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I walked into the beautiful old building. As I passed through the bold and intimidating double doors I felt the cool air blasting down on me, a relief in this heat. Summer was in full bloom and I was dressed to ‘beat the heat’ in typical teenaged style.

My long curly hair was up in a messy bun. Wisps of soft black curls artfully displayed to their best advantage, framed my beautifully tanned face. A silver chopstick sporting a shiny bejewelled dragonfly held my long hair in place.

I lifted my sunglasses off my lovely ‘black as sin’ eyes and perched them on top of my head. My long thick lashes kissed my checks as I closed my eyes in relief.

I breathed in the wonderfully cold air. My full lips, slightly larger than most, blew out a refreshed breath. My nipples peaked as the cold air blasted into them turning my head lights on. My tiny white tank top offered no defence from the cold air.

I wore a low riding pink, white and black plaid mini quilt that just covered me. My dangly belly piercing glittered in the subdued light, drawing attention to my flat trim tummy. Tanned and toned, my tiny waist seemed impossibly small in the outfit I wore.

My sexy ass was hidden, albeit barely, from view but my long sexy legs alluded to it with careless ease.

My feet were clad in barely there black flip flops. My manicured toenails were painted the same loud pink as my skirt to match. I wiggled my toes in delight causing my silver toe ring to sparkle.

I was a beautiful girl and I knew it. And, although I displayed my assets in a way that drew attention to my body, much to the disappointment of my parents (but at 18 there was not much they could do about it). I was however, as far from the slut I presented myself to be.

I flashed my library card to get passed security and delighted in the glances my outfit garnered me from the sexy guard. Mind you my hard nipples jutting out through my lacy bra brought my beautiful full D cups vividly to life and they were on full, unashamed display in my barely there top. I smiled at him as I passed.

I loved this old place. Looking around I took in its sweeping elegant style. Massive maple wood carved shelves lined the perimeter of the large room. But as huge as the bookshelves were they fell far short of the twenty foot ceilings, where big lazy fans hung at intervals moving the air in the room.

Books filled the shelves almost to overflowing. At every ten feet the shelves ended and a floor to ceiling window took its place! Sunlight fell in long lines from each beautiful pane. Every window had a massive fern or spider plant hanging in it and it added to the life filling this place.

Large rolling ladders with wide steps could be seen around provided to aid patrons in retrieving books off the high upper shelves.

The center of the room was maze like in its design. Row upon row of the same bookshelves split up the interior disturbed only by the huge pillars that dotted the room and the small nooks that were created all over the library.

Semi private oasis’s with grand wing back chairs for curling up with a good book and low study tables. Others had little maple wood desk Computer stations for use by the patrons.

Off to the far left were several rows of sturdy tables and chairs in the same wood for research and study group use. The library was on low light hours for the afternoon to help conserve energy so the dim lighting added to the cool lazy atmosphere.

Working my way to the very back far right corner of the room I drew quiet stares from the men as I passed by. It was nice but I had my heart set on one male in particular.

As I made my way through the library I allowed my mind to wander. I was in love with my math teacher, Mr. Thorton, and had been all the way through high school. I’d had him for math every year and every year I loved him more. Sadly this was my last year with him as I had been denied a victory lap. I was set to leave for college in the fall.

A memory of him flooded into my mind.

~’A avrupa yakası escort lock of his blond hair worn slightly longer than was acceptable, had fallen into his eyes as he cocked his head to stare at me. His dreamy bedroom eyes catching mine as he stared. He was sexy, rugged and huge!

I could feel my panties getting wet as he maintained prolonged eye contact with me. His direct gaze pinning me still. Visions of me masturbating to this very scenario caused me to get even wetter. His sexy voice brought me back to the classroom. “Allyssa.”

I jumped and blinked. “Yes sir?” “I’d like to see you after class please.” His eyes never left my face. I thought quickly of anything I had to do right after class but nothing came to mind. It was the last part of my last class. “Y…yes Sir.” I squeaked. Satisfied with my response, He just smiled and lowered his head.

My mind was racing and I knew I couldn’t focus on my math questions so I put them away. What did he want to see me for? Was I in trouble? I didn’t think so because I hadn’t done anything wrong that I knew of. I was getting straight A’s so I knew it wasn’t my grades. I worried my way through the next 15 minutes of class.

I thought briefly of the frequency in which I would look up and find Mr Thortons eyes on me in the last few months. It would always turn me on and I started having sexual fantasies revolving around having hot sweaty sex with my teacher.

I started wearing more revealing clothes, desperate for any attention I could get from him. I wasn’t a virgin but I may as well be. I had only been with one guy and only a couple times. He wasn’t very well endowed and didn’t really know what to do so both attempts were wholly unsatisfactory. I gave up dating boys my age and fixated all my considerable attention onto Mr Thorton.

When every student had left the room Mr Thorton looked up at me. “Come here please Allyssa.” His voice was low and sexy. I instinctively opened up at the alluring sound.

I got up from my desk and gathered my books. I felt shy and nervous. My heart was beating with excitement. As I approached him he stood and took my books out of my hands. His eyes never left mine as he took one step closer. I swallowed hard. I had to look way up to maintain eye contact. Mr Thorton was at least 6’3 and I was only 5’6.

“Allyssa…” He said gently. “Hmm…” I said kinda dreamily. “Are you deliberately trying to seduce or entice me?” My heart stopped. My eyes flew wide and my mouth dropped open. I gasped and my cheeks flamed red.

“I… Um… I…” I closed my eyes. My embarrassment was acute. The fact that I had been trying to get him to notice me, to desire me and he knew, it had me strangely excited and utterly mortified!

I opened my eyes again and his locked onto mine. He reached out and took hold of my chin. My mouth went dry.

“Because if you have, I have noticed.” He paused to let that sink in. He noted the moment my eyes dilated with desire. He heard my soft pant and smelled my wetness.

“And if you haven’t? Might I suggest that you stop wearing such short shorts and tiny skirts to my class. It makes me very hard and I can’t concentrate on anything but the glimpses I get of your sweet softness.”

I closed my eyes again and breathed deep. I was trembling from excitement and lust.

Mr. Thorton stepped closer. I could feel his hardness as he gently pressed it into my bare tummy. Desire slammed into me hard!

“Your 18 now Allyssa. Your a beautiful woman, not a silly girl. You can understand what your doing to my body and my self control. How hard I have to fight not to touch you.”

As he spoke his hands reached out and grabbed my waist. He held me still as he rubbed his erection against my tummy in slow circles. I licked my lips and tried to rub back but he held me still. The smell of my arousal was strong in the small closed up room.

“Your not going to be my student much longer Allyssa. Three short weeks till exams.” He bahçelievler escort bayan continued to caress me with his erection. His thumbs drawing lazy circles on my hips.

“If you are deliberately trying to get me to have sex with you I’m going know. Do you know how I’m going to know Allyssa?” He continued in that low sexy voice. I trembled and shook my head no.

“I’m going to know you want to have sex with me Allyssa because you are going to continue to dress in that sexy way. Wearing tiny skirts and tight little tops.” He stopped moving against me and dropped his hands.

“Conversely, if I am mistaken and it was never your intention to seduce me…” My eyes found his again and they bored into mine with strange intensity for a moment before he continued. “I will know and understand that because you will show up for the remainder of my classes dressed modestly and appropriately.”

He stepped back and picked up my books. Putting them back into my hands he asked “Do you understand?” I nodded and with my heart pounding and my mind spinning I left the room.’~

I made my way into the tiny reading corner at the back. It was my favourite spot in the library. This corner had two windows. A side window that looked out onto a bushy clump of Lilac trees effectively blocking the view in. And the rear one that looked out onto skeet ally. This window was covered in plants from top to bottom in an attempt to hide the view.

The ally was usually vacant and ugly during the day. At night teenagers would come hang out in the abandoned cars parked there and smoke cigarettes, weed and make out. The cops tried to come by once or twice a night to make sure no one was vandalizing the library.

I looked around the tiny room. I was alone. Both sides were blocked from view by a huge shelf, making this a unique corner. The only way in or out was directly ahead and around a long book shelf.

Someone had wheeled a ladder into the space to get it out of the way. I dropped my backpack at the foot of the ladder and climbed it about half way. I needed to study for my exam. It was in two days. Seconds after I cracked my book Mr Thorton came around the corner. His quiet “hello Allyssa.” Made me jump.

Mr Thorton stood there waiting for my reply. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a white T-shirt. I stammered hello. Just the sound of his voice had me instantly wet.

I watched with a dry mouth as he slowly walked to the foot of the ladder. He gripped either side of the poles and leaned in real close. With me on the fifth step and him on the ground he was right at ear level. I held my breath my heart pounding.

He whispered “I can see your pretty white panties Allyssa.” I breathed in deeply. My legs involuntarily started to close. He stepped in between them effectively stopping me and holding my legs apart.

His bent his head and said in my ear. “Do you remember what I said?” I nodded.

“Did you understand me?” I paused for a brief heartbeat, then I nodded yes again.

His hands came down gently on my bare thighs. They ran up under my skirt. One hand touched me tentatively on my wet pussy through my panties. I moaned.

He leaned his forehead on mine. In a very soft voice he said “Do you want to have sex with me Allyssa?” I swallowed hard. I was breathing heavy from my heart pounding so hard. Again I nodded yes.

Mr Thorton sighed deeply and passionately kissed me. One hand left my skirt and grabbed the back of my neck. The other slid under my thong and began rubbing my engorged wet clit.

I could hear the sloshing sound my pussy made as his thumb dipped inside me and ran back up and over my clit. I was shaking with stimulation and desire.

I couldn’t believe he was touching me like this in this secluded area. It turned me on even more that he was touching me here, in public, in the library, where we could get caught. I orgasmed in his hand as his tongue sucked mine and his thumb slowly and gently bakırköy escort worked my hot button.

He broke our kiss. I felt deprived and insecure about what would happen next. He began to move back. “Mr Thorton?” I said in a breathy voice.

“Allyssa, you better call me Dean honey.” His hands were hooked into the bands of my thong. “Lift your bum baby.” He said. “Okay Dean.” I sighed. I lifted my bum and in a split second Dean had my panties off and in his pocket.

Dean got on one knee and spread my legs. Right there in the library he bent his head and made sweet sultry love to my pussy with his mouth.

His tongue slid deep inside me and he licked up all my wetness. He took his time pleasuring me. My toes were curled tight as I experienced great pleasure from his mouth. His tongue swirled around my clit and he sucked it into his mouth hard and nursed it. I had my hand over my mouth stifling my noises as I squirted my release into his mouth!

I was vibrating. I felt so shook up and alive! No one had ever done that to me before. It was wonderful. I wanted to suck him in return. I urged him to his feet. As he stood he unzipped his pants. We pulled them down just far enough to release his straining member. Then pulled the back of his jeans up as high as the could comfortably go.

I stroked his rock hard cock. Mesmerized, I watched my hand move up and down along its length. He was huge! Way bigger than Keith’s! I lowered my head and licked the tip.

I had never sucked a man before. Like I said Keith didn’t really know what to do and I found our experiences unfulfilling. I didnt mind the taste of Deans cock so I sucked the tip. I was enthralled with it so Dean moved my hand up and down his cock while I suckled the tip.

Before long Dean put his hand on my head and gently moved in and out of my mouth as I sucked. He made no sound other than his breathing which was getting heavier.

He bent over a bit so he could whisper to me. “Ahhh… Allyssa baby. Suck me baby girl. Suck me harder.” The auditory, the smell, the feel of his hard cock in my mouth had me wet again. I could feel my pussy pulsing and swelling.

Suddenly Dean pulled out of my mouth. He tipped my head back and kissed me deeply. I could taste my pussy on his mouth still. It was erotic tasting us both. Dean spread my legs. He laid me back against the next step and lifted my bum just a little. I was barely on the seat any more.

Dean whispered “Take my cock in your hand Allyssa.” I did. “Put me in your pussy baby. I want to taste your sweet nectar with my cock.” He kept his hands on my ass and gripping it tight he used it to rock me forward. I positioned him at my hole and as soon as he felt it he slammed it home.

He was much bigger than Keith. I felt like he was filling me to capacity and he was. I made a soft cry. Dean gentled his thrusts. He slowed down to steady full strokes. Pushing all the way into my cervix and nestling his cock deep. Then pulling for out slowly until just the mushroom tip remained. Then rocking deep again.

The whole time he kissed me deeply again and again. I tried to quicken the pace but each time I did Dean would hold my ass still and stop moving until I settled down again. Then he would go back to the same steady rhythm.

It felt so good but I quickly wanted more. After a few minutes he increased the strength of his thrusts. As I came on him and my pussy milked his cock he started thrusting passionately, until he came.

Breathing heavy he said “come on baby.” He pulled my panties out of his pocket and knelt before me. His still hard cock was jutting out of his pants looking for my pussy. He pulled my panties up my legs. Just before they covered my pussy he stopped, kissed my bare mound and pulled them the rest of the way up.

He pulled his pants up and zipped. He stood between my legs and kissed me. He whispered “let’s go to my place so I can make love to you properly Allyssa.” I looked in his eyes and saw more than lust. There was tenderness and love there too. I nodded.

He bent over and put my books in my bag. Slinging it over his shoulder he took my hand. Just as I was climbing down the last steps the old librarian poked her head in and said “Oh Hello my dears! I hope you enjoyed the library today.” Dean smiled a sexy grin at her and said “Yes we did! Thoroughly!”

I giggled as we left hand in hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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