Accidental Union Ch. 03

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Note: This is the real Chapter 3. The other was a rough draft of Chapter 4.


Minutes went by as I held her; it seemed like forever and a day waiting for her response. Now that I fucked her, though that seems harsh, my emotions are running wild. I don’t want to share her with anyone; I want her all to myself.

“Kevin,” she said softly.

Here’s my answer, she’s going to say yes, I know it.

“Let go of me,” she told me softly.

That was the last thing I wanted to hear but I did as she requested and backed away. Now that I distanced myself from her I’ll let her think about everything that happened between us.

She didn’t say another word as she reached into the fridge and retrieved a carton of eggs.

“Forget breakfast; I’m going to take a dip in the pool before I go,” I said calmly before turning away from her and walking away.

“Kevin,” she called.

Sleeping with me was an accident and we both knew it; but I wanted her to feel guilty for shutting me out. I left the room and ran upstairs to change my clothes without acknowledging her.

“Kevin,” she shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

Again, I ignored her as I changed into my swimming trunks. A few minutes passed and then I peeked out of my bedroom. I made sure it was all clear before I snuck into her master suite. There I retrieved a yellow string bikini from her dresser drawer; the one that she looks incredibly hot in. With the bikini in my hand I went back downstairs.

“Kevin, why didn’t you answer me when I called?” she asked passively as she stood at the kitchen island waiting for me. “

I put the yellow bikini on the kitchen island and followed up by saying, “I always liked seeing you in this.”

“Are you kidding me?” she asked.

“Just in case you want to join me like usual,” I said trying to coax her into the pool.

“Are you serious; you want me to wear this?” she questioned curiously.

“Why, what’s wrong with it?” I asked with a cute smile before turning and heading out the back door.

She and I would always relax in the pool after a disagreement. One would make their way to the pool and the other would soon follow. Once in the pool all would be forgiven; it was our safe zone and would instantly change our mood. It became our way with dealing with whatever bothered us. This was my plan; to get her in the pool and get her into a playful mood.

I jumped in and started doing laps and it wasn’t long before I heard a splash and saw the water ripple past me.

“Kevin,” she called out from the other end of the pool.

I turned to see her than I dove under the water coming up just about eighteen inches from her. Now face to face, we cleared the water from our faces, and just smiled and giggled.

“I see you’re feeling better,” she said to me.

“I could say the same about you,” I told her looking deep into her eyes.

She chuckles bashfully and admits, “This is awkward.”

“Maybe for you,” I said. Keeping my answer short I hoped to open her up.

“You don’t find this the least bit awkward?” she asked.

“It happened; we can’t change that,” I casually informed her.

“It was dirty,” she said.

“We had no idea…don’t be so hard on yourself,” I said nonchalantly.

“I don’t understand how you’re taking it so well,” she said wondering.

“You want me to shoot myself?” I questioned.

“No casino siteleri but…” she started.

“You were my first crush…” I began.

“Please,” she said smiling in disbelief.

“It’s true; ever since I can remember I wanted to marry you,” I confessed.

“Kevin…” she said before I interrupted her again.

“You can’t deny what happened last night wasn’t magical. Our bodies read each other and reacted…” I started but couldn’t finish.


“We even came together,”

“It was dirty,”

“You definitely enjoyed yourself,”

“To purposely take this any further is ridiculous,”

“Because it’s dirty,” I stated.

“Yes, it is,”

“Not dirty but magical,” I said passionately. You even stated it was the best…”

“Please, I thought you were your father.” She said blushing with a nervous giggle.

I could have kissed her right then and there but I needed it to be her idea, and the first move.

“He wasn’t very good in bed was he,” I stated to see how she would react.

“Kevin…” she started.

“It’s true,”

“I never said that,”

“You basically said it all last night,” I confirmed.

“That wasn’t me last night,” she said.

“Who was it then?”

“I was drunk,”

“Vibrant and kinky too,”

Checkmate, she was speechless; I got her thinking of last night, it was written all over her face. Her cheeks ever so slightly raised she just stared at me.

“To bad; I thought we…had something…really…special…between us,” I said so she could take in every word to their true meaning.

It was obvious that she got hot bothered; she wanted me right here and now but she was in shock from my words. Now, all I had to do was get her to cross the line; but it would have to be her idea, not mine.

She smirked and turned away.

“How about a few laps?” I asked changing the subject.

We are both very competitive; she’s a pretty good swimmer considering she doesn’t have a swimmers body and I’m a two time state champion in the previous state we lived in, Virginia.

“You’re on slow poke,” she said as she sprang out into her strokes.

I immediately pursued her; obviously I was going to let her win to get her in a good mood. Besides, I could see her beautiful butt cheeks from behind.

She hit the wall and pushed off; she was taking this really serious. By the time I pushed off she was half way to the other side. I obviously was thinking about other things and tried to get my head into the race.

I’m half way there and I see her push off the wall and head back towards me. We pass and she splashes water at me. Most people wouldn’t pick that up but that’s what she does when she’s ahead.

We continue this cat and mouse game until the usual ten laps. I let her win, and when I finish my lap she’s extremely excited.

Laughing barely due to taking in oxygen she smiles and asks, “What took you so long?”

“I couldn’t get this beautiful woman out of my mind; I let her become a mental distraction,”

“You let a beautiful woman distract you?”She asked full of smiles.

“Yeah, the race was tough enough physically but when you add eye candy it becomes downright impossible. I just couldn’t get my thoughts together,”

She blushed and her cheeks relaxed into a simple delicate smile. “And this woman; she has a good personality?” she asked coyly.

“Oh canlı casino yeah; and I unquestionably want to get to know her better,”

“So…it’s not all about the sex?” Nancy asked.

“Absolutely not,” I replied.

“Then what do you like about her besides her beauty?”

“I believe she’s my soul mate; I just need her to see it,”

“Sounds like you’re in love,”

“I am; every minute I spend with her I fall deeper in love with her,”

“Wow, no one ever felt that way about me before. I still hope I can meet a man that will sweep me off my feet,”

“Sometime the right one is the least noticeable one,”

“So…have you asked her out?”

“Yes, I’m still waiting for her answer,”

“If you treat her right and with respect…”

“I will…my mother always told me to treat women with respect but I don’t want a mother; I want a girlfriend,”

“That’s all?”

“I want more, much more, but I’m sure she’ll want to take it slow; she’s been hurt before,”

She turns and reaches for the ladder; she climbs out of the pool and heads for the sliding door.

“Where are you going?” I ask sarcastically trying to get her attention.

She doesn’t answer and enters the house.

I get out of the pool and follow her into the house where she’s leaning with her back against the counter.

“Are you sure you want a relationship with me?” she said.

“Yes… if I didn’t try I would regret it for the rest of my life,”

“I’m not a whore,”

“I know,”

“I never fooled around on him,” she said looking at the floor.

“It’s amazing you didn’t with everything you had to endure,”

She looked up at me and stared for some time.

“You’re a beautiful woman…inside…and out,”

She giggled, “This relationship is going to be filled with challenges Kevin,”

“I know Nancy,”

“Now we’re on a first name bases?”

“Most definitely,”

“I’m coming at you like a mature woman, and as a mature woman, I need a lot of attention…not just sex,”

“I understand…but…you do like the sex, don’t you?” I asked.

“I love it!” she exclaimed.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way,”

“I’m not going to treat you like you’re my….”

“And I you,”

She chuckles and lowers her head and hesitates, “This is going to be difficult.”

“Well, we all ready did the unthinkable, even though it was by accident. I understand our relationship but I also understand my desire to know you better as Nancy not my mother. I want to know you; I want it to be about Nancy.”

“You know, your father never took me like you did, he never had that passion. He never made me feel….”

“Like I make you feel,”

“Yes,” she said peering into my eyes. Nancy wanted me here and now but she didn’t have the nerve without the alcohol talking for her.

“Okay I’ll say it; we’re two consenting adults,” I told her.

“What are you waiting for then?” she posed.

I passionately kissed her as she put her hands around my neck. My hands slide into her bikini and I grab both of her cheeks. She takes a deep breath through her nose and breaks away. Nancy giggles then pulls off her bottoms then mine. Putting her hands around my neck again she tugs on the back of my neck and I lift her up from her butt. She reaches down between us and guides my cock into her all ready soaked pussy. She engulfs me kaçak casino entirely then we start fucking like two bunnies.

“Ah gauwd, she screams leaning her head back.

We’re both panting heavily as time passes. Five, ten, fifteen minutes pass when we hear a voice call out. Panic sets in as we separate and pull our clothes back over our private parts.

“Mom,” we hear again as Nina pops around the corner.

Nina is my father’s child from one of the many affairs he’s had throughout the years. She’s extremely smart, in college, and nineteen years old; and a real sweetheart.

“Why are you two breathing so hard?” Nina asked.

“We were just fucking around,” I said which brought Nancy and me to laughter.

“What?” she asked.

“We were in the pool doing laps,” I answered.

“Oh!” Nina exclaimed.

“What brings you by Nina,” Nancy asked.

“Remember, we have appointments at the hair salon,” she reminded her.

“Oh shoot Nina…I’m so sorry, I forgot. I was so preoccupied the last two days I completely forgot,” Nancy admitted.

“Are you still going?” Nina asked. “I thought we could do the mother and daughter thing one last time,” she added.

“You bet, a day at the salon is exactly what I need. Just give me a minute and I’ll throw something on real quick,” Nancy told her.

Nancy looked at me and rushed upstairs to change.

“Are you still on the swim team?” Nina asked me.

“Oh yeah; and kicking butt like usual,” I admitted.

“Maybe you’ll make All-state again like you did in Virginia,”

“That’s the plan,” I replied.

“Have you been taking care of the aquarium?” she asked curiously.

“Absolutely,” I responded.

“You mind if I take a look?” she inquired.

“No, go right ahead, they’re your fish,” I said.

“Our fish Kevin,” she corrected me since we both added our own favorites to the tank.

Okay Nina, our fish,” I acknowledged.

We just laughed as she made her way to the great room to check on our fish.

Three minutes later Nancy was ready and standing before me and dressed to kill; dressed in acid washed skinny fit jeans, a faint pink chiffon lace doll blouse, and faint pink sandal type stilettos.

Before I could say anything Nina came around the corner and tells me, “Looks like you’re doing a wonderful job with the little guys.”

“Thanks, it’s a water thing,” I said not taking my eyes off of Nancy.

“You’re funny,” she remarked.

“I try,” I told her.

“I’m just going to relieve myself before we go,” Nina said heading off toward the restroom. Nancy took the opportunity to come over to me, “I’ll see you when I get back.”

“Then we’re going out tonight?” I asked excitedly.

“I don’t think so,” she replied seriously.

“What?” I asked quietly.

“Do you realize how close we were to getting caught,” she whispered.

“You’re kidding right?” I asked in total disbelief.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong, it doesn’t go any further than today,” she insisted.

“Nancy…” I started.

“We’ll talk later,” she told me.

“Okay mom, I’m ready to go,” Nina informed mom.

“Bye, I’ll see you later,” Nancy said to me as I stood there in disbelief.

“Bye,” Nina said to me as she turned.

They made their way through the house, past the stair case, though the open living and dining room, past the formal staircase, and into the foyer. Nancy never turned around to see if I was watching her. She didn’t have to, she was a woman, and she knew I was watching. So I watched, I watched in heartbreak contemplating my next move.

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