An unexpected pleasure

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It was a typical late July afternoon in Livingston. For the past several years, following my Friday work hours, I liked to unwind in the lounge at the Hilton. It was a business hotel and was full Monday through Thursday but by Friday afternoon most had checked out and gone home. So it was quiet and I liked it like that . Eddie Delancy played the piano, Anna served the tables and Leo was the bar back. He had a thousand horrible jokes and shared a few each week. All in all it was nice and I enjoyed it.

This particular afternoon there were two hard charging, corporate ladder climbing young men who were talking too loud sitting at the bar. I had come to hear Eddie not them.

A late forties blond in a grey knee length skirt, a Kelly green silk blouse, topped by a darker grey jacket, carrying a Coach briefcase came in and sat three tables over. In my mind had she opened a couple of the top buttons, raised that skirt two or three inches and let her hair down she would have been quite hot. But that’s just the way my mind works.

Two tables over to my left a mid-fiftyish businessman sat listening to Eddie drinking Palm beer from a snifter. His dark blue pin-stripe suit looked tailored and his shirt cuffs were monogrammed. His pale blue silk tie matched the color of his eyes and hung loosely around his collar. His hair was closely cropped and mostly grey. A very well put together package.

At 4:30 Eddie took a smoke break, through the bar out the back door of the kitchen to the area where all the empty beer and liquor boxes were stacked. On the way out he and the gentleman to my left had a brief conversation and a hand shake. Then he stopped by my table.

“Dude…you’re looking exceptionally well today.”

We did that man hug thing and exchanged a few laughs. Then he was gone, just waving at the business lady in the grey skirt who was absorbed in a magazine of some sort and then ignoring the two junior execs and headed outside.

“This guy plays well,” said the fellow to my left.

“Yes he does. He’s a bit of a local legend. Been around a while. He leaves here and goes to the yacht club from eight to eleven.”

He stood and walked toward my table and extended his right hand.

“George Taylor.”

He said. I stood, took his hand.

“Larry Mercer. Want to join me?”

“Sure. Thanks.” He grabbed his drink and took the seat directly next to mine.

“Traveling through? ” I asked.

“Mm mm…” he said while taking a sip of his dark beer. “Cleveland, Ohio. Computer nerd. “

“Local. Museum director.”

“Oh? Which one?”

“Musicians Hall of Fame.”

“Wow. Then you know the piano player pretty well.”

“Yeah..we’ve been around.” I chuckled a little.

Eddie and I grew up together. We were in the same Cub Scout pack, little league ball teams, high school marching band and first sex partner. From sixth grade through the ninth we explored each other’s bodies learning first hand about kissing, masturbation and oral sex. In our sophomore year he added rock and roll to his piano repertoire and the girls discovered him and then suddenly he and I didn’t even run in the same circles anymore. Which was ok since I had a band too and a girl friend.

I hear Eddie still likes a man every now and then, but he has fucked every tennis mom, soccer mom and socialite in town. He and I have never mentioned our sexual beginnings.

“….I’ll be flying out Sunday.”

George had been talking but I had checked out thinking about my sexual history with Eddie.

We had been sitting there for an hour and a half and had had three beers including seven dollar Palms that George put on his tab. The conversation had been friendly but typical bar talk…baseball, national and American League differences, travel güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri stories etc.

As we sat there I kept looking at his eyes…greyish blue that were almost transparent. Occasionally our knees touched under the table and at first we jerked them away. but as time wore on, if they happened to touch, we left them. And the occasional reach out and touch an arm or shoulder to make a point.

As Eddie wrapped up for the day, Anna brought our tabs and George took and paid them both.

“Thanks, man. You didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s not often I get conversation. It was my pleasure.”

We both stood to leave and George leaned in a little close and said: “I’ve got some real good weed in my suite if you want to come up for a bit.”

“Sure.” We headed toward the exit, down the hall, through the lobby, turning left to the elevators that bypassed the bottom floors and went directly to the top flours.

During the short ride up we stood almost shoulder to shoulder, our little fingers touched, although the elevator was empty. No words were spoken. My heart was doing its dance. My breathing was growing shallow. My cock was getting hard. I am going to be so disappointed if this guy doesn’t fuck me tonight.

He entered the key card into the door revealing a living room with a view of the city.

“Nice,” I said. He disappeared into the master space returning a few minutes later without his jacket and carrying a small humidor in his hand.

“Here, sit.” He motioned for me to join him in curve section of the sprawling couch.

He opened the leather covered box which revealed a neatly strapped, small water pipe, little pill bottles full of different types of marijuana and a pouch of papers in a kit obviously designed for travel.

He chose a couple pinches from the middle bottle.

“Here, I think you’ll like this.” I took the pipe but he pulled a gold butane lighter and lit it for me. I inhaled deeply, passed the pipe and leaned back into the comfort of the oversized leather couch. I exhaled. “Thanks,” I said as he offered me the pipe again. I answered as he offered me the pipe a second time and leaned back on the couch. Our heads side by side. We sat there what seemed like hours with our knees touching …our pinky fingers lightly rubbing. Finally I made a bold step and moved my hand over on top of his knee. I was so turned on but we were both a little high, so we sat there…doing the seduction dance.

Finally he stood. “I’m going to take a shower. Care to join me?”

Without saying a word I removed my shoes , took his extended hand and followed him into the master.

It should be noted that showering with a friend is more awkward than sexy. I mean washing your ass hole is sort of a personal thing. But this was an invitation I could not refuse. I had never gone to the bar looking for sex, nor had it ever happened. But I couldn’t wait to have this guy in my arms.

There were three nozzles in the rather large shower making the logistics much easier. I squirted some soap on a rag and began to wash his chest and arms. I moved behind him and washed his back. I took the rain bird and drenched his head and began to wash his hair and face with my hands. His cock was standing straight out. It was crying for attention but it would have to wait. I rinsed the soap from his hair and torso and sunk to my knees in order to clean his genitals, cock and yes, his ass hole.

The water danced over us like we were in a warm waterfall somewhere. We played in the water and tweaked each other’s nipples like kids discovering sex for the first time, until finally I pulled him to me and kissed him…on the lips. Our tongues gently began to explore each other’s mouths. He wrapped his strong arms güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri around me and pulled me as close as possible. He was strong but his touch was gentle. His kiss was delicate. We stood there in our private hidden retreat under the warm cascading waters, making out, and staring into those beautiful blue eyes.

We stepped from the shower and dried off. Helping each other.

Stepping back into the bedroom we fell to the bed collapsing in each other’s arms. For the next half hour or so George and I rolled on the bed and kissed. Our hands roamed over each other’s bodies not once going below the waist. I kissed him and he kissed me. We nibbled each other’s nipples. The passion was growing to an unbearable level.

I wish I could describe George. He was taller than me, short cropped hair and honestly looked more like a laborer than a computer geek. His cock was not the biggest nor by any means the smallest I had loved. . But it was thick and hung proudly at half mast.

I could not wait another second so I moved from his hairy chest down to that glorious cock. There was a thick vein that ran down the side. I slipped the big head between my lips and ran my tongue around the backside of his engorged cock. He squirmed. They always do. I loved sucking cock.

It’s time for a little background. Yes, I love to suck a cock. Big or small makes no difference to me, while I do prefer it to be cut. I’m not a whore. I don’t throw down on every hard cock that comes my way. And even more rare is the cock that makes it up my pussy. It’s mine and I’ll give it to whomever I choose. But when I do find that guy I give him all I have. If he wants to face fuck me then I’m ok with that. Fuck me like a dog…I’m all in. Whatever he wants.

And I could tell George was that guy. The man who could have any part of me he wanted. And for right now, I’m all his.

I slowly began to make love to George’s cock. My right hand messaged his balls while my left hand found that spot between the ass hole and his balls. That spot that drove men crazy and, by my experience, most women don’t care about. He was moving all over the bed grabbing the duvet and pulling it over his eyes. Whenever he tried to grab me I pressed his arms back over his head and admonished him to not try it again.

I continued to suck George’s cock. I took it shallow then deep enlisting a large gasp for air. I loved sucking cock and am damn good at it.

After several minutes of teasing his cock I could feel his balls tightening up. I pulled my mouth off and grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed tight, stalling any idea it had of shooting it’s load.

“No no,” said I. “Not yet.” He was writhing and wanted to bust a nut…anywhere, anyhow. I knew that feeling. The beginning stages of blue balls. But I had no intention of letting him go much longer.

We swapped sides and he sucked my cock. His approach was much rougher than mine. Almost like he was starved for cock. He was ok but he wasn’t the best. Not as good as I. But that’s ok. I didn’t care how well he sucked cock, I was interested in how well he was going to fuck me. I whispered in his ear: ” Have you got a condom? “

He broke his grasp on me, reached across to the drawer next to his bed and produced it, and opened the package. I took it and rolled it over his member. He sat crossed legged on the bed.

“How do you want me?”

“On your belly.”

I rolled over and spread my legs. I could feel him putting a bit of lube on my ass. He knelt between my legs with his hands on the bed next to my shoulders. I helped him guide his missile toward its target, allowing just the head to penetrate. When all was well I said “George…take me. I’m yours.”

It took him no time to work it güvenilir bahis şirketleri all the way in. Damn it felt good. He filled me up and flicked my prostate at will. Never had I been fucked like that. He changed speeds and depths and he pulled my hair and bit my shoulder. I could tell he was getting into it. He placed his hands on my back and drilled my ass with hips. There was no way I could remain still and I raised my ass trying to get his cock deeper and deeper.

The belly down position is the most submissive and vulnerable position. The bottom has no idea what’s going on behind his back and the top is in complete control. It is also the most intense feeling I’ve ever had. The pleasure is almost unbearable.

I moaned louder with each thrust. My cock was growing to its full length. In and out, deep then almost out and then ram it in again! Damn this guy could fuck.

Then he pulled out. I lay there trying to catch my breath.

“Roll over.” I did. I put my ankles on his shoulders and he shoved his cock in my pussy. No warning, no ease it in. No. Just shove it deep. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled myself totally off the bed. Unbelievable! From then on it was just plain ole, hard fucking. I grabbed my cock and stroked it three or four times but my mind was on the drilling I was getting.

George bucked and groaned and his breathing became rapid and shallow. He was about to bust. He got up on his knees and shoved his dick as deep as it would go and shot his load. As I felt that hot juice hit my prostate I came too. My ass hole tightened, increasing George’s pleasure. He roared and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me as close as possible. My jiz squirted between our chests. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me.

I was still leaking cum when we separated. We lay there catching our breath. His left hand fondling my gooey cock. I turned to face him and kissed his lips…and forehead…and cheeks and eyes. This guy had it all. Rugged good looks, great personality and fucked like a porn star.

He stood up and removed a rather full condom from his flaccid dick. He stood looking out the window toward an orange sunset over the town. I walked up behind him, wrapped my arms around him and but my head on is back. He gently stroked my arm. We stood there for a while. I moved in between George and the window and dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. His dick grew in my mouth and I started moving in and out. Running my tongue all along the bottom of his shaft. His left knee buckled a little and he braced himself by placing his hands on either side of the window and leaned forward into my waiting mouth. I picked up the pace. Every now and then his thrusts would cause my gag reflex to kick in.

I grabbed his ass cheeks just as they were flexing. He grabbed the back of my head, stood up on his toes, let out an incredible roar and shot a huge load of cum down my throat. I thought he was going to faint. He crumbled to the floor. Holding each other. At some time I pulled the duvet from the bed and covered our naked bodies.

About three am we awoke and made out again, briefly. “I need to go,” I said as looked for my scattered clothes.

“I have a lunch meeting and then nothing until i fly out Sunday. But if you’ll have dinner and stay the night…

I leaned into him and kissed his mouth.

“What time shall I arrive? “

“7 no 6. Shit just don’t leave “

“I’ll see you at 6:30.” I headed for the door.

“Wait a second.” George reaches for his wallet and pulls out five 100 dollar bills and hands them to me.

“Here. Thanks. See you tonight,” as he kissed my cheek.

“George. There’s a misunderstanding here. I m no pro. I did this because I wanted to. ” I attempted to hand the money back but he wouldn’t take it.

“I know you’re not a pro. A pro with have cost 4 times this for the pleasure I just got. Take the money. It’s a fantasy for me…to buy a whore for the night. A Pretty Woman thing I guess.”

I caught the elevator down. Tired. Sore. 500 bucks richer. Couldn’t wait for there next date.

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