try to take all this further. After all, when he was really drunk before his trip, he asked me why I couldn’t be a hot fuck-toy, since I had such a hot body, so I don’t think the risk of Dan hating this is that high.”

Sheila then drank the rest of her glass of wine and painted a word picture from head to toe of how she wanted to ultimately look and why. The picture took even Anna and Brad aback as they thought of the innocent slender young woman from just a few weeks ago, before her changes started. But Sheila was clearly serious and had thought out what her new look and lifestyle would be. She was not joking or casual as she painted a graphic picture of a new Sheila, in charge of herself, including her work kaçak casino and sex life.

She had to have the wild longer curly black hair, half way down her back at least, and able to drape across her partners as she rode them. She wanted much bigger tits, clearly big and fake, and even maybe a set of tattoos to embrace the slut wife lifestyle when Dan got back. Sheila described her face made up dramatically all the time, and what she called blow-job lips, that looked like they were made to have a cock stretching them. She said she loved the idea of a series of big hoop earrings dangling down from all her piercings in each ear. She talked about completing what she and Anna had discussed at the piercing parlor, a set of rings running down her lower lips to match her other piercings.

Sheila told the couple that she was loving the raunchy sex and so really needed a body made for all the fucking and sucking she intended to enjoy.

She laughed and told them how she was probably going to donate all her preppy and Talbot’s style clothes to Goodwill as she was never going to wear them again, once she healed up from her boob job. Sheila talked about having a full wardrobe of all the best from Anna’s store, leather skirts and pants, latex outfits, and a lot of very adult underwear. She told them she loved the super high heels they had taught her to wear, her legs looked super long for the first time and wrapping them around a partner was a huge turn-on.

To build on the changes to her body and the entire new approach to her wardrobe, Sheila told the couple that until Dan got back, she wanted to destroy her sexual boundaries and live a life where nothing was taboo. She said she drew the lines at animals or the truly non-consensual, but everything else was up for discussion. Once again this oddly empowered slim young woman told them how Dan would have to accept her or move on. Anna finally relaxed as she heard this set of desires and goals and glanced over at Brad.

She then broke out into a wide, happy grin, leaned over and gave Sheila a deep soul kiss for at least 30 seconds. Anna released Sheila and then Brad leaned in and did the same. Anna looked at her again and clapped her hands,

“Game on bitch, you will be so hot when Dan gets home you may set both of you on fire! We are going to turn you into a sexual superstar.”

After dinner Anna declared that they had one last opportunity for some three-way fun before all the surgical procedures and recovery and needed to not let it slip away. She grabbed Sheila’s hand and went down the stairs to the basement fun room. She told Brad to give them an hour and then to come down ready for action. She whispered in Sheila’s ear that now we’re going to see how you like what you saw the other day…I know you will love it and want it every day.

Sheila was guessing a little bit on what Anna really meant while she was stripped and laid down on the couch, nipples with their new jewelry already jutting out fully erect. Anna leaned off to the side and pulled a huge vibrator out of a cabinet and began to play with Sheila’s slit and clit, while licking and biting her new pierced nipples. Then she had Sheila hold the vibrator and continue to use it against her clit while she grabbed another item.

Before Sheila could react, Anna began spread Sheila’s legs wide and crouched down low on the floor. She began to rub and finger Sheila’s anus with her very wet fingers. She rubbed lotion all around and began to slide a finger in and out. As she did that, she mixed in licking Sheila’s ring and pushing her tongue inside Sheila’s back passage. This was not the first time Anna had played with Sheila’s ass, but this time it was seemingly the main event. It wasn’t a distraction as she was being fucked or a tease as a sex session began. But just when Sheila started to enjoy the finger and tongue action it stopped. Suddenly Sheila felt something very new; a long thick metal object, impossibly wide, pushed against her rear opening.

She froze and Anna told her to just relax and open up. Sheila did the best she could and suddenly the tremendously wide part of what she learned was a butt plug popped inside her ass as her sphincter suddenly opened up and let it in. There was an odd feeling of metal rubbing on the outside of her rear passage still. Anna looked down and told her the plug had a rim fitting against her opening, so the plug didn’t disappear up her ass! Sheila was surprised by the feeling of fullness; it wasn’t unpleasant at all.

She would never have dreamed a month ago she would learn about anal sex ever, much less not even a month after Dan flew away. She grinned, though Anna couldn’t see that! Then Anna took control again of the vibrator and drove Sheila to two crazy hard orgasms. After that she cuddled and kissed Sheila all over her face and neck.

“How was that to start lover?”

Sheila opened her eyes and looked up and said, “but what is next, we aren’t done?”

Anna laughed, “no it is a 3 act play tonight.”

Sheila was rotating her hips, trying to adjust to the large metal plug that seemingly was stretching her ass unnaturally. Anna asked if it was hurting and she liked the answer. Sheila looked up and smiled,

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