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Jenny Haig was broke. Two credit card bills due next week, her part-time job would only pay enough to cover the rent, and even if she could have born the shame of asking her family for money, they weren’t any richer than her. The life of a scholarship student.

She thought she had a way out of the dilemma, though. It was something the bookish girl would never have done – would never have even thought of – except that she really really needed the money.

The week before, laying on the campus lawn to read the assigned chapters of a Dickens book for her English class, she’d noticed a guy in front of her surfing the Internet on his wireless laptop and peeked over his shoulder just out of curiosity.

He was looking at porn.

She’d been about to turn away in disgust when a couple words on the screen caught her eye.

“We pay $3000 for amateur lesbian videos.”

It was an easy way to make all the money she needed. But working up the nerve to broach the subject with any of her friends was just beyond her.

She had a cheap web cam for her bulky old desktop that she’d got as a bonus from signing up for an internet service, she could make the video… if only they wanted video of just one girl!

Jenny could do that. She didn’t think of herself as porn star material, by any means. But she had nice legs, and kept herself slim, and she took good care of her long brunette hair. If she was only a B cup, well, some guys liked smaller breasts. And besides, she’d looked at that web site on her own computer when she got back to her room. Judging by the free sample pictures, they were serious about wanting amateur video. Most of the girls didn’t look much different from her.

But no, she’d need a partner if she was going to do it, and finally, after a week of being too scared to even mention it to any of her friends, she thought she had an idea.

Trisha Swenson was a girl with a reputation. Not for lesbianism, but rather for the opposite of it. If rumor could be believed, she’d slept with half the boys on campus, and was actively working on the other half. But if she were even half as loose as rumor had it, maybe she’d be willing to listen to the idea.

Jenny didn’t even know the girl, since Trisha was a senior and Jenny just a freshman. She’d seen her at frat parties, usually dancing naked on a table, but never met her. Somehow, that made it easier. Asking a woman she never normally spoke to was a lot easier than asking someone who she knew, and who would remember.

Where to talk to her? Well, that was obvious. Jenny went to the biggest frat party being held that Friday. Sure enough, Trisha was there – wearing a miniskirt that was more mini than skirt, and a white T-shirt that she soon enough let someone pour water over.

When that happened, Jenny was acutely aware that Trisha was much better endowed in the chest than her. She was a C cup and maybe a D, with big, prominent nipples that poked up through the tight-wet fabric of her shirt. No bra in the way, of course. And when Trish got to dancing on the table, she bent over and let the whole room see she wasn’t wearing panties either.

The fur between her legs was as blonde as the butt-length hair on her head, and her waist cinched in tight beneath her voluptuous chest. But Jenny thought she could compete on legs, anyway.

Talking to her was harder than Jenny thought, though. Now that the moment was at hand, she was just too shy to actually go through with it.

Fortunately, it was a frat party. There was liquor on hand. Jenny was liberal about trips to the keg, and soon enough her inhibitions started coming down.

Even then, getting her alone was hard. Wherever Trisha went, she seemed to bring a crowd of anxious guys with her.

Finally, though, Trisha went to the bathroom. When she came back out, Jenny caught her elbow before she could get into the crowd.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” she asked.

Trish looked her up and down. “I don’t know who your boyfriend is, but if you’re mad about him looking at me, I don’t want to hear it. If you can’t keep him attached enough, it’s your problem, not mine.

Jenny’s eyes widened. “No! It’s not that at all. Totally different.”

Trisha looked at her and arched her eyebrows.

“I … I was wondering… well, that is…”

Damn it! It was still hard, even after four beers!

Then, the thought was in her head, and she just blurted it out before her fear could catch up. “I want to have sex with you.”

Trisha giggled. “You’re not the first girl to ask, but bahis firmaları I like guys. Haven’t you noticed?”

Jenny blushed furiously. She thought every ounce of blood in her body must be in her cheeks. She’d actually asked someone she’d just met right then to have sex. And a woman! If anyone ever found out, she thought she’d die of shame.

And yet there was a certain pride, too – a thrill that she’d actually managed to do it, despite her shyness.

“Yeah, I noticed… I mean… well, obviously, ya know? But… I mean, not because I’m a lesbian or anything… it’s just…”

“Not a lesbian? Um, you’re the one who just hit on me.”

“No, I mean, obviously it would be lesbian sex, but not… oh hell! Not because I want to for the sex. I want to for pornography. You know, like, amateur porn? There’s three thousand bucks in it.”

Trisha gave her a new looking over – appraising this time. “Amateur porn, huh? That might be different.” She grinned. “Guys really do like the idea of two chicks together. I can think of quite a few guys who’d love looking at me in that kind of picture.”

“Video, actually. I have a web cam, and my roommate’s gone this weekend,” Jenny told her.

“I like this idea of having a lez video of me to show guys. I think it’d be fun.”

Jenny’s eyes brightened. “You mean you’ll do it?”

Trisha giggled at her, and leaned in to plant a playful kiss on her cheek. “I’ll do it, but you’ve got to do all the gross stuff, OK? I ain’t eating you out, and I ain’t sucking your tits. So that’s your end.”

Jenny nodded quickly, willing to agree to anything now that it was working. “Sure, sure, I can do that. That’s fine.”

Trisha grinned at her. “OK, let’s go, then. I’ll see if it’s really true that girls are better at diving muff than guys.”

Jenny blanched. “What, right now?”

Trisha giggled. “Hey, this was your idea. I don’t even know your name and I’m drunk off my ass, so tomorrow I probably won’t even remember we talked. If you want in my pants, girl, it’s gotta be tonight.”

Getting out of the party and back to Jenny’s room was an ordeal, since the guys didn’t want Trish to leave, Trish told EVERYONE that she was going to make a lesbian video, and then left half-naked, resulting in stares the whole way back. But finally Jenny fumbled with her keys at the door to her dorm, and got them inside.

Trish’s only comment was, “Ugh. Freshman dorms. Haven’t been in one of these since… oh, never mind, there was that freshman guy from two weeks ago.”

With a great deal of relief, Jenny threw herself into the matter of arranging her web cam so it could cover most of the action. Anything to keep her mind off… she paled as the thought came back. Now that the moment was here, it seemed easier to just ask her parents for money than to… she cringed and squeezed her eyes shut.

In the end it turned out to be easier to pull the bed nearer to the computer desk than to make the web-cam’s cable stretch to where the bed was. Once she’d done that, Trish perched on the edge of it and preened for the camera. She cupped her breasts and winked at it.

Awkwardly, Jenny sat down next to her on the bed. She could see the computer monitor, which showed the picture the camera was seeing. Somehow, she didn’t think a picture of Trish with her sitting two feet away and only half in the frame was going to sell. Reluctantly, she scooted closer.

Trish’s thigh brushing against hers seemed more than just warm.

Awkwardly, Jenny turned to her guest. “Um… OK, well…”

This was it. The moment. And it was harder – a thousand times harder – than asking Trisha had been. Jenny wasn’t exactly a virgin – there was that guy her junior year in high school who she’d been so sure she was going to marry – but this was different. Far different.

I… I don’t… I mean… I’ve never done this before… I’m not exactly sure what to do…”

Trisha giggled and smirked. “Not an auspicious start to hot lesbian porn. I think you should probably start by kissing me.”

Swallowing Jenny inched closer and closer to Trisha, lightly putting one arm around her back and reaching across her front with the other – yanking it back when she accidentally brushed Trish’s nude breast. Slowly she inched her face toward the other girls, feeling the heat of being near her, seeing every blush and curve of her feminine – very feminine – features.

She quickly brushed her lips against Trisha’s and pulled back.

The blonde snickered and said, “So far, girls are definitely NOT better kaçak iddaa than guys.”

Jenny stammered, looking away. “I don’t think I can go through with this. We should just call it off. I’m sorry…”

Trish took her chin in hand and pulled Jenny to face her. “Honey, about forty guys just heard me promise a video of me lezzing out. And I hate disappointing guys.”

Jenny swallowed again, nodded, and tried closing her eyes. She brought her face to the older girl’s again, this time imagining a guy – a fantasy guy, a construct of her wildest masturbatory dreams.

When their lips touched, Jen held it there, and moved her hand from Trisha’s back up to the back of her head, holding her close. She parted her lips and used her tongue to part Trish’s, gently easing her tongue into the other girl’s mouth ever so slightly.

Licking her lips, her teeth, touching her tongue, she kissed as best she could. Her tongue probed inside Trish’s mouth, tasting her.

Trish wasn’t a cold fish – not exactly. But she wasn’t moving her tongue at all, and not really kissing back. Jenny suspected the kiss was too intimate for her – too feminine, too lesbian. Sorry I kiss too much like a girl, she thought, but I don’t know how to kiss like a guy.

But still, having started, she didn’t want to blow this now. She didn’t want Trisha to get grossed out and back out. So she figured it was time to leave off the frenching.

Which meant she had to move down. Which took her into territory that made it impossible to keep imagining it was a man in her arms.

Her hand practically shaking, she moved it from Trisha’s midriff up to brush a finger against the bottom of the other girl’s firm breast as she moved her kisses down to Trisha’s jaw and neck.

She panicked and drew her finger back after that first contact, but then bit her lower lips and forced herself to go on, touching Trish’s breast again, and then lightly cupping it.

She shifted the focus of her lips again, kissing Trish’s shoulder, and then her upper chest, tasting the salty sweat on her skin.

In her head, Jenny told herself “Half an hour. Just do this for half an hour, and it’s over, my money problems are solved, and Trish and I never have to look at each other again. Just half an hour. You can endure anything for half an hour.”

With that thought firmly in her head, she brought her thumb up and flicked it lightly over Trish’s prominent nipple. She was surprised, a little bit pleased, and deeply disturbed that she was pleased when Trish shivered.

To herself: “OK, I’m on track now. I’m doing this right. Just keep doing what makes her shiver for a little while longer, and your bills are paid.”

Moving her kisses to the place where Trish’s chest rose into her left breast was hard, but Jenny did it. As she did, she brought moved up on the right one, replacing her thumb with the palm of her hand to rub gently on the nipple.

Trisha moaned.

Jenny thought, “Yes! She likes it. She’s not going to back out now. We can finish this. It’s going to work!”

Emboldened, she didn’t even swallow or cringe when she moved her lips down and kissed the blonde’s left nipple. She parted her lips and let her tongue flick out over it, again, and again, and again, and then closed her lips around it and sucked.

She sucked, and sucked. She sucked harder, and began to lick at the same time, kissing sometimes too, and all the while her hand caressing Trish’s other breast.

The older girl gasped and shivered.

“Haha! I’m doing it! I’m actually doing it! I’m having sex with her and not chickening out! And she loves it! I’m not just doing it, I’m good at it!”

Belatedly, Jen remember that she was making porn, after all, so she should probably get naked. With the hand that had been around Trisha’s back, she undid the fly of her shorts and started wriggling, squirming, and tugging her way free of them, and her panties at the same time.

Not taking her lips from the blonde’s breast was hard in the process, but she found herself not wanting to break the rhythm, not wanting to risk the good job she was doing – not wanting to stop.

Satisfied that she’d given the camera a good-enough look at her brunette bush in the process of taking off her shorts, Jenny returned her full attention to Trisha’s heavy breast, sucking and licking hungrily.

But even as she did, the other girl’s heated pants and gasps managed to form words.

“Enough… time on… second base, girl… head for… head for home!”

Head for home. That meant… Jen knew kaçak bahis very well what that meant. Trish wanted her to…. Wanted her to… to…”

All of the confidence she’d gained at Trisha’s breast flashed away like two drops of water on a hot skillet.

Reluctantly, she pulled her lips and hand away from Trisha’s breasts. The voice inside her head was smaller now – asking awkward questions that Jenny didn’t want to answer. “Why reluctant? I thought you just wanted to get it over?”

To give herself time to think, Jenny undid her pale blue blouse as she eased off the bed and knelt in front of Trisha. She unhitched her bra and tossed it aside, making sure the web cam got a good look at her breasts.

But then there was nothing else to distract her. Trish’s legs were spread as wide as she could get them, and she wiggled and gyrated until her skirt was up around her waist.

Kneeling between her partner’s open thighs, even a foot away, Jen got the closest look at another woman’s genitalia she’d ever had. Trisha’s blonde bush was much thicker than Jen’s own sparse brown fur. Spread as she was, her full, fleshy labia were parted slightly, giving a glimpse of the soft, pink inner flesh. Moisture matted some of the hair down, and slickness caught the room’s harsh fluorescent light, shimmering.

To her surprise, Jen didn’t find it gross. It was… beautiful. It was arousing. It was totally fucking hot.

But her courage had totally left her. At the crucial moment, Jen just could not bring herself to touch… to kiss… to…

She shivered again.

Trisha solved the problem for her.

She reached down with both hands and grabbed Jenny’s head, pushing her forcibly right up against her crotch, and growled, “Eat my pussy!”

The soft flesh of Trish’s labia pressed against Jenny’s lips, the blonde fur tickled her nose. She realized with a bit of panic that the wetness she felt must be Trish’s juices. And the smell…

Rich, musky, alluring… the scent of Trisha filled her nostrils. The smell, even more than Trish’s crude command, reminded Jenny that she was down here to give a woman oral sex. She got started.

Flicking her tongue out once, she ran it over the other girl’s wet outer lips, tasting the tangy flavor of her, the hint of salt. She licked back and forth, each stroke of her tongue coming nearer to the blonde’s clitoris. When she brushed her lips against that, Trisha moaned.

Slowly, determination began to build back up. Jenny danced her tongue around her partner’s clit, never quite touching it, and the moans, this shivers, and the increasing wetness told her she was doing just fine.

It wasn’t the taste itself that made her hot. It was more like the act of tasting. Knowing that the taste on her tongue was that of another woman – another woman’s sex, the taste of her sexual lubricants. Tasting that, knowing what she was tasting, lit a fire between Jen’s legs like she’d never known before.

She wasn’t even aware that what she felt was desire of her own. She was just awash in urgent hunger – a need to lap at Trish, to probe the girl with her tongue. Jenny wanted to eat her. She wanted it bad.

She plunged her tongue into Trisha’s vagina, licking as deeply as she could, savoring the flowing juices deep within her. She pressed her lips to the other girl’s flesh and sucked, drawing the moisture out of her, drinking it, swallowing it.

So lost was she in her partner’s body that she wasn’t even hearing Trish’s cries of pleasure. But she noticed the other girl bucking and wriggling, trying to rub her crotch against Jenny’s face.

She grabbed a cheek of Trisha’s ass in each hand to hold her steady, bringing the girl to her mouth like trying to eat the last sweet fruit from a watermelon slice. With juices slickening her lips and cheeks, Jenny devoured the older girl like a starving woman.

While her tongue probed deep, Jenny’s upper lip worked feverishly on Trish’s clitoris, caressing the hood and the little bud firmly. That effort was more than enough. Trisha’s already violent bucking became uncontrollable flailing, lifting her hips and grinding her pussy against Jen’s face as she screamed in ecstasy. Her climax seemed to carry both her and Jenny away the younger girl’s licking and sucking worked to maintain the moment, and then slowly faded softly when Trish began to come down from the heights.

Jenny rested her head against the other girl’s upper thigh for a few moments, catching her breath and savoring the scent of her, and the taste still on her tongue. It wasn’t long before Trish’s deep, ragged breaths assumed the slower, more even rhythm of a drunken sleep, and when they did, Jenny kissed her inner thigh one last time, stood up, licked her lips at the camera, and turned it off.

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