Alexandra Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: Their First Night

*Please read Chapters One and Two to follow Alexandra’s journey into womanhood and how she breaks free from her parent’s strict Catholic rules and upbringing.

Curtis climbed between Alexie’s legs and took hold of her slim waist. This was their first night together, the first day of having her to himself without constraints and he wanted to make it very memorable for her as well as himself.

He lifted her legs upward and rested them against his chest bringing her bottom half of her body slightly off of the bed. Alexie longingly looked into his dark eyes full of love and lust as he leaned forward, bringing her farther up in the air. His cock rubbed against her drenched pussy and this ignited the fire inside of her once again. Slowly his cock slipped inside of her without any guidance and it filled her, stretched her. She felt like a glove that was made just for him and him alone.

Alexie felt him sliding in; her eyes slowly closed and she moaned. Little by little he slipped deeper and deeper into her. Her pussy welcomed his hard, thick cock happily. In and out, slowly at first, he filled her until his balls made contact with the crack of her ass. Once he knew he was completely inside of her he picked up his pace; his thrusts grew harder in force.

“Oh God!!! Yes; etiler escort yes!!!” Alexie cooed as she bucked back, meeting his thrusts.

“Mmm, you’re mine,” softly he said, “You’re all mine.”

He continued pumping, pounding in and out of her. The sound of their bodies coming together filled the room, mixing with their moans and groans; the air took on a sweet musky scent of sex and perspiration. The double bed creaked under them and banged against the wall. They didn’t care if the neighbors could hear or if the noise bothered them. All the couple cared about was enjoying their bodies, celebrating their first night together and forgetting the reason why she was there at this time of the night.

After awhile Curtis eased back down and brought her back onto the bed as he continued fucking his Princess. He stretched out over her and nestled his head in the crook of her neck and shoulders. The heat from his breath upon her skin sent waves of lust through her body. Alexie reached around his upper body and pulled him to her, not caring how his weight crushed down on her. She was determined to meld their bodies into one.

Curtis planted his lips on the side of her neck and began to kiss, lick and suck on it. Alexie returned the favor by doing the same. This made him feel so good.

“Mmm, fındıkzade escort Princess…” he whispered. “Suck on my neck.”

She parted and planted her lips firmly against his skin and began to suck hard on it. As she did this a wave of passion rose and erupted throughout her body. Her juices began to flow; her orgasm washed through her while she sucked and sucked upon the side of his neck.

“Cum for me, Princess! That’s it, cum hard!” he growled into her ear.

Alexie’s orgasm hit hard causing her to suck harder on his neck. This made Curtis’ cock swell; it was building up to an explosive ending. He planted his lips as firmly as he could onto her neck and began sucking also. She could feel the suction of his mouth and it extended her orgasm further.

Finally, she couldn’t hold back any longer. She released her lips from his neck, dug her fingers into the small of his back and pushed upward as hard as she could.

“Argh! Oh my God! I’m cumming!” she cried out loud.

Wave after wave, her juices kept flowing, coating, and drowning Curtis’ cock buried deep within her. It took several minutes for her orgasm to subside and her to calm down. She looked into his eyes and knew he was getting ready to empty his balls into her. It was her turn to make göztepe escort him cum.

“Give it to me,” seductively she told her boyfriend. “I want to feel you cum deep inside of me. Fuck me, fuck me good and hard!”

That was all she needed to say. Curtis leaned into her and pounded his cock fast and furiously. Within a minute he was ready.

“Oh fuck, Princess! Fuck!!!” he cried out lout.

Streams of cum shot out of his cock filling, mixing his cum with hers. He bit down on her neck and sucked as hard as he could until he was spent and exhausted. He emptied his balls completely and came to rest upon her with his cock slowly shrinking inside of her. He pushed his upper body up, off of her and looked at her. The look of satisfaction was upon her face and in the dark brown pools of her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her.

Later he rolled over beside and looked at the artwork his mouth had left upon her neck. There was more than one hickey upon the side of her neck and each was a dark purple color.

“Nice hickeys,” he commented.

“Hickeys?” surprisingly she asked.

“Yup, at least three of them,” Curtis laughed.

“Well, I wouldn’t laugh. You’ve got a couple yourself,” she quickly responded.

They smiled then got up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. He knew they would be more than taking a shower and took hold of her hand, leading her into the large glass paneled shower built enough for two people to have all the fun they wanted and they didn’t have to rush. They had all the time they wanted; that is, until the hot water ran out.

*Stay tuned for more…

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