Ableside Manor Ch. 01

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If you’re looking for the type of story where ‘a man with a big cock finds a nude 36HH blond sunbathing in his garden etc.’ then this is not the story for you. There are lots of those available and they’re not very engaging for two reasons: Firstly, for a story to be good, it must have an element of realism about it – OK, some degree of fantasy can be allowed, but if it’s overdone, it just gets silly. Secondly, good stories are like good sex – both need foreplay. In the case of an erotic story, the build up to the earth shattering climax needs to develop the sexual tension to almost an unbearable level. Only then will the climax be earth shattering. I have worked hard on both of these requirements, but only you can judge whether I have succeeded. So to get the most out of the story, please resist the temptation to skip forward to the juicy bits.

The story is set in England a few hundred years ago. At the time, nearly all of the wealth of the land was owned by a small aristocracy whilst the members of the working class eked out a living as best they could, mostly as labourers and servants for the ruling class. The aristocracy did what they wanted and the servants did what they were told.

Many readers, particularly those in the USA, may not recognise the names of the various garments worn at the time. This probably does not matter; the important point here is whilst the aristocracy wore elaborate clothes, the garments worn by the servants were much simpler and they did not use undergarments.

The story is a work of pure fiction and any resemblance to living people is purely coincidental. The story may eventually become a multipart series and several more instalments have already been mapped out or partially written. Whether they are completed and published will depend on the feedback received on this one. There are occasional hints in this first instalment about scenes to follow to whet your appetite; you may miss them, but never mind if you do!

* * * * *

Jane and Mary were in the kitchen, helping Edwina, the head cook to prepare meals for the day. As well as providing food for Lord and Lady Fenwick, their two sons whenever they were home and the many guests who visited Ableside Manor, there were numerous servants who also needed feeding. It was a large household and it seemed to the cook that there was a constant requirement for food from her kitchen. Everything was running late that day. The cook turned towards Mary: “Mary, take this breakfast out to Nelson. And tell him I’m sorry it’s so late. He’ll be starving by now.”

Mary took the basket and disappeared towards the stables, which lay behind the orangery. She spotted Nelson, the stable-boy at the far end, grooming one of the horses. On seeing her, Nelson’s eyes lit up. He turned, put down his brush and walked towards her.

“I’ve brought your breakfast – more like lunch now, I suppose. Edwina apologises for the delay.”

Nelson laughed nervously. He’d been taken on two weeks ago, shortly after his twentieth birthday, and as far as he was concerned, Mary was the hottest girl he’d ever set eyes on. Not that he’d set eyes on very many girls, but this one had something about her and he felt overawed by her presence. “Thanks Miss” he replied.

“As, I’ve said before, the name’s Mary. There’s no need for any of this ‘Miss’ business.” She handed over the basket of food and stood there looking at him. He’s a bit shy, she thought, but quite handsome. She could see the muscles in his arms, obtained through all the hard labour that he was used to. A mischievous thought went through her mind. She continued to study him. Yes, she thought, he’s much better looking close up than I realised. Pushing her thoughts aside, she enquired: “Aren’t you hungry? You’ve not eaten today and you’ve been working for several hours now already.”

“Oh, I’m used to it, Miss … I mean Mary. Out here, I get forgotten about, but I really appreciate you bringing me my breakfast.”

“Well, I won’t forget. If the same thing happens again, I’ll remind the cook that you need food to keep your energy up.”

Nelson was looking into her eyes and found it hard to concentrate on what she was saying. Snapping out of his thoughts, he replied: “That’s very kind of you.” and without thinking, he added: “You’re really pretty, you know, really pretty.” He regretted it straightaway, but Mary didn’t seem upset by his forwardness. The two of them continued to look at each other, sizing each other up. On impulse, Nelson lent forward and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. It was more the sort of kiss you might give your sister than one you’d give the hottest girl on earth, but once again there was no rebuke and no reaction from Mary.

Mary’s mind was in turmoil. He had told her she was pretty and he’d kissed her. Was she angry? Was she pleased? Did she fancy him? A tingling feeling between her legs answered that last question, but her brain was telling her to slow down. “Well, I’d best be getting back to the kitchen,” casino oyna she said finally. “They’ll be wondering what’s taking me so long.”

When she continued to just stand there, making to sign of leaving, Nelson stepped forward again, scooped her into his arms and planted his lips onto hers. This time it wasn’t a brotherly/sisterly type of kiss. She was after all, as far as he was concerned, the hottest girl on the planet.

Nelson’s kiss took Mary completely by surprise, but the tingling feeling between her legs intensified and she put up no resistance to the sudden onslaught. When he opened his mouth and pushed his tongue between her lips she didn’t object. She was enjoying this and decided to let things continue for bit longer to see where it all led. Nelson’s right hand was now pawing at her side and hip and she imagined those powerful muscles in his arm doing all sorts of wonderful things to her. The next thing she knew was that he had his hand down the front of her dress and was feeling one of her tits. How did he manage that? Maybe he wasn’t as naive as she had presumed.

Nelson squeezed her tit and pinched and pulled on her nipple. He marvelled at how soft her flesh felt. Yet her tit was firm too. He was in heaven. He had never got this far with any girl before and to think that he had his hand on one of the tits of the hottest girl on earth was just incredible. With all the fumbling about, the shoulder strap of Mary’s dress had slipped off her shoulder, allowing the dress to drop a few inches. Her tit and Nelson’s hand were now above the top of her dress. Nelson broke away from kissing her and moved his hand away slightly so that he could see what he was playing with. He marvelled at the sight of her nipple, standing erect on her pert tit. He flicked it with his thumb a couple of times and judging by Mary’s reaction, realised that she was enjoying his attention. It was the first time he’d seen a girl’s tit and he was torn between looking at it and playing with it. He could feel her breath on his cheek and resumed kissing her and mauling her tit.

Mary looked at the muscles in his arm and at the top of the hand that was giving her so much pleasure. It was clear that he didn’t really know what he was doing, but he seemed to be learning fast. Just a few more minutes, she thought, just a few more minutes. His hand on her tit was making her tingle all over, but she really must get back to the kitchen.

Nelson had moved round to his left slightly to get a better angle and to give his hand better access and was now alternating between both of Mary’s tits, squeezing one then the other, whilst continuing to kiss her. He would have loved to get his other hand down her dress too so that he could play with both tits at the same time, but that hand was trapped behind Mary’s back, pulling her towards him. His cock was hard, harder than he could ever remember and he started to rub it up and down against Mary’s thigh.

Mary was really enjoying his hand on her tits. It was a bit rough, but that was to be expected in someone who worked with his hands. Every time he pinched one of her nipples, a jolt of electricity cursed though her body. Just a few more minutes, she thought, just a few more minutes. She really should get back to the kitchen. Then she noticed his cock, rubbing up and down on her leg. Without thinking about it, she brought her hand round to feel it. Moving her leg back slightly to make room, she wrapped her fingers round it. What was it like? Certainly good and hard. It seemed pretty long and fat too, but she decided she couldn’t really be sure of that because she was only feeling it though his breeches.

Nelson jumped when Mary took hold of his cock. That was something he definitely hadn’t been expecting. He continued rubbing it up and down, but now it was in Mary’s hand rather than just against her thigh. This was way better. When she started squeezing it, he totally lost control. Breaking away from her kiss, he groaned out loud as cum spewed out of his cock. After a few more pumps into her hand, he was done. Taking his hand out of the top of her dress, he stepped back and looked at her sheepishly. “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I couldn’t help myself. You’re so pretty.”

Mary down looked at the big wet patch on the front of his breeches. His cock was still making a bulge in the material just below the stain. She looked at her hand, which was covered in cum. “Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter. You just got over-excited, that’s all. I’ll take it as a compliment.” She looked at him carefully. Yes, she thought, he’s certainly very handsome, but he obviously hasn’t had much experience with girls. Nevertheless, her cunt was on fire. He had got her all worked up and then left her hanging, not that she would have let him have her anyway. At least, probably not, well, not yet, that’s for sure! “Oh, I must get back or I’ll be in trouble. I’ll come and see you again.” She turned and rushed off towards the stable door, stopping only to rinse her hand in one of the horse troughs.

Nelson canlı casino called out after her: “I’ll be thinking about you. You’re really pretty and I want to see you again.” He smiled as she turned and waved from the door.

Mary waited till she was out of earshot and then burst out laughing. She was still laughing when she reached the house. Jane spotted her first as she walking in through the scullery, where Jane had just finished washing the breakfast dishes.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you later.”

They walked back into the kitchen together. Edwina looked up from the pot she was stirring. “What took you so long?”

“I’m sorry,” she replied, “I was just talking to Nelson for a couple of minutes. He must get lonely out there all by himself.”

“Well, don’t let Mrs. Roberta catch you, or you’ll be out of here in no time.” Mrs. Roberta was the housekeeper, in charge of running the household on behalf of their lordships. In previous years, she had ruled the servants with an iron rod and she had never put up with any nonsense. But in the last couple of years, her arthritis had worsened considerably and she now spent a good deal of her time in her room, sitting at her small desk, planning menus and budgeting for the various expenditures under her control.

Edwina smiled. She had been young like Mary and Jane once and remembered getting into trouble with various male members of the household many times herself. Edwina had worked for Lord Fenwick’s father, who used to fuck her regularly. She had eventually married the gardener and after Lord Fenwick Senior had died, both she and her husband Wallace had stayed on at Ableside Manor when the present Lord Fenwick inherited it.

Edwina banished her memories to the back of her mind and returned to the task in hand. Under her direction, they continued with the preparations for luncheon.

Later, in the dining room, Lord and Lady Fenwick sat at the table together, whilst Mary and Jane served them. Luncheon was late and Lady Fenwick was in a hurry. She had recently joined a weekly art class held at the house of a nearby friend. If she didn’t eat quickly, she would miss the beginning but she considered it unseemly to rush one’s meals. She finished her main course and looked at the grandfather clock in the corner of the room. Turning to Jane, she enquired: “What has the cook prepared for desert today, Jane?”

“It’s apple crumble, mi Lady.”

Apple crumble was not one of her favourites. She glanced out of the window to see the coach driver waiting for her by the coach. “Ralph, dear, I have decided to forgo desert, so that I can get to my art class on time.”

“Very well, Penelope.” They both stood and Lord Fenwick kissed his wife on the cheek before she turned and left the room.

Lord Fenwick sat down again. “Where’s the butler?” he asked, “I haven’t seen him since just after Luncheon started.”

“I don’t know, mi Lord,” replied Jane.

“Oh, well, never mind.” Lord Fenwick made a mental note to have a few words with Mrs. Roberta about the butler. The two girls were doing all the work; the butler should have been there too.

Jane cleared the plates away and headed off to the kitchen. Moments later, Mary walked in with his apple crumble. As she placed it in front of him, he whispered: “Come up to my retreat when you have finished your own lunch.”

“Yes, mi Lord.” Mary smiled. The stable-boy had lit a fire in her cunt and Lord Fenwick was an expert at extinguishing such fires.

Like many of the aristocracy, Lord Fenwick had a room adjacent to his bedroom, known as a ‘gentleman’s retreat’. It was a kind of study come den, where he would sit and read, do his paperwork or just relax. He was currently working on the details of a new paper mill that he and a friend, Sir Reginald, were in the process of planning, so he had been spending a lot of time recently in his retreat.

After, lunch, Lord Fenwick walked up to his retreat, sat at his desk and began reading a document that Sir Reginald had sent him, but his mind was on other things. Before he could concentrate on the proposed paper mill, he needed a personal service from one of the girls and Mary, he had decided, was the one to provide it today.

Jane and Mary cleared the dining room and were given a plate of food by Edwina. It was a warm summer’s day and the stove made the kitchen unpleasantly hot. The two girls decided to eat their food outside and sat down on the scullery doorstep with their plates.

“Why were you laughing earlier?” Jane asked.

Mary recounted the episode with Nelson and when she got to the bit where Nelson had come in his breeches, they both burst out laughing. “Poor lad, he’s probably never seen a girl before.” They laughed again.

Mary went on to explain how she had then rinsed her hand in the horse trough. Both girls were now in hysterics. “Poor horses!” Jane screeched between laughs, “They won’t know what they’re drinking.”

“It’s not poisonous,” kaçak casino said Mary. “After all, we’re made to swallow it often enough.”

Jane looked at her. “Yes, I guess so. I hadn’t thought of it like that.” They both giggled.

“So, what was his cock like? How big was it?”

“I don’t really know. I only felt it through his breeches, though it seemed large enough.”

“Are you intending to find out?” Jane asked.

“I haven’t decided yet. In any case, his Lordship wants me to see him in his retreat this afternoon. With a bit of luck, he’ll finish off what Nelson started.” They both giggled again. Lord Fenwick made use of both of their bodies regularly, but Mary serviced him more often than Jane.

“Come on you two,” a voice called out behind them. “You can’t sit there sunbathing and giggling all day; we’ve got work to do. They both returned to the kitchen.

* * * * *

Lord Fenwick was sitting in his retreat waiting for Mary. His mind drifted to another Mary, the one he had lost his virginity to. She was a chamber maid at Ableside Manor when his father owned it. She had been a flirty little girl and he guessed that his father also used to fuck her since it was fairly normal for the lord of the manor to take advantage of any attractive female servants. He wondered whether his own two sons fucked the Mary he was waiting for now. Would he mind? Probably not, he thought. He certainly didn’t mind if any of the male staff fucked the servant girls; in fact he welcomed it. That way, if they got pregnant, no one could say with certainty who was the father. But if anyone touched Penelope or Genevieve, he’d kill them, he thought. Same goes for Claire, he added.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. Mary waited to be told to enter and then stepped in. “Lock the door, Mary.” After doing so, she stood facing him, waiting for further instructions. She didn’t have long to wait: “Disrobe.”

Mary removed her hat and the pin that held her hair in a bun, allowing her shoulder length hair to drop down. She then undid the straps that held her dress and pinafore in place and slowly lifted everything over her head, kicking off her shoes as she did so. When her naked body came into view, Lord Fenwick’s cock jumped to attention. He recalled the time, just over a year ago, when Mary had first joined his household at the age of eighteen. He had made clear the full extent of the services she was expected to provide and she had reluctantly agreed. She would have had to open her legs for any master that she worked for and, like most girls in her position, she thought it a small price to pay for a roof over her head, regular meals and a warm bed to sleep in. He had taken her virginity on the second night she had spent at Ableside Manor, but he had been kind and gentle to her ever since and he usually made sure that she was satisfied too whenever he fucked her. In the ensuing months since that first night, she had learnt to appreciate sex and now looked forward to their sessions together.

He called her over to him and guided her into a kneeling position in front of him. She realised what was expected of her and needed no further instructions. Lord Fenwick lent back in his chair and watched as she undid the flap at the front of his breeches and fished his cock out. He gasped quietly when she bent forward and licked the underside of his cock. He had trained her well and she knew that was the most sensitive part of a man. He gasped again when she slid her mouth down over the top of his cock and began to suck. Her head was now bobbing up and down over his lap. “Yes!” he mumbled quietly to himself; he had trained her well. Her tongue was rasping up and down on the underside of his cock as she continued to suck. He loved the coarse skin of her tongue against his cock – it was much more exciting than her lips. He could feel the tension in his balls rising.

A good five minutes passed and Mary knew he was close. She slowed down. She didn’t want him to come in her mouth. Her cunt was on fire and she needed his cock spurting in her to put the fire out.

Lord Fenwick leaned forward and felt her tits as she continued her blow job. “Such tantalising tits,” he said to himself. He tweaked and pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits. Mary was aware that he was stoking the fire in her cunt and unless he intended to extinguish it, this was the last thing she needed. She slowed down more and reduced the pressure that she was applying to his cock. If she was going to get the relief she needed herself, she had to dampen his passion.

But Lord Fenwick needed to get on with the planning for the new paper mill and didn’t have time to worry about Mary’s pleasure this time. He noticed that Mary had slowed down and wasn’t squeezing his cock as much with her mouth. He grabbed her head with both hands and set about getting himself off. Holding her head, he bucked his hips up and down until he was almost there.

“Suck harder, suck harder,” he called out. Mary had no choice but to obey. She was disappointed; she wasn’t going to get the relief that she needed after all. She increased the pressure on Lord Fenwick’s cock and sucked hard as he pumped his hips up and down.

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