AirBNB Part 4

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AirBNB Part 4
Jenny was totally wasted so I helped her up to her bed, I put her shorts back on her but left her topless. I returned to the lounge to clear up and wait for Debbie to return as I couldn’t go to bed until she was home.
It was a warm night so I kept the shirt off and just sat around in the little sports shorts. I decided to check on Jenny and peeped in her room, bless her she was flat out on the top of the bed, she did look a picture and I even felt a little stir down below but as her mum was due any minute I thought it best not.

It wasn’t long before I heard the car pull up and waited at the door for Debbie, she smiled as she saw me in just shorts
“Oh I see the dress code has relaxed even further” she said with a giggle.
“So how was little miss attitude tonight then Frank?, she asked as we got in the lounge
“Oh she was fine, I treated her like an adult and she responded like an adult” I said with a smile on my face, Debbie looked at me and for a minute I thought she would explode
“Good Frank, she probably needed it” she said with a little grin, I think we were both on the same page.

“I will just go slip into something a bit less formal and check on Jen while you fix a drink” Debbie announced and I followed her out and watched as she climbed up the stairs, this time I had a better view of her arse clad in her tight dress. The way she wiggled told me she knew I was watching, I returned to the kitchen for the wine and Debbie soon reappeared dressed in a baggy tee shirt and I assume panties, definitely no bra as I could see her titties swinging.

I followed her into the lounge and could see her shirt clinging to her arse cheeks, my guess would be a thong.
She sat back in the sofa and I handed her a drink, “Drinks and relaxation are all part of the service madam” I said with a smile and could see her looking at my shorts.
“Is that how you tamed the wild girl?” she asked with a laugh and I just nodded saying, “nothing detracts from the happiness of my guests”
I stepped back holding the bottle waiting for her signal to refill her glass and was fully conscious of the fact I was getting a chubby.

“I could get used to this service” she said giggling as she beckoned me closer to fill her glass, she held out her glass and I stopped with my groin touching her fingers to fill her glass, I am sure I felt movement.
I filled her glass and her hand lingered before she took another sip, I remained still and could feel the blood rushing south as Debbie watched every little twitch under my shorts.

Debbie took a mouthful of wine, “So, your bio says, ‘Anything to please’ so are there any limits?” she asked with her eyeline directly at my groin watching the rising flagpole. I looked down at her smiling and shook my head, what was I letting myself in for.
“Hmm” she cleared her throat, “It’s been a while since I had a half-naked man in front of me, waiting on me, it’s a nice feeling” she said in a soft voice and I was happy to fulfil her dream.
I stood there like I did with Mason, hands on hips and flagpole erect while Debbie’s eyes screened my body, I did a turn to show her the rear view and heard a soft ‘mmm’ from her before turning back.

My cock was now straining as Debbie stared, she moved to the edge of the sofa nervously reaching out and putting her hands on my hips rubbing the top of my thighs, her hands moved up to the waistband and she teasingly put her fingers inside moving her left hand towards my belly, her hand rested on my erect cock güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as she gently pulled my shorts out and down allowing my cock to spring free.
With my shorts around my ankles she leant forward to take the swollen head into her mouth and then it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t showered since fucking Jenny.

“Mmm, what a lovely taste” she said softly as she took more of my cock into her mouth, she knew exactly where this cock had been earlier. It seemed to turn her on though as she proceeded to lick every inch of my cock and balls as if cleaning all her daughters juices off me. I stood there running my fingers through her hair as I fucked her face, her style was very similar to Jenny’s which did get me thinking a bit.
Debbie was an expert with her tongue, my knees where shaking and I knew I had to hold it back.

I reached down and took hold of her tee shirt and pulled it up over her head, her boobs sprung free and were a nice 34b with very stiff nipples. I looked down at her tiny white thong, my assumption was correct but I was dazed by her expert use of her tongue.
Debbie seemed to like it when I grabbed her hair and forced my cock down her throat, gagging a bit but totally worshipping my throbbing member.
I knew I was close and she knew I was close and the intensity grew as she went to town deepthroating me, I held her head tight as I felt my balls tighten, my cock pulsated “OMG! YESSS!!” I cried as I emptied my hot ejaculate right down her throat, she pulled back at the sheer volume and the last spurt landed on her face, she looked up at me with her eyes smiling before putting my softening cock back into her mouth and sucking the last drops from me.

I pulled her up and got her to bend down on the sofa, her cute ass in full view. The string of her thong tight in the crack and her legs slightly parted as I ran my hands all over the cheeks of her arse gently running a finger up and down the crack. I pulled her cheeks wide exposing her little shaded arsehole.
Her breathing got heavier in anticipation of what was to come.
I pulled the string to one side and gently and really slowly ran my tongue up and down her crack teasing her little butt hole as I passed. Her body shook each time I hit the spot and each time I teased for longer.

My saliva making her hole wet I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh and felt the damp gusset of her thong, my tongue now totally concentrating on her arse, flicking and pushing, Debbie’s body shaking as she pushed back on my face. Her arse tasted good as I started to tongue fuck her pushing in as deep as I could, I felt her tremble “OMG! FUCKING YESSS!!” she cried as she orgasmed, her juices running through my fingers that were exploring between her legs.

My cock had come back to life and was throbbing, I stood up behind her and slowly ran mu cock up and down her crack, Debbie reached back and pulled her cheeks wide apart inviting me in and I wasted no time as I edged my cock inside her arsehole. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” she cried out very slowly as my cock pushed in. “YESSS!! FUCK MY ARSE FRANK!” she cried loudly as I felt my balls banging the back of her legs, I pushed in hard which made her yelp and the pressure of her pushing back forced me in deep.

I grabbed her hair as I pounded away building up a nice steady rhythm, “YES! YES! YES!” she cried as I showed her no mercy, she was tight and I was not far away, “OMG!” I cried as I felt my balls tightening tipobet and my hot liquid shooting up my shaft. “OH FUCK YSS!” Debbie cried out as she felt the hot cum hit her deep inside, I kept thrusting pulling at her hair as I emptied my sack.
I slowly pulled out as Debbie collapsed in a contented heap on the sofa, “MMMMM” she moaned softly as she lay motionless.
She looked up at me with a smile. “You certainly do cater for all needs, don’t you Frank” she said happily.

We picked up our clothes and I followed Debbie up the stairs, her cute wiggle of her arse was a delight and I followed her into her room where Jenny was still flat out on the bed. Debbie gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for being a fantastic host. We said our goodnights and I went to my room.

I laid in bed thinking for a while and wondered if Debbie and Jenny would discuss their experiences, after all I think Debbie knew I fucked her daughter and her only comment was ‘she needed it’ so it will make breakfast an interesting occasion.
I woke early and was able to have a quick shower before my guests appeared. I slipped on my white sports shorts and realized they were becoming transparent because I hadn’t dried myself properly.
I had just reached the kitchen when a bleary-eyed Jenny came slowly down the stairs, still in her sleep shorts and had put her little crop top back on.
She saw that I was preparing coffee and plonked herself on the stool and looked at my transparent shorts,
“Why are your shorts wet?” she asked with a confused look on her face and I had to explain that I didn’t dry myself properly and although they were starting to dry you could still make out the little chubby that was appearing, why is it that when you know someone is looking at your cock it gets hard? A question that will never get answered.

“What happened last night?” she asked still looking confused and trying to focus her eyes on my ever-hardening cock which was having its own battles under my shorts, I couldn’t believe she didn’t remember what happened. I needed to be smart here
“What do you remember? I will try to fill in the gaps” I said feeling optimistic.
She thought long and hard as I poured her some caffeine, it seemed to perk up her memory as a big smile appeared on her face.

“OMG! Yes!” she said getting a little excited, “We were having a drink and a smoke and you were my waiter” her smile widened as she continued, “I was buzzing and remember accidently touching your thingy” her story was pretty accurate so far and I could feel myself hardening at her recollection of events, she continued..
“I remember we took off our shirts and then felt immense pleasure when you put your head between my legs, I think I lost control then and don’t remember much after that until I woke up with Mum snoring beside me”
She still looked puzzled, “Did I do ok Frank?” she asked and I reassured her that she was fine.

“Sounds like you guys had fun then” came the voice of authority as Debbie walked into the kitchen having listened at the door, she walked up and gave Jenny a kiss on the head before taking her seat on the stool, she was still in her baggy tee shirt and looked divine albeit still sleepy.
She looked down at my clearly visible boner under my drying shorts, “Is that breakfast?” she asked and both girls looked up at me with that begging look on their faces.

I think this mother / daughter relationship goes deeper than I thought as they both seemed to be on the same perabet page here, how could I refuse such a request after all my motto is ‘here to please’
“Do you want this for breakfast?” I had to ask the question and with both girls nodding I had no option than to walk around the table and into the lounge, both girls eagerly followed and I instructed them to sit side by side on the sofa.
I stood in front of them with my hands on my hips and my flagpole in full view bulging out the front of my shorts. Mother and daughter looked at each other and then up at me obviously waiting for serving instructions, I smiled down at them
“Welcome to my ‘all you can eat’ breakfast buffet”, both girls reached out and grabbed at my shorts and slowly pulling them down, my cock sprung out and they both looked wide eyed.

Jenny was first to react as she took hold of the shaft pulling the skin right back and inviting her mum to have the first taste, Debbie lent forward taking the helmet into her mouth flicking her tongue around before forcing herself down the shaft, Jenny had lent forward and was licking and sucking on my balls and then it all seemed to click and both girls interchanged and from there on I couldn’t tell who was doing what to me, only that I was really struggling to make it last.

I think the girls sensed this and instructed me to lay on the floor where I then had a total full body tongue massage as I felt tongues licking every part, OMG I really had died and gone to heaven.
The next thing I knew was feeling the slight weight of Jenny’s body lowering herself onto my face which was met by my protruding tongue, she was wet and my tongue hit the bullseye at the first attempt.
She started to slowly grind away as I felt her mother positioning herself at the other end, I nearly choked as I felt her lower herself onto my throbbing cock and her cunt muscles tighten.

Jenny’s grinding quickened as Debbie built up a rhythm on my cock, my arms around Jenny fondling her arse cheeks as her body shuddered and my mouth filled with hr juices, I frantically swallowed as she carried on to round 2, Debbie wasn’t going to be out done either and soon was shaking to her own orgasm and the warmth of her juices running down my balls spurred me on and as my tongue work intensified I started to thrust up further into Debbie, everyone was in unison with the grunts and “OMG! YESS!” ringing out from all corners we all knew how close we all were.
As Jenny started to shake and fill my mouth again my cock immediately started to pulsate and this was timed perfectly with Debbie who started to shake as my hot cum shot up deep into her belly.
“OMG!” I heard one of them say as we all reached orgasm together, the girls were struggling for breath and I couldn’t move if my life depended on it, I was still pinned down.

I was certainly enjoying my AirBNB experience and this experience will be hard to top. Both Debbie and Jenny were lovely but have a dark secret, I was sure of that.
They both showered and got their stuff together promising to write a review in the context of the site and who knows may return. I always offer returning guests to book direct.

I took a long hot shower reflecting on the experience with Debbie & Jenny, I was happy with how things were working out and I am sure Anika is very happy.
It was mid-afternoon after I had made the house good again that I got a ping to say someone had left a review, I clicked the link in eager anticipation.

It was a very good review, another 5 star and used phrases such as ‘VERY Accommodating to our needs’ and ‘nothing too much trouble’ which is always pleasing to hear and I love it when guests say they thoroughly enjoyed their stay, it’s a great advert plus getting paid is always a bonus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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