Adam and Sandy’s Plus 1

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Sandy was tipsy and Adam knew that meant she’d be a little hornier and a little more adventurous. They had been kissing and groping each other as they walked through the parking garage. She didn’t resist him when he slid his hand down the front of her pants as he pressed his hardon against her round ass. Sandy leaned over the hood of the car and pressed her butt back against him as he slid his fingers into her wet pussy.

Adam pulled his hand out of her pants and Sandy took hold of his wrist. She brought his hand up to her face and sucked each of his fingers, lingering over the ones that had been inside her. Adam groaned and slapped her ass. “I love it when you want to be my slut. You are so sexy.”

“Take me home and I’ll be the slut wife of your dreams.”

Once they got home, the sloppy wet kissing continued with more groping, unheeded by the clothes they had stripped off as soon as they got inside the bedroom. Adam pushed Sandy to her knees before him and she didn’t hesitate to put his hard cock in her mouth. Sandy was an amazing cocksucker. Her lips, mouth, tongue and hand all working to bring pleasure to Adam’s stiff dick. Adam loved how passionately she made love to his shaft, getting it soaking wet and never trying to quiet her loud slurping.

Adam encouraged her, “Your mouth is magic, baby. I want to fuck your face.”

Adam began to thrust his hips back and forth, driving his cock in and out of her wet, sucking mouth. “Take it deep, baby.”

Sandy’s eyes watered as she took Adam’s cock deep in her mouth. As soon as she felt him hit the back of her throat, she pulled off a bit, swirling her tongue all over the shaft. She pulled back and held only the head of his dick in her mouth, suckling on it and working more spit onto the shaft. Then she pushed forward, only this time she didn’t stop until her nose hit the patch of hair just above his cock. Sandy had never taken Adam’s whole length and she wanted to make sure he knew how much of his cock she had taken. Sandy let her tongue slip out of her mouth and she flicked it over his balls before releasing him and gasping for air. Adam pulled her up and kissed her.

“My God! You are amazing. You’ve never done that!” He continued to kiss her, hot and sloppy and wet kisses.

Sandy pressed her body against Adam, trapping his cock against her belly. She leaned up to his ear and teased him with her tongue and breath. “You’re so naughty. Why do you kiss me so hard after I’ve had your cock in my mouth? Can’t you taste your dick on my tongue?”

“You know that doesn’t bother me. I love my hot wife’s hot mouth.”

“I think you like the taste of cock.” Sandy knew Adam’s buttons and she was pushing one now.

“I love tasting you. And if you happen to taste like my cock, I won’t stop kissing you.”

Adam reached down and felt how wet Sandy’s pussy was. His fingers glided between her lips. With his eyes on hers, he brought his hand up and began to lick his fingers clean. Not to be left out, Sandy took his hand and sucked on the last two fingers before he could.

“I see someone else doesn’t mind their own taste.”

“Maybe I just do it to prove what a slut I am for you.” Sandy giggled and hopped on the bed, spreading her legs for Adam. “Now come and take care of me.”

Adam got one of Sandy’s favorite toys out. It was a remote control vibrating egg that had a variety of speeds and pulse patterns canlı bahis that never failed to make Sandy explode with pleasure. Adam loved to run the egg over her pussy, against her clit, between her lips, sliding it just inside. Once Sandy got used to the vibrations, Adam would begin to lick her. Long drags of his tongue up either side of her pussy, just along the lips. Then he would kiss at the edge of her pussy, sucking her lips into his mouth before moving up and kissing her clit. Slow, pressing laps of his tongue up the length of her slit would follow until his tongue was sliding deep into her, drawing out the flavor he loved.

Sandy was enjoying the attentions Adam was giving her with his mouth and tongue, and the egg.

“I want something bigger in me.”

“Oh yeah.” Adam thought she was asking for his fat cock as she often liked to climax with him inside her. “What do you want?” expecting to hear her ask him to fuck her.

“Get one of your toys out. One of the big ones.”

Adam was not expecting this. But he wasn’t disappointed either. Months earlier, Adam had bought a big lifelike dildo, hoping it might be the “guest star” in one of the threesome fantasies he and his wife liked to share during sex. Like all men, Adam got excited at the idea of being with Sandy and another woman, but Adam also was aroused at the thought of pleasing Sandy with the assistance of another man.

Sandy fueled their fantasy talk, teasing Adam with what they would do with another lover in their bed. She would whisper in his ear about sharing his cock with another girl: the babysitter, a waitress, the hotel maid. They would share their thoughts about how the mystery woman would please them both or just one while the other watched.

Other times, Sandy would ask Adam if he could handle the idea of another man enjoying her body, her mouth, or her pussy. Sandy knew Adam liked to have his bisexual fantasies coaxed out with her dirty talk. She would ask if he would get their lover’s cock ready for her, if he would make him hard for Sandy’s pussy. When Adam was plowing into her from behind, she’d reach back past his balls and play with his taint and his ass asking him if he was ready for a real cock to fuck him while he was fucking her. Sandy knew Adam couldn’t last long when she pushed his envelope like that.

Adam brought out the new toy, “I was hoping there’d be an excuse to introduce you.”

“You’re so bad. When did you, oh my, that is big. Get it over here!”

“Should I get your lover ready for you?”

“Oh, hell yes. Why don’t you suck him nice and hard and get him all wet for my cunt?”

“You make me so hard.”

“Go ahead, put him in your mouth.” Adam did as he was told and began to suck at the large head.

“Now, lick him all over. Ooh, lick his balls too.” Adam continued to follow her instructions and she continued to direct his actions. “Lick up and down his shaft, use your hand to rub that spit all over. I knew you’d like a cock in your mouth.”

Adam let the cock slide along his lips with his tongue out and looked Sandy right in the eye, “Do you like watching me please your lover?”

“Oh God it’s hot! You look so sexy sucking that dick. Show me how much you can take.”

Adam went back to sucking on the cockhead, licking along the shaft and then he started to slide his mouth down the length. Adam stopped a couple times to adjust to the feeling bahis siteleri of fullness in his mouth but he was able to get about two-thirds of the cock in his mouth before he gagged.

“That’s a lot of cock in your mouth! You sure that’s your first time?”

Adam didn’t answer, he just went down on the toy cock again, this time even deeper.

“I thought I was a slut! You may teach me how to suck cock. Now get that cock in me!”

Adam took the toy and started sliding the cockhead along Sandy’s pussy lips. Up and down the slit, pushing at her clit, before dragging it back down to her opening. He began pushing it into her, just a little at a time, it was thicker than his own shaft and it usually took time for her to adjust to his entry. Once Adam was able to get a bit more than the head inside her, he leaned in and licked and sucked at her clit while gently rocking the cock in and out of her. Sandy moaned and pulled on her nipples. She looked through half open eyes as Adam pulled the cock out of her and sucked the head, to add more saliva, and to lick her juices off.

“No fair! This is supposed to be for me.”

“I couldn’t help myself baby. You know I love to taste you.”

Adam worked the cock back into her pussy and was able to get about half of it in her. Sandy brought the egg back to her clit and began cycling the remote through a few settings until she found the one she wanted. With the toy in her pussy and the egg on her clit, Adam moved up to kiss Sandy. Sandy broke off the kisses, “Fuck me. Fuck my cunt hard!”

Adam was happy to oblige, but he didn’t want to hurt her, so he didn’t push it any deeper than it was. He was sliding the fake cock in and out of her, feeling her pussy clutch at the toy and he sensed she wanted more. Adam sped up the fucking and Sandy began to lift her hips up to meet the thrusts of her “lover”, all the while holding the egg tight against her clit. Sandy’s moans and gasps grew louder. Adam kept thrusting the fake cock in Sandy’s wet pussy, faster and faster. She kept moaning and trying to shove her pussy down onto the cock in Adam’s hands. He knew she was close, so he kept the fast-paced plunging in and out until she finally cried out and grabbed Adam’s hands.

“No more! No more!” Adam gently tugged at the cock and felt it slide so easily out her dripping wet hole. Knowing it was covered in her flavor, he sucked the cock clean. That was the sight Sandy was treated to as she opened her eyes after catching her breath from the orgasm she’d just had – Adam bobbing his head up and down on the cock.

“Don’t do that honey. It’s gross.”

“You know I love the taste of your pussy. I can’t get enough.”

“You sure you don’t just like sucking Jake’s cock?”

“I didn’t know this was Jake’s cock. Is that who you had fucking you? Jake?”

“Yeah baby. You and Jake really worked me out good. Now I want your cock right where Jake’s was.”

“You sure Jake didn’t stretch you out too much to feel mine?”

“Put your cock in me and see for yourself.”

Adam slipped his hardon into Sandy’s slippery pussy and immediately felt the slick grip of her inner walls on the shaft of his erection. “Baby, you feel so good on my cock.”

“Your cock feels so good in my cunt. Now fuck me.”

Adam began moving with long, slow, deep thrusts. Sliding all the way in and pulling almost all the way out. Every few strokes, Adam bahis şirketleri would short stroke her, giving her half of his cock in rapid, jabbing thrusts before letting his cock fully seat itself inside her hot wetness. Adam and Sandy resumed the passionate wet kissing they had started in the parking garage outside the restaurant.

Adam felt something under his thigh as he fucked his wife, it was beginning to hurt, so he reached down and pulled it out from under him. It was “Jake” and having it in his hand gave him a naughty idea. Adam brought the cock up by Sandy’s mouth and he continued to kiss her, sloppily. Adam slid the cock along their mouths and Sandy opened her eyes and her look showed Adam all he needed to see. In a look, Sandy let him know she was turned on, she wanted to do it and she loved the kinkiness of the moment.

Adam began sliding the cock between their mouths and he and Sandy continued to kiss each other, around their “lover’s” cock. Sandy ran her tongue around the cock as Adam slid his lips back and forth. Adam pulled off and Sandy sucked the head into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down before bringing her mouth back to Adam to let him kiss and suck on “Jake”. Back and forth they traded the toy and then they would let it slide between their lips as they loved it together.

Sandy took hold of “Jake” and began sliding the head against Adam’s lips and mouth, and around his cheeks like she would do with Adam’s cock when she gave him head. Once Adam started to suck on the cock, Sandy slid her hand up and down the shaft like she was jerking him off into her husband’s mouth.

“I love you for sucking Jake for me. I’m so wet watching you take his cock.”

Adam moaned on the fake cock and kept sucking.

“You gotta come for me baby. I need you to finish. Shoot for me. Come on my pussy baby?”

Adam nodded while he continued to suck at the cock Sandy was feeding him. He was close and he didn’t want to lose control and come inside her. Sandy kept sliding “Jake” in and out of Adam’s mouth just as Adam kept sliding his own cock in and out of Sandy’s pussy.

Adam groaned and pulled himself out of Sandy while letting the toy cock slip out of his mouth. Adam grabbed his cock, feeling the tightness in his balls. Adam pumped his cock, pointing it at Sandy’s well-fucked pussy and after only a few strokes he rolled his head back and groaned. Adam felt his dick spurting and when he looked down he saw that Sandy had slid “Jake” down against her pussy, right where Adam had been spraying his come and now the fake cock was covered in Adam’s jizz.

As both Adam and Sandy caught their breath, Sandy brought the come-covered toy up and looked at Adam with mischief in her eyes. “Oh baby. Jakey’s all covered in cum. Clean him up for me?”

As Sandy moved the toy closer to Jake, he smirked and let her put the cock back in his mouth. There was a lot of Adam’s goo on the toy and Sandy pulled it back from Adam to lick some off for her own enjoyment. Adam and Sandy shared Jake’s cock and cleaned all of the sperm off before kissing each other with the last of the come on their tongues.

Their romp began with hot, wet sloppy kisses and it was fitting that it ended that way. Adam rolled over onto his back. Sweaty, exhausted and fully satisfied. He laid on his side and smiled at Sandy, “That was hot babe! You are such a naughty slut wife. I love you.”

“You’re kind of a slut too, baby. Maybe next time you’ll get to feel how full Jake can make you feel.”

“Next time?”

Sandy smiled, sucked the last of the come off the toy and kissed Adam. “There’s always a next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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