An Encounter with Pleasure

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She never took control. Always liked to be the good girl, who received touches, gave pleasure but, never actively sought it…

But, today she did!

Today was different.

She never expected things to turn out this way, it was but an innocent meeting. But, as soon as she has stepped inside his office, she could feel the air thicken with tension. She couldn’t control her reaction as he looked up at her intensely, she could feel him running his eyes over her body. She felt naked under his gaze, naked…

But, confident – like she was in control here, like she could choose to take pleasure here.

In the middle of their conversation, he just stopped at looked at her, she tried to look away, look anywhere but, him, as his eyes bore inside her. She could feel her face warming, out of excitement or apprehension, she was not sure.

“I want to kiss you”, he said boldly, like it did not mean anything much, like it was the most natural thing to say at that moment.

Despite her brain telling her just how inappropriate this line of conversation was. It felt right! In the moment, it just made sense…

She wanted to cower, to run out of the room to a place which was safe and where she could breathe more easily. Something stopped her, though! She has a choice here, she could choose to be safe and hide or, she could just kiss him like she wanted to, so, so bad.

It took all her courage, it seemed like a real physical effort, pulling her courage from different parts of her body. She stared at him while thousands of emotions passed on her face, she knew that he could see her struggle, she also knew how happy he felt for being the cause for it…She stood up, gathering all the strength her body had to offer. He motioned to get up too, probably worried that he has offended her.

She waved her hand, don’t!

He sat back, a small smile playing on his face.

She stepped forwards…Scared that she might fall…

She took one step, then another and stood right in front of him, holding on to the last casino oyna of her courage, she straddled him, putting her legs on either side of him, she lowered down and positioned herself in his lap…

“You were saying?”

He looked at her with a mixture of happiness and disbelief. He could not believe what he was seeing, so couldn’t she. She never did this…But, today she was, today was different.

She moved closer to him, just inches away from his face, she looked away from his eyes, at his lips. She could hear his breathing grow ragged, she herself seemed like the picture of calmness, he would never know that inside, she was a wreck. She pulled the lapels of his shirt and pulled him closer, looking into his eyes now, she kissed him!

He froze for a moment then joined in, he tried to take control of the kiss by inserting his tongue in to her mouth but she fought back, holding it between her teeth and then gently sucking on it. She deepened the kiss by entering his mouth with her tongue. Slowly pulling out, nibbling and sucking his lower lip. She felt his hands on her back pulling her close, moving, going lower and grabbing her ass, and squeezing it. She moved away from her mouth, slowly kissing his jaw. His stubble leaving a delicious feel across her lips.

She went lower and started nibbling on his neck, slow nibbles which then changed into bites! He let out a moan when she bit him lightly on his neck…Moving on to sucking and nibbling his ear…

By this time both were breathing laboriously and while she started moving against him, feeling his growing erection… Moving a little, she placed herself right above his erection and started grinding against him…She could feel herself growing wet. His hands now holding her waist, moving her faster…With her fingers moving through his hair, he concentrated on her neck, nibling lightly, making her moan…

She could feel his teeth against the sensitive skin of her neck.

Suddenly, he stilled and grabbing hold of her, he put down on the couch on her back canlı casino and climbed on top of her – This time, she let him take control.

Positions changed, he got back to where he had left off continuing to nibble her neck slowly going lower, to the top of her breasts. She felt her nipples grow hard in anticipation. His hand now moved to her back and unclasped her bra, she let out a giggle as he fumbled with the hooks. Her hands traveled down his back and she tugged at his shirt,

“We’re clearly wearing too many clothes,” she said, looking into his eyes.

“I couldn’t agree more”, he replied as he tried to pull her top off her.

She shooed his hands away and sat up a little straight on the couch, her hands moved to the buttons and she started unbuttoning his shirt, ever so slowly, “You’re killing me here”, he said, his voice harsh, his control hanging by a thread…

“That’s the plan”, she replied as she continued unbuttoning her top, even slower this time…

He pushed her hand away and removed his shirt and did the same to her top. She wanted to reprimand him but, he took one of her nipples in his mouth and started sucking on it, with that, all her thoughts vanished and she was lost in the sensation. Sucking and nibbling one nipple and then the other, taking his time…

Lowering himself he started kissing her navel and his hands went on button of her pants. Not ready to give control just yet, she pushed at him, forcing him up and pushing him against the couch, on his back.

He tried to protest but, she silenced his protests with a deep lingering kiss which left him dazed. She then started kissing his neck, his chest and her hand travelled down to his crotch, she rubbed his hard erection through his pants, feeling it throb under her touch. He tried to move and she shushed him. Slowly unbuttoning his pants and taking them off, she rubbed his erection through his shorts marvelling at the feel of it…She gingerly tugged at his shorts to reveal his dick, amazed by the very size of him! She lowered her mouth kaçak casino on it, and ever so slowly licked the head, and slowly she started sucking on him, getting used to the feel of him in her mouth. She sucked deeper and deeper, finally taking his entire length into her mouth… Gagging, she came back for air and started licking his shaft before taking it inside her mouth again.

She could hear him moaning, and she looked up to him, “you like?”, he nodded, too lost in sensation to speak a word. She went back to licking and sucking him and felt him grow harder yet under her mouth.

Suddenly, he held her shoulders and pushed her back, “I need to be inside you now”, he said as he kissed her pout away. He lay her down and unbuttoned her pants and took her panties off, fumbling through his wallet, he found a condom and put it on. “I’m sorry I am rushing you”, he said in an apologetic tone!

To this, she got up and pushed him back on the couch and straddled him again, “I’m not”, she said as she lifted herself up and slid over his dick. “Don’t move”, she said in a commanding voice as she let the entire length of him fill her up. She felt stretched! She never imagined he would so completely fill her up…

And, then she started moving. Her hand on his shoulders for support she moved slowly at first, moving against him and then faster… Letting her body glide, closing her eyes, she let her head fall back, focusing singularly on how he felt inside of her…

He joined in, matching each thrust with equal power… Holding her waist, he pushed deep against her, making her gasp… He pulled her up and put her down on the couch, not breaking their contact even for a moment… He moved on top of her and the onslaught started again..

After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, she felt his control slipping, holding on to her tightly, his fingers dinging into her flesh, he came inside her…

He dropped soft kisses across the nape of her neck and her breasts… His fingers went down between her legs. She jerked as he touched her clit, his hands warm against her, he gently massaged her clit and then increased the speed of his strokes and she squirmed with pleasure, moving fanatically against him… Moaning, she arched her back, as she came!

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