All Day Sunday

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Yesterday was one of those days for me. One of the days where I woke up wanting you, needing your fingers inside me, your tongue on my clit, and your cock, goddamn, I need your cock. I thought about it for hours, before I emailed you, before I called, before I begged you to fuck me.

Before I even got out of bed, my cunt was already wet with the need for you, my nipples already hard. I imagined you there, watching me, and leaned back on the big pillows of my bed with my legs spread wide, head thrown back, eyes closed, and slipped my fingers down to my already swollen clit. I traced teasing little circles around it, never quite touching, never quite giving in. I brought my fingers back up to my mouth and sucked the slippery wetness off of them, then pinched and rolled my nipples with those wet fingers. Pinched them hard, a little too hard, really, which is exactly the way I like it. Pulled them, rolled them, leaned down and licked them lightly, one after the other, tasting the faintest trace of my own juice on them. I reached for the vibrator I keep in the drawer next to my pillow, twisted the base and thrust it all the way into my cunt. Pulling it almost all the way out, sliding it slowly, god, so slowly, all the way back in again and again, fingers of the other hand twisting my nipples, playing with my clit, bringing me all the way up to the edge canlı bahis and then slowing all the way down, over and over and over again until the world that exists outside of the junction between my thighs ceased to exist. In and out, out and in, faster, harder, pounding my tight cunt and I heard someone calling your name, moaning loudly, and realized it was me, it was my voice, it was my need and I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I screamed out for you as I came, came so hard and so long that when it was over, I collapsed back against the pillows to catch my breath.

When I could stand again, albeit on shaking legs, I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on, intending to wash some of the stickiness off. Something made me think of you (as if I’d stopped) and as I stood there under the spray soaping myself up, I almost involuntarily started to tease myself again. Tweaking slippery nipples, rubbing the tips of them lightly with the tips of my fingers, sliding the roughness of the washcloth over them, then down between my legs, rubbing back and forth until I knew I had to come again. I took the showerhead down to rinse the soap away and once that was done, turned the showerhead to the fast spray setting, and parted my legs to press it up against my clit. The warm water fell in sheets from between my thighs, the tiny jets pounding my clit which throbbed bahis siteleri in time with my pounding heart. I turned the water up, hotter, something that felt more like the heat of your mouth, and as it warmed it pushed me over the edge and I came with my hips bucking like they would on your tongue.

I managed to stop for a little while then, long enough to get a few things done around the house, but when I sat down to flip on the tv, it was still on the sex channel, and I’m only human after all. The girl on the screen was getting thoroughly fucked from behind, his hands on her ass, slapping and pulling her back onto him, and I could almost feel your hands on my hips, pulling me back, filling me up with your hard cock. I got up to get the vibrator I’d been using earlier and as I sat back down, hooked one leg over the arm of the couch and plunged it into my wetness yet again. My left hand teased my clit while the right fucked my tight pussy with this pulsing toy, mimicking the action I was watching. When she climbed on top, I paused it and went to find the dildo I have with the suction cup on the bottom, stuck it to one of the dining room chairs and pressed play as I slid down onto it. It was bigger than I’m used to – a birthday present last year – and it hurt ever so slightly as I stretched to take it all in. I faced the back of the chair to have bahis şirketleri something to grab onto, and the faster the girl onscreen rode her big cock, the faster I rode mine. My cunt was dripping with need, the wetness pooling underneath me, and I fucked myself through two orgasms before I couldn’t take anymore.

I rinsed off in the shower soon after and stretched out on the bed again to recover. I fell into a light sleep, and dreamt of you, naked, rock-hard and just out of reach. I chased you through my dreams for at least an hour, and woke up breathing heavily, wet again.

I called you then, fingers already gliding over my skin, vibrator already deep inside my cunt, and tried to pretend for the first three seconds that I wasn’t calling to have you fuck me, but I couldn’t stop myself, couldn’t slow my breathing, couldn’t bluff my way out of it. You knew, and as soon as I realized that you did, I gave up all pretense and begged you for what I needed, begged you to talk to me, to whisper the things you know turn me on, to tell me what you wanted, what you wanted me to do, what you’d do to me. As I listened to you, I pushed and pulled that cock out of the depths of my pussy, shoving it in hard and fast when you were hurting me, making me your whore, and more slowly when it was just teasing. You made me come three more times, three more screaming, moaning times until I absolutely could not move, couldn’t have come again if you paid me. As we hung up, I drifted back off to sleep, and dreamt lascivious dreams all night long.

I can’t wait to see what happens today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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