Act Four

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Fifty years – and it seemed like only yesterday – which is bullshit but a colorful way to commence a tale. My old home town did not look the same and I did not step down off a train – but I digress. I was back for a 50th year highschool reunion – small town, midwest, the city and the state don’t matter. In my past were three wives, many homes, multiple jobs, lots of lovers – all the baggage, fond memories and regrets that most of us accumulate. I was unattached, unencumbered but not uninterested in starting something – if only for a day or two. There were no specific old flames on my mind – the only old flame from that place was wife number one who had born me two children and probably still a some animosity and was not likely to be there. In other words – any intimate relationship would be new – for either party. I cruised through town – drove by the old home place and finally parked my car on the city square. The old bandstand in the center of the city park was still there. I noted that my former favorite hang-out – the Rexall Drugstore was still there although no longer affiliated with Rexall – I think that chain folded or was absorbed into another chain. It was still a drugstore and it still had a soda fountain and sitting there and drinking a coke was a woman who looked vaguely familiar. I walked toward her, she turned with a quizzical look on her face and said, “Jerry?”

“And you would be”

“Elaine. It used to be Elaine Jenkins but now it’s Elaine Forrester.”

“And where is Mister Forrester.”

“Long gone,” she said.

A bit of background here. Elaine and I had been classmates although we had never dated. She mainly went with an older guy named Gary. Our one big connection had been as co-stars in our highschool senior play – a typical highschool production with one aspect that is forever burned into my memory, several kisses between Elaine and me in act three. She was in her late 60s, as was I, this was our 50th year highschool reunion. Her hair had grayed, as had mine and she’d put on a few middle-aged pounds which, if anything, made her more attractive. She had been very skinny in highschool – me too. We talked for a while, briefly exchanging life histories and it all seemed very comfortable. We discovered that we both had rooms at the only motel in town – interesting. We parted, knowing that we would see each other again that evening at an alumni reception-dance at the American Legion Hall.

I got there at the appointed hour and was casino siteleri pleased to see so many former classmates. We had been a small class – 42 in all and time had taken it’s toll but there looked to be 30 to 40 people there – old grads and some spouses. I made the rounds. re-newing acquaintances, swapping life stories, getting up-to-date. After an hour or so a rented dee-jay started spinning records for dancing. Old stuff from the 50s and some newer stuff too. Inevitably I started dancing with Elaine – I don’t believe we had ever danced during our school days and was pleased at how good she felt in my arms and how good she smelled. As the evening wore on we both danced with other people but came back to each other. As dance led to dance we danced closer together and I soon developed a woody. I pulled her even closer to me, slowly moving my hand from the small of her back down to the top of her butt. She didn’t resist – in fact she moved closer, responding openly to my gentle pressure on her behind, grinding her lower body into mine. I knew that she knew I was hardening.

“Are you having a good time?” I asked.

“I’m having a wonderful time. How about you?”

“Can’t you tell?”

She laughed and smiled and moving her lips close to my ear she said,

“Remember act three?”

“Burned forever in my memory. I always wondered what would happen in act four.”

“Would you like to find out?”

“Is the pope a Catholic?”, I said and taking her hand, we walked off the dance floor. At the door I said “I’ll meet you back at the motel.”

“I’m in room 234,” she replied.

It took just minutes to get to the motel – this was a small town. I parked my car in front of my room and walked the short distance to her room. I knocked and she opened the door.

“Enter, kind sir. Come in and sit a spell,” she said.

I laughed and said, “I’d like to do more than just sit – if that’s alright with you.”

“I believe that can be arranged,” she said with a husky voice.

She closed and locked the door and immediately put her arms around me. We kissed – tentative at first, but soon our tongues were dancing and with one hand I began stroking her ass. I pulled back slightly and asked if I could touch her breasts. She nodded her head and I put my hands tenderly

on her tits and gently rubbed and pulled at her nipples. Through her blouse and bra I could feel them harden.

“This is so good,” I said. She nodded again, affirmatively.

Moving canlı casino my hand from her nipples I began to unbutton her blouse. Her hands didn’t try to resist me, instead they moved to my shirt buttons. Our shirts fell away, dropping to the floor and I reached out to fully feel her breasts. I put my arms around her and started to unhook her bra. She laughed and said, “This will go faster if I do it.” She reached behind her and unsnapped the bra, letting it too fall. Her breasts had some middle-aged sag but were nicely formed with a small aureola and hard pink nipples. I leaned down slightly and gently ran my tongue over one nipple and then the other. She groaned.

“I want you,” I said.

“I’m all yours.”

I quickly undid my belt, unzipped my fly and dropped my trousers. She pulled down her skirt and we were both by now clad only in skivvies, socks and shoes. I sat down on the bed and pulled off my socks and shoes and she did the same. Standing back up I dropped my boxer shorts to the floor and she peeled off her panties. We looked admiringly at each other and I pulled her close to me once more, the head of my fully-erect penis pressing against her pubic hair. My cock was oozing pre-cum and her pussy emanated that particularly spicy and erotic smell of a woman in heat. She pulled back the bed spread and top sheet and we laid down side by side. We kissed again, deeply, tongues dancing and I fondled her breasts, cupping them in both hands and moving down to her right breast began to suck it sweetly. Then I trailed my right hand down her belly and gently stroked her pussy. I rubbed up and down her wet slit and gradually inserted my middle finger. She groaned again and reached for my hard cock. She began to pull on it, gently at first but then tightening her grip and stroking it faster.

“Slow down,” I said and she reluctantly reduced her grip and motion.

I moved my mouth from her breast and slowly began to kiss my way down her belly. “I want to taste you”, I said and she responded by opening her legs. I got up from the bed and moved her so her legs were back on the floor. I knelt in front of her and she put one leg on the bed post and the other on my shoulder. I began to lick and kiss her inner thighs, moving slowly to her pungent cunt. Gently putting out my tongue I began to lick her cunt up and down and quickly found her clitoris. It responded nicely to my tongue. “I’m not the only one with a hard-on”, I said and she sighed kaçak casino and laughed throatily. Pushing my face fully into her dripping cunt I moved it around, soaking it with her juices.

“God, that feels wonderful,” she said. “Let me do you.”

“Later,” I said, “we have lots of time.”

I began to concentrate my mouth and tongue on her engorged clit, licking, nibbling, sucking and then put one and then two fingers into her cunt, stroking in and out and searching for her G spot which I quickly found. Accelerating the motion of tongue and fingers I licked and stroked her deeply.

“Oh baby, you do that so good. You’re gonna make me cum.”

“That’s the idea.”

Relentlessly I serviced her and her body began to move up and down in rhythm with my actions. Arching her back and pulling up her legs she cried out, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” and then she orgasmed. I could taste additional liquid coming from her cunt and smiled the smile of a man who knew he had done good work. I stood up and she straightened on the bed and turned her body toward me. I moved toward her, putting my hard cock in front of her mouth and waiting for her response. She pulled me closer and tentatively licked the tip of my penis. She moved closer still and pulled my cock into her mouth and began a wonderfully slow sucking motion with one hand holding my dick and the other fondling my balls. She had a wonderul light touch and an educated mouth. It was obvious this was not her first experience in cock-sucking. I pulled away from her and laid down beside her, spreading my legs. She moved on her knees between them and resumed sucking and fondling.

“You have a wonderful cock.”

“You have a wonderful pussy. Let’s put them together.”

She pulled away and, laying back down, spread her legs invitingly. I knelt before her on my knees and gently with one hand began to move my cock up and down her warm, wet pussy.

“Can I come inside? No pun intended.”

She smiled and reaching down, slowly inserted the head of my cock into her welcoming vagina. I pushed in slowly until I was all the way in and kissed her deeply.

“Fuck me, Jerry. Fuck me.”

I began to slowly push in and out of her, bringing the head of my cock almost all the way out and then slowly back in again. She put her hands on my ass and matched my motions, moving up and down as best she could while I moved in and out.

“I’m going to cum,” I gasped.

“Come on, lover, come on, cum inside me”

With one last heroic push my balls spasmed and my semen surged into her. She held me tightly and said, “Fifty years in coming, no pun intended, but what a wonderul new ending to the senior play.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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