After the Gym, A True Story continues

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This Story contains man on man sexual activity. If that is not your thing, please move on to something else that you will enjoy.

Following David to his place had my head spinning. When, not if, but when my wife found out about this, the marriage would be over. Actually I was glad at that thought. I had been through enough crap with her. I knew she would find out because I could not wait to tell her when she got back. Opening myself up sexually was liberating, and I was loving the freedom I was feeling. It would not be a messy divorce as we had no kids, just a house and cars. It would be all about the money, and I could let that go if I had to, just to be free again.

Reality stepped back in right then as I was followed David to his front door. His ass was so sexy in those bike shorts. I was really going home with this sex god, and he was going to fuck me. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He had his key out, and let us both in.

“Come on in and make yourself at home Alex. Can I get you a drink or a beer,” he asked politely.

I did not care about anything to drink, I just wanted to get his clothes off and get in his bed so he could fuck me. Stepping up behind him standing in front of the fridge I said, “No thanks, you already have what I want tonight,” as I reached around from behind, pulling down his tight shorts to reveal my prize, and grabbing his stiffening cock.

“Well,” he said, “if that’s the way you feel about it.” He turned around, grabbed my head and pulled my lips to his and began to kiss me. It was truly an electric kiss that I felt all the way down to the tips of my toes.

“Yes my stud that is the way I feel. I came here with you my new friend to get fucked, and I want fucked and as many of your loads in my ass as you will give me,” I said to him.

Taking his shorts off completely and leaving them on the kitchen floor, he peeled his shirt off too. While he was doing that I was franticly removing my clothes.

Both of us stripped naked in the kitchen in front of the frig, we began to kiss again. This time our stiff cocks were held together, David’s hand had both our cocks tightly together. His kiss was amazing. I had forgotten how good some guys were at kissing. He was an expert kisser. There was just enough tongue, but not too much. His kisses were extremely sensual.

David sent me to the bedroom and told me to just take 2 steps into the room, and to keep my back facing the door. He would be there in just a moment. He had my curiosity up now, but I followed his instructions to the letter.

Just a few seconds behind me, I heard him come into the room. He set something down on his night stand, and then went around lighting 4 candles in the room. He was not only sexy as fuck, but had a romantic and sensual streak in him. I was impressed thinking this could be leading somewhere very nice.

After he had taken care of setting up the room, he told me to stand by the side of the bed and face the bed. After I did that he came up behind me and started kissing the back of my neck. His lips on me felt so nice. I was in heaven with his touching me and feeling his hard cock poking at my butt.

“Kneel on the side of the bed Alex. I want your canlı bahis ass up and your head down. You are so fucking horny for this, I don’t want to make you wait,” he said.

I followed his instructions again, and I knew he had me in the position he intended to take me in this first time. In my head I was relaxing my body, visualizing my hole being loose and free and ready to accept his big fat fucking dick. If I was not loose I knew it would hurt. Getting fucked in the ass was like riding a bike, you never forget how.

Expecting to feel the head of his dick at my hole, I was pleasantly surprised when he started to kiss my ass cheeks. He kissed first one and then the other, repeatedly kissing each side. Occasionally he would pull my dick back, and lick the head of my dick. Oh this guy was good, he knew just what he was doing.

When I thought I could not stand the excitement of waiting for what I thought was coming, he let me have it. His tongue licked up the back side of my balls and right up my ass crack across my exposed hole. I moaned in pleasure. The sensation of his tongue on my hole was most relaxing for me.

“I see you like being eaten, good as I never fuck anyone I don’t eat first,” he said.

“I love it David, it helps me loosen up and feels so good,” I replied.

David reached over and grabbed a plastic container from the night stand. “This is the lube I will be putting on you. It will feel cool, and I will be putting several pieces of this cold coconut oil up your ass to lube you inside. I think you will like it,” he said.

Bracing myself for a new experience, a top who cared about his bottom, I knew I was in good hands tonight. It did feel cool when he put the piece on the center of my hole. With his thumb he pushed the first piece in, and then one more. The cool sensation felt wonderful, light and exhilarating. He was taking his time getting me ready. Then he went back to rimming my ass. He was good too. His tongue felt so nice around the edges of my hole, and then when he tongue fucked me, it was like a little dick going in me.

He backed off and I felt a finger go in my hole. I knew he was trying to stretch me out.

“You are loose, you have done this before,” he said.

“David, I fuck myself with a toy the size of your cock at least 2 or 3 times a week. I figured that was all I would ever have, but you are making my dream come true tonight. Give me that dick stud, and give it to me raw,” I insisted.

“Well if you insist my man,” he said as he stood up and coated his cock and the outside of my hole with more oil.

This was it, the time was now. What I had been trying to convince myself for years that I did not truly need was about to slide up my ass. I wanted it. I wanted it from David. He was a really nice guy so far, and I got a good vibe from him. He wanted me too.

He stepped in closer, and ran the head of his dick up and down my ass a few times. Laying his cock up the crack of my ass, he pulled my hips to him with is dick on my ass.

“Are you sure you are ready for me Alex. My dick is really thick,” he said.

I did not say a word. I rolled to the middle of the bed on my back, pulled my legs to my chest and rolled myself bahis siteleri up to expose my ass to him. “Yeah I am sure David, let me have you inside me now,” I insisted again.

Smiling at me, and recognizing that I was not beginner at this, he took a pillow, folded it up and put it under my ass to make me more comfortable. Climbing on to the bed, he was on his knees as he lined up his cock to my hole. Again he asked, “Are you sure you want this?”

I did not say a word, rather I reached down grabbed his cock and put it right at the entrance to my hole, and started to pull him in to me. He was a gentlemen, and started to push gently. I knew I was loose and would be able to take him. He was the one who did not know how loose I was and how much I wanted, no how much I needed this.

Building steadily increasing pressure, he pushed the head of his dick in my ass. I could feel myself being opened up as his fat cock head pushed into me. It felt so good to finally be having dick again. I exhaled as he pushed and bore down to open up. His cock popped right into my ass. The head of his dick was in me now, and he stopped to let me adjust. I was fine though. Actually I was more than fine, I was great. What could have been the hardest part was done, and it did not hurt at all. It felt wonderful him inside me.

Grabbing his hips I pulled him into me more and more till he was balls deep in my ass. Then I held him in. His dick was big. I have had bigger but not many and it was years ago. I felt just a little twinge as he bottomed out in me. It went away as soon as he stopped.

David leaned in bending down over top of me, and we kissed with his dick parked in my ass as he let me adjust to his size. After a minute or so of kissing, I felt him start to move. He pulled out a few inches and then thrust right back in. He was at a slow and tender pace. I could feel the head of his dick moving in me. Gawd it felt so nice again to be getting fucked. He stopped kissing me, and asked how I was. I told him fine, just keep going. He started making longer strokes, but kept it slow. He was opening up with that thick 9 inch cock of his, and I was loving it.

He stretched his legs back so he was in a position to do push up in my ass while he fucked me. Within a few minutes of this I was fully open. He was able to with draw completely and without touching his dick, thrust back into me balls deep. Those full long strokes were amazing. The sensation in my prostate was building and I was starting to leak precum all over my belly. Fuck my dick was as hard as his.

When he saw the precum, he changed up positions on us. He put me on my side laying in the bed in what can best be described as a pike position. Laying on his side he put his head at my feet, and ran his stiff dick back in me. OMG was he hitting the spot. Every stroke now was hitting my prostate. It felt wonderful, and I was starting to feel that feeling building in my balls. I was loose now, and he was hitting my spot. He was starting to pound me determined to send me over, and he did.

The feeling of energy and orgasmic power washed over me from head to toes. My entire body was engulfed in that amazing feeling. As I went over the edge my cock began bahis şirketleri to erupt and I shot my load all over his clean sheets. When David saw that, he was happy, and slowed down again.

Changing positions, he spooned in behind me, and slide his dick back in me. We cuddle fucked like that for 60 minutes and I came 2 more times from his fuck. This man knew how to fuck, and better yet, he knew just how to fuck me.

I knew he was edging himself in my ass. I could feel the difference in the size and stiffness of his cock as he dick. We had been in his bed now for over an hour, when I felt his cock getting really hard again. He had both hands on my shoulders, and he started pounding me as hard as he could. I knew he was getting ready.

Matching his thrusts, I timed the muscles in my ass to squeeze as he withdrew and release as he inserted. I could feel his balls slapping my ass.

“Straighten your legs and roll on your belly Alex. I want to cum in you like that,” he said.

No problem, I rolled, and he stayed right on me, never missing a thrust. He was pounding me like a porn star. His dick was coming all the way out, and then driving in balls deep. He held my legs together and I could feel his balls hitting my ass hard, really hard.

Then suddenly he let his cum growl go and he thrust in and stayed parked in my ass. I could feel him cumming. I could feel his cock pulse, and the seamen that was being deposited in my ass flowing and filling me. He pushed me over for the 4th time that night when he came in me like that.

After a minute, he collapsed on me, spent in every way. He laid there for several minutes as he caught his breath. His cock still felt so good inside my cum filled ass.

“Don’t take your cock out of me till it shrinks and falls out lover,” I told him.

We rolled back on our sides and cuddle spooned together. He was not getting soft though. He was ever so slightly fucking me, and he was staying hard. Suddenly after some time, he picked up his pace with his hands on my shoulders again. “Here is the second load for you Alex,” and he drove deep and parked again. My ass was full to overflowing now with his cum. There was a huge wet spot we were laying in. It was fantastic.

We laid like that with him in me after his second cum and fell asleep, me in his arms. I felt warm and safe there in his bed.

Around 4 in the morning, I was awakened by the movement in my ass again. His dick was hard again, and he was gently cuddle fucking me. “I may not cum this time Alex, but you can enjoy the fucking for now.” He said. And cuddle fuck we did for some time. He did not cum again before he went soft, and I let him out of my ass this time. He had been in me all night so far. I felt so empty without him in me now.

Before we fell asleep David said, “I want to see you again Alex. You are the best fuck I have ever had. Would you like to see me again Alex. Did I do alright by you?”

“Yes you did David that was the most amazing fuck I have ever had. I want to keep seeing you. It may be tough for a bit because I am about to get divorced, but I want you as my friend with benefits. I may even need to crash with you for a bit when I tell my wife I want a divorce,” I said to him.

He jumped out of bed for a minute, and then gave me his answer when he handed me the key. This was the start of something really great.

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