Alyson, Emilia, and Cam: Ass Lovers

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This story picks up a few months after Alyson’s Second Anal Experience…

Cameron and Alyson were on their way to the airport to pick up Emilia as she was returning from a business trip. The outside temps shivered their bones and the sky was several shades of gray layered from the darkest to the lightest. A snowstorm that was projected to shut down the city was on the horizon and everyone had the idea to raid the grocery stores or leave town at the same time. The traffic faithfully reflected the panic of the city and a twenty minute drive to the airport was about to take three times as long.

Alyson didn’t mind waiting with her boyfriend, Cameron. It had been a few months since she entered a three way relationship with him and Emilia. She was still getting used to the unusual dynamic. While being in relationship with her two favorite people on the planet was exhilarating and the sex mind-blowing, it wasn’t without its challenges.

Cameron used much of his free time lounging to the expense of housework and Emilia spent as much time jabbering on the phone as she did being with them. She also brought her work home in addition to spending much of her life at the damned place. Alyson was the patient, quiet one that accepted that way of life as what it was but Cameron was more vocal in his displeasure. Alyson often found herself playing referee or mediator to their disputes, which had grown more frequent over the last month.

The sex was so good, though! When the trio was together in harmony, there was nothing better. Only if it could happen more often.

Maybe Emilia’s weeklong trip was what everyone needed…

During her absence, Cameron and Alyson spent time in steakhouses, playing trivia, and in the sheets. Cameron revealed that his weight was wearing on his self-esteem and health. Alyson, given her profession and being his lover, was all too happy to help. Their first training session was a strain but she wasn’t going to give up on him and neither he on himself.

Cameron was drifting into another world as he watched the sea of brake lights around him.

No words were coming from his lips and the weirdness of it had Alyson tapping his arm. “Hey! What’s the matter? I’m supposed to be the silent one.”

Cameron held her hand and flashed a grin. “Oh, um, watching all this traffic has me in a daze. I’m still here.”

The car’s heater being akin to a furnace could have also contributed to his lack of concentration but it was preferable to the arctic-like air surrounding them.

Alyson squeezed his hand and they remained joined together.

She angled towards him. “Is there something you’d like to talk about, honey?”

Cameron parted his lips as if to speak but waved off whatever he was thinking. “No, it’s fine! I’m just anxious to see Emilia. It’s been a week!”

Anxious in a good way or bad way?

Alyson couldn’t discern what he meant by that but she would have rather let the truth come out naturally than press the issue. “Yeah, it hasn’t been the same without her.”

Cameron smirked. “No, it hasn’t.”

Alyson was certain that also could have meant a number of things.

When they arrived at the airport, they approached a tunnel that led to the pick-up terminal. The snow was blanketing the city but Emilia called to let them know she got in before the inbound flights were cancelled.

There were signs on poles with the names of every airline on them and near them were sliding doors where patrons getting off those flights would come through. Police and airport security were directing traffic. It was like a jungle with cars jammed up everywhere and people frantically trying find their loved ones and get the hell out of there before they were trapped by winter’s fury.

Cameron was creeping along and looking for their lover. “What airlines did Emilia take?”

Alyson scanned the signs representing each of the airlines. “Uh…” She pointed at the correct one. “That one. American Airlines!”

Cameron was trying to spot her amongst the crowd. “I think I see her!”

Alyson looked with him and when she saw a tall blonde in a navy business suit and a wheeled suitcase by her side, her heart did flips.

Alyson pointed at a parking space in front of Emilia like it was waiting for them. “Park here, Cam!”

He pulled in and when Emilia realized it was them, they could have counted each individual tooth in her smile. Alyson popped out before the car stopped and ran at Emilia.

“Someone missed me!” Emilia opened her arms and Alyson leapt into them.

Alyson sighed as the warmth generated by their embrace shielded them from the cold. “I missed you like a tummy ache!”

Emilia leaned back but clutched her hips. “Liar!”

The women shared a couple of kisses. Cameron lumbered into the couple.

“Hey, honey. You have a kiss for me?”

Emilia left Alyson’s lips and approached Cam’s. “For you? I guess I have a couple.”

Cameron swallowed them in his chub and they had a pair of lingering meetings at the canlı bahis lips.

He said, “Come on. We’ll freeze if we stay here any longer!”

He tossed her luggage in the Jaguar’s trunk and off they went.

Alyson sat in the back with Emilia. They slipped off their shoes and cuddled together as the snowstorm made certain they’d have plenty of time to catch up on what was happening in their lives. For while they sighed in each other’s arms and drifted to sleep to the rumbles of the car and the heater’s blasts.

“I missed being in your arms,” Alyson whispered.

“I missed you being in my arms,” Emilia said. “I love you so much.”

“Aww, I love you, too.”

Emilia shouted towards the front. “I love you, too, Cam!”

“Do you love me enough to drive so I can come back there?”

Emilia said, “You’re asking too much but thanks for driving!”

Cameron gave her a dismissing hand flick. “Tell me how your trip went then.”

“Oh, God! It was conference after conference and seminar after seminar. It was so exciting that I fell asleep during one of the seminars. Gary had to wake me up. Imagine that.”

Cameron asked, “Are you taking some time off now?”

“I wish but we’re so busy and…”

Cameron sighed in annoyance. “Fine, whatever.”

“Hey, if I didn’t work all the time, we wouldn’t have our house or this car.”

“I’d rather have less house and car if it meant having more of you.”

Emilia matched his frustration. “This again? We didn’t grow up with silver spoons in our mouths. Now that we’ve become successful, I think we deserve some nice things.”

“We don’t care about things. Alyson and I care about you.”

Emilia said, “Okay, I get that, but I think you still have a poverty mindset, too.”

Cameron upped his voice a few levels. “I think you’re being selfish! You can’t want a relationship with us and not be there!”

Emilia scoffed. “I am there! You’re the only one complaining. If you want to talk about selfish, let’s talk about you not doing your share of the chores at home…”

Alyson tensed hearing her lovers claw at each other’s throats like rabid beasts and couldn’t stay quiet anymore.

Alyson patted Emilia on the leg. “Let’s not do this now, please! We all love each other but we can always do better. We will do better. For now, let’s just enjoy the ride home.”

Emilia relaxed in her arms again. “Okay, okay…”

Alyson’s parents didn’t have much either but never did she go to sleep with an empty belly. She could understand why Emilia might want to have things that displayed her status though Alyson never had that need. She would have taken Cameron’s side but she wanted for Emilia whatever she wanted.

After another ten minutes, Alyson was turning on being close to Emilia and some naughty thoughts were consuming her dirty mind.

She asked, “How far are we from home, Cameron?”

“Another half hour at least. Maybe more with this storm. Everyone is going slowly because of ice forming on the roads and it’s hard to see with the snow blowing around. Get cozy back there.”

Alyson peered outside. It resembled a scene from Alaska. Snow had whited out the area and the whole sky changed to the darkest hue of gray. The traffic was bumper to bumper and people were blowing their horns probably for the hell of it.

Alyson slid her hand over Emilia’s leg and it landed between them. She kissed her cheek in a few places, her forehead, and her lips. Emilia was resting peacefully but came alive to her friend’s affection.

She opened her eyes. “Mmm, someone is frisky.”

“I missed this, too,” Alyson said through a smile.

“So did I. The whole time I was away I couldn’t wait to get back to this.”

Alyson’s smile grew larger and they kissed. They both lingered upon their lips for many seconds at a time and their worlds were spinning around them. Alyson pushed Emilia’s jacket off her shoulders and Emilia pulled it off while keeping the kiss intact. Emilia grabbed Alyson’s breasts through her black sweater and Alyson purred. She massaged Emilia’s pussy through her dress pants.

Alyson detached though her heart was in overdrive. “Give Cameron a makeup kiss. He deserves it for what he does for us.”

Emilia laid her forehead against Alyson’s and brushed her cheek. “You’re making out with me to get me to patch things up with him. Pretty devious.”

Alyson tapped her nose. “No, I’m making out with you because I love you but I want all of us to be happy together.”

“Okay.” Emilia pecked her nose and slithered between the front seats to talk to Cameron. “Hey, baby. I’m sorry. I really do miss you.”

Cameron stopped the car and kissed her. “I know. Same here. I apologize for my behavior, too. I promise to do the dishes if you’ll work on us.”

Emilia treated his head like a magic lamp. “I’ll work on it, honey.” She gazed at him for a couple of long seconds. “Mmm, have you dropped a few pounds this week? You’re sure getting skinny, aren’t you?”

“You flatter me bahis siteleri but I have a ways to go. It won’t take long with Alyson whipping my ass in the gym and on the walking trails.”

Alyson said, “Running trails for us, right, Cam?”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Cameron and Emilia chatted for a bit and it occurred to Alyson that she had a nice view of her friend’s wide, luscious ass. She slapped it and it hopped.

Emilia glanced over her shoulder. “Hey, I guess you’ve missed my ass, too?”

Alyson took a handful of a cheek. “Yeah, now shut up.”

“Oh, okay!” Emilia said.

Alyson rubbed from one cheek to the other and gave it some rough gropes. She snaked a hand onto her pussy and slid it back and forth creating a heated friction. Emilia rested on the change console centered between the front seats. Alyson spanked her lover again and glided her hand over her legs starting with the left and hopping to the right. Emilia was moaning softly as she closed her eyes.

Alyson toyed with Emilia’s belt to unbuckle it and Emilia lifted herself enough so she could loosen it and her pants’ button. She ripped the zipper down followed by her pants and panties. Alyson swatted her bare ass and the sound of skin-on-skin contact loudly filled the car.

She kissed the rear of her knee and up her leg. Emilia was giving off the scent of arousal. Alyson wiggled her finger over her friend’s pussy lips to tease her but replaced her finger with her mouth. She spun her tongue on her sweet sex while grabbing her ass. Emilia was whimpering and that had Alyson devouring her pussy. She was sweet added with tanginess and her smell consumed her nose. She could hardly breathe while buried in her womanhood but she continued to lick up and down her slit before darting her tongue inside. She bounced her mouth on her sex as she fucked her with it and Emilia was squirming. Alyson slid her tongue higher over her perineum and onto her crinkled hole. She pulled her cheeks apart and dragged her tongue around the rim a few times as she closed in on her anus. When she landed on it, Emilia moaned and wiggled her ankles. Alyson lapped at it like a kitty would a bowl of milk. She was bitter but she went on eating her ass as though she was hungry for it. She plunged a couple of fingers into her sex as she did and Emilia squealed.

Alyson finger-fucked Emilia, pressing as deep and hard into her pussy as she could, while probing her asshole with her tongue and fucked her with it as well.

“Mmm, that feels so good, baby…” Emilia was falling into ecstasy and Cameron was grinning and stroking her tresses.

Alyson slid her fingers from her womanhood and pushed them into her asshole. Her dirty hole widened and clenched her digits as she gradually increased the depth and how hard she fucked her. She added speed to her fingers in and out movements and Emilia was moaning louder.

“You like that?” Alyson asked as she was driving her fore and middle fingers in with all she had, which was pushing her friend to her limits.

She swapped her fingers with her tongue. She held her hips and swirled it over her sphincter as fingers from her other (clean) hand went in and out, in and out, until Emilia shuddered. Cum splashed from her pussy and she collapsed. She swept her sweat-drenched hair from her back and slithered into the rear seat as she panted.

“Wow, you get better every time!” Emilia kissed Alyson and they cuddled again.

Alyson blushed. “Thanks. That’s your ‘welcome home’ cum.”

“Hehe. If you’re going to be that good maybe I should leave more often.”

Cameron turned his head and grumbled.

There was a small LCD screen attached to the rear of the driver’s side seat. They watched a movie that half-finished by the time they arrived home.

When they got there, the trio huddled together as they struggled against ankle-high powder and walls of wind and snow to get to the front door. Night had fallen and the icy temperatures caused pain in their hands. They crashed into the house as soon as they could.

It was like Christmas with the snow covering the neighborhood’s roofs, yards, and streets. The home was sweltering as created by the dancing flames of the fireplace.

Emilia rolled her luggage to the bedroom where she launched herself face-first to the comforter with no intention of using any energy to get out of her business suit. Two seconds later, she was snoozing.

Alyson went into the living room and flopped on the sofa. A window was behind it and emitted a chill. She leered at the light of the streetlamps gleaming off the snow. The wind was whistling and swirling more snow through the air. It reminded her of days past when she was in school and watching the weather report hoping schools would close.

The winter wonderland had Alyson drifting into the dreamland—and forgetting the thunder between her two lovers. No one was going far for the next few days so she hoped to prevent a civil war.

On Alyson’s way to sleep, there was the rattling of pots and pans coming bahis şirketleri from the kitchen. She hoped dinner would be waiting when she next awakened.

A couple of hours later, the aroma of tomato sauce and herbs summoned her from her slumber. The smell was beckoning her and she was about to follow the scent trail when Cameron marched his way towards her from the kitchen. The scowl he wore and how he was seemingly directing it at her sent trembles through her body.

His face morphed to glee. “Alyson, you’re finally awake. Dinner is ready!”

“Why did you look so mad at first?”

Cameron chuckled. “I was messing with you.”

Alyson slapped his knee. “Asshole!”

He smirked. “Yeah, you want me in it, don’t you?”

“No comment,” Alyson said as she popped off the sofa and he led her by hand to the kitchen.

When they got there, Cameron let her go and took a step in the opposite direction. “Wait here. I’ll get our sleepy other third!”


A few minutes later, the three were stuffing their stomachs full of chili at the dining room table. Alyson was in the middle, Cameron was to her left, and Emilia to her right. Alyson was usually the center of their attention despite them officially being in a three way. Their seating arrangement was definitely not coincidence.

It also wasn’t a coincidence how the sounds of their chewing and slurping and silverware clanging against bowls were heard more than anyone’s words.

Alyson slid an eye towards Emilia. Her golden blonde bedhead was hanging freely and she was wearing a pink sweater with a cute teddy bear on the front. She was in her world. A spoon was feeding herself and the fingers of her other hand were zipping around her phone’s screen. Emilia was hot without trying whether she just rolled out of bed or dolled herself up for work or a date. Alyson was envious but at least she could have her in bed—whenever she graced them with her presence.

On her right, Cameron was too focused on getting as much chili and Hennessey down his throat as he could. His phone was neglected. Cameron kept shifting an eye at Alyson and she did the same. They shared looks before the silence broke as they couldn’t contain themselves.

Alyson tossed her hair and fanned herself. “Hehe, it’s getting hot in here.”

Cameron asked, “Did I put too much cayenne in the chili?”

Alyson slapped his arm. “You know what I’m talking about you handsome thing.”

Emilia lowered her spoon from a slurp. “Do you two need to get a room?”

Alyson touched Emilia’s leg with her big toe and glided it up her pants leg. “Only if you join us.”

“Is it okay if I finish eating you sexy freak?”

“Okay, but hurry.”

Cameron said, “Wait. We shouldn’t make it that easy for her. We should make her promise to spend more time with us first.”

Emilia dropped her spoon in the chili. “I knew that was coming! Can we just eat without you trying to start something?”

Cameron slapped the table and the shaking of the spoons and bowls also shook Alyson. “Talking about how to improve our relationship is not starting anything! You just want to avoid talking about it!”

Emilia rolled her eyes and took a few more bites of the chili. Her silence had Cameron fuming.

Alyson sensed the fire emanating from him and sought to deescalate the tension before it detonated. “Emilia, it’s my concern, too. We need to talk about it.”

Emilia wiped her lips with a napkin and slammed it on the table. “You, too? Okay, fine. I have been a zombie lately and I could really use some time away from the firm but they need me…”

Alyson took one of her hands and Cameron walked around the table to hold her other one.

He said, “And we need you.”

Emilia’s eyes moistened as she looked at Cameron. She looked at Alyson. She smiled and the notion of spending more time with Emilia excited her.

Emilia covered her eyes and she sniffled as a tear trail rolled over her cheeks. “You guys truly love me.”

Cameron said, “You thought we were kidding?”

“No, but…this much? I don’t know if I deserve it.”

Alyson squeezed her hand. “Don’t ever say that. You more than deserve it.”

Emilia used the back of her hand to wipe her tears. “Wow. I love both of you so much. I promise I will try to be here more.”

Cameron caught another stray tear on his thumb. “Try. That’s all we want.”

Emilia looked at him and nodded. “Okay, honey.” She drew a quick breath and rubbed her tummy. “Whew. After all that, I’d say it’s time to go to bed!”

“I couldn’t agree more!” Alyson said.

Cameron tugged on Emilia’s hand to tell her to stand and she did. “That sounds like a great idea!”

The three walked hand-in-hand to the bedroom. They snuggled into the comforter but to Alyson’s dismay, Cameron and Emilia went out like turning off a light switch when they hit the bed. As there would be no play, she followed them to sleep.

The next morning, Alyson left the warmth of the bed and the heat created by her lovers to bundle up and brave the elements. The snow was midway up her calves and more was falling. She was wearing a stocking cap, scarf, sweater, coat, gloves, jeans, and boots yet she was still fighting shivers.

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