Affair with my Father-in-Law

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My husband was my high school sweetheart. We were initially friends and began dating my senior year. He was a year ahead of me and at a nearby college. I had a rough home life, and his family was amazing. We spent the majority of our time with his family when we were young. Nowadays, we vacation with his family and spend a lot of time with them. Where my mother went through a series of failed relationships, his parents were still together and seemingly, very happy. It was just stable, and I found that very attractive. He had a couple younger siblings that I was close with. His Mom could be a little bossy, but all Mother-in-laws are. His Dad was great. I was probably the least close with him in the family, but he always very kind and dignified.

We have had a very nice life together, but as the years have gone on, our sex life has deteriorated. I don’t mean that to sound like we are old. I am currently 28 and my husband, David, just turned 30. My name is Kelly. Our sex life began to fade when David began working nights. He would sleep during the day and would be up at 5 PM. Only to leave for his long commute by 7 PM. He didn’t get back until 10 AM and would be exhausted. David has been doing that for about 5 years now. And I have been having an affair with my father-in-law for nearly 4. Let me tell you how this all began…

I know you horn dogs start these stories with physical attributes. I am small where I need to be, and curvy where I should be. I am 5’2″, 140 pounds. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I played soccer through high school and have maintained my fitness since then. My hips are very round and my ass definitely follows suit. My breasts are 34C. I keep my pussy well-shaven.

As I was saying, David began to work nights and we had far less time for us. I was very lonely during the day and even during the evening. I spent more time at my in-laws. I have always loved spending time with them, but the more time I spent with them, I began to notice cracks in what had been a perfect picture previously. Karen, David’s mom, was not just bossy to me. She was bossy to Rick (David’s dad), too. She drank too much wine. Their arguing in front of me became more frequent. You could tell there was a lot they were holding back, too.

I began to get resentful of Karen. I suppose this was natural given my childhood home in which my Mom was running off men just as things looked stable. And I began to find Rick more attractive. At first, it was not sexual. It was just, I could see many of David’s best qualities came from Rick. Despite Karen’s ways, you could see he was the one trying to make things work. And he was very protective of me. He would try to stop Karen from causing a scene in front of me and would always apologize afterwards. He was funny, intelligent, and he had a really good job. I began to see the stability that I had craved my whole life may have indirectly come from Rick.

This was all subconscious, of course. I was able to put these thoughts together as time moved on. At first, I just thought how great Rick was and how I loved spending time with him. As I thought that and combined with the inactivity at home, I began to discover a physical attraction to him. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He was in his early 50s. Although he had dark features (brown hair, brown eyes), he had the graying just above his ear that is so sexy in older men. He was about 6’2″ and had been an athlete through college. He was in roughly good shape. A tiny bit of a belly, but he wore it well. He just oozed masculinity. He dressed nicely, smelled good, and during our vacations I knew that he had a very hairy chest.

Back then, I had no idea where this was headed. As I began to admire Rick more, I would tell David during our limited conversations about the goings on at his family’s house. This stuff was not news to casino oyna him, of course. But I also told him how much I admired his Dad, and even told him I thought Rick was very handsome. For whatever reason, David was very turned on by this. David was the one that made it sexual. He asked me questions about the time I spent with his Dad. He began to encourage me to flirt with him, and eventually, tease him. I found this odd, but David would find it hot. He would be aroused in a way that he had not been in quite some time. It got me more action at home, so I did begin to (innocently) flirt with Rick and tease him. How? Well, if I was telling him a story or vice versa I would initiate physical contact. Just touching his arm or “accidentally” having my foot touch his leg. I laughed at all of his jokes. I would wear slightly more revealing clothing at their house, such as small shorts instead of pajama pant bottoms when over for dinner (it was always very casual at their house). Of course, I could not be obvious as Karen was always there.

In my head, my attraction turned sexual. I could tell Rick liked it (why wouldn’t he? I was a healthy, attractive, young woman and this was all above-board then). I liked the attention. My husband liked it. Which meant, I liked it even more because I was getting sex where I was not before. The fact that flirting/teasing with Rick meant sex for me is probably how that connection happened. I began to think about Rick during sex with David. I certainly was not calling his name or anything, but just thinking about sex with Rick. Even though my husband had endorsed everything up to that point, I did not want David to know I was thinking about his Dad while making love to him.

And then it happened. We always took our family vacation during the summer, usually early-mid August. However, a cousin on my husband’s side was getting married at the end of July in Myrtle Beach, SC. My husband’s siblings could not afford both trips, so they ditched out on the wedding. Karen’s job did not allow for her to miss time out of the office within a few weeks. Therefore, she did not go. David, Rick, and myself all went. The wedding was at a hotel and we got rooms at the hotel on the same floor, across the hall from each other.

The night before the wedding there was a cocktail hour for all of the out of town family. Rick had no date, obviously, so the two boys were sharing me as their arm candy. I wore a floral print sundress. Nothing too revealing, but I felt very beautiful in it and both Rick and David commented how lovely I looked throughout the night. The wedding and reception were not until the evening the next day, so we made plans to go to the beach the next morning and we went to our separate rooms. I did not realize how much David had to drink, but he fell asleep almost immediately and I went to bed with no sex.

The next morning, we went to the beach. I wore an orange bikini. I keep my tan year-round and if I say so myself, I looked very sexy. It was early, but it was already very hot out. All of us began sweating immediately. If anything, it added to my look. It was not obvious to David, but Rick was oogling me. And honestly, I, him. Rick was wearing blue swim trunks and looked so handsome and the sweat made him look so sexy. I caught myself biting my bottom lip a couple times while checking him out. I was careful not to reveal to David that my attraction to Rick had become lust.

When it was time to get ready for the wedding, we all went back upstairs. I shaved my pussy while in the shower and got ready. I had brought a red strapless dress that was very tight. It accented my curves just right and zipped in my lower back. There was a decent amount of cleavage and I did not need a bra. I also really could not wear panties. Even a thong would show due to the tightness of the dress. I realized canlı casino this was a family wedding, but perhaps my lust for Rick had impacted my dress choice. David was very proud of the way I looked and commented while he zipped me up and patted my ass. When we came out of our respective rooms, Rick’s eyes could not hide it. He liked what he saw.

At the wedding and reception, Rick never seemed to be around. I barely saw him. I was very disappointed. Adding to my disappointment was that my husband could not seem to hold his booze. He was not loud and obnoxious but was not really able to show me a good time because he was so drunk. We were mostly sitting at our table of cousins. Eventually, it became clear that David needed to go back to the room. Just as I realized that, there was Rick. He seemed to swoop in and helped me bring David up to our room. David passed out immediately, just as the night before. We placed a waste basket next to the bed and stepped into the hallway.

“It would seem a waste of a trip to call it a night, already. Would you like to go back down to the wedding?” asked Rick.

I enthusiastically accepted and he offered me his arm as he escorted me back downstairs to the wedding. Now, the fun began. Unlike before, where I had a drunk date that would not dance and was just sitting at the table, now I had a handsome older man ready to dance the night away. We had a ton of fun with the rest of the family. There was no grinding or anything, just fun family times. I had a blast dancing and laughing. Rick was at his best. He made me feel special. He would bring me drinks when I was empty and told me multiple times that I was the prettiest girl there.

When the music and dancing ended, Rick was escorting me off the dance floor.

“This has been so much fun. Would you like to have a night-cap?”

“Absolutely!” I cheered.

We said our good-byes and thank yous and headed to our floor. Rick said he had purchased some liquor and mixers in anticipation of both David and I joining him afterwards so we went into his room. Things were different now. It was clear there was a sexual energy in the room and I was so turned on. Rick turned on some music on his phone and we enjoyed our beverages out on his balcony. It was a perfect evening.

As were sitting out there, I was very nervous. My heel was hanging from my foot, and I know that drives men wild. I kept looking into the distance because I was so nervous to make eye contact. But every time I turned back, Rick seemed to be undressing me with his eyes. We came back into the room for a refill and Rick asked me to dance to a slow song that had come on the music station. We danced and he was holding me close. I was so turned on. I realized he was too when I felt a large bulge in his pants touch my leg several times. After the song, we returned to the balcony and finished our drinks.

“I think I am going to head back to my room,” I said.

“Oh, so soon?” he furrowed his brow, disappointed. “Well, I just want you to know that I have not had a night this fun in so long. Thank you for a wonderful evening.” He leaned in and kissed me on the lips for the first time. We were standing on the balcony. He seemed so much larger than me and his hands were holding each of my shoulders It was not a peck, but he did not try to slip me the tongue either. It took my breath away. I almost collapsed. To that moment, it was the hottest moment of my life.

I hurriedly exited the room and went back to my room. I saw David dead asleep. I had never been more turned on in my life and my husband was of no use to me. As I was thinking that, I also realized that I had no one to unzip my dress. As suddenly as I thought that, I realized I wanted to be fucked by my father-in-law. I needed to make this happen. I gathered my thoughts, knew this to be true, kaçak casino and went forward.

I knocked on his door. He opened the door and any hesitation I may have had was gone. He smiled and clearly had already begun to undress. He was bare chested and still had his dress pants on. He looked incredible. I was so fucking wet.

“I am in a pickle,” I said biting my bottom lip. “I have no one to help me out of my dress.” His eyes widened and he began to laugh. “I just need to be unzipped.”

I walked in and he closed the door behind me. I moved forward and paused when I became even with the bed. He came up behind me. He placed his left hand on my arm and his right hand found the zipper. He unzipped and I felt his breath on my neck. I held my dress up with my right arm.

“There you go,” he said nervously.

“Thank you,” I said confidently and moved around him. I swayed my hips as I knew his eyes were likely glued to my ass as I moved back to towards the door. Instead of opening the door though, I bolted it and turned around. His eyes were indeed transfixed to me. “I realized there is no reason to end our evening early,” and I dropped my dress to the floor.

He involuntarily licked his lips as I was standing there stark naked in nothing but red heels. As I approached him seductively, he stared into my eyes and undid his belt. “A little help?” he suggested after removing the belt as his eyes pointed to his pants.

I dropped to my knees and began to undo his pants button and zipper. I could tell he was rock hard and large. When his pants dropped to the floor, I pulled his boxer shorts down with them and his cock sprang free. My face was so close to him that it grazed my nose. It’s weird but his cock even smelled good. I looked up at him and I could tell this was the most erotic moment of his life, as it was for me. I grabbed hold of his cock and led the organ into my mouth. As I took him into my mouth I took my hand and cupped his large ball sack. I worked his cock in and out, but seldom broke eye contact with Rick. Several times, I took his cock out of my mouth. I would lick and suck his balls while stroking his massive hard-on. While I worked, he had one hand on the back of his head and another would pat my head or run his hands through my hair. I was moaning into his cock, so turned on, and he was grunting his approval.

He pulled me up forcefully and threw my naked body onto the bed. At first, I thought he was going to fuck me from behind as I was chest-first on the bed. Instead, he strongly pulled my hips up and buried his face into my rear. His tongue danced from my pussy to my asshole. I came almost instantly. It was the hardest orgasm I have ever felt. I became instantly weak and almost blacked out. My hips fell to the bed with the force of my O. He took advantage. I felt his arm curl up around my waist and we flipped on the bed.

I was now positioned to ride him as he laid with his hairy chest facing me. I quickly recovered and positioned his cock to my love canal. I sat back onto his rock hard cock as I screamed in pleasure and put my hands on his chest through his masculine mane. I would lower myself and raise myself as his hips bucked. I came multiple times.

He again maneuvered me, this time with my face down and ass up (as before). Instead of licking me clean, he fucked me hard. He grabbed my hair and yanked hard as his hips pounded into my ass meat. Sometimes, he would push down hard on my head. He began to get louder with his grunting and I could tell he was near climax.

Before he could ask me what to do, I screamed, “Rick! Please cum inside me! I love you!” He later said he knew he had loved me for almost a year and this was all the encouragement he needed. He bared down and came buckets deep into me.

We cuddled and drifted off to sleep that night, both naked and perspired. I woke up in a panic, but realized it was still only 4:15 AM and there was no chance David was awake. I pulled my dress on as best I could, grabbed my heels, kissed Rick, and slipped back across the hall.

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