Amanda and Chuck

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The hot water poured down Amanda’s slender, nude body as she stood in the shower. She had just finished shaving her legs and pussy when an unshakable urge to fuck the man in the next room consumed her. That man was her boyfriend, Chuck. He was five years older than her and in the middle of his second enlistment in the Air Force. They had met a few months prior while she was dating a young sailor who was stationed out of Connecticut.

There was something about Chuck that attracted her immediately to him. He was a non-commissioned officer, worked a very favorable shift for a service member and he was secure in all areas that were important to her. Indeed, he was a far better choice than her sailor boyfriend who was a little over a year into his service.

Amanda turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and began drying off her leggy, 5’10” frame. She felt they would have sex later that night, but she was horny now and a mid-afternoon romp felt like a great idea. She finished drying her self off, wrapped the towel around her and applied some strawberry-scented lotion to her body. She was ready for action.

In the bedroom, Chuck was sitting at the foot of the bed playing Madden football on his console. It was a closer game than he expected and his computer opponent was doing everything it could to pull off the upset.

“Baay-bee,” he heard Amanda coo as she entered the room.

Chuck looked up briefly from his game. “What’s up, babe?” he asked, his eyes returning to the screen. Amanda walked over to the bed still wearing the towel. “I was just thinking about you and how sexy you are and how much I want you right now,” she said pendik escort bayan in a seductive tone.

A smile broke across Chuck’s face. “Really?” he asked. Before he could say another word, Amanda got in front of him, undid his pants and pulled out his cock. The next thing Chuck knew, his cock was in Amanda’s mouth as she began to deep-throat him. To her surprise, he did not give up on his game and continued to play it while she continued her blowjob.

The oral action was beginning to catch up to Chuck as Amanda began sucking his balls and stroking his shaft. Her thin lips looked fuller wrapped around his dick. “Ok, fuck…this can wait,” he said. He paused the game and tossed Amanda onto the bed. He took off shirt as his shorts fell to the floor. Chuck took in this tall, slender woman stretched out on the bed and made his way to her.

He kissed her deeply on the lips before working his way down to her neck and shoulders. His erect cock teased her wet, aching pussy as it constantly made contact while Chuck was doing his thing. He proceeded down further gently kissing her body. Her small, perky tits went all the way into his mouth and she loved how he used his tongue and teeth to play with her nipples. He traced his tongue down the middle of her stomach until his head was positioned between her legs, her pussy begging for attention in front of his face.

Chuck slowly moved down, his hot breath driving Amanda crazy. His tongue gently split between the lips of her tight, wet pussy. “Uhhh…” Amanda moaned. She thought she was going to cum because of the pent-up anticipation from being in the shower. şirinevler escort bayan After she felt her pussy lips being split apart by Chuck’s fingers, that first orgasm rushed through her.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out while holding the back of his head tightly. Chuck was in the zone now. His mouth and tongue were doing things to Amanda’s pussy that she had not experienced before. She looked down at him and he raised his head to look into her eyes. They locked on each other as he slid his fingers inside her. Chuck never broke his gaze. Amanda’s head leaned back letting drawn out moans fill the room as her pussy was being finger-fucked.

After several more minutes of having her pussy pleasured by Chuck’s mouth and fingers, she needed to be fucked. “I want you inside me,” she said breathlessly. Chuck moved up to the position in which he started and kissed her again. She felt his erect prick slowly enter her and she clinched her hands tightly on his ass as if to pull him in further. Chuck began thrusting slowly and methodically at first. She was tight. Amanda moaned in ecstasy as his cock continued to penetrate in and out of her.

Chuck changed his pace. After a couple of long strokes, he got harder and more aggressive with his thrusts. Another wave of orgasms had overwhelmed her body. Chuck wanted to fuck her from behind but Amanda was uncertain if she had the strength for it. She compromised by assuming the doggy-style position with her ass up in the air but her arms laying flat on the bed.

She felt Chuck get behind her and after a couple of light spanks, she felt his cock re-enter her pussy. şişli escort bayan Chuck was aggressive from the start. His balls slapped against Amanda’s womanhood with each pump. He decided to change it up some more. He placed his hands on her ass as he worked her pussy and inserted his thumb into her ass after lubing it up with his mouth.

“Oh God!,” Amanda squealed after feeling her other hole penetrated. She felt Chuck leave his thumb in her ass, gently massaging it as his cock continued fucking her pussy. Her eyes rolled back into her head, the sensation being unmatched by anything she experienced before. Chuck kept up the ass play and the doggy-style fucking going for another10 minutes. When he stopped, he pulled away from her, his erect cock glistening from her juices.

Amanda rolled onto her back. She did not know how much more she could take. Chuck got back on top of her and eased himself back inside her. His cock went in effortlessly. His pumps were not as slow as before but not as hard either. He had established a rhythm that was easy on Amanda but enough to release his load.

Amanda sensed he was near climax. She felt Chuck’s cock become stiffer inside her. Chuck felt his balls tighten. He was ready to cum. “Shoot it all over me!” Amanda cried out in anticipation. Chuck pulled out and after a few stiff jerks on his shaft, he blasted a copious amount of semen all over her little tits and stomach. The residual cum dripped out onto Amanda’s dripping pussy.

Chuck collapsed next to her as she looked around. She massaged her pussy for a minute or so. “That was amazing,” she said. Amanda got up from the bed. “I guess I need to shower again. Are you coming?” she asked. Chuck shook his head. He picked up his controller from the floor and hit the resume button. “I’ve got a game to finish,” he said.

Amanda rolled her eyes and left to get another shower. She felt satisfied now. The mid-afternoon fuck was a great idea and she was glad things played out the way they did. She knew she would definitely be coming back for more.

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