Adventure Finds Dan at Home

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It all began so simply

The first day

Dan awoke in the dim light of early morning and got out of bed to shuffle into the bathroom. Once he was done he returned to his bed and slipped back into the still warm sheets. Going back to sleep was always hard so he took a deep breath and let his mind slip back to the day his life took a huge leap for the better. While he mused his girl snuggled closer pressing her back to him. He rolled into her and assumed the classic spooning position and tried again to relax.

“How could I get this lucky?” He asked himself as his mind swept him back to that day.

Dan had a small house on a quiet cul-de-sac in a southern California small town just south of L.A. He owned it free and clear and had sufficient income to insure his comfort for the rest of his life. His wife of 28 years had died some time ago so he was really on his own for the first time in his life. He kept the house up out of habit and was puttering around that Saturday when the quiet was shattered by the arrival of two pickups and three cars at the house next door. The place had been vacant for some months and for rent so he figured that someone was moving in.

That someone had lots of friends and they were all kids, well in their twenties, and soon like a bunch of ants they carried an assortment of boxes and furniture into the house. Dan watched with some interest the group of workers trying to pick out his new neighbors.

The first one was easy to recognize, she was clearly in charge directing others on where things went and what to do next. She was a raven haired beauty with alabaster skin and fine feminine features. She wore black Capri pants and a white cotton blouse tied at the bottom to expose her bare midriff. Dan could see her eyes sparkle with a love of life even from his house.

He soon picked out the second neighbor who was equally stunning in her own way. She was a living Barbie Doll, tall, blond, tan and stacked. She had a bounce to her step that kept her generous bosom in constant motion. Her long legs were showcased by a tight pair of short shorts. She laughed a lot and giggled in a little girl way that endeared her to him by reminding him of his daughter when she was much younger.

Dan thought for a while that there would only be two new neighbors until a third girl joined the first two in saying goodbye and thanks to all their helpers. The third girl Dan decided he had to call Shorty because she was almost a pixie next to the others. Short she was but nothing else about her was small. Her tits filled out the shirt she was wearing to the point the buttons seemed ready to pop off. Her ass was large and round filling her Levies completely. Her face was plain but cute and when she smiled her face lit up. Her hair was brown and of average length. She was a bomb shell! Dan smiled to himself as he turned from his window not wanting to be seen as the neighborhood busy body.

That evening as Dan finished his dinner in front of the evening news he heard the sounds of a party starting from his new neighbors house. Music and laughter, his neighbor’s friends had returned and there was a house warming in progress. The music was Rock and Roll, not that horrific Rap. Someone had good taste. Dan turned back to the TV but his mind filled with images of his younger years. He always enjoyed that sort of party, loud Rock and Roll, cold beer and dancing with a beautiful girl, or two, or three.

The party continued on into the night, it must be a good one he thought, the music was not to loud and there weren’t any fights or…the music had abruptly stopped and the laughter was gone too. Dan watched as all the kids streamed out the front door into the small front yard. A circle quickly forming around the combatants; a tall skinny kid in need of a shave was screaming and pulling at Shorty who was pulled backed by her two friends.

The skinny boy was obviously drunk and trying to drag Shorty away but he was thwarted by the two girls again and again. This would not end well unless someone stepped in and put a stop to it now and none of the others seemed ready to act.

Dan moved quickly from of his chair, out thru his front door and into the night where he went unnoticed until he broke through the circle of kids appearing at the side of the skinny kid. Placing his right hand firmly on the kids left shoulder; he pulled the kid around quickly where he ended up nose to nose with Dan.

Dan’s eyes locked with the kid’s as he spoke. “I think it is time for you to go on home now, don’t you”.

That was not really a question and the kid was not prepared to speak so he just took a half step back.

Dan took the initiative again as he asked “Are you alright to drive?”

The kid just stood there not knowing what to do.

The standoff was ended when one of the guys in the circle offered to drive Butch, the skinny kid, home.

Now that the party was over the guys and girls offered their best to the three girls and left. Soon there were only four people left in the yard, casino oyna Dan, Shorty and her two friends.

The three girls offered a weak thank you as Dan turned to leave.

The next morning Dan was up at his usual time and doing a little cleanup in his home when the doorbell rang; opening the door he discovered his three new neighbors standing shoulder to shoulder on his porch.

It was the tall dark haired girl who spoke first. “Mr. Wilson we wanted to say thanks…”

The Blond continued the sentence “…for what you did last night so…”

Shorty finished by saying: “…we brought you some cookies, fresh baked, my momma’s receipt”. Shorty was holding the covered plate which she thrust forward smiling shyly.

Dan stood stock still for a moment taking in the vision before him. Three beautiful girls and the smell of fresh cookies overwhelmed him for a moment before he regained his senses.

“First of all, it’s Dan, Mr. Wilson lives next door to Dennis the Menace”. Dan said with a smile. “Secondly”, he said, “you didn’t have to do anything to thank me for doing what was right. But, where are my manners, you must come in.”

The girls all shook their heads to decline the offer.

Dan persisted. “I could not possibly eat all of those cookies myself so I insist that you allow me to share them with you. Come IN.”

Dan cleared the doorway and led the girls back to his kitchen where he invited the girls to sit while he quickly brought out some glasses and poured each of them some milk.

Again, the dark haired girl spoke first. “My name is Vixen and I am from South Carolina”…she paused as Dan’s eyes reacted to her name. “My Daddy named me and I get that a lot.”

Dan could hear just a hint of southern drawl in her voice, “Vixen fits her,” Dan thought.

The blond spoke next “my name is Barbra and I am from L.A.” She spoke with a little Valley Girl in her voice.

Shorty spoke last “My name is Katherine and I am from nowhere really. My Dad was in the Air Force and we traveled around a lot.”

Dan told the girls about his wife, his two kids and that he was retired from the Army; soon he was rewarded with laughter and giggles as the girls relaxed and began to chat among themselves including Dan almost as an older brother or uncle. He learned a lot.

Vixen worked downtown as a legal secretary, Barbra worked as a medical secretary for a doctor whose office was near Vixen’s lawyer. Kate worked as a waitress at Hooters. All were good at what they did and liked their work. Vixen and Barbra rode to work together, Kate’s work started in the afternoon so she drove herself.

Dan was able to sit back a little and realized how much he missed the sound of life in his house. Their voices and laughter took him back to happier times when his house was full. And the smell! The girls perfume and the chocolate from the cookies assaulted his senses filling his mind with memories.

The girls, all too soon, had to leave, taking their crumb filled plate with them. Dan was left with half a dozen cookies, some dirty dishes and a love for his new neighbors.

It was less than a week later…

Dan was out in his yard that morning setting the sprinkler when Vixen and Barbra bounced out of their house in running attire. They both had their hair in ponytails; both had a tight, short t-shirt and shorts combo on and their running shoes.

They were starting to stretch as they offered a “hi Dan” and bent at the waist to touch their toes.

At first Dan was frozen in place watching as the two lovelies moved gracefully through their routine. Their legs were long and tight, their buttocks were firm and round and their tits were firmly held in place by their sports bras. Dan came out of his trance when they moved off together giggling at the nice old man. He managed to still be outside when they returned forty five minutes later their skin shining with a light coat of perspiration, girls like them don’t sweat. Dan smiled his appreciation as he disappeared into the back yard while they again stretched while they cooled down.

It became a regular thing because the two girls ran every weekday morning before they went to work and Dan was there in his yard watching them leave and return. They seemed to relish having him watch and they always moved very sensually through their stretches, then they would do their run, return to their house, clean up and depart for work regular as clockwork.

He almost never saw Kate when she went to work but one day he was getting ready to leave in the afternoon to run some errands when she came out to leave for work. She already had on the tight t-shirt and shinny orange shorts that was the Hooters uniform.

Dan offered her a “nice day, isn’t it”.

As she passed she stopped just for a minute to talk. Commenting on the weather and such Dan finally asked her why she wasn’t running with her friends. Replying she said that she had tried but her shorter legs made it difficult to keep up with her long legged friends canlı casino and she always felt that she was slowing them down.

Dan said that he understood and with just a second’s hesitation he offered to go running with her, adding that he was a fairly slow runner but if she wouldn’t run him into the ground he would try to keep up. Kate almost declined but accepted his offer to go running starting the very next day at 2:00.

At 2:00 sharp Dan was stretching in his yard when Kate bounced out of her front door to join him, her outfit was much like her two girlfriends’s except she was much more voluptuous. Her legs were short but they were just as tight as the other girls. Her ass was big but as she stretched it looked as if Dan could bounce a quarter off it because it was so hard. Her large breasts were held in place by a super bra that allowed them to look normal but held them in place as she moved.

Dan was glad that he wore a jock strap that could control his growing erection. Soon enough they were off jogging at a nice, easy pace that allowed for some easy conversation; covering the agreed distance they arrived back at the house without a major incident. That was the first of many jogging sessions for the two.

He really enjoyed that first sight of her in her usual running attire. She always had those satin short shorts that seemed painted on to her round, full butt, and her top was always stretched to the limit over her more than generous breasts which were supported by what had to be a miracle bra.

She had been shy when they began running together but after a day or two she started to show her competitive side. Finding that she could match Dan stride for stride and she took great pride in making Dan sweat in the afternoon sun as they ran together. Dan, too, found that he enjoyed his afternoon jogs with this wonderful young lady. Dan and Kate had been running together for a few weeks when, out of the blue things changed.

That fateful day he was waiting out on the lawn doing a little stretching but Kate did not bounce out the door of her house at the appointed time as she always had before. He went to the front door, opened it and called for Kate. He got no answer so he called a little louder and entered the house. At first he heard nothing making him worry for Kate’s well being. Calling again he finally heard Kate’s reply.

“Go away.” She said weakly.

Dan knew better and asked her to come out of her room.

“Please go away… I’m all right” she pleaded.

Dan’s reply was a firm “Kate, if you don’t come out I will go in and get you.”

The little girl soon appeared dressed in an old bathrobe with tangled hair and red puffy eyes. She had obviously been crying. As soon as she came close Dan stepped forward to envelop her in his arms. She buried her face in his chest and burst into tears again.

Dan quickly moved her to the couch and sat the distraught girl down beside himself and gave her his best fatherly hug. After a while he backed off just enough to look into her eyes and asked her to tell him what was so terrible.

Beginning with a great sob she said “Butch! He showed up at work last night demanding that I leave work and go home with him. He told me that he would take care of me because no one else could care for me like he could.”

She went on to say “He told me I would be safe and happy only if I were with him. Then he got loud and demanding when I refused to go with him and he tried to drag me out the door.”

Her manager had to intervene, telling Butch to leave or he would call the cops. Kate then told Dan that even though her manager had been really good to her, he even walked her out to her car at the end of her shift, she knew that if that happened again she would be let go.

“I like my job and I don’t know what I would do if I lost it” she sobbed.

She went on to say “Butch isn’t all that bad and he is the only person who loves me”.

Dan had to interrupt her after that last statement. He told her that she was loved by many people who cared a lot more for her than Butch ever could. He told her that he loved her too. Kate lifted her eyes to look into Dan’s eyes and asked if he really meant what he said. Dan went on to say that she just had to wait a little longer and she would find just the right man for her to marry.

She replied that the guys she met at work were always telling her they loved her as they stared at her chest. She knew what they wanted and that was not love to her. Dan agreed that she was better than that and that the right man would come along soon.

Kate again asked “Do you really love me?”

Dan understood the tone of her question and he tried to explain his earlier statement starting with “yes but”.

Kate cut him off with a hard kiss on his surprised lips. It seemed that Kate only heard the yes part. Dan would have to move quickly correct her misunderstanding of his feelings. Before he could say anything Kate had slipped onto her knees in front of Dan and was fondling his cock kaçak casino thru his running shorts.

Dan’s first words were: “No, you don’t have to do that.” As he picked Kate up by her shoulders and placed her back on the couch.

Kate was crest fallen and began to cry again saying, between sobs “you don’t… really love me… I… will never… find anyone… who loves me… as much as Butch.”

Dan didn’t understand the hold that this Butch character had on her but he knew that Kate had to learn that Butch was the last man she needed in her life. He hugged her again and forced himself to not be so fatherly. He wanted her to know how sensual, no sexy, she was and how powerful she could really be.

He felt her tits against his chest and he smelled the rich scent of her hair as he slipped one hand down her back to lightly caress her full, round ass. He then brought his other hand up to caress the back of her head and the tangled mass of her hair as she lifted her face to gaze into his eyes.

He could no longer resist her so he kissed her hard, his tongue darting forward to enter her sweet mouth.

Dan couldn’t help himself after that first kiss! His mind was made up; he would show this little angel what love was really like. His hands quickly found the front of her robe and opened it exposing her body, covered as it was by sensible, flannel pajamas which did little hide her considerable charms. Thankfully the top buttoned up the front and Dan was quick to begin the unveiling.

His hands moved quickly to unfasten button after button as his kisses moved down her throat to the cleft between her breasts. Finishing the last button his hands parted the two halves of the garment to reveal Kate’s tits. He had thought they would be encased in a bra but no, they stood out firmly all on their own with the nipples hard and extending out more than a half inch beyond the areola. His hands quickly moved to cover them. They were soft, firm and hot to his touch.

Knowing that she would expect him to just maul her tits he moved on sliding his hands around her torso to caress her smooth back and pull her closer to him. As her tits pressed into his hard chest Kate placed her sweet lips to Dan’s ear and exhaled a soft OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Breaking his hold on Kate, Dan allowed her to lie back on the couch where she stretched and caressed her own tits waiting for Dan’s next move. It came only after Dan finished memorizing the vision before him. Soon enough he was pulling the pajama bottoms and panties from around her sweet butt and down her shapely legs exposing all of Kate’s charms to his gaze.

Her waist was unbelievably narrow and firm, her ankles too. Her calves and thighs were hard and shapely. Kate held her legs together allowing Dan to only see the small triangle of soft, golden hair just above her hidden treasure.

There was no hurry to his movements as he caressed her body from her shoulders down and back up her arms to her tits where he circled each one softly avoiding the nipples as they stood up like little towers each on top of its own fleshy mountain. He firmly caressed her stomach and allowed his hands to terry in the soft triangle of fur just above her cunt. He then caressed each foot using his thumbs to press up the souls of each dainty appendage.

His hands worked their way up Kate’s legs eliciting, at first, soft whispers of YESSSSSS that soon became firm OOOOOOH’s and a purring. Kate’s hands held firmly onto her tits as her head moved back and forth lost in ecstasy.

Reaching the top of Kate’s legs he kept them moving around to her ass and soon he was holding both firm butt cheeks; lifting her bottom up as he leaned forward to blow gently on her crotch. Kate shuttered gently as she relaxed her legs allowing her knees to part just a little. Dan slid off the couch to kneel at her feet.

An almost frightened Kate looked at Dan as he gazed up across her body and into her eyes asking silently for her trust. Her face soon changed from a frightened little girl to a loving, giving woman and she opened her legs allowing her womanly center to be exposed.

Dan moved his hands to the inside of Kate’s thighs where he helped her to spread herself wide. Kate’s eyes searched Dan’s face for any sign of approval which was quickly manifest; his eyes dilating as he focused on her slowly flowering inner lips. Her feminine scent was intoxicating, it made him smiled a wicked, knowing smile.

A soft OOOOOOOHHHH escaped Kate’s lips and her head fell back, her eyes closed. As softly as he could he kissed her vaginal lips and just with the tip of his tongue he caressing the soft split between the two; squirming she offered another soft OOOOOOOHHHH when Dan’s tongue licked her cunt from bottom to top.

She was wet and oozing sweet nectar when he finally touched her clit. She reacted immediately by using both hands to grab Dan’s head to hold him firmly where he was. YESSSSSSS she uttered as she allowed his tongue to dance over her hard, red bead. Dan kept up the pressure on her cunt by sucking on her clit, lapping up her juices and darting his tongue into her hot hole. Kate was responding more vigorously now so Dan had to hold tight to her ass pulling her cunt firmly against his face.

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